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Workshopping Booth Displays

Lesson 24 from: Secrets of Selling at Craft Fairs: How to Get In, Make Sales, and Grow Your Business

Nicole Stevenson

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24. Workshopping Booth Displays


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Workshopping Booth Displays

Okay guys, we're going to do our work shopping our booths that air here which I'm super excited about it thieves are the questions that were going to think about we've already talked about this stuff so I'm just going boom read him off because we already know this stuff is it branded? Is she utilizing her space that's what we're thinking about is the sign is visible is it clear? Can we read it? Is there a place for extra stock and supplies? Is a pricing clear? Do we know how much this stuff is if that's their intention they don't want that that's fine we also want to think if she's promoting her online presence she they we're gonna talk about both of you guys are promoting your online presence in doing that thing where I'm talking about turning that one time customer into a lifetime customer that keeps coming back for more but wants to and then we want to talk about if it's a comfortable place to shop if the customer is going to feel comfortable in there if they're nervous to touch stu...

ff and the professionalism does this look professional or does this look like thrown together like you sat around like made some stuff while you're watching tv and look through a tablecloth on the booth and that I'm not a craft show you know is this pro style is this worth the money you're asking for this props are they being used? Well, are they being utilized? Are they there for a purpose or they just they're taking up space valuable real estate that our products could be sitting on and we went back to that branding is a well brandon, are we getting that feeling of that brand do we know when we walked in there we just walked into you know throckmorton jones, booth or c pony couture's booth. Okay, lisa, we're gonna introduce lisa. Yeah, I know you want teo doing this. Yeah, I'm very excited. We're gonna be moving moving around, but as we talk, talk about different aspects of the booth. This is lisa jones from throckmorton jones and also taylor gypsy. So can you give us, like, a like a quick elevator pitch on what your businesses are sure? Um, I started out with taylor gypsy, which was one of a kind originals small collection limited pieces from vintage and rare materials bye from collections. And then from that the men were like, where is my belt? Where's my bag? They didn't want all the flowers and they didn't want taylor gypsy. So then throckmorton jones was born it's a little clean lines production, herbal pieces I can re buy the material I can read by the buckles all that kind of stuff, so I have to kind of sides of it going ones really clean and one's very vintage and spiritually and that gypsy that kind of like like you're both global warrior yes, like my belt um I you know everything I am and then the throckmorton jones's every you know what I think men want that do you feel like personally let me back up for a second? Uh do you guys love how when we were talking about like that feedback getting that feedback and how that can help you you know, brand your business, create your brand, come up with new products, expand your line perfect example of that do you feel more connected to or drawn to one of the two lines? Well, um my man was everything throckmorton john it's very much him and I kind of he's my muse basically so I love that and the tailor gypsy or the things I rach so it's like the it's like the two sides but then that kind of materials the material's carl yeah, but of course, for me I love the tailor gypsy it's you know, you can't get two of, um there's one piece. Yeah, that kind of stuff I want yeah, one of a kind, yeah, but but produce herbal and in a way that's sustainable for your business with materials pricing in process okay, awesome and this is where you can find lisa right right up there and we'll talk about what's working and lisa's booth and then what could be improved and before we get started I think it's really important to note that the these two women had regulations they were given a six foot table so you know this is their booth as they would do it in this regulated circumstance yeah yeah uh first I'd like to talk about some positive stuff. Okay, so uh I am just really loving how she's utilizing height is anybody else feeling that I think she's doing a great job and instead of just having things up high she's got this like multi tiered situation which I really like um this is like kind of like a whole lifestyle thing going on you know she's she's really put some thought into like putting putting things together and styling her things so you can tell that there's been thought put into it I think this is great how she has them displayed here so you can pull them off it's a really great utilization of space too. Um I took some notes on all I was looking at pictures of your booth last night for a long time so I wanted to make sure not to forget anything uh oh, the other thing that I really liked as I like that she has her line her line sheet here so this is her line she so you can see several of the different color ways that she does that she does her stuff in maybe she can't bring everything to a show so this kind of helps you see I really like that but you do it in a red I need that a most nice of his custom what most of what I do for the base goods is custom so with the pictures and stuff they can really go gung ho