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Copywriting for Crafters

Lesson 12 of 15

6 Triggers to "Yes"


Copywriting for Crafters

Lesson 12 of 15

6 Triggers to "Yes"


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6 Triggers to "Yes"

So throughout the day, we've been talking about how to write with purpose, and while content marketing is meant to be conversational and casual, it also has a purpose, and the purpose is to build a trusted relationship between you and your ideal customer. So let's, talk about what specifically, you're content marketing khun do just to get your customer to a place of yes, in addition to using that problem, agitate solve formula. So if you remember the buying thermometer that everything that everything you say is a business to customer conversation is either warming the sale and sort of nurturing it or making cooling the customer off and turning them off a little bit. You are going to want to employ these six triggers within your content, marketing to continuously warm the customer up long before they get to the product listing or the email campaign if if they're really taking their time to think about it because remember, neutral is bad. If we let them get neutral, we can quickly be for...

gotten. Our products can quickly be for gotten, so when a customer finds your business, you meet them at varying levels of interest. Like some people are immediate cells like they love it, they don't have any questions about it, they're buying other people are, um a little bit interested, maybe you can warm them up a lot of other people are not interested in they're not going to be in there, but there there's there are there's no yes or no, they're always at varying levels of interest. So, um when you have all these customers and all these different situations, you want to get them all sort of to a place that they're ready to buy through your writing, and these six triggers will help you expedite that in the time it takes to get your maybes to a stronger yes place in line these air, the six triggers to yes and what you want to dio is established these with your customer through content marketing the six triggers our conversation authority, reciprocation, social proof anticipation and scarcity as I am presenting this to you, I'd like you to self critique your own sales funnel and think about your block and the way you're speaking with your customers right now and your social media accounts and anywhere you connect online and ask yourself, am I offering these things to my customers? I know that I'm throwing a lot at you in the space of one day because this is a lot of I keep pulling these sort of psychological reasonings behind this up well what's lovely about content, marketing and copy reading is that it's a one and done situation once you learn it, once you write it, that writing goes on toe live forever for customers past, present and future it's sort of it's very evergreen when you do it well, so I'm going to go through these one by one, and I want you to ask if you've got these bases covered, so number one is conversation and that's about not only who you're talking tio, but how you're approaching them think about how you start conversations in real life any time I'm writing something challenging, where I cannot figure out how to broach the subject, and I can't figure out where to start. I imagine that the person that I need to talk to is near me, that I have to start that conversation in real life, so I like tio think about my neighbor like a neighbor in my neighborhood, because I I can walk across the street and talked to a neighbor any time and let's say that my neighbor had a need for my services, I knew she was an ideal customer and she had a challenge she was facing, and I could solve it. What I like to think is, would I walk up to her home, stick my product in her face, taped pictures of my product all over the windows where she looks out, and then what my business card through a mail slot and I ask you that because that's how sellers talked to people online every day and I know when I tell you that you can think when you've been on twitter or facebook and you feel like just people are posting things at you so would if I did that to my neighbor would it repel her or a tractor to me right it's going to repel her and yet that is how people are marketing their businesses online every day so I would treat her like the person that she is and start a conversation with her about her needs and my services the problem agitate solved formula always flows beautifully in a conversational style blogged post even the short example we had for facebook the problem agitate solve really works well there when you are addressing their needs and your offer so it's easy casual and comfortable but it doesn't necessarily have to be in direct you can be easy casual and comfortable as a creative business owner without something to offer so when I when I go through these I'm going to be pulling examples from the free work but kick start your profits that's what it's called right from the from our free workbook it's a twenty eight page workbook and it came with your r s v p to the course in that workbook I wrote seasonal scripts that self and I wrote more examples than this but as we go through this I want to pull some of those examples so well if we're talking about holiday sales, you might want to think about for your ideal customer what what do we have in common at this time of the year of the year and my example for this wass just getting the buzz going about it being gifts season gifting season so I said the holidays are coming here it energy here at the energy shop the buzz is in the air that we have shipping boxes, gift wrapped and cards at the ready and then you want to follow that up with something conversational and so my suggestion is I'm also making a gift left list please tell me what was the best gift you've ever received so it starts a conversation and invokes warm thoughts about the upcoming holiday season, yet the business is still very present I started off showing letting you know that the energy shop is getting ready I'm starting preparing gift boxes and everything else like that. So back teo our