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How to Craft Your Ad

Lesson 4 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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4. How to Craft Your Ad

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How to Craft Your Ad

Now lets really go into some exercises. This is everything when it comes to writing your ads. How many of you, and I'd love to know this in a chat, very curious, how many of you, struggle right now because you have no idea what to say in your ads? I'd be like, oh I got this targeting stuff down. You got the perfect person, but you got no idea what to say, then you get word diarrhea and it just goes everywhere, it's very bad. Don't think about that just listen to it, okay? So, lets talk about it. This exercise right here is the number one exercise I do in all forms of advertising. It is the simplest, but it is fun, and it'll immediately tell you exactly what to say in your ads, I'll give you a couple formulas for it. So number one is this, you have to have clarity on who you are advertising to, that first step that we did, but number two is, once you understand who, you can really dive into the problems. The best way to attract a customer on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, doesn't matter ...

what it is, direct mail, is to solve their problems for free, period. And everyone has problems, whether you're in entertainment, you're doing physical products, B2B, that's what we're all in the business of, is solving problems that's what entrepreneurs do, okay? So, now I need a real hot seat, I need somebody who's willing to do this. Look at this shy audience, get up here, c'mon! Can we get a round of applause? (claps) The braveness, I'm gonna erase this. Can you do me a favor, can you introduce yourself to the camera while I erase. Hi, I'm Reva Robinson. Tell us more (laughs). I'm a holistic wellness physician, amateur bodybuilder, life coach, nutrition coach, Stud. Coach, coach, everything. Got you, that seems pretty hard to target, because that's a lot of stuff to target for. Yeah, it's my challenge. Alright, we're gonna do this. Alright, I'm only gonna erase half of it, as it's taking too long. (laughs) And also, I'm going to switch colors here. We're gonna do this exercise together. You can sit on the stool if you want. Yeah, that's official. Cool. Problem solution, okay? I'm also gonna put a little box at the bottom here, for the sake of clarity, alright. So, tell me your ideal customer based on these exercises we did. My ideal customer is an educated female, ages 45 to 60. I would say income 100,000+ who let's see. What's the biggest problem that that person you just described is facing? Weight gain, Okay. Hormonal issues. Gotcha. A lot of emotional issues. Give me the top three, so there's the weight gain, Hmm-hmm. What's the second one? I would say hormonal issues. What does that mean? Yeah yeah yeah, we're gonna get specific. The reason why I asked her like that was because another lesson that you guys should write down, especially for my marketers out there, whenever you're dealing with a client, or even it's for yourself, we're actually the worst at it with ourselves, is that you need to understand your own problems like a fifth grader would. A fifth grader, so a reason why in the beginning when I hear holistic doctor, da-te-da, all my main, my marketing brain goes, I need more information because I don't know what that means yet, so when I'm hearing like hormonal issues, that doesn't tell me the challenges that they're facing, so can you help me understand when you say hormonal, what does that mean? So, a lot of thyroid issues and so, You did it again, fifth graders, how many fifth graders know thyroid? (laughs) This is the hard part, that's the beautiful part about this exercise, is we're all guilty of this. We all get so cute, and so fancy, because you're so intelligent, so your brain is operating here, I'm dumb, I need a dumb version for Billy Jean, that's how Billy Jean is good at advertising because I'm dumb so I make everything simplified, that's it. Alright. So, let's try again. So it ties back to weight gain, so they're gaining weight, even though they're doing all the right things, trying to eat right. So a little more insight, It's their bodies, their bodies are changing. The bodies are changing. So you're eating healthy, Mhm-hmm. And you're exercising, but still can't lose weight. Right. Does that sound like we are going into some ad copy now? Like it's kinda helping us form like exactly what to say inside of our ads. What are some other problems? So they're moody, they might have, you know, unexplained anxiety or anger. Unexplained mood swings. Yes, mood swings. Unexplained mood swings, good, this is good, okay. And I would say the final big one is realization that they're getting older. We'll call that the, oh snap, I'm getting old. Yes (laughs). Oh snap, I'm getting old. Finding that purpose for the, So I'm