yeah, I like that. Um do you have anything any area anything specifically that you want to ask me the group and myself my hardest pain point is first of all the two lines together they're so different and I have a hard time two ciphering but all that science stuff I had some ideas oh, good. My book is always half full of like sketches now from things I can do all my tables they're going to be drilled out but I think that's it and then pricing like I brought some samples to show you they're kind of like this but I did a bunch of, um prices with shrinky dinks you know, there was affordable so I put my logo on there and I just so you would have something let's see if we can see that so this is something that I would consider this like more of a hang tag and I love that she's you know using shrinky dinks doing something different utilizing something that is uh you know handmade again different budget by probably fun to make right my love yeah you just print it there's printable yeah thanks yeah you but it's the kind of tacky you know and it but but in the back we have this we have this which has actual price on it so this is her business name which is what you would call a hang tag that's what's like saying your business and then this is her price tag which is hand hand written so one of the issues she has all of her stuff is different so but I still think that having a print something that's like printed and maybe you type it you have to look at your your time and see you know what what works for your time but I feel like with the feeling the brand of your line that typing or stamping even better than handwriting stamping his stamping makes me think of weather might be might be a good a good fit for this and maybe there's some kind of general thing that you can put on there so you have the printed tag that says you know one of a kind leather cuff you know created from leather source and blah blah blah whatever whatever that special stuff is you want to share with your customer and then you have a space color and then that's what you fill in price that's what you feel in that's a great idea so kind of thinking about that uh enough to just have like this where it has a price range or yeah so let's talk about this so she has this price sticker here that's a price range this isn't helpful to me is it no that I'm talking about me as a shop or two I can't speak for every shopper in the entire world but this isn't helpful to me I want to know I only have twenty bucks I want to know where the twenty dollars that's when which will ya and that I'm falling in love with this and I'm thinking ok twenty dollars is probably something small so I'm going only look at the small stuff okay? So if you're gonna if you're gonna share you're going to share your prices share your prices if you're not going to share your prices then you don't share them at all okay? So um give another question um I think that if you don't mind me jumping in with no comments from the chat room for you this user doesn't have a name but they're in the chat rooms they say they like how you're wearing your work it helps see how the pieces really do come together and he says there's a lot of consistency and the display of your material the heights etcetera kathy holden says lisa is working in lisa's booth she represents the brand so well with your wardrobe really like that is it? C a t h e e o hi cathy. If you're the catholic I'm thinking of uh so this this I brought out here what do you guys think is my criticism about this friended she's got this great feeling she's she's already incorporating her materials it's a little bit hard to see how I thought this was swayed okay, we got to get that out of there but here she's doing this great job of incorporating her materials she's got she's kind of customized this box there's leather and suede on the back of it there I thought that this was swayed. You know, if you're going to cover this great idea going to your materials you know, like, bring us in this I mean, this could be a leather signing than standard leather, you know, you can. You can you can do that for this. I mean, oh, my gosh, there's so many. I just want to make all of you guys right now it sounds so fun, but you can get leather stamping tools it's not it's, not like a super hard craft it's like hammer letters down boom boom I have I have no money spent no money spent um do it I want to think about other things I wanna talk about sign ege um normally do you have your sign in the air? I I have a bigger sign that goes on my tent oh, hey print and I'm doing it I'm doing it thing at the fort mason so my sign itches there, but I'm doing the chalkboard thing and I'm covering outside in leather and it's going to be talking I want to see that leather I want to see your scraps like I want to see you using up those scraps that you're not using tablecloth doesn't really have that feeling for me I want to put this table cloth on her table but I get it it's like you know it's first of all I love it and I also want to make a dress out of it but it's that glittery thing it's just it's not doing it for me you need something more unis sex I think too because you're trying to do that men men's and women's together point and that's something that's more you know brandon branded with your leather thing color or something, but light enough to show yeah and that's the last thing that I want to say, so this peace, this peace, this piece all similar wood color's great, this this prop here really stands out to me I don't I don't want to see your props I want to see your bags so having like that uniformity with your proper colors that fits your branding um and then oh