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Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Lesson 12 of 18

Planning Sales Exercises

Billy Gene

Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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12. Planning Sales Exercises

Lesson Info

Planning Sales Exercises

I'm Isa Griffin and I am a model. Okay. Model, hey. All right, so Isa, how do you make money? Booking jobs. (laughing) So let's talk about it. You know what I love about this, too, by the way, is that it's a different one, right? Some of you are like, well Billy, how are you going to figure this one out? (laughing) Hmm, you think you know your marketing stuff. How can you do this? Same product! Let's start from right here. Same process, I mean. It's Bucket of Assets, right? Let's go into our bucket. First thing is I have to understand what it is that you sell, and we gotta be specific. So, when you do modeling, how do you make money? Specifically. Well, I'm a small model so I fit into very unique categories. One being my size, trying to use it to an advantage. For example-- Got it. I have worked with Triumph Motorcycles as a pavilion. For those of you who don't know what that is it is a passenger rider. Nice. So I just sit on the back of a motorcycle while they drive ar...

ound and they pay me to do it. Okay, I love that. (laughing) Who wants her job, raise your hand? You catch me on the back. I'll ride on a motorcycle. That's dope. So essentially, is that for a commercial that they're doing? Yes. So you get paid via commercials. Yes. Perfect. So there's one way, and how much can you charge for a commercial? I guess it depends on the company and what they're willing to pay, but I usually make about $600 a day. 600 bucks, motorcycle ride? I'm in. Plus, they pay for everything. Food, travel? Food, travel, hotel, it's nice. (laughing) Super nice. Sign me up. But I need to book more of those is the point. It's the consistency. Yeah, the consistency. All right so, there is one, commercials. What's another product of service? Well, I fit into-- Actually, let me start back, I apologize. Commercials, is this your favorite one to do? Yeah. So she likes commercials, so let's think strategically about the products or services that can go with that. So let's take a step back and just understand what's happening. So, these people, if someone's paying 600 bucks for a shoot, they probably have a decent-size budget, and their healthy companies. And so, why do people want pretty girls in a commercial, with good personalities? How, why? Why do they want that? (mumbling) 'Cause what? It sells. It sells their product or service. So the real thing here, what they really want, is to make more sales. So, we have to say how can we leverage that for you to make more sales for the company so that you continue to be valuable, so they need you even beyond the shoot? And how you can keep billing them again and again and again. So one thing you had was commercials. That's great. I'm also guessing you probably would do photo shoots, too, for them? Yeah. Great. What else? You guys feel free to chime in, too. What else? Well I do swimsuit, as well, so it's hard, that's a weird one 'cause it's like they're hiring your physical fitness, I guess or what your appearance. But they'll take that, and then what? Put it like calendars and stuff? Usually, more catalog, to sell their suits. Catalogs, okay. That's good, that's helpful. So commercials, photo shoots, catalog, you can see how they all can be different and be leveraged in different ways. So different ways that you can add value, this is helpful. Give me one or two more. Let's see here. Guys, feel free to get creative, open your brains. At home, too. If you guys have it in the chat. This is one of the things that I really pride myself in, so to speak, is not just teaching but practicing. To me, this is practice, 'cause that's the game. is practice, that's how you get better. So if you're home right now, I encourage you, put it in answers, even if you feel stupid, if you feel silly for doing so, put in the answers. Do you use your own social media to market yourself, to where you can actually take money from companies, like one on one, to do influencer marketing? I personally don't, but that's only because my following isn't big enough yet to attract brands to want to collaborate, but I would like to, for sure. Influence slash promotion. And I like it. It's the pressure, and then one final one. I, oh. Oh, we got two? Let's go two. I've had some corporations who hire models like you to represent their brand, at events. Local events. Yeah, brand ambassador. Local events, appearances. Yeah. Yeah. Promotional, I think is what that's called. Okay, appearances slash promo. Cool. It's giving us services in a lot of different ways. Commercials, photo shoots, catalog, influence, appearances, promoting. So, now we have to say, you said your following. Tell me about your following, right now. What do you wanna know about it? How big is it? You said it was small. How big is it? On Instagram, I think I have a little bit over 2,000 followers. So