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Come Up with Your Book Idea with ChatGPT

Lesson 54 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

Come Up with Your Book Idea with ChatGPT

Lesson 54 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

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54. Come Up with Your Book Idea with ChatGPT


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Lesson Info

Come Up with Your Book Idea with ChatGPT

Let's come up with our book idea. So the first step is just brainstorming topics and this is going to change depending on if you have an audience or not. And then we're going to look at the market demand using a few different ways that I look at demand, both on Amazon and off of Amazon to see if this book is likely going to make money if it starts to rank well, and that's the point of selling any digital product or service, you need to rank on the platforms that provide these services. And so we'll learn, look at how to do that. So the first thing to think about is do you have a brand or a business or an audience already or not? If you have an audience, it makes it a lot easier, you know what your audience wants. You are probably a member of your audience, you're not just making books or content for some random reason for a random audience that you don't connect with. And I think that this is the best way to go about it is to use your audience to use the, the reason you create content ...

to make a book. So if you have popular youtube videos, if you have an online course, if you have a, a community, go to them and say, well, what you could put out a survey and you could ask them what topics they're interested in. You probably know if you have other forms of content, what popular topics there are. So if you have a popular online course, then the best thing to do is to just turn that online course into a book and you could even use the transcripts and the outline from your online course and turn that into a book super easily. And I can even show you how to do that using chat GP T. And then if you don't have online courses, just think about any other content you might have. Do you write blog articles? Do you have youtube videos? Like I mentioned, look at the popular ones and use that as a basis for a book. And the question is, do you go broad or do you go narrow? This is really going to depend on your niche and specifically and what the demand is on Amazon for books. For example, I teach photography. So I have a general photography master class book, which is based off of my full photography master class course. And that is a great book for a lot of people, but it's not for everyone and having the smaller books like the 52 photo challenges or books that I'm currently working on, like landscape photography, night photography, those kinds of books are going to be other, additional books that will be great for a certain segment of my audience and it'll be easier to rank those books for that topic. Imagine how many people are looking for a book on photography on Amazon. It's a lot more than specifically landscape photography and you might think. Well, that's great because I can make more money with that topic. No, not necessarily because there's going to be a lot more competition for those broader books. I would try both, try doing a general broad book on whatever topic area you are an expert in and then also do some more niche books as well. And then think about what is hot. Is there something hot or trending in your niche that doesn't have as much competition. If you can be an early adopter to writing a book about a specific topic, you have greater opportunity to start ranking first and to become that sort of dominant book on the marketplace. So this class in itself, chat GP ta I tools. This is a trending topic that would be a great topic for writing books on to start to plant your flag in the Amazon marketplace with books on this topic. So that's a great example of a trending topic that likely doesn't have as much competition as something like photography, which is a topic that has been around forever. And there's big whales in terms of big companies that put out books about that topic as well. So think about hot topics as well. So this is if you have an audience, it just makes sense to create a book on the topic, your audience is interested in because it's going to help with that initial marketing, say you don't have an audience and you're just trying to make passive income with Amazon books using chat GP T. And you're just wondering what topics are out there, then you have to do a little bit more digging and research to see what works well. So one of the best things that I've seen other users do and use Chachi PT for are creating children's books, children's books are great because they are very short. You can use tools like mid journey to create the art for children's book as well. And parents buy lots and lots and lots of books for their kids. And so you can actually use CCPT to write out short children's books. Think about like educational as an educational series of children's books for kids, learning how to read, learning how to write, learning about different topics. Think about if and I'm a parent to young kids. So it might be easier for me to think about this. But imagine sort of all those books that kids get into, whether they're learning about space, they're learning about nature, they're learning about how electricity works they're learning about how, uh, what animals there are. You could do all kinds of short little books using chat GP T for kids. And that's just one example of a topic that's always going to be in demand and one that you can create a lot of books relatively quickly. Now, I say this with a little bit of hesitation because I don't want you or people going out there and just putting out hundreds of thousands of books without editing them without really thinking about the topic. I think it has to be well thought out. The outline has to be thought out. And of course, making sure the the words are properly spelled, the grammar is good which Chat G PDT does relatively well for you, but also factual information. So all of these things you gotta be a little bit um hesitant about, but that's one area that you can do a lot of books and you might have success in now if you have an audience or not and you are just struggling to come up with an idea. You can use Chat GP T to come up with an idea for you. So here let's go over to chat GP T and see how it can help us come up with great ideas. I'm going to be using GP T four. It's available to plus members right now eventually, who knows? Maybe it'll be the free option for everybody but just know that the quality of content will be a little bit better for GP T four compared to 3.5. And you'll see this. If you are a plus member, you have the option for GP T four. And if you're doing something like writing books, I would pay to upgrade. It's only $20 a month and you can, uh, you are