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Brand Your Booth & Signage

Lesson 22 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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22. Brand Your Booth & Signage


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Brand Your Booth & Signage

And now we're going to talk about branding your booth in your sign ege so you really need to consider every aspect of your booth the big stuff, the small stuff so from the color of your tent or the you know, big sign on your tent to your price tag so you really want to think about every little part of it and making sure that all of your elements air consistent like this booth here this is one of our vendors lame modern trinket and you really feel like that namely modern trinket and then you look at it and it just goes together it's like a trinket you feel like you're in this kind of vintage e haddock thing but it's like a little it's a little bit modern and edgy and they do a really good job of doing that sign is in that branding I also really like to share the scope of your work and your materials and your process so that goes back to that kind of storytelling and when we talk about these booth will discuss how they've done a great job of that and then making the focus on your goods s...

o you have great displacing great props but people shouldn't be wanting to buy those props they should be wanting to buy your stuff we hope right uh so for your sign ege these are the types of science that I that I recommend your business name and logo, I mean that's like that's a mosque. So I'm not even a suggestion that so you must do this, and then I like having my business cards out. There are different schools on that. Some people say if you have your cards out, then somebody will just walk up and grab and grab a card and walk away. But I like having my cards out so that's a personal choice that you need to decide how your customers are interacting with you are your customers? I feel like if you're doing a good job interacting with your customers, they're not just going to grab your card and walk away. So and having your cards and some kind of branded branded holder is very important and then your pricing and payments I image again there's kind of two schools of thought on this whether you want to have your prices out on each thing, you want a price list or you want to have people ask, I like having prices out and then also having a price list. I like having multiple areas I hate when somebody falls in love with something and then you tell them how much it is and they're just like, thanks, you know, that's just like it's just such a bummer it's so much easier to just have it out honest you know started from the beginning and then you want to think about your sign is being invisible even if people are in your booth so a lot of times your booth will look awesome you know and then people come up and you can't see anything so for me I'm always sign it from above that's my thing above the height of you know, a taller person that would be in your booth and then you want it to be legible high people used to be able to read it and then branded so I love I love this sign here the sign itself is really creative and different and it's attracting me through the booth just the side I'm like what is that she's used she makes use does book related things she makes books out of books and stuff so she's got you know, type and book pages I just I think it's great I would probably hang out a little bit higher is my only thing because I can tell that when I'm standing there I would be blocking it okay do you guys remember this from yesterday and the day the top five under thirty booth display items we're going to go through all of these today so they're in the same order as they were yesterday so when you hear me say one that's going to be the first thing that I talked about yesterday and we're actually going toe show them so the first one we're going to talk about is versatile sign ege so this is the thing that I was saying yesterday helps you prepare for the unexpected. So when we were talking yesterday with rebecca about when she did that show in the midwest and she got there and was like, oh my gosh, I didn't think about that the cost of living, different people, different difference here people aren't making the same kind of salaries as they do in california. What am I going to do about my prices? Voila! Nobody wants to see like a price tire scratched out, you know, that's like so but not professional. So this is a this is a dry erase board. You can use something that fits your brand. So if this fits your brand great, if it doesn't, maybe you're super budget style, get a piece of wooden painted with some chalkboard paint. You know you can make your own a frame sign can make your own a frame sign just two pieces of wood you can actually do, like a really tall, skinny one and just have it here. So it's not even taking up your booth space chalkboard anything that you need to change around, uh, if you forget a sign it's also great you know, because you could do that on the fly but you won't be forgetting your signs because you're gonna have your ultimate craft show packing listen, you won't be forgetting anything including your snacks so we're gonna go through some examples of sign ege that I like for different reasons so this one on the left here is one of our vendors cowboy toffee company who by the way makes the best coffee in the entire world. Yeah, yeah, it is unbelievable on that's my favorite one there there cowboy toffee company so they have this kind of, you know, cowboy rural rural situation going on their sign looks like that does it not? I mean it's to the point where it's I kind of burnt around the edges you know, you just feel like you're in cowboy town when you see that and then this one on the right is shortening bread bakery, another great vendor of ours. So this is really specific for food because they're always selling out. So for them, having that dry erase board sign really helps first of all, they will cross out and put sold out and it's like I better get in there and buy this stuff before the rest of it sells out so it's almost like a sales tactic without even trying to be and then they can also not have to worry about saying people you know wanting things that aren't there what oh it's sold out I'm totally bum now uh this look who's there and I put this in