two K followers on IG. So, remember this, I wish I could go to worksheet, but remember the exercise earlier, when I said everyone write out your distribution, and it was a square? IG, this is exactly what I was talking about, here, so this is good timing. So, IG. What about Facebook? Do you use Facebook at all? I think I have 500 on my business page. Kay, 500 on your business page. Great. What else? I have Twitter, but I don't use it. It's okay. (laughing) And then Snapchat, as well. Okay, watch this. And LinkedIn, as of yesterday. (laughing) I like it. Shout out to Marcus, where are you? Marcus, you watching this, man, LinkedIn, baby. We got you. If you guys missed Marcus' LinkedIn training, just another reason to click that button beside you and buy this training, so you can go back to cool stuff like this. I'm not plugging or anything, I'm just making a recommendation. (laughing) I'm going to teach you guys something that's a little off lesson, but it still has to do with Facebook, and it's a pretty cool tactic. So, right now, how many of you at home, in here, have limiting belief that your following's not really big enough, and so nobody will take you seriously? A lot of us do. Yeah, a lot of us. At home. So, are you guys okay with me showing you a hack? (laughing) A short cut? It's this. So, here's what's cool is one thing that you can always do just like you can make up products or services, you can always add skill sets, add tools to your belt. So let me tell you what I know that most models can't do. They may be able to organically post a picture to their followers, but not many of them are aware of how to target their ideal audience and put it in front of them. So, what if you can add a service to amplify all of these ones that says hey, sure I'll come to your photo shoot. That's 600 bucks. But if you'd also like me to post about it, that's 300 bucks. And then if you want me to put that post in front of a minimum of 20,000 people who are all into motorcycles, that's gonna cost you an additional 750 bucks. Now here's a cool thing. On Facebook, to do that, that's going to cost her like $30. 30 bucks of what they don't know how to do. So now, you can go up to these places and guarantee them if you promote me, I promise you, I'll give you a detailed report, of this picture reaching 20,000 people of all people who like the big brand motorcycle companies. Mr. Customer, does that sound interesting to you? (mumbling) Guarantee. And they go, oh, you can guarantee? Yes, I even print it out on Facebook, and I will show you exactly the demographic that you reached. The age, the gender, the whole deal. It's over, it's over. Just like that. Should I drop it? Yeah, you don't wanna drop it. If it was my camera, you could drop it. My microphone. But we were borrowing that. So, let's go here. Now, let's plug it in. Let's get like a sales flow here. So, first things first is, okay great, let me feature in your commercial. I won't go too much tangent, but this is important to understand, the reason why I'm choosing commercials out of this because it's what I like to call pillar content, meaning you can dissect all this other microcontent from it. From the video, you can get still shots that are worth being photos. From the video, you can leverage this exact video for her to promote on her Facebook, Instagram and everything else. So, the video gives her all this. From the video, she can run people an awareness campaign to let them know that she's going to be in town, at this place to go here. So, it's one service that she's gotta focus on, and all the rest she can leverage having that one thing. So that's why on the sales page, we want to start off our commercial right here. Okay, and that makes sense? So now, what can she offer, I kind of gave it away, but what's a first up sell after the commercial? What's the first up sell after the commercial? Promotion? The promotion. Cool? The promotion, what's that mean? (mumbling) Posting it on Facebook, right, with X amount of views. So the very first thing you up sell is I'll post it on X amount of views. Something else that we can do that I didn't talk about is this: cool, I can do that on Facebook. Would you also like me to do it on Instagram? Would you also like me to do it on YouTube? Well, she can do some behind-the-scenes stories. Psh, behind the scenes. Would you also like me to show, exactly. The sky's the limit. Literally, you can keep taking 'em. Cool, up sell on Facebook, this is what it is. Great, you want it on Instagram, too? Cool, you want it on YouTube, too? I take a step back, dang, this is not your average model. She's really bringing some firepower here. She understands the sales game. Straight forward, simple. What do you think? Thank you. Something you can implement? Absolutely. Like right away, today, like this second. Literally, you can call up previous businesses that you already worked with and say like, hey 'member that video shoot that we did? Yeah. 