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Copywriting for Crafters

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Copywriting for Crafters Intro


Copywriting for Crafters

Lesson 1 of 15

Copywriting for Crafters Intro


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Copywriting for Crafters Intro

We're so excited tohave to the creative live stage for the very first time lisa jacob she is going to be teaching us all about copyrighting for crafters lisa is a marketing entrepreneur she has taken a etc shop from spending one hundred dollars turning into one of the most popular store friends and now she has taken her love for marketing and turned it into teaching others she has a very popular blogger marketing creativity and the luminaries club and she'll be telling us more about that later so please help me welcome to the creative live stage lisa jacobs so wonderful to have you here on creative live and copyrighting is something that many of us probably don't really think about too much we might be thinking about the products that we need to make pricing our products how to market them and get them out there why what is copyrighting anyway and why should we care about it? Well any time that you speak to your customers from a business sense when you're talking business to customer w...

hat you're writing online either falls in one of two categories it's either content marketing or its copyrighting content marketing is as simple as a facebook status update that is content marketing it should have a purpose and we're going to talk a lot about the purpose we can bring to your writing today but the other side of that is copyrighting and that's when you write something with a specific action in mind you want the reader to do something at the end of it and for us that means that typically means subscribe now or by now you either want one of those two fisher so either building that relationship somehow yeah or selling a product or service or whatever it is it's right? Awesome. I think we often don't think about that sort of last step of how important that called action is like we know we need one but how to make that unique and tied into people actually taking the action you know? So we're excited for today I have looked through your keynote and it is incredible it's beautiful a swell how did you get into copyrighting? Like where did all of that passion for this come from? Well, as you said, I started at the shop in two thousand ten and I I created some products I listen online and then I market in it to sort out success then I did it again I made more products I got really excited about that I made more products marketed it again to sold out success and I found that that s he shot became and alan for an entrepreneurial spirit that I had always had and so I start I just started tow love the business and marketing strategy behind getting your product into the right customers hands and as I was exploring that I started the blogged marketing creativity, and I'm talking, I feel that caught talking shop when I just talked marketing all the so I feel like I can talk shop all day long and it just poured out of me, and I spent so much time on the block and as ice studied marketing strategy reaching customers, I realized in order to make that an effective match in order to really connect, I needed to use my writing in a way that let them know what to do next and ad purpose to everything, to really make an effective connection. Awesome. I mean, people, people need to be told what to do, you know, a lot of times making the decision is hard, so getting them there to that decision making is what we're gonna learn all about, right? Yes, all right, well, let's, do it are so excited to have you here and to take it away, please. Thank you, thank you.

Class Description

You built your online store, now it’s time to do the fine-tuning that gets people to buy! In Copywriting for Crafters you’ll learn wordsmithing tricks and techniques that lead customers to check-out. 

Lisa Jacobs is an experienced Etsy® seller and dedicated creative consultant. In this class, she’ll help you write the words that reach customers and motivate them to make a purchase. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop a copywriting template 
  • Critique your own work 
  • Avoid common copy mistakes 

Lisa will help you guide customers through the buyer's journey. She’ll tell you exactly what to include in product descriptions and what to leave out. She’ll also reveal the common errors that cause product listings to fail and she’ll help you ensure that yours always stand-out. 

Use the words that get results. Join Lisa Jacobs in Copywriting for Crafters and increase your sales by sending the right message, at the right time.  


Bundle Wade

Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.


This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.