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Marketing Your Book

Lesson 63 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

Marketing Your Book

Lesson 63 from: ChatGPT & Midjourney: 23 Ways of Earning Money with AI

Philip Ebiner, Diego Davila

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63. Marketing Your Book


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Lesson Info

Marketing Your Book

Let's talk marketing your book because this is almost more important in terms of actually making money with your book than the creation of the book itself. Of course, you need a great book, you need good title, good thumbnail, everything like that. But without some kind of marketing, it's not going, this whole process isn't going to work, you're not going to make money from it. So once your book is published or even before you should start working on some marketing materials, but the name of the game in my approach, which you don't have to follow, but it's the one that has worked for all of my books is launch it for free to your own audience, get it to start ranking and then it will start to make money continually on Amazon because of the rank that you've achieved when it was a free book. So for any of your books that are published, you can get the link here. But before you do that, you're gonna wanna click the promote and advertise button here, you have the option for a free book prom...

otion. Now I'm ineligible for this book because I just did it a few weeks ago for the launch of this book. But if you hadn't done that, it will give you an option for selecting five days to put your book for free during this quarter. So you can do this once every quarter, four times a year. And so that's how I, I do it. I put out my books for free once every quarter. What I do is I put all my books out for free at the same time in hopes that people who land on one of my books will find my other books and will want to buy, download them at that same time. And so every mo every quarter when I put them out for free, all of my books, the ranking increases and then after the five day period for it being free, it kind of slowly starts to trickle the sales but people, it starts ranking. So people actually see it and then start buying it and then it started sort of like trickles until the next time I put them out for free and then it bumps up, then trickles. So it's kind of, it's a little bit of work but very, very passive. So the countdown deal, this is different. So this is a discount and if you want to just discount your book, that's fine. But for me, the free promotion works really well. So the first thing you're gonna do is go to your book, set up a free five day and I would do the full five days because what you'll see is you'll do the initial push, you'll launch it to your own audience. And then after you get some downloads from your own audience, if it starts to, to rank people will find it for free on the marketplace over the next four days. Ok. So I would do it five consecutive days and then you can find the link on your bookshelf and then go ahead and do all of your marketing. What does that mean for me? It means doing an email blast, social media blast, sending out to my photography communities, putting videos out on youtube on Facebook, Instagram everywhere, doing the full blast that I'm putting out a free book and I'm gonna show you what I did for this book right now. Here's the email that I sent out. I created this graphic in Canva. And really what I just do is I give information about the book for free. I also have a PS that our other book that is related. The photography master class is free. Book is free. Generally you want to pitch one product, one link, one call to action in your emails. But I find this to be fine as a PS later on when I have a number of books, I might put them all as a separate like reminder every quarter that these books are for free. But for the launch, I would focus it on one book. Let's see. What else? Here's my Instagram similar branding, similar style announcement. Here's a video that I put out to my photography community on Facebook talking about it. I find that not just putting a static image but putting doing videos totally helps back on Instagram. I was doing Instagram stories as well to promote this. Here, I got a static post. I put a static graphic for my Facebook page. Here is another photography community. I run off of Facebook and I made a post as well. And this was also an email too. So I really just went full court press in terms of sharing it with as many people as I could remember, this is going to be different for you. If you have a smaller audience that being said, you don't need a gigantic audience. Let me look at the numbers and show you how my promotions did. So here under reports, I'm going to go to our royalties estimator or really, we can just do orders actually. And then we're going to just select our latest book and let's go ahead. So here on the first day when I launched it on April 3rd, the official launch, I had almost downloads and a lot of those came from my own promotion. The next day, it was 316 and then it bounced up to almost 1200 again, 1149. Then 334 and then trickled to 113 after that. And then after this, you can start to see that I still was getting downloads and these are all paid. So let's turn off our free downloads. And here you can see even on those first days people were buying it and that's probably because they were purchasing the paperback or hardback format. So