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Lesson 16 from: Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Rita Cidre

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16. Introduction

Lesson Info


in the previous chapter on removing friction from your funnel, you spent some time understanding how users navigate through your site. As part of that process, You probably noticed that not every single user will come in through your homepage. Some might have discovered your site by clicking on an ad a post from an influencer and email. Understanding where your traffic comes from and improving where it lands or what we call the landing page. Experience is critical to improving your site's conversion rates. In this chapter will first lay the groundwork by understanding the difference between a home page and a landing page. I'll also show you how to look up landing page conversion rates using google analytics. Then I'll share three key design and psychological strategies for improving your landing page conversion rate, starting first with encapsulation. Then we'll address two important psychological elements, scarcity and urgency. Finally will end with social proof, I'll show you some qu...

ick tools as well that you can use to easily and cheaply build effective landing pages. But first, let's start with the basics, understanding the difference between a homepage and a landing page

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