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Plan Out Your Sales

Lesson 11 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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Lesson Info

11. Plan Out Your Sales

Lesson Info

Plan Out Your Sales

Once you've identified your products, your services that you can sell, now you just get to play around with how you want to order them, and when you order them, etc. So what's cool is, actually, let me write this on the board. Chris, back to you for a sec while I erase. We had lots of comments of people while we were doing that, so hopefully I can share some comments with you that may help your business. Here's a question also for you, Billy, is as you were going through and you were laying out the different products there and saying that they were the different sizes, do you get as specific as saying like an eight by 10 is one product, a five by seven is another, or, the question was, wouldn't the products be like albums versus prints versus, how granular do you get with your products? Both are right. They're both right? Right, because some people will pay extra money to get a bigger something, right? Yeah. So therefore it's a product. And then also, people will also buy a...

n album. So there's two different SKUs, right? If you're processing and tracking all your sales, you would have to know to fulfill that you sold an eight by eleven versus an album. Or when you hired people, everything would go to crap. So that's kind of like why we're isolating these things. I love that question. But I'm glad you brought that up, because it brought into kind of the next steps of all this. So let's talk about this. Who wants to go through this with me? Who wants to come up here and go through? Come on, you shy peoples. Let's go. I'll call you. Don't make me call you. (students laughing) Because I will. Because I will. Anybody new? Anybody new, if not I'll come back to you. Because I'll come to you. All right, because you have purple hair, come on up. (students laughing) Because I like your hair. You did it to yourself. You don't wear purple hair to not be noticed. I noticed. (applause) What's up, how you doing? I'm good. Thank you for rocking with us. Thank you for volunteering. (laughing) Thanks. I appreciate you. So tell everybody kind of who you are and what you do. Hi, my name is Alice. I work for a company called Five Elements Group. We specialize in business feng shui, astrology, and auspicious timing. Okay. You better get fifth grade with me. (students laughing) What is business feng shui? So business feng shui is taking both overview, our shorthand is a look at your space, like your office, and we look at what areas, it changes every year, the directions, which directions is good for productivity, for creativity, which areas you want to avoid disserving the energy, and so forth. Love it. Okay. So let's see if we can create some extra ticket for, some extra margin, some extra sales for you, just leveraging the customer base that you have. So one thing I want is just clarity on who do you serve now. So who do you serve right now? Who is your ideal customer? Right now we serve small businesses. Okay. And people that are in the real estate. Gotcha. And also interior design. So they're actually interior designers that are getting their feng shui on? Some, yes. Okay, gotcha. And then real estate, how did that niche come about? Well, to get in the nitty gritty, this year is the earth dog year, so it has a lot to do with the earth and the ground, so it affects a lot of real estate people. Gotcha. And we've directly advertised to them. Watch this. Cool, challenge accepted. Okay. And here it is. So ready, first thing is I need to get clarity on what her products and services are. And as you see where I'm going with this is here, which is basically me trying to figure out where I can plug in these different products and services in the process. And by the way, for everybody watching at home and in the audience, sometimes this process can be online. Where literally people are just clicking buttons, saying yes, I want this, no, I don't want this, you see it on Amazon all the time, which we've all purchased on before, or one-click upsell pages. But also too, this is just as good as for the phone, or when someone comes into your store. It doesn't really matter. An offer is an offer is an offer. Okay? So let's take a step back here to the bucket of assets, which is what we're going through with you right now. So, you ready? Sure, yep. You're doing great, by the way. (laughing) Thanks. So, let's take it from here. Give me your product or service. Give me one product or service you sell. So, feng shui consulting. Feng shui consulting, okay. And what is that, like give it to me like I'm in fifth grade? So that's when our feng shui master comes to your business and takes a look at your floor plan, takes a look at your setup, and then makes her recommendations. Okay. So I'll put this under category as done by yourself. In other words, actually, I'll take this, I'll say this is done with you. So in other words, look, you gotta go and do the stuff, but I will tell you what to do to increase your office space and to make the room feel a lot more productive. Is that fair to say? We on the same page there, that make sense? Mm-hmm. Okay, cool. So you have a done with you service. How do you charge for that? She charges by the space. Each floor plan is... So each room. Yes. Okay. So you charge by room, and what do you charge for that? She charges $2,600 per space. What? (students laughing) I like this. Watch this. This is fascinating to know, because all of a sudden, when she went from real estate agent, that a lot of people have that same vision in mind of just like a solo real estate agent, that kind of does their own thing, sometimes in the office, sometimes in their house, who probably would not be willing to invest 2,600 bucks. But if you go to real estate brokers, who have the office, and they got 13 employees in there, they are probably more likely to want to get it done. Make sense? Yes. So real estate brokers, it's fair to say, that's your real audience. Again, clarity, going back through the previous steps. So you do consulting for real estate brokers on how to pimp out their office so that their team is way more productive, and if they can just sell one more house as a result of this, it's the best return on investment ever. Now if you have 13 people in your office and they can all sell one more house, because they're actually organized, then you make a whole bunch of money, Mr. Broker, don't you? That sound like a pretty fair deal? Well, let's shake on it. (students laughing) Cool? But, in this lesson, the whole purpose is to not just sell that one thing. Right? It's to not just sell that one thing. So I love this as a main, I love that as the focus. So if I had to pull that up on the map here, that's the sales page. That's the first offer. This is the consult. This is the live, this is the phone, whatever it may need to be. Now let's figure out a creative way to make this flow so she can increase those