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Streamlining the Checkout Process

Lesson 11 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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11. Streamlining the Checkout Process

Lesson Info

Streamlining the Checkout Process

many digital marketers looking to remove friction from their funnels find that many users get stuck between the interest and conversion buckets. In other words, in the checkout flow in this section, we'll cover three key tactics to streamline your checkout flow, reducing the number of steps in the checkout flow, expanding payment options and removing distractions are. First tactic is to reduce the number of steps in the checkout process. Amazon is by far the best example of this. They pioneered the one click checkout, making it super simple and seamless to buy nearly anything smaller brands like my own have adopted this same strategy by allowing users to create profiles on their sites. If you run an e commerce site using Shopify or squarespace for example, you can enable customer accounts. This allows you to save user information, everything from name and shipping address to credit card information. So the next time someone comes to your site they'll need to fill out less stuff, thus i...

mproving the checkout process significantly. The examples I just showed you our B two C or business to consumer ones, but the same principles apply to B two B or business to business marketing. In this example from Qualtrics, I clicked on a link to request a demo of their product. The lead form that popped up was already pre populated with my information, making it super easy to submit it and request a demo with just one click. The second way you can streamline the checkout process is by expanding the payment options. In this example from Apple's checkout page, you can see they provide three main options credit cards, all major types Paypal and financing financing is a great option to provide for high ticket items as it allows people to pay in installments. Another great and very unique feature of Apple's checkout process is that they allow you to pay with two credit cards and not just one again. This is because they know their products have a high price points so they need to do whatever they can to make sure folks can get through this step of the funnel. The third tactic to improve your checkout flow is to remove distractions that could take away from the purchasing process. Let's take JetBlue as an example there, Global site navigation includes links to book travel, manage your loyalty points, check into a flight etcetera, etcetera. The navigation changes completely at checkout, you only have links to change the language access, help or go back to JetBlue dot com. The reduction in global Nav reduces the possibility that someone will abandon the checkout process for B two B marketers. This is again something that you can apply to your lead forms or to your request demo process, streamlining your checkout process is critical to improving your site's conversion. Now let's move on to our second tactic for removing friction from your funnel, improving site speed

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