gosh yeah. Okay, I want to see all your bracelets on this kind of thing and then I want to see this brandon I want to see this covered in leather I want to see this something like your work is one of a kind I want your your props and your display to be one of a kind I want every single bit of it to just be super special and then utilizing this area. Okay, good feel good. Yeah there's a lot. I'm super excited. This is totally this is e one part is doing is doing all this display stuff. I mean, maybe it is just for me, but this's our visual part this is when we get to, like, get our tools and make stuff that we don't have to worry about selling it's just going to have a different perspective because you those ideas I just didn't even think they just got me everything I know that's what we're here for this this other this other perspective I feel so lucky that all these experiences I had it's like they all have a double life now because I get to share them so it's not all in vain all your hard work thank you usually oh, come on up this's fatima am I saying your name right by putting a weird accent on it? Probably I answered everything okay, I go by fatty fatty okay, great. So this is fatty can you give us your little one liner elevator pitch about your business? Sure s o my business is called sea pony couture and I officially started in two thousand eight and everything is locally produced about eighty percent of it I actually had make here in the mission district um in a studio called skinflint on dh then I have my casted pieces air manufactured by a woman named jenna jenna on show in san francisco so all made locally awesome um you've been a patchwork thunder, haven't you? Right I almost did it last time. Okay? I recognize two slipped in there but I recognise your name so we must have emailed before your business name. Yeah, I'm so again we're gonna think about the same questions we thought about with lisa's with lisa's booth what is working and then what could be improved that's it so let's come over here and we're gonna talk about normally I like to start with uh what's working but we can't we can't we can't move anywhere without talking about I love this okay, so one of the things when I I was looking at when I was looking your website kind of trying to get a feel for her brand. So it's, sea pony, couture dot com if anybody wants to kind of get a feel for that website is we're talking about this one of the things that I loved on your on your website in your instagram where all the pictures he's just great great pictures of your lifestyle, shots of your stuff being used and pieces. So having this is a part of your booth, I think, is really, really important to me and this one in particular of showing, you know, this is what I d'oh it's very, very clear. She doesn't even have to say I'm a custom stuff for weddings. You look at this and, you know, two rings wedding done, you know, nothing actually happened yesterday. Really? I made those drinks a couple weeks ago, so, um, but our our situation, you know, that's, what we need to think about is r r r things functional, you know, is is this going? Teo, stand the test of time, stand the test of someone walking next to it. Stand the test of just it's standing, obviously what it was now I know that these need to be actually glued. And not just you but that's how we learn you know and that's why it's really important like I said yesterday to do a trial run of your booth you set it up and use you leave it up for an hour to act like a customer you know, one of my main my main things that I want to talk about is I'm just going to grab your card can you please do yeah. So when I went on her website last night and you can see it on here it's jewelry for badass is and I just love that I knew right away what kind of person is going to have this jewelry a badass right? And then I looked at her pictures on her website they were badass they were interesting they were those boring jewelry pictures that you see you know like this like that she had these hands like hanging in this like wooden box and I felt like I saw the ocean behind it or something it was just it was like I was on a pier I got this whole feeling going on and it just even there photo concept was badass and then when I was looking at the booth I didn't feel like every element was badass and I wanted every element to be bad house for me this is badass this black and gold combination this kind of raw did you make this okay this kind of raw I mean, it looks very precious to me but also very modern and very bad ass and then I have one ring in it this ring is so special that I had to hand make a little container for it to sit in so I love this and I really wanted I really want to see all of your containers be that on dh that and using that black and gold I'm gonna come stand back here for just a second. So do you see what I mean with this this combination like it's just so badass and then I look at this and I love the school and I want to steal it and take it home and eat like miniature cereal out of it but it doesn't fit I actually kind of wanna put this bull over there right? Um a man as we're talking about the bad ass sorry this's not bad ass to me I I love this but to me this is I kind of like feminine, you know, it has this like vintage feel um this earthy you know, I think these air all clever ideas I love that you have a mirror here I love that there's a mirror it's like hey, this mirror's here for a reason you don't even have to you have to tell people and even though like mostly is what I what I see here is rings you do have some earings that sigh again. This is you. Look at yourself in this world, you