'Member how it's just like sitting there for eight months and we're not doing anything with it right now? Do you want me to put it in front the right people and see if we can drive some sales? Then, I don't want to go too far, but let's say that that promotion, the video is bad ass, and it works and people are buying, and now she says, cool, I just want a percentage of the sales that I bring in. The skill set unlocks so much. All comes to creativity, right? Just thinking. I didn't give her anything new. This is what she's doing. She just had the same limiting belief we all have. No one will see it. It's 'cause she just didn't have the tools and the know how to get it done. And that's why I said in the very beginning today is what you don't know will kill you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. (clapping) I appreciate it. You did it. You survived, you survived. I did, thanks. You made it. Side note, I still have this red slash on me. I kept it. Paul's like yo, you gotta wipe that off. Like, no. I will not, we're together in this forever, now. Let's do one more, then let's hop to some questions from the audience. Sure. There's some other things I coulda went through in this section, guys, but to me this is the most important. It's one of the most important lessons that I've taught today, because the reason why I'm going through this up sell structure is because a lot of the times, what you guys are offering right now, there's just not enough money in it to make it work with paid advertising. That's why this matters. And that's why a lot of you are afraid of paid advertising, 'cause you never thought about it like this. That make sense? Who wants to be the last one? My guy right there, let's go. (cheering and clapping) Let's roll. Let's roll. He did the slow, dramatic hand raise, too. It was. I'm there. Bring it in, man. What's going on? How are you? What's up, dude? Thank you for being here. Hi, everybody, my name's Tim. Tim. Why don't you tell everybody who you are and what you do while I erase this board, and then Chris will take over. Sure, so my name's Tim and I'm in the beginning phases of a travel advice service. So, I like to travel, it's one of my favorite things. I've been to over 40 countries by myself backpacking and now I've got a, starting on Instagram and Facebook, a page called GOAT Get Aways, Get Out And Travel get aways, and I'm looking for advice on ways to help other people travel. Certainly, something a lot of people would want to do but they don't know how to, and I'd like to share my advice. Gotcha. So, I missed part of it because I was erasing. Sure, sure. Chris, did you have anything you wanted to go now, are we good here? I'll just do one thing. We just wanted to get clarification on our last volunteer. Would you be willing to share your Instagram handle? We had people who were wondering how to-- (laughing and chatting) You know, we want promote you while we have the opportunity here. See, I just got you a gig. There we go. I want half, I want half. That's gonna be @isagriffin, and that's on Facebook, Instagram-- You should spell that. You should spell that, 'cause there's people-- @isa, it's like Lisa without the L. I-S-A G-R-I-F-F-I-N. @isagriffin. There you go. Boom. On all social media. Holla. Thank you, very much. Thank you. I wanna cut, I wanna cut. (laughing) So, let's go back to what you do. Sure, so I want to give travel advice. People who want to go traveling. Gotcha. Sure. Now, why would someone wanna do that? Get advice on traveling. Because they want to travel, but they don't know where to start. They don't know where to buy the flights, they don't even know where they want to go, they just know they deserve a vacation. They're afraid of going to a place that they've never been to before. Of course, you've run into issues that way. They got some doubts. Gotcha. So, what I'm understanding, just so I can understand the product a little bit more for service that you offer, is don't know where, is the question that you answer, it's the problem that you solve, a kind of problem solution exercise. In addition to not knowing where, you also don't know how much. Cost is a huge factor. People think traveling is the most expensive luxury that only the top percent can afford, and I can prove it otherwise. Gotcha, and they don't know how to afford it. Number two's kind of whack, but the other ones are good. They are good. All right, cool. That's a service that I think a lot of people would be interested in. Who specifically, though? Because the person who's 21, just got out of school, they travel different than the person who just recently went through a break up and wants to get on a plane and get the hell out of town. Right? So there's a lot of plays. Or the newly engaged couple who's looking for places to do their honeymoon. Honeymoon, yeah. See what I'm saying? There was all three different brainwaves working. So, choose one. Sure. Well, probably my best service would be someone relatable to me, 20-something, single-- Ah, Millennials. Yeah, well, Millennials, I know. Wah! (laughing) Imagine that. I probably am not the best to give advice to someone, a retired couple, so-- I love that, truth in your brand. That's dope. All right, I don't even know how to spell Millennial. (laughing) Billy Gene, the Millennial hates Millennials. All right, so Millennials. Those people in their 20s is, they've got a cool career and stuff like that. They got a decent amount of money, but probably not lots of vacation or they want to, and you're saying you can solve that for them? Absolutely. So, let's go through the products and services that you can offer. Are you ready for this? Absolutely. Actually, let me erase this now that we have clarity on here, and let's start by going to the exercise prior to this. So again, the reason why I keep going to the worksheet, y'all, is so you have something beyond me. 