before I knew you were coming. Yeah, so this this sign on the left great for cheese pastry sushi more I just love that because it's tell it's already bringing that product into your lifestyle and it's bringing to several lifestyles it's bringing into the lifestyle people that eat cheese and sit around and whine and cheese is bringing to the lifestyle of people who have sunday morning pastries and it's bringing it into the lifestyle of people that have sushi I mean, any kind of any kind of food and then she has it hanging there with the knife with the tag with the branding and its chalkboard so she can change it maybe she gets to you know, does a show and it's like oh my gosh this is a wine and cheese show I'm goingto say this on there and then stacy's sign sign up for my kneeling list just a small a small sign right there but it's bright it's got that bright orange color which she was bright colors in her stuff and you see it and it attracts you to it oh look it's one of my old things so this business called car business cooled business card holder is mine but for my old business random nicole and bottle of clouds yeah, one of our vendors custom made that custom made that for me the back of it which you can't see is actually chalkboard, which I love so if I switch it around I need to say something else boom it's right there and then this one I love how cynthia morehouse has her signing up high and it's branded great awesome really sticks out I don't care how tall somebody is going that booth you're going to see that and you're going to see it from far away I love her pink tent too it fits what you can see her stuff it's feminine it's roses the pink fits with hers you know pink might not fit pink would not fit with that, you know like she would not want to have a pink tent delusions of grandeur so she has her displays and her sign all the same material it's branded everything feels cohesive and even though she has a four by six booth she's found a way to get her sign up high, which I love and notice her umbrella white classic plain simple and then relight candles. This is an exam so she does we're gonna talk about her again but she does candles and vintage vintage glasses and jars and containers so that's a vintage tablecloth the shoe screen printed or stamped with her logo and it's hung up as a backdrop, so doubles as backdrop and sign this is one of my favorite signs ever this is field day wearables she makes clothes her sign I mean that's hung on the top of her tent you go in there just just for her sign because her sign is a work of art not only is it gorgeous but you see the clothes on their that's what she's making and then once you get in there you stay because her stuff is also okay from genesis oris this is a great example of sign ege that's branded fits your brand and probably cost a dollar maybe so that's a frame thrift store you know a dollar fifty cents and then that's just paper but she got really she got really creative with the resource is that she had and I really appreciate that you don't need to have a professionally printed sign and then the up cycled bottle they make candles out of wine bottles so wine corks it's just another way talking about the process creates interest people are coming over oh my gosh um obviously I love talking about budget stuff I started my business with as we all know like thirty dollars forty dollars so look, I'm always I'm always concerned with that when you get to the point where you can spend the money, spend it but in the meantime do not not do because you don't have the money, there is a way so this pendant sign here that's cardboard printed out from her computer you know the thing that screwed on there she could have just taken cardboard written on it. Same price, same cost, but she took it and made it cute and made it fit with her brand and then on the right same thing little chalkboard paint on little I don't know if that's car border little pieces of wood looks great and she hasn't sectioned off so it's like ok, my budget is fifty bucks I'm going to be looking into this section uh this this side on the left from mansfield lingerie is great because she's telling you these air up cycled stocking stuffers I'm already telling you this is how you can use this thing you know, it's holiday time you guys are all looking for stocking stuffers here they are right here no brainer by it and then on the right again how much our hello. My name is tag's, not a couple of dollars and then a letter stamp so that fits this brand and it's way budget you want to have consistent on brand design elements so again your font, your color, your shape, your pattern, your materials every single thing needs to be fitting your brand everything you know, a cardboard sign price sign in his booth not gonna work not gonna look good it's not gonna look good in stacy's booth is not gonna look good in this booth but in that other booth it was a great fit because it fit with her branding this's cn jocelyn's booth she does a great job of the whole thing of branding utilizing the space keeping this storage behind plus her whole booth is on wheels so she has wheels it in. Yeah, she's she's done an awesome job on she's also like suggesting you know, this is how you use this she has a little sign in there that's mixing match you know? So we're talking about how you're going to buy it. She has signed for deals uh I love this king bad company they make kind of a been changed feeling they feel kind of like fifties bags and look at that instead of just putting them in some random container it's a little tiny wagon I was going to call it a wheelbarrow which obviously is not this is another one that I love. Uh, this vendor makes jewellery and necklaces out of, uh car logo little emblems yes car emblems out of car emblems so there's a car car feeling to it this so she's using those mechanic tool chest she's got that great drill bits thing where she has her her cards displayed it just super on brand but it's also customized you can see that in those boxes she has everything raised up so she's made this, you know, special things so that everything is raised up so taking something and really in customizing it so that it fits your product and what you're doing. Um I love this movie I think this is sweet siren, yet it is sweet siren designs so they that part of their branding is this whole kind of pirate mermaid thing. So that's our booth, this is actually a