know? Does it fit? The only thing is, I feel like the mirrors like the center of your display and I want your jewelry to be the center. You know, um, but I love that you have a mirror out here now and it's this if you're here looking on her web site, if you at home, she has these geometric shapes is how she liked cut out her pictures. And so this geometric shape for this mirror, it really echoes out branding is like your stuff is this combination of this, you know, modern kind of, you know, organic geometric shapes like this. But then it has this super organic, like, you can see that the hammering tze and you can see those those details you, khun seethe hand that created this. So I think that this, you know, using this in combination with that, it really embodies both of those elements. Um, and then, you know, having having her heard those pictures great. But I would like to see, like, the picture, not the whole not the whole thing from the instagram like I want you to pick out your three best pictures and I want them to be like up here you know, and I want them to be on like, you know, maybe you have like a wood would like that pegboard one maybe have a wood thing on this side and a wood thing on this side and then your sign is hanging from a cross and on this one you have some lifestyle shots and on this one you have some wedding shots maybe there's a price list on one of them do you think it's important teo actually have the wording of the press or is it does it spell word what press? Oh, yeah, I didn't know what that wass ok, yeah so yeah and for press I would probably do that in a book unless I would pull out the lifestyle the lifestyle shots and saying for me I think that I want to see me in that jewelry I want to see this lifestyle that you're selling to me yes it's great that you got into this and that you got into that and that shows me that you're serious and professional but first I wanted to be about me has a customer um okay, I want to hear questions from you concerns I want to hear comments from you guys what you guys think ever wants to go first, we were actually talking about this yesterday and about having prices out versus not having prices up, and I know for me different shows, and depending on the setting, my prices might range on very by twenty dollars or a little bit more, and I like to kind of keep it open based on how I feel about the show or how I feel about I don't know the new collection or maybe I might change my pricing the day of is it really, really important to have your pricing completely visible? You can't change your praising the day of your phrasing is not based on emotion based on your labor and materials don't change you could do a discount you could you could do a deal if you want to do like what rebecca does when she goes to the midwest, which I love that but your prices should stay the same and you do, you know, show discount twenty percent off its last season stuff or, you know, for muse more than that, and I'm like, oh, I actually should be charging more. I'm always been told I should be charging more, so oh well, somebody sarees their prices, you need to pull out that pricing. Formula and plug your numbers in and then you need to multiply it by three then you need to start saving for retirement you know, you need to make sure that you're paying for that in career printer so, um, but yeah, I I like prices out that's just me, but I want to see those prices be branded, be adorable, they don't need to be obnoxious for this stuff your stuff so delicate I mean, I'm thinking, you know, you make it a little one like this, you know? And then you get a gold pen and I feel like for you it could be hand written I feel like for you it can't be and written it has to be stamped, but I feel like for you just a little, you know, a little square or little cube, you know it well, ceramic you painted like this and then a gold pen fifty or whatever it is can these boards with a gold pin on it? You know, the little tiny ones you couldjust problem up, they could be black and gold. Yeah, that I want you to make. I want you to make more of these, like precious little ceramic things you don't water you can go with that you could even take a little piece of wooden, paint it with paint it, paint it with that and do that I mean there's so many options for you yeah I'm curious nicole what are your suggestions for business sign ege amongst both boots so for lisa I didn't really talk much about it because she actually usually has her sign it hung from her tent so I didn't want to be a question sign edge lisa because at least he did something by having it there never have my you know sign in my front of the table we were we were restricted today which is why why we did this has debating over them yeah I would always have it front have it from above whether you're in a table a table space tent space front of tent I like multiple sign ege so if we were going to dio her you know too little wouldn't things back here you can even attach them to your table you could make something that kind of attaching them to your table so we have our wooden things here sea pony couture then we have our press and stuff you think you'd be obnoxious sea pony couture then we have our press and stuff and then we have it across here hanging across there as well you have your business cards out I wanted I'm sorry I'm making you really busy but I want this I want you to make me a custody this yeah okay yeah, big yeah and you don't need to have this many cards out either I don't think your business cards need to take up that much space on your table you always replenished them throughout the day you know these air