sales funnel the conversation is taking place up here where it's your markings job to reach and engaged. So you're having the conversation up here it's casual and inviting and it makes the ideal customer feel included but there's no pressure, very comfortable number two his authority and without calling it as much we've been talking about how you can claim a position of authority in your industry all day long remember what's in it for me the question your ideal customers always asking what's in it for me so the best way to position yourself as the expert in your field is to consistently and confidently answer that question for your customer tell them what's in it for them and in their language meet your ideal customer at the level of knowledge and understanding that they're at and relate to the problems that they're trying to solve by again using that problem agitate solved formula so next time in a pool authority up here and it comes in high at the top later down inside the cells one of you don't have to show anybody that you're the expert you feel or prove your authority the ideal customer already knows and respects that about use that's really happening up here in my in my block post where I showed you my problem agitate solve about finding new customers for your business I said the strategies I share here are always geared toward making actual sales. I said that to the new people who find me every day from clicking through links on pinterest or wherever else on that I don't need to email that and I don't need to put that in my product listings or tell my clients that I help creatives make more sales they already know this about me but I inserted wherever I'm having early conversations with people and again, people who are very familiar with me don't even notice that I'm doing it, but I need to do that to let to establish my authority with newer people to my site. So a great example script for authority is to show a technique that you use alongside your product, so I use and a photograph a photographer as an example in your kick start your profits workbook like self she's talking tio her fan base on facebook and she says, did you know there are different ways to capture digital images? J peg is the most common version, but I shoot raw images, is and can edit depth and dimensions of the file. See, I didn't know that, and the photographer told me at one time my mind was blown, and yet it doesn't overwhelm me with their expertise, and then she's gonna link to that a product using showcasing that technique, it didn't overwhelm me. It taught me something new, and when you shared technique, it doesn't bombard anybody with shop talk it's quite the opposite. When you share an advanced technique like that, you offer non experts a glimpse into your world and it's actually quite fascinating. I mean, she really did I had no idea raw images where a thing when she told me that so from a copyrighting standpoint, sharing know how not only shows authority, it also improves the value of your product I might have. I might have really followed that photographer before she said that and thought, I know I can get better at photography and I know I can take pictures up like this if I keep practicing when she says she does something above and beyond what I my skill set or what I care to know now she's, my expert she's my go to ac burt and before I might have thought I could die y it. But I think that no more now buying that product because I know she does something, then I can't do so. Moving on number three is reciprocation, the idea being that whatever you invest into the relationship between you and the ideal customer is repaid in kind. I have said that I see business as an exchange of value. I know how fortunate I am to make the sales that I make and I value every part. I value every person that signs up for my email lists, and I appreciate the visitors to my website as well, so I not only work for the sales that I make the end result of that fails funnel I also work for the email list that I built and the visitors to my website I invest time and energy into free offers and I honor this sense of reciprocation to give back for their interest my ideal customer, in turn notices and appreciate the time that I've invested, and that helps nurture the sale and makes them more likely to hire me as their business consultant. So reciprocation falls a little further down in the sales funnel. It comes from a place of engagement and trust they at this point in the sales funnel, they have accepted your offer. They visited you a few times. They've accept your offer, they're probably on your email list, because anything you give, you wantto make sure you grab their email list and what I have for reciprocation. Suggestions are not scripts, but rather ideas for offers, things that you can offer to help build that your online following, so ideas to prompt reciprocation include coupons for discounts, offers those air the most common and my most favorite. You can offer a product care guide or an informational booklet that's very relevant to them in pdf format in exchange for email list or I love with artist or anybody that that has, like planners or anything I love when people who creates something in designer art offer free printable, I think that's just a fabulous way to get more people involved and more people on your email lists and feel that sense of reciprocation like people really do feel like she gave that to me for free if they feel gifted and that really creates a warm bond so then moving on number four is social proof and this one is tricky I mean this is tricky but it's very necessary for your business with social proof means is that we are automatically attracted toe what we perceive as popular and skeptical of everything else I won't say that again we are automatically attracted toe what we perceive as popular and skeptical of everything else in other words, the best way to get people to see your work is by having a lot of people already looking at. So this leaves many makers feeling at the bottom of that totem pole everyone needs social proof it's an extremely powerful in flute influencer during the buying process social proof um reassures the buyer it gives