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Copywriting for Crafters

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Address Their Hesitation


Copywriting for Crafters

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Address Their Hesitation


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Address Their Hesitation

Now that we have the basic formula down let's talk about how to address your customers hesitation and drive that sell home remember that your customers already arrived with doubts you don't have to even do anything to cause that they're going to come with doubts they're skeptical if you can provide results they're unfamiliar with your business and your work or they're simply unsure if they're ready to buy right now when we address your customers hesitation we reassure their buying decision and alleviate their doubts however you want to do so suddenly you don't want to plant more doubts one of my one of my favorite examples of this is south africa's tourism motto which is south africa it's possible so I don't know if you can see what they did when I tell you that but let's imagine your friend says hey let's just go to south africa let's just pick up and go to south africa your responses probably that's impossible it's very far away you know it doesn't seem like we can just pick up and g...

o to south africa the south african tourist board joined that conversation and in essence they said back no it's not it's possible and you're invited come to south africa that's good copy reading it addresses the customer there their ideal customers initial a dallas initial doubts before they can object but more importantly if you have no objections to going to south africa it doesn't plant one south africa it's possible is much better than south africa you think it's impossible to really know I promise you it's possible you can get there, I promise while it does, it doesn't confuse anybody who always thought it was a possibility to get to south africa. So as for your product in your business, what specific concerns might your customer have when checking out? And then what can you point out in the listing to alleviate those concerns? I'm pulling my client, anna anna lie's, listening back up she's, an elite marie on, etc and this entire section at the bottom is written to address any hesitation her ideal customer might face bias tape can be mass produced and cheap quality anally addresses that by saying all biased tapes are truly cut on the bias for extra struck stretch strength and suitability. So if she does she's not talking about this, isn't she doesn't say this is bad quality? She doesn't say this isn't mass produced and you don't have to worry about this. She just gives you a statement of quality, so if you had that doubt, she addressed it. If you didn't have that doubt, she just reassured her cell she goes on, all folds are iron by hand, no bias mint, no bias state machines here again, this is upbeat if you don't have this concern she didn't plan it but she also just made every anybody that says it was she using one of those machines I don't want that stuff she she addressed it right there with an upbeat simple statement the next thing holding her back her ideal customer back is time after all, she's looking for a time saver and she has a project to finish on her sewing table her ideal customers thinking this would be nice but I have that project sitting on my table and I just want to get it done, annalise says this is packaged and ready to ship and it goes on to say often on the same day you order who's well done she's really tell him whatever you're concerned about I've answered that question here it comes this is what you want check out now because this is what you want the better you know and understand your ideal customer the battle better you'll tap into those pacific concerns so let's look at what else you khun dio to boost your sales while addressing their hesitation remember to keep the focus on your ideal customer imagine your the clerk at the boutique that their shopping walk through that scenario for your ideal customer what specifically might they need help with if they were checking your product out in real life and what might they ask questions that they need? What questions might they asked that they need answers to reaffirm the results they seek your ideal customer wants to know that this is their last stop they can quit shopping this is their last stop they found the solution they've been seeking to the challenge that they've been facing speak confidently assertively and in their language to overcome the customers inertia you want to add a reason to buy right now the end of your listening is a great place to add a call to action colin action basically means ah hard ask product listening variables the ad motivation part of me are sale satisfaction guarantee and actually using the word by now check out now or add the product to your cart now I give my customers a statement to trust so I am strong so I thought I'd and here by showing you some examples of variables that I use in my own listing I mixed these up and we talked about that we mix these up sometimes adding in testimonials where they're needed sometimes adding packaging info if you package your product very with special attention to detail remember that they're picturing receiving it and taking out of the box and bring it home I usually have a paragraph about how the bracelets air package just under my how paragraph my what is fairly standard you saw earlier in the google search results clipping it's the gemstone that I use the size of the bracelet. Any specific details but what tells what the bracelet is what it's made of the extras on it and how big it is. My beads are round, which means that they take up space in the inner circumference or diameter I never know what to say