gonna leave this one out just for now, just because we can't solve that yet. Humans and technology we haven't figured out the age thing, how to go back in time. So let's just focus on these first three, okay. So the weight gain, you're eating healthy, you're exercising, but you still can't lose weight. You have unexplained mood swings and all these other things are happening. Now I need you to tell me, in one sentence, how you solve each of these things? How do you solve weight gain? So I create nutrition plans for them. Okay, so you got a nutrition plan, got it. And then coaching along with that. So addressing the issues they're facing in their daily life. Actually, is this accountability? Exactly. Okay, I've done this before. What else, the eating, the exercise, they haven't had a solution before, how do you solve that in particular? Uh, that goes back to the coaching, usually there's some missing pieces that they aren't incorporating or, So let's move coaching down here, kinda how you solve these things, got it. Okay, and then the mood swings? How do you solve that, that's a good one. Let me get my notepad, hold up. (laughs) So just getting to understand their world and trying to understand what it is, that could be underlying that. A lot of times, it's their family, a lot of times, It has nothing to do with the weight gain, it's deeper. Sometimes there are justified reasons for them to be moody and angry, but they feel guilty about feeling the way that they do. Alright so you do a deep dive to really understand I do, I do. Like we're doing right now, I use that exact term, I tell them, we're gonna get deep so, get ready. I like this, I like this, okay, clarity. Clarity, clarity, clarity, Clarity, clarity, clarity. So the reason why we do this exercise is, now I know what the hell I'm talking about. And first, when you came up and said, I'm a holistic healer, et cetera et cetera et cetera, could we have come up with any of this? It would have been hard, we would have really had to dive, and we probably would have missed. But when we simplify what we do, it's like alright cool, you help women who are 45 who make 100k lose weight, and feel better about themselves. Is that actually what she does? That's the fifth grade version, every single one of you has to have that type of clarity. So, I will get more to the ad copy in kind of the next exercise but first, I want to go here, the only other thing I'd add to this is, is this woman married? Or is she single? Married. How many kids does she have, or does she have kids? She has adult children, probably two or three. Married, kids, okay, maybe two or three. Actually let me ask you guys, why does that matter? Why do I care about that? Because it's gonna change my message, see? Once you understand this, the consequences change. What I mean by that is the reason why somebody is gonna take action and ultimately work with you is because not because of the weight gain, it's because the consequences that are coming along with that for that particular person. So the consequences of weight gain for someone who is married with two to three kids is what? I'lll ask you. So you know, maybe she doesn't feel sexy because she's overweight. Haven't had sex with your husband in a year. Yup, that's very common. What I'm saying is, like watch this. That's why somebody would want to work with you. It's not because you say, hey, you have weight gain. It's holy shit, or holy stuff. (laughs) Holy stuff, you and your partner used to have this intimate relationship, you guys couldn't keep your hands off each other, but now it's like your roommates as opposed to lovers. See how that changed everything? The reason why I'm spending so much time on this you guys is because this is Facebook advertising. It's not the tech, it's not the click, it's humans to humans talking to each other, and when you're talking to them, you cannot come up with this type of clarity, and this type of effort to help them if you don't know this person is that, that's why we went through this first step. Because before she was married, with like two to three kids or married, when we put that in there, it was a different game, right? So for example that switch, and we found out that lady was single, and recently divorced, oh man you're uncomfortable aren't you because you gotta get back out there. You haven't dated in 20 years. You don't even know how to talk to people anymore. You afraid, you see what I'm saying? And then also to, it becomes easy for you to advertise because you can show a video of you helping a woman that's like that, and then just said, you wanna work with me? The end. That's like it, I mean that's all you have to do. Is you got clarity on a problem and literally click a couple of buttons, show it to that exact person, say here, here's how I solved it for Sarah. Do you want me to help yo, too, the end. Facebook is done, you win, you start making money, and helping people, cool? Thank you. Sounds good, thank you. Thank you for