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Creating Boutonnieres

We're going to start with choosing our flowers for our boot nears for it will do the boot nears first just so we can go through some of the some of the bullet nears I think that you don't want to make it too big you won't make it to a small something just right and also just again, as with everything else we've done give it a kind of element of surprise somebody looking to see what I have because usually what I'm doing weddings it's the last thing I do so I just use whatever it's leftover unless it's been specifically asked of me to use a specific flower, I'll just find whatever I have left to work with. So I'm thinking this would be kind of pretty to use maybe we'll use this or maybe we should wonder if we have enough to use this for crist are just too let's see how many we have and this is exactly the kind of stuff I go through at home at the end for chris sausages and vote nears. So let me count the's one too three, four five how many do you have there? Okay, three, we have plenty I...

have at least five here that I could use that we could all use for our chris charges, so we'll say this here and we can use this for our boat near let's choose on this kind of cool because it's just already a smaller flower so we don't have to worry about you wasn't having let's do this let me give you one too we four yeah ok you can play around with um and everybody has explosion grassed yes my favorite in case you didn't know you used it the whole so we'll use a little bit of explosion grass we just wanted them it's going to be a very tiny thing so we wanted one once them would do and I'm going to cut mine like this this seems a little big so put it back in here maybe all use a little bit smaller one so here are material really that we will use one two and three that's it you girls like that you think that's pretty enough I think that's just fine I'm going to go ahead this is a little iffy on the tuxedo so let's just be safe and take all of these off for the lilies lily uh what you call these things fall in the paul and yeah statement or pistol yeah, that sounds more technical e mean, that sounds about right anatomy of a flower mecca do you know I actually don't yeah, I don't I'm not a nursery person which is slightly different and a little bit about some of the century plants um and some of the common names that he will, but not necessarily the science or have it. Yeah, I am sound familiar science. It doesn't matter what you call him out. They're not gonna be part of this having third grade flashback. So make sure that we're taking all of these would clean in this up, basically so that it doesn't leave paul in or anything like that on your groom or groomsmen outfit. I have a funny story about boot nears. When I first started my business, I somehow one of the one of the kids from our local high school good wind that I do or god wind of me and doing prom, which was that? I guess it was may. Or maybe april I'm not your high school prom. One of them called to see if I would make putin ears on chris sausages and I said, sure, I just one no problem. Well, let me tell you one of them got it. And then by the time he took his home, I must have had thirty more orders of boot nears and chris charges for this high school prom. And they were also mean, the kids were just so cute and they would come with their girlfriends and pick it up, and I thought it was nice. It's amazing how children talks each other good from it was good for my business and actually I think they thought that and a senior photography course I remember hearing about the power of the big talker in high school so this is it I have placed mind the way I think it looks it's best how have you girls done yours since we're doing these very much identical let's make sure that we look the same can you see explosion grass in the back behind both because it looked pretty against fabric now the boon nears its supposed to be simplistic with you know how many's the maximum amount of variety variety I don't know I say this is pretty this is maximum right? I mean I like to use a lot of stuff sometimes people just use a single rose or a single orchid which I think is pretty chic also but to go along with my garden style I wanted to you and with the style of our bouquets and our boot nears were are there are pieces were imagining that are bride and groom are are big into garden style arrangements high school dance did you make them different are all fine made of all different they and they came back to me and told one of them when I left you really beautiful um review for me and yell on then told me that she would come back once you got married another on a bunch of other ones called me and said that theirs was so unique and it looks so different than anybody else everybody else's at the party so that made my day it's coming good to remember if you're designing something for many different clients that are going to the same place nobody no girl wants to show up in the same dress and that's what they told me yeah they wanted to know where it was you who had made their bullet nears for them so it's pretty straightforward let's start it's like making a little bouquet and many okay way don't want to start it too well I guess we do want to start it high up enough so that they want unravel so let's start this is like a fingers with below the bud or a little closer up at the night I just we're doing that may come and look at this over perfect great right here yes if you can rotate this so that you can see it better yeah exactly that's perfect and then yes right here quickly replace yes how much are you taping it down don't take it down too much because you don't want to look ugly tape ugly ok right you don't want that he wanted to look clean perfect as yeah as little as you can use the day but also be able to secure it perfect and make sure that you pool this tape this tape is pretty stretchable so pull it to give yourself a nice secure taping I'll do it once more and then it's done now some people don't like for the stems to show um and some doing minded at all for me I like the steps to show a little bit because it goes along with my style um I don't like like it when it's just all the way rap down to the bottom of the, um off the stems so I'm going to consider this is just going to be a little bouquet for me and then there are two ways you could approach this you could either use twine and make it really rustic or you could use depending on if it's a really formal wedding or not you could use the ribbon that you have used with the bride's or the bride's maids bouquets, so I'm just doing this to give you an idea of what it could look like if you just used twine wrapping the twine just for moral table exactly so it would be all the way so are we decided that we're