them evidence and it built trust and strong reviews and testimonials will help them feel like this is the this is the right product for them it also adds a tremendous amount of momentum. I love to use the example that when I was first starting my blogged in two thousand ten it was harder to get my first two hundred fifty subscribers that year then it was to get my last twenty, five hundred subscribers last quarter the just the mo mentum that builds whenever you grow your reach online continues to compound itself so if you don't have social proof yet, you absolutely can hack it, so I didn't want to say that to you and leave you feeling like there is no hope because there is no social proof because social prove builds over time and until you start having it is still your until your business starts producing it. What you can do is use things like I love the social media hacks that we have right now, like group intra sports our amazing if you can get on there and get a really supportive group and get people pinning your stuff and getting it out there. Group interest sports are great hack for social proof you have facebook groups, my facebook groups specifically is a hack for social proof. That is why I created it that's why I won't allow anything else inside except for marketing boosting our marketing efforts monday through friday. I don't allow off topic post because when a lot of off topic post pop up, everybody on follows that you're just spamming everybody. You're cluttering the feeds and that's how people use facebook groups it's always of time, so we don't have off topic post so that when I post a monday through friday theme everybody's listening, everybody plays along and everybody supports one another, so we dio on monday we have we do pinterest twitter instagram, facebook, we do all of the social media sites, and when we're promoting pinterest that's all we're doing that day and so everybody's reach gains and so it's a great hack for hacking into social proof without actually having it yet where we know we're not selling to each other on in our group, we know we're not selling to each other, we're actually helping each other reach more of their ideal customers. And you know how facebook shut you down? You can't reach ten people? Oh my gosh, you can't reach ten, people naturally sometimes it unless you're using facebook exactly how you're supposed to use it. So when we have the facebook days and we go in there and the whole point of it is to boost each other's, reach like click share common and really use facebook for the platform it's supposed to be it's not because we're selling to each other it's, because when we do that to that person's post, we are boosting their reach to their ideal customers. So, like I said, I have gone seventeen hundred up seven hundred percent in my social region through facebook because we do that so strategically in a way that works and so it's extremely effective, I also have a membership program it's called the luminaries club we hack social proof we look for ways to boost each other up and boost each other's efforts so I hope I hope I get to see you all there and some of you at home please so whatever you whatever social proof you do have you want to fund it so I created this for this class I wanted my energy shop social proof in this manner and we had talked about testimonials and reviews and I told you you want to shine a light on this so what I did was I pulled in actual review that I received on this specific bracelet and then I link the bracelet below whatever stage my ideal customers at whether they were a stranger to me this morning and now they follow or they've been my customer for years this post is appealing it makes them pay attention so past present and future customers are pulled in to this kind of thing so the customer says incredible things as free hugh she just said I mean it tied to my heart this is her favorite yet she says that she owned quite a collection she says the intense color of the stones I mean she's selling this product forming and if you have reviews like this gathered somewhere shine a spotlight on despite a spotlight on them for instance social proof this is an instant hack to social proof so take them out you don't want to do it every day but if you do it every every once in a while, you mix it in with your other content marketing it's a great way tio touch into that so as for our as for our sales funnel and where social proof belongs here, I just stuffed it onto this graphic because it belongs everywhere all the time it's really important it's a great thing to have it's a great thing to build and if you don't if you don't have it hackett until you do have it number five is anticipation and this means building anticipation for a new product or upcoming sale that really it's vital to its success that you start to talk to customers long before you I actually asked for the sale on what you're essentially doing is getting those maybes up to the yes line, getting them closer to saying yes to your product so too often maker's share their creations and a very one and done manner and they feel like I offered it and if somebody didn't buy it, they don't want it. We're done with that exchange, but this it doesn't have to be that way putting a product out in a way that leaves sales and maybes on the table what you do essentially is whenever you don't lead up to this to be asked and you don't follow up with the ask you leave a ton of sales on the table, there always has to be a time period around a sale or a new product, even when people aren't immediately adding tio cart. Whenever you release the new product or you have a cell, they still may be very interested. So when you fail to build up that anticipation and then follow up and then remind you're not doing the product justice, you have more potential there scripts to use to help build anticipation are things like behind the scenes sneak peeks you can take us, you can take pictures at different stages of the products making, or you can take pictures when you're you have the product all lined up to do its final product photography, you can share a secret special or in advance sale, you can let people pre order from your email