right there. I'm gonna say inner diameter! And so the measurements always sound really big to my customers. People say I say this is eight inches because of the bead is very largest taking up space inside, so I like to add this fits most, it reduces that question a little bit. The why is always what the gem strom gemstones attributes, air said what that gemstone carries and my tag line for the store is affirmation positive affirmations for your wrist so again, I'm studied in crystals and metaphysics, so I attach everything right there. The why explains what this gemstone is said to add in your life and what's in it for them in this case, in this case, it's awkward marine adds protection in leads toward positive change the how paragraph that's where I need to come in and own this sale I'm going to take over here. I'm gonna take the listing over here by telling the buyer that I am their one stop shop for energy bracelets, I tell my cot customer what I offer affordable luxury and holistic solutions, and then I discuss smudging and that's like a little off topic for the for our purposes here today but it's a cleansing ritual and it's how I go above and beyond for my customers in business so I'm I'm adding in there what I do differently and what I do special and then I typically added up sell link towards the end either for cleansing sticks would your smudge sticks or a bracelet or set that I know will be complimentary to this product that's made to match and finally there's my call to action at the end it's there at the bottom of every listing that are right your satisfaction is guaranteed by unique by quality by energy energy shop I mean that and that's strong and assertive and seriously do that you know I'm saying and that my friends is how I write effective copyrighting to convert my views in the sales and I'm very confident you all can do the same stores that have up cells that are like increase rush shipping would that be appropriate to put within a listing here or that detract and give ambiguity paralysis? I think rush shipping is a little bit of a distraction I really do I don't know how pertinent that is I don't really know how many customers need it that quickly that they want to pay extra for it so I think that's a by request kind of thing and if you already said you're going to take custom orders I don't think it's necessary to tell them that you'll make it unless it's like a custom like you know how sometimes is custom wedding dresses or could yes that makes sense there but a regular product most of us don't want to rush shipping most of us are happy not to have any surprise expenses at the end of the checkout process so let's take a break here do we have any questions or comments about the copyrighting formula variables product listing variables or the flow of the general flow the list well first of all I I just want to say everyone at home really appreciated the re written descriptions pride descriptions and I hope you all I see some bigs smiles down over at that end over there so thank you again for letting us use you as test cases best sofia says I think some realtor's need to take this class to learn how to write descriptions for their house listing we should identify those comfortable cozy you know all those words but it really does apply to anything that you're selling right and invoking those emotions and talking to the right person yes s so we asked people about what again what they all think of these new descriptions that you have written and sandra glover clark says magic big better difference and take my money ah best sofia again they sound so professional but still evoke a feeling of I want this product and the red scorpio says lisa has a real gift for this I would love to have a look at mine and tell me how to improve but let's take some final questions if anybody have yes, go ahead, but one thing that was like a complete epiphany for me when you're going through these examples was, you know, we're told as artists and makers to, like, share your process people want to know what you do and how you're doing that they want a picture you in your studio and so I think that gets a jumbled up a lot into the listing on what really like was a light bulb in the head was when you talked about content, marketing and that's where that stuff lives and then the listing is really for selling their product. So behind the scenes, people want to see all that stuff, but put it in your instagram put it on facebook as your content marketing, and then when you're doing your listening, I was like, uh but thank you for making that. Yeah, I really want to say I love that insight because in that share your story is one another one of my five etc ms because it was generated by this maker movement and it goes about it goes against everything we've ever known about the buying process but that's not to say don't tell anybody story because your story is amazing keep telling people you're stories but yes, it goes somewhere else it just does not belong in the product listening very good thank you for that insight this actually piggyback perfectly onto that comment because one of my questions earlier was like I don't see that there's a part where you can talk about the shop or sort of your bio which is separate from the listings and so is asking whether or not that was you treat that like content marketing or whether or not you still cut you still sort of put the customer in the front seat in the same way that you're doing with house sections in the listings where it's like not so much about me and I would it still talking about sort of your authority and your professionalism and why you are why you're the authority yes good point because when you're in the store front, this is still a very important point of sale, so that is not the place you will talk about your buying process but do it by