going to use twine or do you want to use twine or do you want to use ribbon? I like the idea of applying ok, so let's use twine because the man does traditionally where the boot near should it be more masculine or feminine it depends on how formal your wedding is, where it's being like if it's a I would say that you don't want to use twine for a black tie wedding, for example, you wanted to be more, you know, it's that this what that's when the satin or the silk ribbon comes in more dressy ribbon is just more dressing um, but otherwise if you get married on a farm or a bar or something like that, this is really pretty. So are you using? Are you keeping some link? Yeah, I didn't do that here because I was thinking I was going to switch to ribbon, but I'm going to this again and it'll be good for our viewers to sure so you and you leave some space so that you can go and make a little bowl, okay? And you make the boat at the top or in the middle, right in the middle, ok, don't leave some more space, I'll do it again, so we're going to finish with the bow in the middle where the twine yes and how are you wrapping it? Not so tied that's gonna break my stands but tied enough to keep it all together this is the part that's tricky, you guys are all concentrating, so I know you guys were very focused now I do want to let you know that the chat room did come to our help when you were asking about the the anatomy of the flower question heaven wildflower did confirm that those were statements that you guys were pulling off nice thank you you have big points for rachel way always appreciate it when the chat room can help us out with those question and for having wildflower yeah it's great now is it important to keep some water near while you're preparing the boot in there so what I do is I take a little shallow bowl I try to keep these as long as I can and I keep a shallow ble a near me where I'll put my foot because I make him the night before or even that morning before the wedding you still want him to be in water and then I'll put that inside the fridge on it looks lovely and then you can always trim them yeah I want to live right before you give it to them and I keeps them even more fresh throughout the evening or afternoon flower man as if you ever sprinkle flower food on the boot in air to keep it strong no no just clarify michelle yes I've never done this but I've heard that some florists might make a second okay for the groom if it's a really hot area just for photos maybe and you know after all the hugs they contend against me. Oh, I haven't done that have made some extras and I've given it to them in case they wanted. Tio wanted a different one, so I'm just going toe for today's purposes. I'm going to cut this show you what it will look like maybe even a little bit. I like this length, but some people might want a little bit shorter, but this is it on then I usually leave it with where is where those panels? Right here. I put him in a box all together and leave them with a couple of panels like this just for extra on each. And are those pins something that you can pick up just at your regular army store? Yeah, these air from michael's or joanne's fabric or anywhere, really, you could even get him on cbs. I bet. It's just really cute. Yeah, and right here, so can have when you made those thirty boot nears for high schoolers up yeah, how much did you charge for let's? See, I think each was like chris aj was twenty dollars and it would nearly ten. I'm not sure I think so. Yeah, it's a lot of work, my hands were hurting a lot at the end of the day it doesn't seem like it's a lot, but it is beautiful you're pretty identical I would say you should bring them you should bring them on put him right here so we can see that would be great we needed more grass oh yeah look good I was a part there's definitely a consistent pattern very well done yes go team front row ok, the magnets that you combine there a little bit expense oh, yeah but it's because I sometimes I've had real trouble getting up in yeah, okay. All right, way yeah, yeah they're a little bit bulky but it's yes, I had a groom who had a big thing with not putting didn't want to put pins through so he just put it inside his pocket so and I didn't like the look of that but it was right where is the right place? Because on a man's lapel on his suit there's the little buttonhole on dh right next year buttonhole right next to the hall okay that's something I often see it weddings where groomsman left to their own devices put it over the pocket they put it, they stick it inside the buttonhole thank you, aunt. And so you have to you definitely have to pin it on right next to the sounds like a block post three I've done it I'm glad you brought that up because in the chat room christie had asked about that and now that something do you explain to them how to do it? Do you pin them ourselves if I can catch the groom? Usually I don't see the groom because he's not even dressed when I go there so I explained to him, you know hey be be be sure to do this and that and sometimes if if I see them I say that but if I don't, then I'm hoping that the bride will will help or the mother of the groom or brutal notice for sure yeah getting back to the pinning, I know that well, I don't want to put you on the spot so good, but I'm like I should be helpful to see you can a booty near sure you're open to that? Of course maybe I could use myself yeah, I feel like you probably would be better on the car on the pocket, but it doesn't really work too well you have a snag on your sweater I it's all right now the secret tips I think t keep it from from tipping over I mean that's the biggest concern. So I would say that the trick would be to grab it up top as far up as you can, right? So that it doesn't so that it won't have you won't allow it to basically drip drape that makes sense I'll explain it that I guess hold on you wantto without hurting this stems you want to grab it higher up close to the actual bud versus all the way down so that he won't tip over like this and then you will grab lapel or in this case my pocket you have students who want to come up and kind of see what's going on here that you want to go take a look help out how does it usually have tilted her straight up? I like it tilted is it not tilted enough like I wanted them straight? Well because I don't have if I had a lapel I've actually be putting in that direction so I would be doing it I should be doing it sideways now are you able to maybe pin it on? Becca is to show our another angle so here's how it would be you don't have anything good lapel here okay, so does does the boot in there always require a jacket because there are a lot of informal wedding suspenders of this enders okay, always on the left though I like it out there that I think it looks I don't know better