'Cause there will be a point in time where I am no longer live streaming and you're gonna say, wait a second, how do I do this again? And the work sheets are the key. So you can either take a picture, try and write them down or just buy the course and I'll send them to you, but that's not here or there. You ready for this? Absolutely. (mumbling) It's been like 14 times. It's been pretty good. All right, here we go. So, product or service number one? Honestly the biggest one would be immediate ways that you could save money on traveling. How would you deliver that? Honestly, it would probably be a prerecorded video that I could send to them, five minute, 10 minute-long video, hit some bullet points on how you can, right now, save money on your next trip. Video guide. Okay, so there's one product or service. What else? Probably the next one would be how to stay at a-- Can you do a cool book? Don't you just see like a $10 book, being like great, here's everything you know about traveling. Get this book. Sure. Free plus shipping, we could do something cool like that. I see it all the time. Honestly. Yep. So, travel book. Another one could be packing. What are you gonna bring on this trip? Ah, dope. You get those Pinterest info graphs. That's right. Packing guide you can create. These are all the lower tickets. This is fun. What else we got? I was just thinking for me, the tools and items that frequent travelers use, like expert travelers. They have their own set. Maybe like a box of just those things. A neck pillow they're gonna bring. Oh, like a travel, like tool kit. Yeah. Got you. Which you can sell and be an affiliate to. Absolutely. Another question right there. Credit. Traveling points. Oh, sure. This one-- Credit card management, getting-- I love that stuff. You can basically, the truth is, with some tips and some know how, you can travel for free almost by leveraging the dollars you spend every day on something and just getting cash back or getting points back. Miles, points, you name it. So, that's a big one some people are afraid of. How do you start that? I love it. Now, watch this. Now let's go higher ticket, 'cause you have to sell a bunch of these to make the money that you want. So, these are all great ways to attract his customers, to start bringing some money in, to help pay for the advertising spin, but he's not going to make his real money there, which is the point of this exercise today. So how can he take this? He gets a bunch of people, he gets 100 people to buy this guide, and 25 to take the video course, and they're like this is awesome, I'm saving so much money. But remember what I've said multiple times today. What holds a lot of entrepreneurs back is overwhelm. Do you think there are some people that will go through this and be like, oh my God, this is the best stuff ever but now I need to pack, what do I do? Let me plan the trip for you step-by-step-by-step. Ah. Let me plan it for you. I'm gonna hold your hand. I'm going to give you a 30-minute phone call, private one on one. Let me plan it for you. Or 22-minute phone call. Something like that. Come back to you to plan it the whole way, start to finish. Let me plan it with you. I love it. So hey, the phone consultation. Sit on the phone, we can kinda do it together. Or just like, dude, screw it. You just want me to book all the things for you? Give me your information, I'll just get it back. Just show up. (laughing) Dope. So, now let's go to the second exercise in this. Now, sales page. I'm saying you can almost put these together to make the ultimate checklist. It's like hey guys, I put together this book that covers every single thing that you need to know about traveling, how to do it for almost free, how to rack up a stupid amount of credit card points, how to every tool that you'll need that you're going, and also what to pack, and the best places to go, 'cause I've done this. So, if you're a Millennial, these are the best places to go, here's all that. And I put it in this book here, right here for you. Matter of fact, I'm gonna send it to you for free, you just pay the shipping. Now, the other part is, we're here sales page. Now we're gonna go into the up sell. For those of you who are like me, you don't really like to read 'cause you're a Millennial and you're too cool, so how about you just watch the video? I just outlined a video of me doing it step by step. I share my screen going through the whole thing, would you just like to just buy this by the damn video and just copy it? On one monitor, pull this up, on the other