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Case Study: Writing a sales page as a freelancer with ChatGPT

Lesson 7 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

Case Study: Writing a sales page as a freelancer with ChatGPT

Lesson 7 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

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7. Case Study: Writing a sales page as a freelancer with ChatGPT


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Lesson Info

Case Study: Writing a sales page as a freelancer with ChatGPT

Let's start with this process about writing a sales page on fiber. We are talking here about making money writing sales pages using chat GP T and I'll show you how to the whole process. So the first thing that we are doing is to create a gig within fiber or any platform where you are offering the service. We already took care of that. So let's let's choose this uh this gig just as an example, this is a person called an ST is a good seller. Level two, it has 64 reviews, seven orders in queue. So seven order are seven orders are waiting to be processed for by this guy. And he's saying I write sales pages, copy, uh sales, sales pages, copy, landing page, copy writing that converts and look at the packages guys. We have the persuasive package 10 bucks is only 200 words of persuasive copy. If we want the standard, we have 400 50 words. And if we want the premium 700 words for $70 this is outstanding. OK. So let's imagine that you are this guy and you have this and you have clients coming he...

re and saying, hey, I want 700 words, I'll paying $70. That's fine. Let me continue here and complete the payment. Once you get the client, you need to get information from this client in order to write the sales page copy, for example, or any or, or any of the other services. We are chatting here. We are sharing with you in the copy writing section here in the course. So you need to get information from the customer, but you may be asking, ok, Diego, how what information do I need? Remember that the most information you have and you share with chat GP T the best result that you will have. So if you give cha GP T A prompt that has all the details about your products, your services, the copyright framework and everything that you need. The outcome that co that cha GP T will give you is outstanding because the more details you ask cha GP T the better the response you get. So we need to get on this first stage guys, we need to get all this information from your clients. So imagine that you have this gig and somebody already purchased your gig and now you need to send an email saying, hey, thank you for purchasing. Now let's get to work. I need all this information about your products, your services, your goals, blah, blah, blah to, to to create the best copy for you. OK. So how do you do that. I mean, if you are writing a sales page copy is one thing if you are writing articles or blog posts or script, video, scripts or landing pages or press releases or company statements, all these things changes. So how are you going to get this complete list of things that you need to ask your client before writing the copy. Let me show you really easy. We are going to chat GP T we have the prompt guide here on the course so you can download that in the beginning. So on chat GP T I have a new chat and the first thing I will do is this, I will ask chat GP T to write a list of all the copywriting framework works that exist. If you don't know, let me hit, enter here and you watch how it goes. All the copywriting frameworks. This is so fast. Look at this. The copywriting frameworks are copywriting styles to make sure that you and your copy uh influence your client in the best way possible. Depending on your goal. For example, the classic here, the Aida attention interest desire and action framework. You have the problem agitate and solve the features advantages and benefits. All these guys are different copy writing styles. And the good thing here is that before this, I teach this for years digital marketing. Before chat GP T we have to read books and books and books about all these copy writing styles and try to apply that on the copy and make sure is it can influence, it can create that desire about your product on your customer's heart. But now that's not necessary because we have chat GP T and we can just ask the chat, hey, write me this sales page using this copy writing framework. So the first thing we can do is we can, you can copy this, you can run this command, copy all this to award document and you can share this with your customer saying, hey, customer, I can write this copy that you just purchased for $70 in all these in any of these 15 different copywriting stuff, copywriting frameworks. Which one do you like? Ok, exciting. Maybe he said, oh, I like the, the four piece, the promise picture and push. But I also like the seven piece. So you can Upsell the client and earn more money if you want. So this is a great start. Once you have this, we need, we have a second problem that we need to solve. What's the second problem? Let's see if you remember that. The second problem is that you need information from your client about their goals, their products, their services and what they want to be included on that copy that you are writing, right? So let's chat with chat GP T on this way. Look at this, this is the command I'm using, I'm telling the chat, hey, chat GP T you are a copywriting expert. So I'm setting up the framework here and saying, hey, assume that you are a total copywriting expert. So it will write better copy. Also, write a complete sales page that sells and we have here, product or service, you will add here the product or service. Write up to X number of words. So how many words do you want to write depending on your package? Remember here, 700 words, 450 words or the basic 2, 200 words, we are going for the 700 words on this example. So you can determine that if you want write using the copywriting framework and you add the framework here. What is that? You just copy this? Let's say we want the Aida so you copy this, come here, come here to the framework and let's add the A I A framework. Let's say that let's assume that the client like that framework. And this is the key guys ask follow up questions until you have all the information you need to write the perfect sales page. So