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Create a Culture of Excellence

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Class Introduction

Jason W Womack

Create a Culture of Excellence

Jason W Womack

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

And, so today we're gonna take a look at you, your habits, your routines, your practices, what you're doing to step into, and then through what you want to be getting momentum on. I found that there's two main things that people look toward when they want to create more momentum in their life. The first thing that could show up is there is a back burner project. There's something that you keep telling yourself. Where is she? I wish I had time to. Or, when I get time, I will. Some of the things you're gonna see today are gonna be an accelerant to those we call the back burner projects. Others of you, you might apply this information to a change that you've wanted to make. Professional change, whether that's a career move. A job move, a volunteer move. And, by the way, I do separate those out. There are some things that are career oriented. Or, the current job I have, in my career. Or, a side interest, where I volunteer, where I push a little bit of time to see how I want that to apply a...

cross. If I take a look at the four things. And, I want to make sure that we leave this course having talked about, written about, self studied. And, by the way, you're going to see me do this several times today. I'm gonna talk about the woman, the man, in the mirror. For those of you sitting in the live audience today, I want you to imagine several times, today, that you're holding a hand mirror. For those of you who are online with us, if you can put a mirror off to the side of your desk, or get up every now and then and run to the bathroom, or the living room, and look at that woman, that man in the mirror. I'm all for a good personality assessment. Give me a Myers Briggs, a DiSC Profile, a Winslow, a Johnson O'Connor. I want to know what color I am, what animal I am. I'm a yellow dolphin, by the way. I wanna know about his person, so that when I express myself to the world, I know how to map, to match, to meet the world that I run into. I want to talk about your brand. You're branding yourself. That is stepping more fully into what you want to be known for. I'll talk a little bit about my own personal philosophy, that I don't know that as much create a brand, as much as we magnify our current one, or modify what people currently know us as. I'll tell a little bit of a story of how I went from being a high school teacher to a consultant inside of a teaching company to founding my own coaching firm. And, I had to change what I was known for every time. By the way, there was about a 10 year gap in between each of those. I left education in the year 2000, and up until 2008, nine, 10, people would say oh, you used to teach high school. It's been a decade. So, sometimes there is some latency behind that. I wanna make sure that we look at what it means to Imagine and Envision. It's a process that I call call Ideal Day. And, I'll talk a little bit about how I came up with the Ideal Day, and how I use that today. The concept of momentum. Actually we're gonna start there with some activities, in just a moment. But, I want you to be thinking about what that means to you. What that means to you, as far as a word, a term, an idea. And then finally, I wanna share with you the Five Ms of momentum. And, just so you know, for those of you watching in here in the studio, I published a book with my wife, almost two years ago, and the book is called Get Momentum, How to Start When You're Stuck. And, in that book, we give you what you'll see today. We give you five questions that unlock projects that are stuck. They unlock changes that you want to make. The good news, there's only five question. The bad news, you've got to ask all of them. I don't know if that's bad. I actually think that by placing a question in front of the right person, at the right time, with the right listening can actually give us the momentum that we need. I put down below this word momentum, I wrote find it, keep it, get it, get it back again. There might be one more that I would add, which is to give it away. Now, there's something about hanging around people who have momentum. There's something about hanging around people who are just a little bit further down that path. You'll hear me, in all of my work, in all of my classes, I'll always ask the question of every group that I work with, I'll say something to the effect of hey, who's in the market for a new mentor. Who thinks that it's time to higher a coach, to find a teacher, to sit down with someone who's more experienced than they are. Oh, by the way, I do distinguish those three. A coach, from a mentor, from a teacher. A coach, that's someone that I pay. They have a program that I fall into. They're gonna give me one on one, or small group attention. A mentor. I might buy them coffee, but that's the extent. They're there because they see a vision that they can help me with. They see the me and they're willing to sit down. Not everyday for years on end, but to mentor me. A teacher, well maybe that's what Creative Live is for you. A series of teachers that you enroll in. You carve a day of your time, and you sit in a session to get the information that they've got. Quick, you wanna get momentum, go find your coaches, your mentors, and your teachers.

Class Description

As a leader, it’s up to you to create a culture of excellence at work—to make team members strive to reach their full potential, to be productive and efficient while also being innovative and imaginative. But while creating such a culture might be at the top of your to-do list, how do you actually achieve such a lofty goal?

This course will give you the skills you need to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be—a leader who people feel is worth following. The key is to build momentum both in work and life, commit to action, and follow your curiosity.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ask questions that improve workplace morale and engage others in achieving success.
  • Stay focused on your commitments.
  • Build a workflow process that keeps you in the game for the long term.
  • Use curiosity as a competitive advantage.
  • Meet and learn from new mentors.
  • Create specific targets and meaningful milestones.
  • Celebrate accomplishments.

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Sylvie Leroy

Worthwhile and interesting. Lots of great ideas to implement. No waste of time during all the course. Thank you!