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Craft Your Pitch

Lesson 28 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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28. Craft Your Pitch


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Craft Your Pitch

Okay, so we're gonna do some role playing in a second. Uh, I'm just going to go over what we've already talked about. Rebecca, this is like a your books for you. You're like every living your life. There's you know, there's, a lot of patchwork oakland picture. So she want is horrible. Yes, I know you want to say hello. Let your customer no know that you're there. You want to give them some time, let them get used to your brand. By the way, we're reviewing everything we talked about right now, so it's fresh in your minds and, you know, let them let them form that connection and form that love bod with your products. And then you start that genuine conversation. Compliments. Interesting fax. You know, ask about the show. Find a commonality. No bombarding. You give them that general information at first. And then if they ask for more than you d'oh o like if there's an interesting fact in the beginning, I actually source this yarn from from peru on an organic farm that also produces the on...

ly coffee that tastes like strawberries in the entire world, you know? Oh, I want to know everything about that, but that's, what you're going to lead with? You know that's, what you go in with when they ask more hello is what you lied with and then that physical connection you know, if you don't have things you want people to touch, you don't want to you don't wantto be offering them to touch, but if you do, you want them to get into that physical connection so whether it's them trying it on them touching it, you know, we have that mere with addressing their picturing their life with that thing and if it's not possible, we go to our lifestyle photos don't push, we're letting this happen happen organically we're not a used car salesman, we're not desperate for this sale. What we want is we desire this connection and that's going to lead to the sale uh, this last one is really up to you is offering and at show incentive for buyers that are on the fence, so if somebody's in your booth and they're you know you have this connection and you can feel that it's genuine and there really on the fence on the fence about something you can do what rebecca does, you know, I totally, totally, totally get it I'm glad that you're putting so much thought into this that's how much thought I put into making this and it really, you know, like I can it makes me happy so I just want to let you know you could get this on my website like take your time and think about it but everything is ten percent off at the show today you know I'll be here all day that's it you know, like very not pushing at all you're saying like don't bite us now go to my web site you know but it's ten percent off right now and then thank them and establish a bond um when I was fifteen I worked at the gap and uh we have this thing called gap act and it was great approach greet approach product information add ons close the sale think and then I think thinking asked to return uh aye that's been well over twenty years I still remember it that's how we should be with our stuff they drilled that into my head they turned me in to this like gap at selling machine you know, not like revealing some company's secret or something right now that they signed some weird employee contract for fifteen years ago but you know, so that's what we're doing like look at how profession like how much time that they put into their thing you know, into they're selling we need to put that much time to so let's try oh, and then of course signing them up for your newsletter drill drill drill I have like five points community newsletters pricing that I'm just for proper trying to get into your asses heads uh and you know encouraging them they're at the show encouraging them to be in your online world so that you're kind of going that back and forth and turn them into regulars so let's talk about role playing and crafting your pitch kate is going to bring up my jar so there's about four okay, so um somebody's going to be the vendor and then we're gonna somebody be the customer uh who wants to do this? I'm going to do it you guys will do it okay cool come on up right now okay, so who wants to be the veteran who wants to be the customer okay okay you're going yourself yeah that's fine yeah yeah so you're gonna be a customer yeah this is so opposite. Well, whatever I shouldn't say anything because we're going to try to have people guess so what we're going to do is thies girls picked out a customer a customer type I wrote down like four different types of customers I don't want to reveal them all now okay and so she lisa picked out a customer type the back is going to be the sales person you can pretend like it's your stuff you can do whatever you want you can have a similar pitch like one of a kind pieces yeah so we're going to go with this is just like a practice and then it all up and then we're going to try to see if we can guess what kind of customer you were right so just what you would do when somebody walked in here thinking about all all of those things or if you don't want to act like yourself you can act like you guys can both act like somebody else and you can show us what not to do totally up to you improvisation stand back here okay I like to do that hi hey, how are you? I'm good. How are you? Good. Feel free to try anything on oh, thank you. Yeah do you uh make all this yep it's all handmade mostly one of a kind pieces so like, how much is everything so they're all individually priced? Theoretically so you just you know look at the prices huh? Okay and there's like on the back okay, so what are those right there? That's a good question this's a wallet and it's made from reclaimed the leather all handmade by me so yeah don't you try it out that's ok, I'm really into texture so I like tio that's that's cool, right? I can put it in your wallet er it's so pretty soon it is a well it was just a clip on this. Yeah, well well, so it acts actually like my bracelet next one actually got various lou but you could use that as a key ring or you could, you know, put it on your luggage is that so? Is it like for a man you know it could be for a man or a lot of ladies like toe where you stack them up together? Good idea that's becoming a bunch of different color. So if there's something that you know you're really interested in, I can look and see if I have a special color for you too. Okay, you guys did a