expanding on the brand's statement keep it very much about them. If they want to know more about you as an artist maker, they will find out they will go find you on it you know how we do that? We'll find I'll find you on facebook and I'll find you on twitter and then I'd be now to tune into your life a little bit but we never want to force that on anybody at the point of sale that's for the sale and so yes there isn't about paige expand that from the thing and if you want to say I over there you can do it but do it down the listing later so if people are keep are still reading three or four paragraphs in they really want to know more about you it's okay place to say and I did this and this is mine and then say you can follow me there because if they are six paragraphs down or whatever that however the length is they do want to know more about you and they want to know where to find you so they can keep following you all right? We have some great questions coming in from the folks at home so this one goes back to talking about that brand statement um and question of whether to utilize that on somebody's web site if I don't have like an etsy storefront people are shopping on your own personal website and nazi do you still I need a brand statement like that at the bottom of every item no it's a good question no you don't because if they've found your website they are trusting your brand and wanting to know better and there's places on the web site that will feature the brand story in the brand statement you probably get that they should be getting that in their first initial first to two second impression so when they're there they're already your shopper you don't need to convince them I really like it on that because you want to keep them there there's a sticking power to it but on the website it's a little bit of overkill they already recognize you as a strong brand if they came to your specific site just to find you yes great one of the popular question about those different product listings should each listing be unique should I make each etc listing different or copy the same sort of cop copy there over and over okay so that you want the formula to be the same the products of course they're going to be different so things are going to change with the what and why of the product the variables is what you'll mix up at the end because if people are spending a lot of time here the variables are nice because I could up cell use much sticks in this listing and then in the next list thing if you go to the if you go to the next listing or whatever I prompted you to do I can do something else that will keep you win inside my brand and keep you sort of adding to cart and spending more time with me so the variables will change the details of the formula of the template, of course, will change for the different products, but you need a consistent you want it to be consistent. You wanted to be a nice length that people can take in right away. I've seen I've actually done this with a few listings already, but I'm wondering your opinion of ah it's, not necessarily, and on up selling link, but you know, if you liked this piece, you may also enjoy this one kind of thing, and I did that because I saw other people doing it that had a lot more views and a lot more sales than mine. So that's slightly different than saying here's something that, you know, like this much smith stick goes with the bracelet after you've described this process and everything, yes, but same concept, and if I have a bracelet that will complement this one, I do exactly like that. I said, if you love this one, you got to go check out that one because it's it's really gonna compliment, ok, that doesn't cause ambiguity, no, because they're there. I mean, I guess on at sea a little bit because it might make you click away, but they're in their shopping and browsing, and if they got to that point, if they're at the bottom of my listing like that and there there's really considering adds a card I do want that opportunity to up sell and keep them and add a car you know what I do that specifically you know I don't have you know evidence to back this up but I know that if I'm shopping I don't really want to buy an item if I walk into a store and I could only find one thing that I like it concerns me I think that this story is not my sour taste we usually put that down so I like those listings for the complementary products so that people will say you're really gonna like this taste this is your style and they want to find two things that really drive home what they're looking for so that's why I personally like like a little bit of it so this is the idea that you like this is the products and you'll keep liking more products I always want to buy to wherever on that okay, so here this kind of piggybacks again on what you were saying so say you had you know, you know this is my you know x price for this object but if you get too you get the special discount price I like those so that wouldn't that also would not be ambiguous or distracting to have like if you love this you might love this and they also have like a two for one special no it's an up sell and it's also giving them more motivation to buy so the motivation to buy overrules the ambiguity there because if they don't want it they can easily pass over skip over add to cart but it will increase their motivation to buy like I love this listening I got that far and you're going to give me two for a discount I'm going I need to keep shopping that's a better place to go to please for you know bronwyn and I both that make one of a kind essentially products even though it can be repeated do you um how do you feel about adding something about that in the listing like your item may not be exactly as pictured or something like that? Do you think that distracts from then making a buying