numbers. So before I dive into the answer, does anyone want to take a shot at it? Hmm? Anybody at home? Any of you guys out there? What you think? I'm talking to you, yeah. You can participate, even though you're at home. (students laughing) All right. Anybody. Don't make me call up. I'll just, there's my guy. They could directly give them feng shui furniture. Look at that. Beautiful. I'm making all these recommendations of what to do, but let me make a further recommendation and tell you exactly what to buy. I love it. That's smart. Okay. Exact furniture. All right. And then you just, a simple way to do it, is let the companies handle this, just use a referral link. Right? Here, use this. Here, use this. We got more ideas. What you got? If the year changes every year, then they can do a repeating annual review. Annual review. Great. Look at this. All we see to do is how it goes. Now we got these cool ideas. Annual review. That also keeps it fresh. So we can even say, just for an annual review, because it's just an annual consulting thing they do. Next year you build 2,600 bucks again. Right? Got to change again. So under review/consulting, how do you like these ideas? Yeah, they're great. Cool. What else we got? Put some green plants in there. Cool. So like, plant swag? Swag some plants? Is that a smoking reference, that a joke? (students laughing) Also, weed. We also sell weed. What a great upsell. So we'll put in there, can also sell weed. We're in California. That's a legal joke. I just made a legal joke right there. So you guys also, now watch this, does anybody want to go out and go to the store to get your own weed, or do you want it delivered? So now you deliver weed, too. Got it. Anybody else? Letting people DIY to some extent, like teaching them how to make these decisions. Letting people DIY. A course. That fair to say? A course. Do you guys have a course? Yep. We sure do. We're naming all these products, you forgot you had a course. All right, I love it. So there's a course to do it yourself. Cool. The point of this exercise in particular is because I want everybody to realize how much control you have over your own business and you don't even realize it. Right? Like this is, we're not rocket scientists by any means. I'm sure you could have thought of all of these by yourself and probably way better ideas too, because you know the industry. But we're just not trying, because we just forget that we're allowed to do this, you know, or something. So let's focus on here. Going to upsells. If we can just kind of process it, and let's take our list over here, and then let's take this exercise. We know the first thing that we're offering right here is a consult, a done with you, where it also could be on Skype, right? Mm-hmm, we do Zoom video conferencing. I love it. They got a Zoom video conference. That means their customer can be anywhere. You can go to real estate brokers anywhere in the country. That's solid. Way to go virtual with that. I like it. So there it is. Sales page, first offer is, hey real estate broker, let me come in and like pimp your stuff out so everybody's more productive. We get that. What can we sell next? What can we sell next, just looking at our list and being creative? The furniture. The furniture, right there. They need it. That's like the point of it, right? So upsell number one, boom. They go with the furniture. Upsell number two, boom. It's the plants. Now you have the perfect office furniture. You got their greatest vegetation and your stuff, so you're feeling good, and now I'm going to bring weed to you every month. (students laughing) Done. Done, right? And it's funny, and we joke, but if they really wanted to do that, they could. In San Francisco, like that works. All right? Now, you got to go the other route too. What would be the downsell? In other words, they said actually, you know what, we have our own furniture. We're good. We don't need that bill. But thanks for the ideas. I'm done with my consulting right now. This is where the alternative comes into play. Right? Okay, you said no to my first thing, so what's something else that we can offer? Take the course to arrange their own furniture. Look at this. Oh, wow, you're the type that you just get on your own horse and start riding. Or rather, you don't need me to coach, you don't need nothing. Perfect. I got a course to guide you. I've been doing this for 25 years, you've only done this what, this your first time? Cool. So do you think it would be handy to have a step-by-step course with video tutorials showing you and your team how do it yourself? That way you don't have to pay me month after month or anything crazy like that. Good? Cool. Next sell. But by the way, every year this stuff kind of changes. So would you like me to annually update this course for you? The sky's the limit. Thank you for coming up. Appreciate you. Appreciate you. You did good. See that? You volunteerer. And everyone at home, is this helpful to go through the process, and you guys too, just like a whole different kind of... And again, those of you that are kind of new to the live streaming, just coming in, didn't see any of the previous trainings or whatever, you're wondering, I thought this was about Facebook. It is. That's the point. Facebook is just a tool to put a message in front of anyone in the world. But the reason why it's not working is because you're broken. So what am I spending time fixing right now? You. Not Facebook, Facebook's fine. It does its job. It shows a message to who you need it to. But you're broken. So call me Mr. Fix-It. We've had some questions, and maybe we'll touch on this in this example, but being really clear on the differences between upsells and bumps and other sells, and maybe we can just get a little bit more clarity in this example on what the differences are and how people can look for when it's okay to upsell, when maybe it's a different product? Yeah, I have like detailed worksheets that explain by definition what all of these are, and when to use them. For the sake of this one hour training segment, I really try to like minimize it and give it, so one recommendation I can give you is, like, you can buy the course or something, and I'll give you all those worksheets, but I'll also answer your question at the same time. The truth is, and I'm not dodging the answer, is that there are no rules to this. That's like the biggest thing I'm teaching right now, is like, my theme throughout this entire training is that creativity is holding you back on your advertisements, on your sales process, on your landing pages, and the opposite of that is overwhelm. Overwhelm is what's crushing you from taking action, so that's why I'm simplifying, that's why I'm not giving you some crazy rule book. It's, we're doing fun exercises like this, because this is stuff that you can implement in your business today, this very second, to make a difference in how you provide for your family and decisions that you make. So I hope that gives as clear of an answer as I can give for that. With love, all right?

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