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Introduction to the Case Study: Start Making Money with Amazon Books in 24 Hours

Lesson 53 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

Introduction to the Case Study: Start Making Money with Amazon Books in 24 Hours

Lesson 53 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

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53. Introduction to the Case Study: Start Making Money with Amazon Books in 24 Hours


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Introduction to the ChatGPT & Midjourney Course


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Introduction to the Case Study: Start Making Money with Amazon Books in 24 Hours

Welcome to this new section in the course. This is a case study on how to start making money with these A I tools like Chat G BT mid journey or really in the future, there will be a number of A I tools and you can use any of them in this case study. I'm going to walk through how I started making money with Amazon books created with Chat GP T in 24 hours. And I'm not kidding you. This is completely true. I spent one day on not even a full day, one day on the couch watching a movie with my kids. They were watching, I don't know what it was, it was probably Moana or incanto for the 50th time. And we were all sick and I thought, let me just play around with chat GP T I have been meeting to put out more Amazon books and while sitting on the couch, chat GP D did most of the work for me and I had a book up and running within 24 hours and in the first month it was making passive income. So first I want to talk about why Amazon books and why I think it's a great passive income model for you. Re...

ason number one is that it's relatively easy to create, you build it once and then it's passive after that. And nowadays, it's easier than ever to actually create an ebook that's formatted properly. 10 years ago, when I started putting out my first ebooks on Amazon, it took a little bit of extra work. I actually ended up hiring out and outsourcing some of the formatting because it was not as easy as it is today. And now with the tools that Amazon has created for us, we can actually just take the text from chat GP T done with a little bit of formatting with Google Docs or Microsoft Word or something like that and then plug it straight into the Amazon Kindle editor and it's all done for you. And like I said, it's passive after that. If you can get a book up and running, once you do a little bit of marketing, we'll talk about expectations in just a second on how we market our, our books. But if you do a little bit of marketing, you can get it up and running. It can be passive income for many years after that. Speaking of marketing, the second reason I like Amazon Kindle is in Amazon books in general, not just Kindle books is that it has some built in marketing within the platform. I'll show you the Kindle select program while we go when we go in and actually publish our book. But there are ways that we can promote our books using their marketing machine. And one of the ways is actually doing a kindle deal or a Kindle freebie where you actually give your book away for free. But this helps get it in front of more people. You can actually start making money from some of these, these sales because there is a program where you're actually making money for the pages, read on Kindle and not just upfront sales. And then after you market using these techniques, uh especially giving away for free, I found that this boosts your ranking and helps you actually start making sales when it's a paid product. And that's all built into Amazon Kindle and Amazon, um the KDP Kindle publishing platform and I'll show you how to do that. So it's built in. So you don't have to do a ton of marketing yourself after you get it going, all I've done with all of my previous books is I launch it to my audience and then every quarter, you have the option of doing one, these built in marketing tools. And I do that, I run that every quarter and that helps boost that ranking and keeps the passive income flowing. Another reason I like Amazon books is because it builds your reputation. There's nothing cooler than having that name title as an author and I believe that you're legitimately an author by publishing an Amazon book. Now, there is going to be a line now using A I tools where you're not technically writing it yourself. But as a publishing company, you are an author and what's even cooler is you can quickly turn, I'm grabbing right here your book into a, your ebook into a hard back or a soft cover book like this one. This is the book that I created within 24 hours for this case study and within a couple of weeks it was published and shipped to my house. Nice cover that I designed and it's pretty impressive to have this on my shelf with my other books that I've made along with the other authors that I like reading. So super cool. Um That's one of the cool things about Amazon. You can quickly turn an ebook into a hard cover book. Then lastly, what I like about it is that you can turn your time into passive income either on a small scale, a little bit of side income helps you go out that extra time, pay for that extra appetizer or it can be grown into even more income, full time income, paying for that vacation or beyond, depending on how much work you put into it. To be honest, my kindle books, my Amazon books are completely a side thing right now that are, it's sort of like the icing on the cake. My main source of income is online courses. It's uh doing actual photography, video, creative work. But having some extra money on Amazon has always been good and seeing how quickly and easily I can do it with the help of chat GP T is inspiring me to create more books and I actually have over a dozen new books in the pipeline that I'm working on, that will build up my income on Amazon into something that right now it's a couple $100 a month and then hopefully in the future, it will reach that $1000 point and even beyond. So let's talk about expectations when creating and launching a book, creating the book is going to be the easiest part and that might sound a little bit daunting to you. But even if you were writing the book yourself, that's going to be the easier side than marketing it unless you already have an audience. The truth is, and I