one, pull up your web browser and just go through it with me. Sounds good. Okay, great. So, for those of you that are super duper lazy and impatient, do you want me to just do this for you? Do you want to just hop on a call and do this together? Like, hey I'll just hop on, I wanna spend 30 minutes and like we'll get this all done? Okay, cool. For those of you that don't even want to deal with that much, want me to just do it for you? Like literally, just go in and just get it all done for you so you can just show up and enjoy your trip? Perfect, cool. And those of you that don't, you can just get 'em with some more do it yourself stuff on the down sales. Done. Done. You can sell 100 books and break even on your hundred books, and just one person takes the done for you for 750 bucks, a grand. Yeah, hey. I'd say yes to that. Yeah. (laughing) Then you make another course of how to travel, by teaching people how to travel after traveling. Yeah, there it is. Thanks, man, for coming up. I appreciate ya. Appreciate it. Bring it in, bring it in. Thank you. Boom, right? (clapping) I kinda wanna use the rest of the time to, if there's any questions on there that we can answer, but again, I'm just a very like practical, simplistic teacher. And so, to me it's like what I've learned from teaching is that no way you've gonna remember all the stuff, but if I can just give you like three exercises to actually do, it'll make all the difference on the road in your life. This is one of those exercises. Get really good at it. And also, too, a cool way to practice is literally go outside, look at a business and start doing this in your head. Or study a business, and go to the grocery store and see how you want to go get eggs and left with milk, cheese, string cheese, Nutrigrain bars, cake, as you hid at the bottom so nobody saw it. Then everything else that came in. You see what I'm saying? It's everywhere, it is actually happening everywhere. It's not a new concept. It's what all businesses that are healthy do. The first thing you see is usually just a surface level. Okay? What we got there, Chris? Any questions here in the room before I get? Oh, you. This might be jumping ahead of the gun a little bit, but how do you know if it's the right up sell or down sell? Do you need to test it and figure out-- Yeah, we have we have a slogan internally in the agency and it's simple. It's let the data dictate. Because all we can do right now is this. Sit in a room with a bunch of smart people and be like, yeah, that feels pretty good. But nothing is gonna tell you like this. Even as we were just talking now, what may even be cool is maybe don't bundle these, and literally running four ads at the same. 25 bucks for the packing guide, 25 bucks for the tool kit, 25 bucks for the point checklist and how to do it for free, 25 bucks for the best destinations. See what people love. The data will tell you, and then chase it and just keep going after that. Good question. We have many artists who are watching who do a lot of custom-created products. So this one from Madge says that she sells one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that aren't particularly scalable, and she's looking for some ideas on up sell tips. Like what if you're up sell requires a lot of work and it's very customized, one-of-a-kind products? How do we do up sells with those? Sounds like you can make more money. Yeah, it'll just take longer. So, for example, I don't know if she could tell us more about the products, but if you sold like custom vintage pants-- Like art prints? We've had fine art prints, vintage pieces of art. Okay, gotcha. So, I'll finish the pant thought and I'll go right to art. But like, for example, if your whole thing is you hand stitch pants, and like your jeans take you so much, what does everybody wear with jeans? Belt. A belt, socks, shoes. That's what you do. You go into the next product lane. But going with the painting thing, I'm not as familiar with the industry, but we did talk a lot a little bit earlier, if you have a custom paint something, now you need to have a custom frame something. Or you need to have like hey, if someone's into art that much, they may appreciate you framing the brush that you created it with, and use that. They may appreciate a time-lapse video that you filmed the entire session so they can see it from A to Z, and posts all their friends on Facebook. That was pretty good, huh? I just made that one up. But again, it all goes back to creativity. And the only reason why I'm in the rhythm is again, just six years of sitting there and people bringing questions and I go why don't we try this. And then you try some of it and then you realize that the thing you made up on the second is the real business. People start to like that more. And then she realizes that oh my God, these time-lapse videos get me customers every time I post one. So now I don't have to worry about marketing anymore 'cause every time I do a piece I get four more requests 'cause they watched my video. And then you take that on Facebook and you boost it to people who like similar art, and then you show the video and say want