list. All of that kind of all of that builds anticipation, so back to the sales funnel anticipation definitely plays a role further down, but it's a great tool for conversation because it's very fun to hear about what people are working on. It creates a sense of reciprocation because it makes your customers feel like they're in your inner circle, and it adds to social proof it's another way to hack social proof? It doesn't matter if you know that. Like people might not be sitting on the edge of the seat their seats for your next product not yet anyway, because you don't have that made people following, but because just simply because you're talking about it, everyone assumes that people are listening and looking forward to it. And when you keep the public informed like that, they think there isn't everybody and actually adds to that popularity appeal. So that's, another hack so you want to share your products in your upcoming sales as if people are holding their breath for them and right away, like you're sharing a big secret that you would tell to a close friend. Finally, number six is scarcity, and we use scarcity to help the bite buyer get over the speed bump caused by human inertia. This is the fix, so we're going to go into great detail about scarcity in the next segment, but for now, I'll give you a preview, and again, this is in your free workbook. There are three ways to create a sense of scarcity you your offer a limited number of quantity of your product, you make the offer on ly available for a limited time, or you offer limited pricing for a select few. I want to pull my facebook example back up because I used scarcity in the city. Example, like I'm so used to doing this that I didn't realize I was praying, I don't know it's just it becomes a habit because now I know the formulas and I know so I used scarcity in this example when I let everyone know that there were only two of these braces left and stock that's a limited quantity. So we at somebody asked us, what if you don't want to put it on cell, then flying it's limited quantity? What if you make things like on demand? I mean, would you just like you would only sell two more before you let it run out of stock for, like, a week and then relisted? I mean, yeah, you can do that. It depends on it depends on your workflow and what's going on in your business. Yes, there's. A lot of variables that yes. Did you want to talk about something else? Right? As you were going over how to get over the scarcity thing which was my bugaboo, I realized that the fountain pen that I splurged on on monday I got because it was the last one in that color. Perfect. Yes, they got me. You have it? Yeah, great, so this is a final look at the sales funnel in regards to the triggers to yes and scarcity is used at the narrow part of the funnel it's a it's a more direct ask and we're going to be using it in product listings because that is the place to directly ask so let's talk about anybody have anything? Any questions about the six triggers to yes and before we go to that please be sure to find the seasonal scripts for more sales in your kick start your holiday workbook it is meaty and it's full of good scripts that they can use so do we have any questions in the studio audience? If not, we'll go yes please uh if you sell one of a kind items is there a way me to introduce scarcity? I mean, I know you said in your book like you've got some ideas but does that cover that well? One of a kind is its own for ice scarcity because there is only one so yes, you want to be featuring the fact that that is the only one kind of there is, right? Okay, yes e dealing with first anything like this I don't know advertising that you always have low inventory or that you never have enough of stuff to sell its like yes, maybe I only have like, you know, two or three prints of this thing left, but I'm probably going to restock that inventory it's not like once that runs out get a complete new product on, and it sounds like I have to always be having new products consistently in my flow in order to replace the things that no longer exist. Well, you're focused on the quantity those three, three ways that you could introduce scarcity it doesn't have to be quantity for your business, you could do it through limited quantity, quantity, limited pricing. We're limited time, so this not all it can be one or the other, and you don't have to focus if you don't like it, and if you repeated like the limited time offer, we're limiting pricing for a limited time, for example, if he did that, like every month with that diminish, the importance or significance of having it, yeah has a limited time like it affected if it is a limited time offer, like every month and it wouldn't be special to any customers are following for a while? Yes, absolutely it was like a one and done sort of offer, right? Well, it's it is not all the time you're right, because if you do that all the time, if you're doing that every day, your customer knows that the products always going to go on sale and you actually will add to human inertia because they'll think I will just wait till this goes on sale. So it is a rare occurrence, and when when I like to look at creative business, they do common seasons, there are very busy seasons, and then it takes it peaks and then it crest. So what you want to do is in your business be attuned to those seasons and build for the next built up for the next sale. So be doing the other things to be building up for the next sale, but no, they don't happen all the time. You're right because it will add to human in our show, people need to feel like I I have sales. Um, I would say I have a sale maybe every six weeks for my products, so if I'm having a sale every six weeks for my products, I also kind of keep a limited inventory in my shop so people might think that I can't wait for the sale because if she has a sale, this is going to go and then I can't get it. So you're using that you're using the whole scarcity aspect in for your own terms, in your own situation, and you're the inventory that you like to keep on hand.

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This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.