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Copywriting for Crafters

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One Step Away from the Sale


Copywriting for Crafters

Lesson 2 of 15

One Step Away from the Sale


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One Step Away from the Sale

Hi everyone I am beyond excited to be here today I've been looking forward to this and thinking about standing in front of you also, I just thanks so much for having me and being here with me and I really appreciate it I really appreciate it. This course is copy reading for crafters? I am lisa jacobs, and today we're going to talk about how to write in a way that sells and because this product with year toward crafters, I'm really going to hone in on product listings today because I know aa lot of us who make something listed in an online store front in a product listing so that's going to be our focus of today, you're going to see it throughout the day and we are going to go in and we're going to die sex those listings and analyze them and we're going toe rework what's not working and explore all the different mistakes as well as the way to correct those mistakes. But I also worked with creatives who have websites, sales pages, other things like that who don't necessarily have a produ...

ct that goes into a product listing. So I want you to stay here for that because I'm goingto have even if you don't have a product listening to right, I'm gonna have a lot of relevant information that will help you write formulas that will also get your customers to do what you need them to do it's not a product listening it's typically a sales page and that's where aa lot of your sales conversions are goingto happen if your product listings are getting views currently, this is this is something a lot of people say I'm getting a lot of views, but my my my views aren't converting to sales, you don't need to worry about the conversion part right now. By the end of the day, we'll get that down, but if you're getting a lot of views for your products, I want you to get excited because the when your customer is in the product listing their act actually one step away from the cell that's how close you are, you're so close to getting that customer to check out, and if your views are not converting, if you're getting a lot of sales, but if you're getting a lot of views and they're not converting to sales that that's a that's, a key trigger that your copyrighting needs help and that's what we're here and we're going to do today, so I'd like to just expand on kenna's introduction. I'm lisa jacob and I started with an s e shop in two thousand ten, and I quickly realized that I loved talking shop as much as I love making the products that I sell, I started writing the blogged marketing creativity same years the as I opened my etc shops and that involved into my becoming a business consultant creative's have hired me for many different reasons, but I specialize in marketing I particularly love to help creatives reach and connect with their potential customers online it's one of my favorite things toe dio and explore I also love the buying process I love looking at why customers by when they dio I love don't think about why I buy when I do what made me make that purchase what made my customer make that purchase? I love the hear feedback from customers when they tell me I just had to buy when you when you gave me that offers things like that so I love to look at the buying process and what motivates the purchase so copy writing plays a vital role in whether or not your customer chooses to buy your product next I want to talk about the buying process and I want to start with something we're all familiar with and that is when you go to an actual store toe look for a product so when let's let's imagine you have a specific product in mind and you want to go shopping for what you do typically would do is you enter the store, you browsed the aisles looking for the product that you're seeking when you find it, you pick it up and you handle that product and you like determine its weight it's quality you're kind of thinking about it right then and then that's when you decide whether you're going to add it to cart and go check out with it or put it back and you're not interested so that's five things that you enter the store you browse thie store you find the product you handle the product and you decide whether or not you're gonna buy five that's a five step process now translate that to online shoppers where we also online it's a very similar products process you when you're looking for a product online, what you do is you search it in a browse bar, whether it be google or at sea or amazon wherever you're shopping online let's say it's at sea you scan the storefront of the product that you're interested in you click a product listing to know more you read its listing and then you decide are you going toe added to card? Are you going to click away? That too is a five step process you search you scan you click you read the listing, you add the card so if we compare those two when you're reading the listing when you shop online it's the same stage of what as when you picked up an item and you're handling it in the store you're at that very same stage you're deciding whether or not you're going to buy that product, so when I tell you that you can see how really close you are to getting the cell when the customer is in your product listing very close. So what you write to the customer in that product listening is the fourth four out of five on the buying process for step four out of five and it's extremely important, your product listening is either going to drive a sale or crashing it's going to do one or the other? This is how vital it is copyrighting is a much needed sales conversation that your buyer needs you tow have, and today I'm going to be showing you how to have that sales conversation with them when your customers in the product listen, you are helping them try your product on, and I know everybody's thinking they're online shoppers. So how can they actually tried the product on? Well, regardless of where you're at, whether you're in a store and you're looking at a product right in front of you or your shopping online, you always try the product on in your mind. First, you might not realize it, but even if I walked up to assure in a storefront and I saw that shirt on the rack. I tried on in my mind, I think to myself, what will that color look like on me? How will it fit will flatter me, and then I go take it to the dressing room and actually try it on. So you always have that that moment where you try the product on in your mind first, if you walk up to a base in a store online or I'm sorry in a store in a physical store front, and the base is sitting in front of you, you take that base and you put it somewhere in your home with your imagination and you think what's not going to look like in my home. You try it on there in your mind before you decide whether you're going to buy. That always happens, so copyrighting also be size helping the customer try the product on. It also helps alleviate natural doubts and resistance that occurred during any buying process and these air. These are things that the customer comes regardless of your copyrighting. Regardless of your product, your customer already has an inner resistance. They're trying to keep their money in their pocket. They have they come with their own reasons for not buying, and so we want to also address that with copyrighting and help them get over that in a resistance and help them decide yes this product is for me and I want it right now so we're going to fix all of that today and create a smoother checkout process I have four especially for those of you at home I haven't exercised that you can do right now to determine if your copy reading needs work now the industry conversion rate is an average two to three percent, which means if if you have one hundred views you can expect about two sales you have one hundred, subscribers on your email lists and you send a marketing campaign via email you can expect to sales from that that's that's the average and so a great exercise that you can do right now is to pull up one of your product listings look at the number of views that that product has had in the last thirty days and then multiply those views by zero point zero two that helps you calculate the two percent so take your views from the last thirty days and multiply that by point zero two from that problem compare the sum to the number of sales you've had in the last thirty days and that should be a comparable that should be a comparable figure if you're populating is doing your job doing its job it's converting your views into sales and I like this exercise because it also gives you a really realistic idea of the number of views you really need toe have in order to convert the views in two sales, I think a lot of times we feel like I'm getting a lot of use I have a lot of email subscribers, but if you realize that average sale sale percentage is two to three percent, you realize you always need more. You always want to market your business and find more customers, so if your views aren't converting, if you've taken that exercise and your views on converting your copy, reading me need work and if they are converting good job and we're going to help them improve today, I want to talk about what we're going to cover today and today we're talking about the importance of copyrighting and getting those views to convert into sales. We're going to cover the fact that if you, if your product is for everybody, if you think you're selling everybody, you might as well be saying you're selling to nobody if you talk to everyone at large nobody's listening that's the bottom line of it so copyrighting is going to help you speak to the right customer. If you we're going to talk about how to write based on the customer's needs, and we're going to look at what they want to hear from you, we're going to talk about surprising the stakes that are costing you the south, and now we're all making them in our copyrighting and the copyrighting mistakes are extremely common. I've made them before until I learned some of these lessons, I'm going to pull examples from our studio audience, and they're going to be the guinea pigs, and I'm going to show you from their product listings what they're doing right and some surprising mistakes that they're making and everybody one of these at least one of these surprising mistakes, you're going to recognize your listing somewhere here, there, everywhere, everybody's making these mistakes so we're going to have that live examples and instructions, and they're going to it's going toe be integrated all the way through the course we're talking, we're going to talk about how you're turning your customer off when they're there, and they're ready to buy what you're saying that is actually sending them away. You want to stop that immediately? We're going to talk about how you're leaving your customer hanging with dowson, hesitations and questions that they might have, and I'm going to show you how to address them. We're going to talk about that customer experience, and we're going to keep talking about how the customer always tries the product on in their mind first, and when we do that, we're going to look at how you can help them. Try the product on how you're going to join them in their mental dressing room and help them try the product on and we're going to follow the customer and that's going to be my favorite segment is going be marketing were to follow follow the customer from how they find you and what they're thinking through your entire process in your business and that's a really fun segment we're going to talk about how you are interrupting your customers buying process and why they're hesitating to buy then we're going to look at copy writings role in marketing well looking out at the bigger picture outside of the product listing and that's where people who have maybe a service or something that doesn't have a traditional product listening will find a lot in the formulas and the things we're going to talk about how to write to the customers so that you can help them through whatever it is you need them to dio we're going talk about appropriate ways to approach your customer so that you're both comfortable it's important that you're comfortable when you're reaching out to them and it's important that they're comfortable with the way that you're approaching them and then we're gonna look at the difference between copyrighting in content marketing and we covered that little bit in the beginning whenever you write to your customer and addressed them online you are either doing one of two things you're either con you're either performing content, marketing. Or you're performing con copyrighting. Look at both and how you're going to drive them through each, and then the bond it creates. When you write to your customer, because you know them, you understand them, and you're considerate of their knees. You make them feel heard and understood. We're gonna look at the bond that that creates between you and your customers, because it really creates extreme loyalty. And it just makes you feel like people are listening, and they're buying, and you're connecting and that's what we all crave at the end of the day. Finally, we're going to talk about right, how to write product listings, that cell and you are going to walk away with the tools and techniques to master your copy reading today.