participating. So I want to go through this exercise one more time, where's someone else? Come on up my man, I like that jean jacket you got on there. Okay, so I'm gonna do this and then we got several other exercises we need to get through. But also too at home, for everybody watching, is this helpful, is this helpful to kind of go through and like sit here and work through a business and talk about the real stuff? What to say in an ad that's where we all struggle. Chris Brayden, who's just been watching, said great stuff Billy, really enjoying this. And just for everybody out there who's just tuning in, maybe this is the first lesson that you're watching throughout social media week. You'll see below the video window there's a box there for you to post your questions, post your comments, let us know what you think of the class so far, and also if you want to leave a review of this class that Billy's doing you can always post a review on the course page too, give your thanks to Billy for being here and teaching us. Well Chris thank you too, What's up? There's a button on this page, You can buy it. Where you can actually buy the recording. You can buy it! You can buy it, yeah. I mean you guys can do all kind of things. You can leave a review, speaking also, you can buy it. Do both. We're not gonna push you but. (laughs) I can't take myself seriously I need some tea. Alright, so my man, thank you for being here. Absolutely Appreciate you. Tell everybody who you are and what you do. My name is Carson, and I guess the best way to explain what I do is that I'm a storyteller. So, but I do have a media agency and I just started it so, that's kind of what I wanted to, Story telling? Yup. Media agency? Yup. Media agency fifth grade, they don't get that one. Media agency, storytelling, basically I just do ads. Okay. Why do you do ads, why does somebody want you to do ads for them? Uh, to sell a product. Gotchu. So you help people get more customers. Yes, or influence. Okay because, that's what they want. Yeah maybe it's influence, that's a good one. But watch this, as we go into problem solution, and we do the same exercise again. Even just that, when somebody wants influence, maybe a different motivation then why they want sales coming in right now, and therefore it changes our message, and we set ourselves up to miss, nice and early already because we didn't have clarity on that last part. So, you're just kind of starting it. Yeah. Cool. Who would you like to focus on, who is your ideal customer? Who do you think you could help the most, with your current skill set. Leaders. People who want to pursue leadership. Gotchu, tell me more, leaders of what? Cultures, leaders of business, CEO's, any entrepreneurs out there I guess. Okay so let's go with entrepreneurs, lets go with CEO's. Okay that's fine so, what do you help the CEO do? I mean, I'm still developing it so I'm trying to figure it out, I guess you could say? Sure. But it's really what I'm bringing to the table is just morale, trying to boost morale. Like here's exactly what it is, this right here. Alright, let's go. So this right here, if you text 33222 the word believe, you get a free motivational text every single day, and this is one of the things I'm trying to figure out how to market, this is it. That's it, that's what I'm doing. Everything else I said, this is the one thing. So that's all I'm trying to bring, to grow. So watch this, way different than what you just said. Exactly. So lets go here, I'll play with this. Okay. We can use this, just to show you. But watch this, and I appreciate you because, all of us do this, this is the stuck. Everyone if you're stuck, or if you're losing, or if you're just so arrogant you don't realize your losing because you haven't got the results you want, you are stuck, I'm letting you know. And it's this moment right here, you're saying your real goal is you want a massive list of people who are getting daily texts from you, who want to get motivated. That's it, that's it. Which by the way can be really lucrative, if you are getting a bunch of people who are getting these texts, you can make them offers, and all kind of stuff, cool, so lets simplify this objective. Who, first of all, where are you getting the quotes from? I write them all. Okay, that's cool, too. So, one thing you're gonna have to do, and I say especially since you are just starting this, is you need to segment your quotes. Okay. Because some people are at different phases. The quotes I needed to hear when I was first starting off in business, were like, you can only fail if you quit, Billy. Keep going Billy, I know you're getting mud and dirt kicked on you. The things I'm hearing right now is like, Billy, uh, you need process, you need more process and you need more structure. Like I care about different things, different things are gonna resonate with me. We're going back to clarity, so I'm just gonna say, your market is for start up entrepreneurs for the sake of speed, I'm