purchase and that should go in the policy section or how do you I want tio handling that? Yeah first I want to say because you reminded me of something that I wanted to say and it's not in my notes for the class that really want to say it. So sometimes people put in language they say things like color may appear different on monitors, right? Yeah, anytime you say something like that, people say that because they saw other people do it, so they put it that that kind of stuff is not necessary I saw a gemstone bracelets every bracelet looks different because gemstones or unique I have never had a problem nobody has ever said will the crack was in a different place on the other president of that kind of thing, so don't add doubt when it's a line here just let that go yes ok, ok, so then, as if remember that you're you've already told your customer that this is a original piece it's styled it's going to be remade in this fashion. They've heard you it's not going to be the exact replica of what they're seeing on the screen. I wouldn't they they're buying your design in bronco in case they are buying her the reclaim nature and the cool aspect of the process they're buying that. And so I feel that that's overkill to say this stitch might be different on the next one because we're already telling them this this will be unique for you. This is going to be a custom product for you and it's going to look like this because as long as it comes to me and it looks like that I'm very happy with the purchase. It doesn't have to be exact to a t, but as long as I get this what I'm looking for unhappy and and you would be too if you were buying that because you already get the style I would I would want to buy from you to get that really cool mix of fabrics and textures and it's all really cool and I wouldn't mind if there was a slight a slight difference in color at all all right have some more from the folks at home and both of these are are related in the way that they're people who are just very new to their business and just kind of starting out. S o the first question was around establishing authority and at least how you're writing about some kind of authority how do you establish authority if you're just starting out you don't have any formal training in your craft well, you may not have formal training but you have a special talent you know expert is divide defined as you know more than most once you know more than most you're an iceberg so it's really it's actually easy if you're very interest in this subject it doesn't take very long before you know more than most so she can go ahead and claim that right now she doesn't need any kind of special permission outside permission go ahead and claim that you know more than most you're the best at york that your talent I love that answer thank you guys have permission to now don't call yourself an expert I'm just thinking about different things that yeah, I know a little bit more than most okay so what about social roof if you're just starting out I'm just starting out says a meagre and I don't really have any social proof what else can I do to replace that with those air those hacks that I have met had mentioned when we discussed it go get on group boards that are known for promoting it ask for ask to be invited on to group boards that are known to be boosting pins and getting the word out there join of marketing group like mine creative marketing by aunt creative entrepreneurs by marketing creativity because it's there to help new people without a lot of social proof boost it and for those of us who already have social proof we boosted even more by seven hundred percent so it's just those kind of light you need those hacks you have toe hackett until you actually have it hackett until you actually have it people yeah all right I think we can keep going great questions thank you for your questions all day long everyone and I wanna piggyback on can I really want to thank you all for being examples and letting me pull you up my screen and letting everybody learned from your from your listings so before I wrap the class I just want to do two things first I'm going to fill in the product template that I showed you earlier it was very basic it showed the three key elements and I want to pull this up so you have a guy to work with whenever you're writing your own this slide here gives you a step by step breakdown that will help you write an effective product listing the what is a mix of key words that describe the basic features of the product the uae helps the customer imagine your product in their life here you address the customers challenge and described the results and benefits that they can expect the how offers a brief summary of your services and that that wraps the template therefore you so you can go ahead and expand that and use it for your own purposes so the second thing is that I just want to thank you all so much we have covered a lot today I want to thank all of you that sat through this long class with me and I know you a lot of you have sat through a long week and that's amazing that's amazing I really appreciate your good energy and your spirit and your kind words it really touched my heart I want to thank creative lives so much for hosting mean unless but not least thank you at home for tuning in and I applaud all of your hard work and commitment I know how much courage and dedication it takes to chase your dreams I commend you for showing up all of that every day so thank you very very much fantastic class. And I know how hard you worked on that class, right? I mean, you could really tell. Can get all of that in in such a such a condensed, condensed fashion. No, but for today, that's. A wrap. Thanks for joining us, everyone.

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This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.