Class Description

You built your online store, now it’s time to do the fine-tuning that gets people to buy! In Copywriting for Crafters you’ll learn wordsmithing tricks and techniques that lead customers to check-out. 

Lisa Jacobs is an experienced Etsy® seller and dedicated creative consultant. In this class, she’ll help you write the words that reach customers and motivate them to make a purchase. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Develop a copywriting template 
  • Critique your own work 
  • Avoid common copy mistakes 

Lisa will help you guide customers through the buyer's journey. She’ll tell you exactly what to include in product descriptions and what to leave out. She’ll also reveal the common errors that cause product listings to fail and she’ll help you ensure that yours always stand-out. 

Use the words that get results. Join Lisa Jacobs in Copywriting for Crafters and increase your sales by sending the right message, at the right time.  


Bundle Wade

Without being intimidating, Lisa Jacobs is powerful and articulate in her delivery. Her dedication, expertise and warmth are evident in each session. Throughout the course, Lisa reminds us that our customers—both potential and current—are flesh-and-bone people. Therefore, the content and copy writing on our websites must show the same careful attention we would exhibit in face to face interactions. In my opinion, some of the most salient course features are: the explanation of the distinction between content and copy writing, the marketing umbrella and its application, and of course, useful tips and real-life examples on how to write good, attractive content and item descriptions. Overall, this was my favorite class from the "Increase Your Holiday Sales Seminar." I happily recommend it without hesitation to creative business owners offering products or services.


This course is so helpful and well worth the money. It's broken into sections making it easy to do in parts and so easy to follow Lisa Jacobs. Lisa explains it so effectively making it so easy to learn and a pleasure to listen to. There are great questions from actual Etsy sellers and a complete workbook to fall back on. Great course and highly recommend it. Many thanks Lisa Angela

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I'm already on the next to the last segment. Having just purchased this class last night. Thanks to the referral by Dan Safkow of "Making it on Etsy". As I mentioned to him today- "Lisa's Creative Lab class is GOLD. Best $ I've spent all year- AND last year". ~So, I'm treaking all of my online shop's listings. Yay! I'm also glad to learn about (and take advantage) of the amazing resource for folks like me, and the crowd I run with --> CREATIVElive in general.