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Coach Your Team To Success

Cory Caprista

Coach Your Team To Success

Cory Caprista

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1 Class Introduction Duration:04:42
2 Why Coaching? Duration:07:14
3 Types of Coaching Duration:03:12
4 6 Human Needs Duration:11:41
5 How We Grow Duration:16:11
6 Key Coaching Concepts Duration:07:44
8 Deep Practice & Ignition Duration:07:24
9 Chunking & Zooming Duration:08:08
10 Deep Coaching Frameworks Duration:15:49
11 Key Coaching Techniques Duration:04:43
12 Be Specific, Be in the Now Duration:10:17
13 Listen with Intent Duration:08:21
14 Fight Bad Habits Duration:12:35
15 How to Challenge Your Patterns Duration:06:49
16 Accountability Duration:11:38
17 Feedback Essentials Duration:07:45
18 Class Recap Duration:02:10

Class Description

The role of a manager isn’t just to oversee and supervise, making sure things get done on time and according to plan. Truly great managers also instruct, advise, support and inspire. They help make their direct reports the best they can be.

Similar to an athletic coach, managers should help employees expand upon their strengths, as well as identify and conquer their weaknesses. And rather than being a hand-holder for their employees, managers should help them develop the skills they need to handle challenges on their own.

This course deals with the coaching aspect of management, which is both the most important and most difficult to master. Taught by expert renowned coach Cory Caprista, it’s perfect for both aspiring and experienced managers and professional coaches.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand how people learn and teach them new skills.
  • Help people break negative patterns and spark real change.
  • Figure out how to adjust your style for different personality types.
  • Coach constructively rather than just give advice.
  • Problem solve issues without getting overwhelmed.


Sylvie Leroy

I recommend it but I must say I was sometimes lost and don't get what I was supposed to understand (frameworks, models... what are they exactly?). Like, ok, you will figure out yourself and I don't. I am not sure I can go back to my work and put into practice what I listen to today. A lot of great information but not enough examples, I would say.

Christian Röpke