kinda putting words in your mouth a little bit. Yeah. Right, who are stuck, okay? Who are stuck, period, or just starting. And we all know how hard this journey is. So for a start up entrepreneur, someone just coming into the game, right? Actually, let's be even more specific. Let's pick an industry, you said marketers were something, media was kind of your thing? Yeah. Let's get more specific. Let's say marketers, so start up marketers, people who were just starting their agency. People who are just trying to figure out their whole thing, that are stuck. Is that super specific? Yes. Can we start putting problems? So what problems does the marketer have, who's just getting started? What problems do they have? Number one they don't have customers. Doubt, fear. What's their doubt about? Be specific. Is it really possible? Can they really do it, do I have what it takes? Here it is, doubt they can get sells, doubt they can get results, okay? That's it, simple, so customers is what they need. They have self doubt that they can get sales, and that they can get results for the customers that they do sell, gimme a third one, I like to work in threes, what else, what's up? Overwhelmed, we'll call it overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, because when you are solo, what are you? You're the president of the company, you're the janitor, You're everything. You're the salesman. One of my mentors Cameron Hodge, shout out to him, he said to me Billy, if you don't have an assistant, you are the assistant, but it's true, right. Shout out to you Cameron you owe me for that one man. So check this out, we got clarity now. And start up marketers who are stuck, or are struggling, know that their biggest problems are customers who have self doubt about getting sales, self doubt about delivering results once they are hired, and then overwhelmed because they feel like they're doing everything on themselves. Yeah. Your solution is when this happens, the solution is sometimes, here's the truth, entrepreneurship is the loneliest sport in the world. Right, so, sometimes as a result of not getting these things you start to feel depressed, and you also run out of ink and run out of energy, it's all the same. So, you start to feel depressed, okay? And when you feel depressed, you get into a funk, you don't work, you don't get outta bed, you start beating yourself up you literally just curl up and you quit so your solution is you, give a kick in the butt, kick in the butt quotes, to never give up, don't that sound like something cool? That we all kind of want, kick in the butt quotes? Now you run a Facebook ad, and a video ad. You're sitting in a cool environment, somewhere like emo, because it's like, motivational stuff, so go to like the top of a mountain, Okay. Use some music from AudioJungle, type in the word inspired, start reading off 20 quotes. That's good. Then also put it in the text, those 20 quotes. Then say if you like these texts, want it once a day, click here, the end, I'm done. (laughs) You know, but I'm just gonna kick this again. But you guys see what I'm saying? Is that once you have the problem, thank you man. Thank you so much man. But once you have clarity on what it is your solving, the solution wasn't the hard part. Creating the ad wasn't the hard part. Ads are only hard to create, because you don't really know who you're talking to, or what to say to them. When you do those exercises on the worksheets I just gave you, and you actually take them through this problem solution sheet, everything gets way easier. The big question that we had while we were doing that last hot seat was, love to know if Carson can repeat the number for the text, people are super interested, so grab the mic and let people know how they can get involved with that. It is, so if you text the word believe to 33222, that's it, 33222, the word believe, that's it. Good job my man. Absolutely. And here's what's cool too because again, I can tell with the passion, I see you got it. One of the things that usually stop people in that situation is that, I don't only want to help marketers, you gotta start there. You start there, that's where you get the momentum and then you start to expand into the other ones. It becomes really easy because now you know the process, you're just duplicating every single time. The other thing I wanna give you, and I don't wanna go too, derail but, once you, twice a week, you need to train your audience from the beginning that you make an offer. So it's not weird when you send a text, right? It's why guys go into the friend zone. You waited too long, to try and make a move, and then when you do, it's like, we're friends. And we have been for 45 days, why are you being weird now, right? Like, you gotta set the expectation from the beginning like, I'm gonna sell you something, I'm gonna try to kiss you, right? I'm not, but you know what I mean. (laughs) So, lets continue on.

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