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Create a Culture of Excellence

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Define Momentum

Jason W Womack

Create a Culture of Excellence

Jason W Womack

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2. Define Momentum

Lesson Info

Define Momentum

I'd like to hear, without writing anything down, this is off the cuff, this is, we're gonna get you a microphone. I need to hear from three people in the audience today. What does the word, momentum, mean to you? Give you a moment to think about this, to see who my volunteers are. For those of you online, I need your help. Will you please click the Join the Chat button. Will you give us a one or two line definition, description, response to what the word momentum means to you? 'Cause I'm gonna ask to read some of the ones that you give us. And that should have given me enough time, to stall, to see who would be willing to volunteer to get some thoughts together. We've got number one, number two, number three. So let's get microphones around. Tom, I think you've got a mic, yes, perfect! My definition of momentum would be, a force that carries you forward. Mostly forward, so it's, forward progress, but it's a force, the opposite of inertia. What I love about listening to definitions ...

is, I listen to words. Force, and then the second one you had was create. A force that. Forward, that propels you forward Propels, forward. And what I do is, I take out the filler words. So, force, propel, forward. And what's neat about that is I could do a Venn Diagram, for anyone who's ever drawn three overlapping circles. And in Tom's case, if we were sittin' down, if you're buyin', I'm talkin'. We might fill up, okay, what causes force in your world? What does propulsion look like in your world? And what is forward for you? And what I'm tryin' to do is to slow down so that we can speed up. I think that everything I teach is like Algebra, I'm the nonmathematical Algebra teacher. Everything builds upon itself. I just talked a moment ago about teachers and mentors and coaches. I can go find a teacher, mentor, or coach. Someone to help me build force, someone to help me build propulsion, and someone to help me vision forward. So I define momentum as, dynamic emotion connected to your heart's desire, that's a pull towards achievement. How do I follow something like that? (audience laughs) Right, it's like, okay, will you come teach? (laughs) That emotion, and you know what's neat about that is again, listening to vocabulary. In another course I teach, I talk about communication, and the different ways that people communicate. Some people are very visual, some people are auditory, they can spin words together. Other people are very kinesthetic, they feel it. When you move papers around your desk, and you have stacks around you, and things are in their place, and you have that area, you feel better about where you're working, I guess. Alright, when things are out of, or chaotic, or it doesn't feel comfortable, there's an angst there. So that area of momentum, a quick coach that I would share. At the end of a cycle, at the end of a work day, at the end of a 24-hour day, at the end of a work week, whatever your cycles are. I might look back and go, where was I emotional? And by the way you saw this. There's emotional and then there's emotional, right? Because that carry, you had carrying forward? Did you? [Female Volunteer] Pulls Pulls, pulls, like a magnet. Like I can't, not engage, because I'm so engaged. You're gonna love the next slide, this is awesome. (audience laughs) It looks like that, oh there it goes! (audience laughs) Woahh! (Jason laughs) I have to laugh 'cause I'm gonna go super clinical with the old physics, I think its a Newtonian law. Bring it, we need it! Objects in motion remain in motion. (laughs) That's what I think of a momentum, but you know, something that's in movement is going to remain in movement until something stops it. Right. So, super physics. (laughs) And the segue here for all three, or probably all of you, including you online, is the prompt that I ask everyone. When you need it, how do you get it? It's one thing to wake up and kinda hope that my day goes okay and that there's not a lot of traffic, and I still have money on my FastPass, and that all these things happen. It's another thing to look at and go, okay, I've got an opportunity coming my way, I've got a challenge coming my way, I've got a surprise that I don't know is coming. Anyone in the room like surprises? Does anyone like surprises? Yeah, you like the surprises you like. (audience laughs) Okay, I'm just gonna call it like I see it, alright? You don't like the surprises you don't like. It's a little play that I get to use on words. We love the surprises we love, alright? Throw me a big party, where the spotlight is, and I get to walk in the room, and we hoorah. You put someone who is unlike me, with a different personality, who doesn't wanna be in the spotlight, they're not gonna like that surprise. Send them a bouquet of flowers at work with a note that contributes to them knowing they're doing a great job. So what do I need to have done, how do I need to have been, where do I need to have gone, what do I need to have said, what do I need to have read, to increase the likelihood that when I need momentum, I've already got a little bit of motion behind that. 'Cause from a (stomps feet) full stop, it's sometimes more challenging to get going, again.

Class Description

As a leader, it’s up to you to create a culture of excellence at work—to make team members strive to reach their full potential, to be productive and efficient while also being innovative and imaginative. But while creating such a culture might be at the top of your to-do list, how do you actually achieve such a lofty goal?

This course will give you the skills you need to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be—a leader who people feel is worth following. The key is to build momentum both in work and life, commit to action, and follow your curiosity.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Ask questions that improve workplace morale and engage others in achieving success.
  • Stay focused on your commitments.
  • Build a workflow process that keeps you in the game for the long term.
  • Use curiosity as a competitive advantage.
  • Meet and learn from new mentors.
  • Create specific targets and meaningful milestones.
  • Celebrate accomplishments.

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Sylvie Leroy

Worthwhile and interesting. Lots of great ideas to implement. No waste of time during all the course. Thank you!