consistency whenever you choose and getting that needle tip for that pin tip yeah securely tucked away yeah securely and safely without it showing up right it's a little bit on the side off the side because of that but you can't see it and it's there I would if it was a it wasn't a sweater, it would stick to it easier the tighter. So but yeah, that was the idea. I hope that helps. It won't be a lot can a do over label the boat near so that they know which one is for? So I put for the groom. I make it a little bit more special here. We wanted to make him all the same, but the groom usually has one little extra element or a different flower off some sort. And then the groomsmen all have the same. Look, if you want, I could make one to show how I would make the groom's a little bit special, shall we? So I would I think, with what I have available, I'll make it with this this is so pretty. Um, grab it from down here and now this is one that you definitely have to keep in water until you get to the groom and should it tie into her bouquet? Yes, in this case, we're going to imagine that this wasn't the ok, but we don't we didn't use this in the book a, but if we had a bouquet that had these in it, then it would be perfect it's, like you're picking from your own garden over there. Maybe it's just a myth but I've heard that the tradition of wearing course hodges is from the time when humans didn't bay this frequently and so you would put something fragrant that's fine your caller that's like that smith they say about the french coming up with the perfume because they didn't shower very often I don't like the look of this leave I'm going to change it wanted better looking than this maybe I'll use one of these ones as well while you're there or not and so you're now just uh no I'm just going to put the floral tape around it without it being too rotated do you make these last but near yes and I try and I put him in water um for as long as I possibly can and in fridge in the fridge you know, I think the billion years in the chorus lodges are a nice place to add a special touch and I think you might do this with the with the name tags with him you know even if you don't know everyone's name bride yes. Nice right good evening. Remind us of the order again of the entire tea let's say that you were creating a flat of floral design for an entire wedding that spanned all the way from snares corsages, the bouquets the centerpiece is yeah, I start with my centerpieces of course I purchased different flowers for different you know, for I have more flowers for my bible case then I would for centerpieces but what I do start with generally are the centerpieces because I think of those as my big chunk that I have to get out of the way on dh then I will basically I just kind of go go go till it's all done and, um I will make the bull case after um and then I will make the booting using crystallizes for I have the energy left at night I'll make the chris charges that same night, otherwise I'll get up really early in the morning and make them then and you always start with the bride's bouquet for yes, because yeah, I start with that analysis would have left from that to kind of incorporate a little bit from from that into my I'm going to use their driven into the bridesmaids bookcase and again, these ribbon that you purchase you have your favorite yeah, location I like bright tex partakes in thermal cisco has just beautiful variations. I mean, they're three floors um this fabric store there, I think three or four force from that mistaken fabric as well as a whole floor dedicated to all sorts of ribbons, expensive ones and not so expensive ones. This one was I want to stay five or three and a half percent per yard they have ones that are forty nine dollars per yard yes one of those made out of they're french um and they're made out of silk and they are patterned and their sticker so if you want something really decadent on your bouquet you can do that some people really like to dress up their bouquet with bouquets with there are ribbons the trouble with that is that well then how much are you going to charge for the bouquet if you've spent one hundred dollars plus on your ribbon so but those are all of the things that you need to consider yes yeah so if I may ask what is the range in terms of from that kind of the minimum price that you charge for you know maybe a very simple intimate wedding to something really grand and you're charged or just people in general if you have a general honestly I tell you I think that it's it's like asking me how much is there's a cost for a purse yeah well you get a purse from ross for ten dollars you can get a purse from leave it on for three thousand dollars and up so it's all a matter of what you're paying for I would never pay that much for a purse personally I don't believe in it I will I want something that's beautiful um but it's basically I have seen bouquet people making bouquets anywhere from fifty dollars two thousand dollars now it depends on what's in it maybe it's a bouquet of just all hydrangeas in which case isn't cost them very much or just regular roses which don't cost that much versus garden roses um or maybe it's just the huge huge bouquet of um lily of the valley well that's going to cost a lot more because one the bundle emilio the valley is what forty five dollars on a good day local so um it's that kind of stuff that determines the price of on then of course the designers you know, herself or himself how much what? You know what? What do they think their work is worth and how much people are willing to pay for that designers work? And of course if you're making this for yourself, it really just has to do with what time can you put into it? So if you're making this for yourself that obviously you just paying for for the flowers a m on the time that it's going to take you the time that will take away from whatever else you have to do? I guess, but of course you're going to make a lot of it's going to be a lot more a cheat financially achievable to make something really beautiful and unique if you're doing it yourself because then you're just paying for the flowers and that's it

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Nothing captures the beauty of an individual flower quite the way a boutonniere or corsage does. Join Kiana Underwood to learn how to make stunning tiny arrangements!

This class covers the core design concepts for creating simple and elegant boutonnieres and corsages. Kiana will teach you how select, prep, and assemble flowers so you end up with simple, durable floral accessories everyone will admire.


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This is an interestingly style. Very garden style. I would have liked to see an example of more formal style as well. Some good ideas to keep them fresh