great job. Teo. Um so can anybody guess what kind of a customer lisa was being it's not like a customer type that we've talked about it's just kind of her general, her general sense timid who said timid that wasn't gonna buy exactly when it wasn't goodbye timid browser browser yeah, so read read out what your card list so I wanted to buy it. I was just really scared to interact with the products so she was a customer that was scared interact with a product. So you saw she was kind of like, well, you know what I mean? Like a chick that you kind of, I don't know fairy or whatever those around um and I love how rebecca you you just killed it on that she's she's picking she's picking this up and you're acting you is pulled you well know covers this actresses so uh, you know, picked it up and she's like pushing it towards her which then makes you feel like yeah, I have to touch that and then you touched it yourself one of the things I love about this is the texture and then what do you like it? I don't want to touch that, you know? So I think that that was really awesome you guys did a great job anybody else want to say anything? I would love to hear what you guys observed her because I felt I definitely felt welcome even though I was shy I mean touching it, pulling me in saying here that's how it close it's really easy try it on it was if I didn't know I had a role, I would have just been all over it yeah, yeah good because that is what I do and you did a great job. I do sort of worry sometimes that I'm being teo like in someone's face because I feel like I do what your customer does with the oh it's made here and this is what I why I chose it and because I'm like super excited about it but it would be nice to have a couple of tips of like, how do you do that without sounding like a crazy person you just see I think you just I mean I felt like you were doing it then I felt like you were being genuine I felt like you were excited about about your product you know, I didn't feel like you were I think it was canned you know I make these all one at a time in san francisco in my studio on my genome is sewing machine and it's so fun it's like the best that you know yeah, I made it about you you didn't say you should touch it you should really touch it it was well I'm all about textures you know, like you know made it more relatable rather than yes something that I say all the time and I don't know if people relate to that yeah, but because I like you I mean I feel like we may completely different products but it's kind of similar because you obviously love texture on I saw that right away and I was like oh that's what I do too and that feeling is perfect I mean comfortable oh, good way wonder about that those freaking people out so it was really good teo waited till she was sort of curious about one thing or another thing and then chimed in gradually which made it more comfortable um yeah I thought I thought that that was great now I feel like I learned something I loved again how you said she made it about her like I love touching stuff I just wanna let you know I love touching stuff you know it was awesome it was great who here feels like sales is maybe like crafting their pitch and doing that initial interaction with the customers maybe you know something that they feel like they could improve that they want to work on anybody yeah do either of you guys want to come up here and be this and be the vendor if you're not comfortable you don't you definitely don't have comfortable possibly talking about things that I know nothing about you could just pretend you can just make stuff up or you can pretend like it's your stuff so or if you're not comfortable I don't wantto be like cap a heart cell through this right oh, jeez so if either of you want to come up if you're comfortable come on up okay so um now I need somebody to be a customer anybody somebody that's comfortable being a customer okay stacy s o there are things in here but if you think of your own kind of customer that you want to be because you've had a lot of experience with customers so think about a customer that you want toby to tio okay perfect do your own hi hi. How are you? I'm good how are you? Good well this is awesome stuff thank you. You make it all I do know one of a kind that's what it is nice having that who make stuff like that how much is this one that one's thirty five well it's kind of expensive we do have a show special today it's all ten percent off thank you buy today where do you get the materials for this? From its all locally sourced I work with independent producers here in the bay area. Excellent do you know I'm tina I d'oh d'oh you know it's thirty five dollars and I know you know her stuff is not really that expensive so are you marking it up quite a bit. No, these are my general prices it's actually with this show specialist uh more affordable okay. And how long does it take you to make something like this? It varies could be anywhere from ten to twenty hours depending on the item. What do you get the little studs for these ones right here I work with, uh a person that makes those for me directly. Oh, just for you uh do you have their contact information? Can I get that from you? Um I'd be happy to email that to you. Did you want to give me your email address? Sign up on my email? Oh sure I'll sign up thank you. Are you looking for a gift anything in particular five thousand around checking out everything that really really nice stuff you have here in kew yeah feel free to try anything on touch feel e used so many like annoying customers in one situation you did a great job too especially for somebody that was like you know, this is this is like a tricky thing for you so tell us how you were being as if we couldn't guess I love to hear you explain it I was being that customer who has somebody that they know who can make the same thing for a lower price or even another vendor sometimes who comes up and they want to get all your secrets or find out where you got stuff from how you do it and they're not interested in purchasing anything they just want to kind of pick your brain and get some free and they're not and they're not creating that and being genuine way talk about that you know that networking that connecting with our fellow vendors and our fellow makers and we're talking about sharing resource is that's a back and forth relationship that's not where do you where do you get these studs here that's a hay you know I am talking you were having a conversation I'm offering you something you're offering me something we're creating that walking up to somebody and just just asking for something that's kind of