really nice like think cards too, so I would just have like this many out and one of those ghouls e I think, um I love your idea about doing more components and black and gold I think that it will keep me from looking at what I'm looking for and all know that all the black and gold stuff is the display versus I'm I like those white things are amazing they're one hope you would you buy this bottle amazing, yeah so I'm looking for what's display and what's product and I think if the if it was all like black and white er you know, unlike brown and light brown, it'll likely go people won't go what's that it's like distracting a little bit because they were trying teo, I'm trying to figure out like, can I get that and there's this? You know, we're backto we're back to props the use of props, you know, leases bring up a really good point I love this and I want to buy us and uh but I don't quite understand how it fits I feel like there's this like there's there's like two fighting things of you not ask your badass branding that we talked about and then this kind of other like ventures romantic thing that maybe a part of a part of you in a part of you know something that you're drawn to but maybe that's how you decorate your room and not how you decorate yeah I think it went with sort of the old collection that I used to do which was based on composed like from um composed jewelry from existing vintage which this is perfect for right this feels this feels perfect for that branding but your line has changed so we talked about our businesses and our products evolving you've evolved so all your stuff has to evolve teo and I just want to reiterate that I love I love this custom I mean it's just it's just gorgeous everything seems I don't know what your prices are but I feel like whatever they are it's worth it it feels very special when I see it this way should I I'm wondering about the wedding the wedding collection and incorporating that into the whole bad ass thing should that be completely separate? I don't know if I should have like a completely separate tagline for that almost um maybe a tackling but I definitely wouldn't do a separate business name like I would still you know it's still c c pony couture and I still advertising your craft shows because I'm sure you've gotten clients from that right yeah so that's that's a big deal like and it's very special people put a lot for money on thought into something like their wedding jewelry yeah yeah I think it's having the bad ass for their wedding it's almost more important in a way because it'll drawing those people I know when we were looking for wedding rings it was mean I wouldn't necessarily for something bad ass but it shows me that it's not zale's r you know some traditional bridal thing I really like it for the wedding stuff stacey I really would love to see height just because everything is so delicate and like I want to touch it but then I feel like I'm gonna reach down and drop it so I think height for your display will be really nice to be able to have it like almost at eye level where you go and security it makes me nervous you have so many nice little pieces right there in the front that could yeah jump off her I really obsessed with this idea you know? And I'm thinking like having shelves on there yeah you know and then on the corner of your tables yeah so and I'm seeing black and gold and I've seen white you know, anything white's a good contrast and uh and I want to see jewelry for bad ass is I want to see he pointed to tour jewelry for badasses, that's, very photo that you're talking about, actually have that huge blown up. So, yeah, I just didn't bring it, because it would have covered the entire front. Yeah, when we're vanessa was asking about signing above above, above, about multiple above. You know, um, I saw you think, how do you feel? Great, yeah, definitely cool. I feel good to you, way after, we, like, go through all of that together. It's, hard being critiqued, right? Yeah.

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It was an awesome experience. I learned so much from Nicole. She is entertaining and so knowledgeable that I feel I left the show with soooooo much info. I loved being in the studio audience, I met so many great people, crafters and new friends I feel we all became one big support for each other. I am putting to good use everything I learned. I look forward to coming back to Creative Live for another learning experience. Craft Show Secrets taught me all the ins/outs of craft shows ...I'm excited for my next craft show. Time to Create!!!

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Great Class! Full of practical information + tools about how to REALLY succeed doing shows. I have attended many a craft show and found an enormous amount of useful tips. I especially loved the bonus material! Thank you Nicole and Creative Live for keeping it real + FUN!!

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I've been growing my business successfully online for the last six years, but hadn't shown my work in person for a decade. As a refresher, I took Nicole's craft show class to be sure that I made the most of the time I would have in front of my customers. Because of the preparedness and mindset that I gained from Nicole's teaching, my show was a huge success. My interactions with the customers, producers, and other vendors were genuine and joyful, building a stronger foundation for future business and relationships. This course took the worry and stress off my shoulders so I could enjoy the opportunity that I had. Thanks, Nicole! Tamara Kraft Pithitude

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