Create an Instagram Paid Ad Strategy

Lesson 6/8 - Boost Your Posts in the Instagram App


Create an Instagram Paid Ad Strategy


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Boost Your Posts in the Instagram App

Our last part here is, or our next to last part, is testing, our last part in setting it up, I know, I've taken all your time and you haven't even pressed Publish yet. But it's really important that you did all that planning 'cause then, going and putting it into the program is only something that takes you what, five minutes to do this in the app, or 45 minutes to do all the different options 'cause you've done all the work, right? So we wanna use the app, if you're scared to ads otherwise and you're not gonna put any money into anything, please use the app to just boost the post because that will help you take organic reach to a better place where there isn't a lot of techy stuff in there, 'cause the interface is pretty quickly, pretty quick and easy to use and I would use it if you're looking to gain exposure for a post that's doing well. And so you're not in the middle of a massive campaign where I'm looking to sell tickets to that live event, but this post is performing really wel...

l and I could get more blog views out of it or get more engagement on it. So, if you want to do that, here we are, theinstagramexpert, this is where you can learn all about Instagram marketing. And if you hit Promote on your account, or you hit Promote on an individual post, these buttons will be there as long as you have an Instagram business profile and that is how we start doing an ad on the app. So, the next step once you've hit that Promote button, it will say, "What's Your Goal?" That's their way inside of the app of saying, what's your ad objective? You have three options right now. So do you want more visits to your specific account on Instagram? Maybe your goal is more followers. Do you want more website traffic? So, get people over to your site. Or do you want more views on a specific promotion. So the views is more about reach. So exposing the ad to more people in the audience, but it's for people that are ... I would use more website traffic if you're looking to have them accomplish the action versus just see it for brand awareness or for reach, make sense? So first we need to select that objective. Once you've picked that, you'll see the next page where you're reviewing things a little differently depending on what you've selected. If you've select more profile visits, you'll see this, which basically just shows you you've selected profile visits, by the way that's your profile, and the action is gonna say, visit my Instagram profile. And then you would just dive into Audience and Budget which I'll show you in a second but that one's obviously the easiest to setup, you don't have to pull anything to do it. Destination's already set, and Action Button's already selected so we're just going to do the Audience and the Budget. For more website traffic though, they need a little bit of information so you have to select that destination URL so where is someone going to be sent, they don't know because that post hasn't been hyperlinked at another point, right? And also what Action Button that you want to pop up on there, then Audience and Budget. So, it's really simple, but just a little more information. Or for more promotion views you can have entering the URL of that specific promotion but again, they're gonna show people that are more likely to scroll past it, not show the ads to people that are more likely to click on it, right, so if you're looking for conversions go to the other one, but as well, you need to do the Destination and the Action Button. So, you can select from any of these Action Buttons inside of the app so we have this option here without even having to go into Ads Manager, were all in the profile. And you can select an Audience, but it's much more limited, right? So this doesn't look anything like what the last thing looked like with Saved audiences and Custom audiences, there's no button to upload your email list here, right? We would've had to do that in Ads Manager and run that ad in Ads Manager. What we can do is select from one of these three options so Automatic audience gets Instagram to target people that are like your followers as well as someone who's engaged with your content organically. So it's kind of like lookalike, but you're not able to narrow it by your demographics or exclude a custom audience or anything like that. Local is based on a specific location so then the next page will say, well where is your business located and you put in an address and we'll pick it based on a certain miles away. And then Manual allows you to select people based on interests, so that's what we can kind of make those Saved audiences even more specific on Ads Manager, but over there, is what the options that you get for a Manual audience. So under a Manual audience, you can name it, I created one that's called Small business, hence that's why it's saved under there. You can put in Locations and an Interest with Age and Gender so like you could say, my audience is mostly women, let me just check that off, but we can't put in our exclusions, we can't put in the language one, so there's options here in terms of targeting inside of the app and you're going to get more reach than you would've if you left the post organically, but it's less flexible than what we have in Ads Manager. So then, once you're all set, you just create your promotion once you've decided how much and how long you want it to run, that's just a personal decision right? And you can submit that promotion. So I would say that using it in the app, like we went through it in three minutes, that's how long it should take you to do it, and so it's easy peasy. Best practice for me would be to keep the relevant links in notes on your phone if you have things that you regularly promote, we have an Instagram strategy guide, I know the link in my head,, but I have to put it with the http thingy in that link spot, it needs to be hyperlinked (laughs) in order to enter it in and have Instagram say, yup, that's a real link. So if you put that link in your notes, then you don't have to load your website or wander around when you're trying to set this up. Also, I would just consider adding boosting to your regular promotion strategy like we said, it's quick, it's easy, if it's something that you check off your list that every time you do a post about a brand new blog, that two days later you boost it organically, it doesn't take a lot of time, but you can get stuff out of it.

Class Description

Without a doubt, Instagram is an ideal platform to promote your brand, engage your audience and drive sales. While you can accomplish a lot from free and organic methods, utilizing Instagram’s paid ads can expand your efforts exponentially.

Morgan Sutton, director of operations at Sue B Zimmerman Enterprise, is well-versed in the fine art of creating effective and engaging ads for Instagram. She’ll walk you through the process of translating your specific business goals into a paid ad strategy that delivers traffic, leads and sales.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Research your ideal target audience.
  • Create ads within your Instagram app.
  • Come up with a unique ad style that yields results.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Ensure your ads are in keeping with your brand.


Joshua Proto

I had never looked at making an Instagram ad before this class, and now I can confidently say that I feel more than prepared for the task! Morgan demystified the process of setting up ads on this platform and showed us different styles of effective advertising from key brands. Very informative!