limited right now. This is changed. It's limited to 25 messages every three hours. So that's somewhat limited. But uh you can get a lot done within those 25 messages and the quality is going to be a lot better. So how would I go about brainstorming a book for the photography niche? We're just going to use that because that's what I do. That's what my audience is. And so you can go super broad, you can ask chat GP T what are popular book topics in the photography niche. And Chachi Pt is going to give out a bunch of different options and ideas. So here you can see it working through. We've got technique and composition, post processing and editing lighting, portrait, photography, landscape, photography, wildlife photography, street photography, travel photography. You can think of any type of photography. Another way to ask this question or this prompt is instead of just what are book topics for photography, you can just simply ask what are make a list of different types of photography because each of those types of photography could be a separate book. Another approach to being broad or narrow is for beginner or advanced users. I might want to prompt, make, make a list of 10 advanced photography topics. You could ask 10 photography topics, 10 photography, book, idea, advanced photography, book ideas. Or you could ask in a different way, 10 photography youtube, video ideas, the topic, the way you phrase topic versus youtube video versus book versus blog article will change or might change the topics that it provides. And so now we're getting these different ideas. These are more advanced and we have to use our human brain, our experience as a photographer, someone running this community running content for this, this this business. And we use that to see. Ok, well, we've got long exposure, photography, infrared, photography, time lapse, photography. All of these could be little, great little books, but some aren't going to be as popular as others. But we can then take these ideas and look at Amazon and see. What are the popular books? Are there books on light painting? Are there books on 360 degree photography? And then we'll see what's popular or not. And which topic we should actually use? Another way to ask for topics is what are the top keywords in the, let's say related to photography? Top top seo keywords related to photography can change over time, blah, blah, blah. You could also ask for specific platforms on youtube, on Amazon, on Google. So here we have portrait photography, landscape photography, wedding photography. Those are some of the ones at the top of the list. And I know as a photography teacher, yes, those are some of the most popular courses that I teach. And so it makes sense that these would be popular keywords and hence therefore popular book topics. Ok. So those are a few ways to just come up with general ideas. Let's just brainstorm that the, the idea for educational kids books. So let's ask what are make a, a list of 25 ideas for educational kids books ages, let's say 3 to 7. That's kind of a big age range. So we'll see ABC S of the Animal Kingdom, an alpha book book featuring unique animals for each letters, the colorful world shapes around us, a trip through the solar system. So this is this prompt is actually giving us specific book ideas, perhaps book titles which we could change later on and then what that book is about. So you can see how easy it is that we're coming up with lots of ideas. So I'm gonna stop it here. We've got a lot of ideas and then we're gonna take these ideas and figure out which one's going to be worthwhile publishing. One of the first places you might want to look. And this will help you either determining one of the previous topics or list of topics what's more popular than another topic or just to come up with what is trending, go to Google trends and you can see that here. You can search for a topic, you can see how it's trending. But I want to show you first. If you go to the explore tab, you can see what has been trending over the past 12 months. So here you can see on the right hand side chat GP T is super popular. Let's go ahead and see some of these other ones, world cup certain people. So some of these might work well for a book, some not different people. So a lot, you know, I would kind of stay away from writing books about specific people. You can get into some issues with that. I would rather do it kind of general. So these are just ideas to get you started. But really what I would use for Google trends for is comparing different topics. So say we're looking at portrait photography versus landscape photography. What I can do is I can type in portrait photography, make sure you spell it right and then you can compare it over time. So this is over just the past day, let's do it over the past 90 days to start. And we'll compare this to landscape photography. And this is a great tool because you can see the interest on Google and Google is the world's largest search engine. So, you know, this is great data on what is actually more popular or not, this is pretty tight. You can see the blue is portrait red is landscape. They have an average over here and you can see that portrait photography is more popular. That might be what Chat GP TS results in that list were based off of some of the historical results that are on Google or the number of web pages. And as soon as Chat GP T is connected to the internet, which it wasn't in the beginning will have even better data. This one's a little bit tighter. Let's go ahead and add another one. We'll search mobile photography. That was a topic that was a little bit lower down on the list, but might be one that doesn't have as much competition on Amazon and it's a little bit lower. All right. So here we are on Amazon. You wanna make sure you're on the books section and specifically, I would say the Kindle books. So under books, we're gonna go under Kindle books and we're gonna look up portrait photography. So here you can do a little bit of just guess work. I, I say guesswork, but really you're analyzing this information on what the popular books are. So I'm gonna skip the sponsored books because those ones are being paid for. And you can see here, that's another strategy is to pay for your book, to be sponsored, to get some initial traffic, even when it's free here, you have it free with the Kindle unlimited plan and that's one of their marketing tools. But down here we have the top ra the top books uh in rankings for Portrait Photo, the Dramatic Portrait 689 reviews, 207 reviews, 219. And I'm looking at the, that number of reviews and the star rating too because that's going to determine the ranking of the book more than anything else. But pretty soon we're getting to books that only have 16 reviews. This one's a sponsored 1, 16 reviews, 42 reviews, but not really that great. This one 315 reviews pretty high. So that's, that's pretty high. This one is 260 reviews. This one's sponsored, so that only has one review, 42. So that's a number of reviews that's not terribly high and that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a topic where on the first page of results relatively up high, we have the opportunity to jump in there with a book that could, if you have an audience that loves you and will download your book for you, read some of that book, leave a review, you can start to rank pretty quickly. Let's look at landscape photography. Oops, just need one photography. And so here skip sponsored again, here we have landscape photography. 