want you to be completely clear, you will need to market your book somehow. It is not going to start making money without an audience, without you doing some marketing. That being said, if you are already a content creator, if you have a website, an online community, if you teach online courses, if you have a youtube channel, some kind of following on Instagram, you can get a book up and running, you can even make it a best seller within a couple days just with your audience and it doesn't have to be huge if you get, it can get 100 people or 1000 people to download your book for free. Remember, we're using these free tool, free marketing tools to our advantage. And that's the strategy. I'm going to show you when we launch our book for free. If you could get a couple 100 people or even 1000 people to download your book in the first couple of days that you push to the platform, then that's going to propel your book to success. Now I say that because I want you to know that everything is a spectrum. If you have 100 true fans, then the amount of money you're going to make with your book is going to be lower than if you have a million fans or 1000 true fans. And so I just want to be up front and clear. You're you, if you're starting from scratch with no audience right now, you're not gonna be making money in 24 hours. But if you have an existing audience and you can write a book that they appreciate, they want, then you could be making money within another day or two. We'll look more into the marketing and I'll talk about how I do that. But really, I just want to show you the proof of the success and I'm gonna look into my earnings. I'm gonna look at my lifetime earnings for all of my books and then also this book that I put out a couple of weeks ago. And so let's go ahead and look at the numbers. All right. So here we are in the back end of Kindle direct publishing. Don't worry, I'll show you how to sign up and do everything like that in the future. These are lifetime earnings. So $10,000 not a lot, not a ton. For the first, I would say eight years, I had three small books. It was my teach online, my best seller, blueprint and my freelance kickstart books. And you can see the total numbers there a few $100 for 1 $600 for the other and almost $4000. At this point. A few years ago, I published the photography master class book and this was I would say a new phase in my Kindle and book publishing career. These first three were really just small experiments. I didn't have a large audience. And so that's why the numbers are a little bit lower. Let me actually just take off those three books because I wanna show you these two books. So starting in, this was January 2020. This was about three years ago. Now, since then, I've made $4600 from this one book. And you can see this new book, the 52 Photography Challenges Book, which is a smaller book, made $60. And that's just in the past month. And that's pretty incredible. So that might not seem like a lot to you. But what I'm excited about is this is just another little stream of income coming to me. That's another thing about expectations. Will you write the next Harry Potter series that turns into a lifetime of riches? Likely not. It's possible, but more realistically, it's going to take many books to turn into a large river of income and each book is a little stream of income. And that's what I like about putting out all these online products, digital products. Each of my little or big products is a stream that turns into a large, full time income for myself, for hiring employees for several people that I pay nowadays. And so $60 I don't know. What do you think? Is that a lot? Is that a little for the first? Let's see when I started making that, let's just go to this one and then we will put for the past month or this last month. Oh, that was last month. And so yes, it was all in this month that we made this starting April 1st. So almost a month in so about 20 days in we're at $60. So it'll end up just shy of $100 for the first month I'm guessing. But now you can imagine. So say I did this 10 times. And another thing is I'm not gonna be making $100 a month with this the first month is gonna be likely your biggest month and then it will kind of decrease. I would expect maybe making 25 to $50 a month after this. So you can do the math. But how many books would it take for me to be making a full time income on this a lot? But using chat GP T if I were to focus specifically on book creation, I could be doing that within a month if I was putting out a book every couple of days or two. Not that you want to do that because your audience is going to get overwhelmed with seeing you put out new books every day, they're not going to likely download your, your book. The free marketing technique will show you won't work if you do that. But if you're putting, putting out a new book every month or something and over the next year or two, you will likely see a decent amount of income combine. The other thing too is that all of these products, they feed into each other in the sense of if you have multiple books, one person is going to be more likely to buy your next book. If they've purchased that first book or downloaded that first book. So the more you have, the more ways people find those books, the more ways people find you. And so it all kind of grows together like a snowball instead of just having one book, all right. So hopefully this excites you. Uh and we will dive into actually how to make this book from start to scratch starting in the next lesson.

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Ann Albers

I have been using ChatGPT since early this year and love it, but there's always more to learn to pass along to clients. What a great, practical class with cookbook like instructions for getting set up and using it on various platforms. Funny enough, I was uploading art I created in AI and doctored up in photoshop while I was listening :) Well done!

Isabelle Leroux

Wow! This was an easier process than I thought, with the follow and do as you go along with the videos. I am finishing up my first journal to be published and 3 more in the works. Can’t wait to see how it goes with the sales! Thank you so so much for this complete and thorough course!

Muhammad Ejaz

Thank you so much for this awesome course.

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