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Create Your Ultimate Business Plan

Lesson 3 of 10

Business Description: What Makes You Unique?


Create Your Ultimate Business Plan

Lesson 3 of 10

Business Description: What Makes You Unique?


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Business Description: What Makes You Unique?

So we're moving now into the second section which is in the business description. So executive summary, as I said, we will write that at the end. But as a summary of the total document, business description is the section that provides what you do and what sets you apart and also the information in the market, from your market. So think about it as an extended elevator speech, if you will, that can help the audience really understand rather quickly what is the goals of your business and what is your unique proposition. So let's go into the questions on the business description. What is the nature of your business and the marketplace needs that you're trying to satisfy? You have to carve a unique space in the marketplace for yourself. So you would describe in here what you actually do as a business. How do your products and services meet these needs? So we are in the business of solving customer needs with our branded products or services. You need to be able to articulate what are the ...

needs that you're solving with your business proposition. What target are you going after? Here you would talk about what are the specific consumer, organizations, or business that you're looking to serve. What are the compelling advantages that you have that you believe will make your business a success? For example, what can you offer that is better than your competition? What type of expertise do you have in your product or service? Maybe you have a specific IP on what you're offering or a particular technology or your professional know-how. So look for those things that will really set you apart. And then how does your business operate? So if relevant, here you can show how your business is structured, how it's run, if you have employees, if you have management, operation, really to give a little bit more insight into how your business operates day to day.

Class Description

If you are looking to start a business or have one already established, the idea of having to write a business plan can be really daunting.

The reality is while daunting you really need one to set up your business on the right track.

That is what a business plan is - an essential roadmap for business success.

Carolina Rogoll has been successfully leading small and large businesses and building brands for over a decade.

In this short class, she will be walking through step by step on how to create a business plan using the easy to use template she has put together. By the end of this class, you will have a business plan you can share, reference, and start using right away.

Having a brilliant strategy without a plan to execute won’t get you far. Not having a strategy is a non-starter, for sure. Once you have a strategy, you need to turn that into an operational plan that can be carried to make it a reality.

Anyone who own a business or is starting a business and benefit from having a physical plan for themselves and gather investor or partners.


Becky Kavanagh

Second class with Caroline Rogoll - - - another excellent, clear, actionable and amazing experience! THANK YOU!

Darlene Rosa

This was a great class! Very thorough with Lots of questions to consider for each section. Would definitely recommend for anyone like myself starting their first business.

René Vidal

Good jumpstart course.