5 87 70 6662. This is the same, uh that's a sponsor. Book 171. So based off of these two topics, landscape photography would likely be easier to jump into because the number of reviews for these top rank books is a little bit lower. The other thing you can do is you can just, if you're just trying to brainstorm topics, this is an analyzing a, a topic. This is just brainstorming. Just search for photography, search for photo photography. You can see that this one that's sponsored is on all of these search results. And so that's likely getting some pretty good reviews, although the ratings aren't that good. Same with this one. This is sponsored. So let's go ahead and see. So some of these aren't really related to photography. Um Necessarily this is like a memoir down here. We see more that are specific to photography, the digital photography, complete course, Adobe Photoshop. Some of these are look like fiction, narrative books, the iphone photography book. So you can kind of see what's ranking well for just the simple term photography and you might say, oh, well, ok. Oh, this is a flambe photography. This is real estate photography, but it only has 19 reviews. That's interesting. Maybe real estate flambe photography is a topic that doesn't have a lot of competition, but it's ranking well on Amazon. Maybe that's what I do. Here's a GoPro Hero 11 Black. Um How to use that book? That's a topic that you can think about. Ok, when gopro comes out with the next book or the next camera, I'm gonna make a book about it because it's going to rank r relatively well with new people buying that camera. There's another Canon uh cameras specific book. So this is comparing competing with a big brand, the, the Dummies collection every topic for dummies. But you could come in there. This one looks like something that's self published about the Sony DS, CRX 10 small small small niche topic that when you look, when you look at the grand scheme of the world and people look interested in, in anything, it is super small but 703 reviews specific to this one camera. So this is what I'm doing on Amazon. I'm kind of comparing topics seeing what's trending, seeing where there's space to jump in, but also kind of looking for the general topic and seeing if there's anything that pops up as an as an idea. The other thing you can do is you could go to other marketplaces, other search engines, you could go to youtube, you could go to Udemy. Udemy is a great platform to go to, to search for a topic. So if I go to photography, we're going to see some of my classes. Hopefully. So here we have a couple, if we go down to the main results, we have a couple photography classes, my general and my beginner photography class that's ranking pretty well below that we have an affinity photo class. This is a specific editing class might be hard to turn that into a book. But potentially we've got food photography. Another class of mine that is rather popular, we've got night photography. Lots of general beginner classes. Here's a DS LR class. Here. I, we have a couple more general long exposures. These are a lot of my classes as well. Composition class. So here you can kind of start to get a sense of popular topics as well. And if it's popular on a course platform, then it's likely going to be popular on Amazon. Same with youtube. I'm not gonna go through the process. But if it's a popular topic on youtube, then it's likely going to be popular on Amazon as well. So when you are in a niche, when you run a business, if you watch youtube videos that you're interested in and you're interested in writing books about those topics, pay attention to what's trending and those would be great ideas for your book. So based off of this research, I would go with the landscape photography book and in fact, that is a book that I'm currently working on and I'm actually just converting our landscape photography course into a book and I can show you how to do that. But the course or the book that I decided to create was this book 52 photography challenges. Why did I make this book? Because this is kind of like a random book. Why? Why did you how did you even come up with this topic? Because it's not something that came about from just research on chat GP T. And the way that I did this is because every week in my photography communities, which I have now hundreds of people in that photography community posting photos for these challenges that we do. Every week we put out a new challenge and I decided that it would be kind of cool to put all those challenges that I've prepped ahead of time into a book. So I already had the ideas which you don't need to do. You could have had chat GP T outline this book and I'll show you how to do that in a second. But I already had all those challenges and I simply had chat GP T write out the challenges with some tips for each challenge. And it created this nice book that my audience was already going to be interested in because many of them already do the challenges and the incentive, the incentive of downloading this book when I published it was that they got early access to all of the challenges, which it's kind of cool too. So I was thinking about my audience thinking what would they want. And even though this is a small niche topic, it was something that I knew would sell pretty well or be given away pretty well downloaded well for my audience, which would then translate well on to Amazon. I saw, let's go back to Amazon really quickly. Photography, let's just look up photography challenges. So here we have, if you search up for photography challenge, my book is now ranking well, it's got reviews that are doing pretty well for the first few weeks. And then below this, we've got some other photography challenge books as well. Even if you did a specific photograph, 5252 weeks of photography challenges, there's other books out here, 50 photo projects, week photography challenge, 52 week challenge. So I knew there were other people doing this, but I knew I had the audience that would be interested in my book as well. So now it's doing pretty well. Ranking will look more at this in the future. But that was a long lesson. But I want to show you the whole process the whole, the whole behind the scenes of what I go through when coming up with the topic. And hopefully this helps as we move forward into actually outlining and creating our book with chat GP T.

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