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What to Expect

Lesson 1 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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Lesson Info

1. What to Expect

Lesson Info

What to Expect

Welcome to this course on conversion rate optimization. I am so glad you joined. Before we dig in. Here's an outline of what we'll be covering together. This course is half science, half art. Our first two chapters are for the left part of your brain full of math and numbers. We'll get started defining conversion rate and I'll show you how to calculate it for your site using data from tools such as google analytics. Once you know where you stand, we'll figure out where you want to go. We'll use both your data and benchmark data to calculate your site's conversion rate goal. The next two chapters are for the right side of your brain. I'll show you the two most important strategies for improving your site's conversion rate first. We'll take a look at user experience elements that drive conversion in particular how to remove friction from your marketing funnel. I promise all this jargon will make sense soon. Well then switch over to landing page optimization and discuss the key design and...

psychological tactics that make for high converting landing page and finally last but not least will round up the course with an area that's both art and science A. B testing. Throughout this course, I'll be using real world case studies, marketing frameworks and exercises to bring the lessons to life. You'll also have a chance to review your knowledge through little quizzes. They're not too hard. I promise. I also added a lot of useful content to our course folder. I'll address that quickly in the next section. Before we get started

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