here we can see that right after the launch of the book, I was getting, I got five sales that first day. And then it's kind of sort of just continued to bounce up and down couple sales here and there. Now the other thing, let's go back to our photography masterclass book that I was a I was doing at the same time. So let's uh we can do the compare books view to see how this looks. But I think it'll just be easier to see how that book was doing just by itself doing this. So let's go back to our free and paid. So here on that first day, we had 100 and 25. So not a ton, 50 31 and then it again, kind of starts to trickle but still continues to make some sales. And you can see actually down here we have the kindle versus the print units as well. So uh the photography master class 100 and 25 units, download it in the first day and the 52 challenges. That was about 1200 right what does that get me? Does that help me rank better? It does. Let's look at the best seller categories for photography and where these books ended up and you could find these, let's go over to Amazon, you could find these rankings if you go onto Amazon, if you go to Kindle books and then there are best sellers and here you can see the go to Kindle bestsellers and here you can see the ranking. So you can see top paid top three. And in fact, during the launch, both of my books got to number one free for their categories. So if you're curious on the ranking, if you want to see if your book starts to rank in these charts, which doesn't really mean much in terms of uh glitz or glam. The a lot of books get to the top bestseller list on Amazon, especially when you're launching them for free. But if they are ranking here, it's a good sign that they'll start making sales later on. And so you just go to your category here and then you would go to the top 100 free books for your category and hope that your book starts to rank. So let's go ahead and look at the proof of success. I was paying attention to the rankings. And after the first day or so, it, it takes about 24 hours for the downloads to register and for it to actually start to appear on a list if it is going to appear. And after 24 hours, those sales or downloads rather propelled it to the number one free book under the art and photography category. As you can see here. The other cool thing is that under photography, specifically under arts and photography, the photography master class was ranking number one and that was with less than 200 set downloads. And so you don't need a ton of downloads to start to rank well on these categories or sub categories. The photography masterclass book did not rank on the overall arts and photography category. Um up high. It was in the top 100 during this week, but not on the top 100. And then let or not in the number one spot. And then even later on during the week, I could see that it started to dwindle. So I was number 18 for a while and then it went to number 17, number 73. But that's ok. That's gonna happen as the downloads start to decrease. But what this means is after the free kindle promotion ended, it's still ranked pretty well. It was showing up high when people search for photography challenge. 52 weeks of photography challenges, those keywords and that's why people continue to buy the book afterwards to this day. So pretty exciting. I I think the takeaway from this is blasted out to as many people as you can take our other digital marketing master class or our other marketing classes to learn more intricate ways to grow an audience, to launch products, write emails, that's sort of out of the scope of this class. Although you can do a lot of it with chat GP T in terms of writing social media, blast content, email content, all of that kind of stuff. But the point is to get it out there to as many people as possible. Pay attention to the rankings in your category. If it starts to rank there, you'll hopefully start making some money from sales during the week of launch and then also afterwards and then rinse and repeat every quarter. So I hope you've enjoyed this video. I'm just on this page again, seeing the past 30 days. Uh It's been an extra day since I recorded this first videos of this section of this case study. And so far I made another dollar or so from the past day. So again, not a crazy ton of money, but add it all together. If we repeat this process, it's going to continue to grow like that. Snowball we talked about earlier on. All right, hope to see you in the next video. We're gonna talk about converting your ebook to a print and hardback cover edition, which is just another format that people actually do buy and another form of making more money with your book.

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Ann Albers

I have been using ChatGPT since early this year and love it, but there's always more to learn to pass along to clients. What a great, practical class with cookbook like instructions for getting set up and using it on various platforms. Funny enough, I was uploading art I created in AI and doctored up in photoshop while I was listening :) Well done!

Isabelle Leroux

Wow! This was an easier process than I thought, with the follow and do as you go along with the videos. I am finishing up my first journal to be published and 3 more in the works. Can’t wait to see how it goes with the sales! Thank you so so much for this complete and thorough course!

Muhammad Ejaz

Thank you so much for this awesome course.

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