four by six booth, so it's a small booth and they've done a lot with it. People walk up to that booth just to see the booth and then they stay for the stuff. This is small adventure and I love their use of props. I walk in there and I feel like I feel that feeling I feel like I'm about to go on a camping trip I feel like I'm in big bear I feel like I'm going into the woods, I could smell the campfire, I want a marshmallow, you know, you feel that whole thing, and when you look at that, you know we've got baskets. They always have baskets at the thrift store, a pine cone free she even goes so far is have a plant in there with that fits her branding, you know, this is one of our one of our vendors too and it's slipping my mind right now, but she does kind of travel inspired stuff, so she does earings caught paper stuff and it all has this kind of travel feel and she's in the bay area so she's taken a travelling trunk so first on brand second customized it putting map on the inside third customize it even more because she's so she's in the bay area and that's where a lot of her shows are and her stuff is people have town pride in the bay area, you know, I don't know where everybody out there lives, but if if you have a town with pride, you know that people will go to something just because it's their town, this I love, they do books our bags made out of books so they have these columns in their booth that they've papered with book pages I mean, you can't get more on brand in that unless you go here so it's not more on brand but tess ology so company they do so guess what that is a medicine cabinet I just I love it and it's vintage too it's not just some random medicine cabinet, you know that they picked up at home depot there's this great thought put into it and then back teo relight the candles so they don't only do candles in the jars they do them in soda cans and beer cans so that is not just any cooler not a styrofoam cooler not just a regular old igloo is a rad vintage cooler that you want to take to the beach with you and you want to look at that cooler you remember that you saw clue like that when you were growing up you're attracted you're in there oh my gosh these are candles and this one smells like pabst blue ribbon this is rad uh this is chantal day feliz and she does jewelry and artwork based off of her sketches of cities so they're always there's always those power lines not the best angle in the entire world but that is a custom thing it's wood and then she made power line out of wood and then did wire across and hung her earrings from that so she's she got her product she's got her brandish that everything you also want to share your process your materials in your scope which we'll talk about when we get here because that was that was done well here they are your customers want to hear that story of your product that is why they're shopping at a craft show in your booth and not at macy's because they care about that story and sharing your process like I love this science this is handmade by me in l a you know that's why it's twenty dollars you don't even have to explain it they understand everybody's made something whether it's making a garden or making a cake and they know that when you hand make something it takes time and you can also show your you know, custom products and the scope of your work with which lisa did here and we're going to talk about that some more when we talk about your booth so great job or highlighting your press so if you have like, a big press accomplishment that you want to share uh these air just so this is janie x y who's a vendor that does a great job with her booth her booth has changed a bit over the years, but she's got those great flip ups, you know? So if you can see that so it's like she's really utilizing the space and then she says we're like totally handmade in the valley so the valleys and area and l a where people talk like that so it's kind of a joke it's adorable she's instead of just saying handmade you know she's she's making it adorable made in the usa I love I love this sign she does brazil my uh bridget dario I might be saying that run she it's a food vendor and she is playing up like this is a this is a brazilian thing like we're bringing this here this is it just seems so special and then this is an example of showing press so this is salvage life and taylor swift bought their dress and words somewhere and some people care about that so they're letting those people that know that care about that know about that you want to focus on your products yes, props are important yes, your tablecloths important? Yes, it needs to be branded but really it's all about your products so people shouldn't want to buy your products your by your props they want to buy your products. This is great lizabeth navarro ceramics I think she does a great shop with props but I know exactly what's for sale in her booth it's well branded the colors are spot on the sign ege she has a small booth to that's a four by six booth and she just killed it there's so much thought attention to detail everything put in there and again when you look at it probably didn't cost very much money you know those air probably thrift store frames wooden boxes all painted in her color so you don't have to spend a lot of money to make it happen. Um having having manic manikins there you know if you make something wearable show it show what it's like on and then this I think is great that if you've ever been a waitress before, you know the tickets, go around, order up, got fries on or whatever you're eating. And they've used it for their cards, which I love. The function of that, that it spins.

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I've been growing my business successfully online for the last six years, but hadn't shown my work in person for a decade. As a refresher, I took Nicole's craft show class to be sure that I made the most of the time I would have in front of my customers. Because of the preparedness and mindset that I gained from Nicole's teaching, my show was a huge success. My interactions with the customers, producers, and other vendors were genuine and joyful, building a stronger foundation for future business and relationships. This course took the worry and stress off my shoulders so I could enjoy the opportunity that I had. Thanks, Nicole! Tamara Kraft Pithitude

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