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Connect with Customers

Lesson 36 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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36. Connect with Customers


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Lesson Info

Connect with Customers

Now we're going to talk about connecting with connecting with your customers so about building building those customer relationships which we've talked about so much of that kind of before the show what we're doing with that and then and then during the show how we're doing that so let's talk about after the show how we're going to do that oh, that looks like such a genuine smile right that's a beginning of a great customer relationship their newsletter so sending a newsletter so we're gathering those e mails at the show we are entering those emails in and we're sending a follow up within one week and we're selecting a frequency that suits us which we which we discussed you're going to figure that out you're on your own and you're going to make that newsletter count by thinking your customer you're offering those incentives and online discount you're giving them information about your upcoming show you're sharing the I y projects you're sharing a blogger post you did about things that ...

you know I keep thinking about you fatima and your jewelry and how it's like it's like this lifestyle you know like I want to know what what this badass is wearing I want to know what kind what their kitchen looks like I want to know what kind of like spoon they use and I feel like they used a really cool like hand carved wooden spoon you know but like for that like I want to see that that would be really interesting you know, the person advisor jewelry longs to be that ideal customer and they want to know about all that style stuff and then of course you're linking to your social media so it's like this constant cross pollination you know, between your in person you're online, your social media, your newsletter everything is just, you know, kind of coming together and then creating if you have a blogged if you do not have a block and is not part of your thing remember we talked about, you know, picking the platforms that are best for you do not start a blogger if it's not if it's not your thing don't do it if you happen to have one, then utilise it for this this is another way you're bringing that online and in person uh, audience together and sharing that more personal side like we like we did on social media and I always love it when vendor sends you know their block post to me and then we'll share it to our audience. Chances are the show probably has a larger audience in you or even if they don't it's just a different audience so that's more publicity with for you so if you're already doing that block post, send them a link make sure to send them a link then if you mention andy vendors, you know any of your fellow vendor son mumbling to everybody everybody loves to be written about, you know, everybody loves that it's like a mini mini celebrity many fame, and then you want also include that lot that link in your newsletter in your social media. Hey, I did this great show. Check it out. Who knows? Somebody will come next time. Is there anything else that you guys include and a post show block post that we didn't talk about? I'm just curious. Yeah, something to do videos video's awesome. So if you're if you video is one of your things and they have these really cool kind of time lapse apse now, and I think that would be really cool for a craft show is to do that and do your booth set up? So it comes in there's nothing there. I think people would really be interested in seeing that. Have you done that before? No, I do I do gift, but I don't do time on, but I don't see a commercial for that. Oh, cool. Yeah. So I think that that would be really fun and you're playing up to your strengths, you know, obviously she's she's got a like and a talent for video. So she's moving towards that I well I sent an email out usually and then I would say was there anything that you didn't see that maybe you would have liked to have seen the show this times are anything you like any new colors or anything you'd like to see it the next show I asked them to actually give me feedback on what they thought of my stuff are what they saw us so she's asking for feedback and with that feedback like I said I suggest offering them something you know like I would love for you guys to take this survey you know everybody that enters gets twenty percent off for everybody that enters entered to win one hundred dollars just to get to my online shop I have a point yeah bringing on I like it when the show producers do a pinterest board of all the people who were in the show because then you can just post that you know they have those little mini gallery pinterest galleries that you can post on their block makes my life a lot easier that's for sure I loved that way scorpio in the chat rooms says she post anything that she learned from the experience itself oh that's great yeah I'm sure fellow vendors would love teo to read that um here's what I would normally include so photos from the show photos and links to fellow vendors thank you to the show like shouting out to them future show information, I always always include that because people are reading that they're all hyped up about the show make sure to include that, you know, two weeks, albeit such and such they're thinking it looks like such fun and then photos of your booth or like we said, that awesome time lapse booth video I want to see that video whoever does that piece please tag tag near, send it to me andan links to your online shopping, your social media and then I wrote about your experience, so what they said is like what they, what they learned, so your experience, how it wass and then if you do happen to meet a wholesale buyer, uh, which we've talked about, we talked about a bit. This is what you want todo follow up within one week, you know you send them a link to your website, your wholesale information a link to your line sheets I liketo have the light again. This is not a whole cell, of course, but I'm just kind of mentioning a little bit here I like to have instead of my line sheet as a pdf, I have it as a pdf, but I also have it as a link because some people, if they don't recognize your email, they're not going to open you know something, something with an attachment in it so just having it as a link and then once you establish that relationship oh, I can send senate who is a pdf if you'd like to print it out so and then just keeping a short enclosing it with a call to action you know, that's how I really like to close everything so this would be this would be my email if I met a wholesale person. Hello, mark, I met you at the crafty kraft show in los angeles on sunday, so I'm already reminding reminding this is where I met you did it. It was great chatting with you about the state of the handmade movement, so in case mark didn't remember who I was, hopefully I have refreshed him. You know what it's only been a week I checked out your shops well curated website I love the aesthetic and I think would be a great fit for my line link to a website of modern geometric julie there's. Another reminder in case you totally weren't sure like I was a modern geometric jewelry, you can just click on this see if you recognize it attaches my wholesale line she or a link to your also website if you have that I love to stop by the shop and show you pieces for my upcoming spring collection that weren't at the show so you're saying, hey, like, I know you saw this stuff. But I have something new for you, something special looking forward to hearing from you. And then you have all of your information, that's, all fake information. By the way, we'll just the email in the phone numbers who don't call me there? Uh, so that would be, and looking how short that isthe, like three sentences. But they have all that information that they need.

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It was an awesome experience. I learned so much from Nicole. She is entertaining and so knowledgeable that I feel I left the show with soooooo much info. I loved being in the studio audience, I met so many great people, crafters and new friends I feel we all became one big support for each other. I am putting to good use everything I learned. I look forward to coming back to Creative Live for another learning experience. Craft Show Secrets taught me all the ins/outs of craft shows ...I'm excited for my next craft show. Time to Create!!!

Lisa Jones

Great Class! Full of practical information + tools about how to REALLY succeed doing shows. I have attended many a craft show and found an enormous amount of useful tips. I especially loved the bonus material! Thank you Nicole and Creative Live for keeping it real + FUN!!

a Creativelive Student

I've been growing my business successfully online for the last six years, but hadn't shown my work in person for a decade. As a refresher, I took Nicole's craft show class to be sure that I made the most of the time I would have in front of my customers. Because of the preparedness and mindset that I gained from Nicole's teaching, my show was a huge success. My interactions with the customers, producers, and other vendors were genuine and joyful, building a stronger foundation for future business and relationships. This course took the worry and stress off my shoulders so I could enjoy the opportunity that I had. Thanks, Nicole! Tamara Kraft Pithitude

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