Making Your Service Memorable


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Making Your Service Memorable

When I worked at this one very high-end restaurant, three Michelin stars, four New York Times stars, yada yada yada, we talked a lot about making memories for our guests, and I have to say, at the time, it didn't really make sense to me. I was like, how is it actually possible to make a memory for people, but the fact is, we're making memories for people every single moment of the day, right? We have a chance to impact people every single moment of the day. So, when you think about that ability and that power that you have, it's actually a very cool thing. You could make your service memorable. You could make your business memorable. Just keep that in mind. So, wonderful, excellent, beautiful customer service has all these characteristics. It's friendly, it's swift, it's accurate. It's thoughtful, it's honest, and it's personal. Right, we can all agree that these are aspects of customer service that feel good, that make us feel wonderful. Now, when your customer service makes you feel ...

good, it's also gonna make you feel good about the business. This little transference that happens. I feel good, that must mean the business hears me. Reads your mind, is thorough, is time-sensitive, is warm, is client-centered. So, when you do all these things for people, it actually reflects back on you in the most beautiful, beautiful way. So, because of this, you will become memorable, right? I felt this way, that must mean you did this thing, right? I felt this way, that means you're this thing. So, if somebody says they love you, that means you're lovable, right? So, it's the same thing about your business. Your business can do all these things, which is gonna make a really wonderful impression. People will think about that and remember that about you. We have a convention in restaurants called Touching the Guest. Sounds really creepy, but it's not, I promise. Touching the Guest is the idea of touching someone, like touching people, making an impression and getting to their, getting to know them. Um, it's also called Touching Tables, and we literally do mean, somewhat literally, touching tables, but getting to every table in the operation so you can connect and interact with the guests that are sitting there. So, it's a cool convention, and I'm sharing it now 'cause I think it applies to every business, but it's taking time to address and engage with your guests because it will inspire positive feelings about your business and brand. And that's really the purpose in restaurants. If I can go and talk to you and talk to you and find out about your time and apologize for the wait and, "Come with me, "right this way, here's where the restroom is, "and goodnight, and thank you for coming." If I can do that for every guest that walks in, wow, that's pretty cool. And that's the thing, you can do that for every guest that walks in. You just have to remember this. This is your power. I love and have talked about this in our first course, I love hello because we tie a little bow on the front of the customer service experience, but I love goodbye. Goodbye allows us to tie a bow on the ending. Goodbye is a tether to your business. If I have just said goodbye to you, and you leave, you've been acknowledged. You're gonna remember that moment. It's a little tether, a little connection that we're gonna still have even after you've left. So, there's really wonderful ways that we can connect to and attach to our clients, and because we're attaching to them, it's gonna go right to our brain and to either short-term or long-term memory. And that just happens, but we've gotta make it happen, we've gotta become a reason for them to think of us in that long-term way, that long-term memory way. So, take time to speak to people. Ask them about their day, find out who they are, get their name, ask them questions about their lives and things besides your business and your products right now. Really makes a difference. The wonderful thing about customer service, it's active and it's intentional. It's active and intentional. The memories of good service, positive intended actions, are indelible, and I'm gonna talk about this a little bit later in the next course about solving problems, but the memories of good service are indelible, meaning that when problems occur and we make a correction and we make things better, it's actually going to stick in their memories just like the problem originally would if it had gone unnoticed. But when we notice, when we act on it, and now we create a solution, that becomes the memory because it was a positive, intended act. So, that is our power in customer service, is making an impression and being intentional and connecting and engaging with people. And that's something that a product alone won't do and a service alone won't do. So, it's thinking about service as being a way to connect and touch your guest. And again, touching your guest is a powerful thing. This is one of my favorite quotes. Favorite all-time quote, Maya Angelou. "People will forget what you said, "people will forget what you did, but people "will never forget how you made them feel." She said this on the occasion of her 70th birthday, and it's so true. It's so true. You always remember how people made you feel. They made you feel good, they made you feel warm, they made you feel taken care of, and that's what all of these lessons are about. It's really about making somebody feel better, feel something, and you did it, and that's the power you have.

Class Description

OK, you get it. Awesome customer service is crucial. It’s imperative that your customers come first and every single one of your interactions is positive. But how do you ingrain those ideals into your company culture to ensure that they’re heeded each day by all of your team members?

Unless you create a culture of service within your organization and toward your customers, good customer service will likely fall by the wayside. This course will help you identify the key aspects of optimal customer service so you can teach it and instill it in your teams.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a culture of service toward both your staff and customers.
  • Create a mission, core values and vision statement that reflect your commitment to great customer service.
  • Imbue all of your actions and words with the ideals of good customer service.
  • Empower yourself and your team members to make a positive impact on customers with every action.
  • Embrace high-quality customer service at the highest levels at every level of your operation.
  • Learn the smallest and easiest things you can do to make a big impact on your customers and clients.
  • Create happy memories of your brand and your business for your customers and clients.
  • Overcome fears of interacting with strangers by learning the tools and tricks to good interactions.