crazy great I feel I know oh my gosh I was just I wass like oh, I can't even tell you how many times that the stacy customer has come into my booth yeah when I first started out if it threw me for a loop man it was you know uh especially you put all that into that and then you have somebody like that come in just downplaying all your stuff is just a big bummer what helped me with that size to get really offended when someone said, oh, well, I could make that you know now I would say something like oh unit or like try and engage them that way rather than be offended because yeah, sure you could go ahead and do it but with my photography people would say, oh, you must have a really nice camera oh, I get that which is all the time will come my way what theme for that is would you say to a chef you must have great pots and pans yeah wouldn't so instead I actually started encouraging people to go ahead and get that cool camera or whatever it is because I bet you're not goingto way either way I'm not taking it personally and so if someone really did ask I would myself I would tell them where I got it because they're not going to make that I call that that I could do that r and we're actually going to talk about that next segment we're gonna go in deeper into difficult customers I want to do some more rule playing with that a minute I'm going to get you on just one second I just want to say before I forget one of the things that I was thinking about is when she said, oh, that seems kind of expensive that would be a good time to share your process you know on like, okay, you know, here here's how this thing is act is actually is actually made but this isn't one of the seven stages or yeah, something I mean it's not your stuff, so you wouldn't remember that by good times yeah, but that would have been the time to kind of you know, I don't know how tina makes her stuff, but how I make mine is with these two hands, you know, not saying it like that sing in a nice way uh okay, rebecca, I had a question because one of the things that stacy asked people ask me that all the time, I would say every third customer asks me, how long did it take you to make this on? I always wonder like was to get that where they going for with this? Is it pure curiosity or like I'm not trying to find out how much you make an hour? Yeah, I don't know and I I always feel weird about it because it's just such a tough question and I'm wondering if you have any advice to answer that because I want to be polite and help them understand but at the same time I feel like well that's odd like what it just seems odd to me that somebody would ask that but I get it a lot yeah, we have so many so many things to say about this I used to get that a lot and I just didn't answer I said actually the way I make my products because I don't make one from start to finish I do it I do it a different way and I source all of these materials from different places so each product you know really varies because they are all made one at a time and people don't usually push after after that you know yeah lisa I'm dying to know how long it takes people to make that just because I'm just so curious it looks like it took you one hundred million years to make your pillows I mean they're amazing all the detail that goes into him so I think when people whom I ask for you or even for me I think it's like more of a ah moment like are used work including me how long did it take you? This is amazing why do you have so many amazing but chances are united aren't making your things like I'm going to sit down so one pillow, right? Yeah, and if you are re arranger production process right now and take a lesson from the assembly line, so I always get that if they're asking me stupid questions like that, they're only there to browse and see taking his much knowledge is they can to see what's out there what they could do, then they're going to go home and recreate everything, yeah, like they're just pushing me for information and they're not really buying. But then, like lisa said, well, I really want to know or, you know, how do you know the difference between the actual buyer and the browser? Sometimes you just you feel it out and don't answer any question you're not comfortable asking whether it's, a buyer were browser, I don't care it's not worth putting yourself in an uncomfortable position to make a sale if you don't want to talk about your process, if you don't want to reveal too much about your process, if you don't want to reveal your time, your material is your anything it's not worth it. I mean, take it from somebody who was, like, literally, like I need three dollars, so I could buy a burrito because I am hungry. And I'm not going to put up with this person anymore you know like it's not it's not worth it someone will share a sandwich with me you know lisa I I kind of agree with lee said when I found that people ask and sometimes the best buyers or maybe the ones that could recreate what I'm doing but they're they're buying because they appreciate the effort that it takes to put into it and so if someone asks me how long does it take? I don't mind sharing that I do mind going hey where did you get these findings or these endings or how did you assemble it then I think it's someone trying to replicate but after I find that a lot of people when they start challenging price and they don't do anything with their hands and so they don't understand the effort and so when I say each one of those flowers take me hours hours that's that o mine ours ours you know I make I that's I like that yeah uh I just noticed that when people ask me about pricing and opens up the dialogue about my process which I feel like is too long winded teo launch into on my own so when people so how much is this you know, perching usually and then I'm like okay, well, do you have a minute? We could talk about it? Yeah it's like well, if you're really interested in, you know, starts his wax carved and then it's this, and I want to see you have a process. But we're photos were even stages of the ring, like lisa's crazy about you can have that. Sorry upon your little I says to him, I want to make you one of those right now, and I love the idea of using gold paint. Teo, I never get to use gold paid. Yeah, so having having that up there, I mean, that could be your shelf is you actually have, you know, the wax you have, you have that, that you have that, you know, maybe it's even like behind glass iq. You know, they have those, like butterflies with, like, pins in them. You have it back, there's people can look, you know, that would be great.

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