what are we, why are we adding this last last line? Which is the key? Because now we are opening the doors for chat GP T to ask all the questions, it needs to write the best copy possible. And these questions are exactly the questions that we are sending to your customer and we are asking them, hey, before I write your, you know what, before I write your killer sales page, I need all this information from you. Here is the PDF or here's the the word document. Just fill up the information you send that to your client, you have all that you need. So let's do a test. Here. You are a copyright expert, write complete sales copy sales page to sell. Let's sell here. Let's assume that we are selling on Instagram marketing online course. OK. Of course, you can sell any products and services you can say, hey uh sales page copy to, to, to to sell a landscaping service to sell X number of services. This product to sell uh glasses to sell anything that you can imagine because your clients will have will have different kind of businesses. You, you, you can adapt all that within CHA GP T. So let's assume that this client is trying to have a sales page to sell an online course about Instagram marketing. OK. Uh The it will write up to 700 words, which is the package on this example that is charging 75 $70. You write using the copyright framework, Aida which is attention interest, design and action and ask follow up questions until you have all the information you need to write the perfect sales page. Go. Let's see. Here we go. So it's saying uh sure I can help you with that. But before please tell me about the instrument online course. Who is the target audience? What, what topics does it cover? What are the benefits of those do who enroll in this course? Also, do you have a specific brand and messaging or voice you would like to incorporate on your sales page? This is something that you can request to your client. OK, copy this and say, hey, before we we start, please answer these questions with all the details. If it's an online course, like in this case, I will ask for the course, outline all the models and lessons. So I can feed that to cha GP T. I can share that with cha GP T and cha GP T will write the best copy. Let's change the product here. Let's say that we are selling, let's delete this sun glasses. OK. Submit, here we go. It's already writing the copy for us. So it looks like it has all the information. So we have a first version here. Uh OK. Of course, you can still ask question to your audience, your client saying, hey, are these sunglasses for outdoor? What is the main characteristics? What is the differential of this uh of of this specific product? And also you can come here and say, make a list of all the questions I need to ask to my client in order to write uh sales page for his product. OK. So let's see here. You will have C at this, you have 1015, 15 questions, what are, what is the product that you are selling? What are the key benefits or feature of the product? Who is the target audience for this product? What problem does your product solve to your target audience? What makes your product unique compared with similar products on the market? So this is even easier, you can just copy this, this applies for every product or service you have copy, send this to your client and they will send you that and that that reply and you can use this information that the client is sending you to write this specific sales page. So let's assume that we have we're almost done guys. Stay here with me. OK, let's assume that we have the sales page uh for to sell sunglasses here. If I receive information about this product, these services from my client, I will add this at the end. So I will say here is all the info about the product. So I can say sun glasses for adventure, polarize it, men and women, woman and woman. Uh What else? Vivid colors, cool style, let's say. And of course you can add more, more information here. So you see it always is writing the copy here really quick. This is ready to go. All you can you have to do now is just correct this. Make sure you see if you can add something and just copy this and send to your client. That's it job done. If the client asked for revisions, you can come here, make corrections and send it back and that's it. One work is done. This is how you do it for copyright and you can do also the same for different frameworks. Let's see. Let's use the four piece here, the four piece framework. So I just modify this. I can come here and say to replace the Aida for the four piece. OK? And I will say instead of 700 words, let's say that the client purchased the 450 words, words, OK. We see a different uh sales now sales page, you see promise our sunglasses are not just an ordinary shades, they are polarized to reduce the glare and provide crystal clear vision. You can also set the tone that charge GP T can use within this specific copy. You can say right, make a list of all the different tones you can use while writing copy. So look at this here. We have all these tones you can also share with your clients conversational, formal, informal, humorous, excited, sincere, urgent, persuasive uh compassionate educational. So all these are different tones tones that you can use. Also to make your copy even more irresistible. This is how you do it. You can rep you can reproduce this also for script writing, for blog posts, for articles, sales pages, landing pages, press releases, company statements, product description and any other copy that you are creating. See you in the next video.

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Ann Albers

I have been using ChatGPT since early this year and love it, but there's always more to learn to pass along to clients. What a great, practical class with cookbook like instructions for getting set up and using it on various platforms. Funny enough, I was uploading art I created in AI and doctored up in photoshop while I was listening :) Well done!

Isabelle Leroux

Wow! This was an easier process than I thought, with the follow and do as you go along with the videos. I am finishing up my first journal to be published and 3 more in the works. Can’t wait to see how it goes with the sales! Thank you so so much for this complete and thorough course!

Muhammad Ejaz

Thank you so much for this awesome course.

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