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Lesson 14 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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14. Conclusion

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Congratulations. You have reached the end of our chapter on removing friction from your marketing funnel. A quick recap of what we learned first. We covered my favorite marketing framework, the funnel, and how you can use it to understand and track your users journey from discovering your site to becoming a loyal customer. In this section, we also covered some quantitative and qualitative tools you can use to identify areas where your users might be experiencing friction. Next we covered three key tactics for removing friction from your site. First, streamlining your checkout process. Second, making your site faster and finally making it more accessible to people with disabilities or using your site across different devices. In the next chapter will cover the second strategy that will help you improve your site's conversion rate, landing page optimization. Before we move on, make sure to rate yourself in these three areas on your worksheet. I've done so for my site here.

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