me to make you one, too? It's all really synergistic. What else we got? So I know that you were just talking a little before about Millennials not not reading as much, not-- I don't know if that's true, I was just being an ass. No stereotypes, but we did have a question on what do you do to try to stay up to date with social media? If you're not reading books, or how do you keep up with the latest trends or latest things that change on Facebook? That's a good question. Podcaster life, I think. A lot of people realize that, but a lot of people don't, but the thing that I like about podcasts is it allows you to also win back your time. So, the challenge with video sometimes is like when you're watching a video, like everybody is right now, you're watching video, you're stuck watching video. But when you've got audio and the teaching's there, you can dance, you can clean, you can drive, you can still multitask. So I found for me, listening to different people's podcasts is huge. The other thing, too, is a lot of people aren't crazy about reading and things like that, so I have a trick that's worked for me, as I've never been like a crazy reader but I love to read about problems that I'm currently having. So I only read, I don't like, if someone likes, Billy, just read this book, I'm not really gonna read it. Maybe every blue moon, but not likely. But if someone's like, hey Billy, how do grow to your organization to 50 employees, here's a step-by-step guide to do so. Guess what? I can read, now. And I'm excited about it. So just being strategic about actually listening to stuff that's solving a problem for you, as opposed to just being motivated is everything. 'Cause we're also, as entrepreneurs, we run into that challenge, too, where we're just end up in a sea of Tony Robbins videos and motivational videos for like seven hours and you're like yeah, this was cool but I didn't actually do anything. Yeah. I'll ask this next one that came in from Gabe, and I know it does help to show a lot of variety in the different types of businesses, but Gabe specifically, he's looking to help, he works in the nonprofit world, trying to get people to donate. What if your customers, they're not necessarily a customer, they're donors, does anything change with that process? If people are physically getting a product, they're not getting a service. 100%, and first of all, I'm glad you guys are asking these questions, so even though I'm saying it's the same process, it helps other people to understand these 'cause I've seen more examples. One thing I'll tell you with donations. Sometimes you can get up sells in the form of just quantity, meaning, if you wanna do donations on Facebook, first of all, it's like the easiest thing in the world to do and it's the most under-utilized thing ever. Hire a really good video team. You actually need a good video team like this that can make an emotional video that would make people cry about whatever your cause is. That would really touch somebody's heart. Then go to Facebook. There is literally a zillion Facebook pages and groups for everything that has to do with donating. Like whether it's cancer or anything. Right? There are so many places and you can run that video out of there and then have people click here to donate. But the up sell is if somebody will donate five bucks, do you think they'll probably donate 10? That's your up sell. Cool man, I see that you hit five bucks. We appreciate it. But can you do another 10 so that we can send an additional three people to this country or we, watch this, can you send an additional 10 bucks so we can feed another 25 families? Your an ass if you say no. You're kind of a, you know? You're not really an ass if you say no. It's like you're human, but nonetheless, we can all agree that a percentage will take that, right? So there you go, and then watch this, there's also more than ways to donate. Almost every nonprofit that's asking for money also needs time and hands and commitment. So, okay, hey I understand that five bucks is your max right now. Would you mind donating an hour of your time to do X, Y and Z? And maybe that X, Y, and Z is a profit-producing activity that actually helps you bring in money. Will you help us ask for money? Creativity. Same rules apply at every single time. Just creativity of what to ask.

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Not only does Facebook have more users than any other social media site, it earns the lion’s share of online advertising dollars. So if you want to be where the paid advertising action is, it’s a good idea to focus on Facebook.

But keep in mind, advertising on Facebook can be complicated. With so many types of ads available and so many different ways of targeting audiences, novice social media marketers can feel overwhelmed.

Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing and one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will show you his tips and tricks for ensuring your Facebook ads help you reach your business goals.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

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  • Manufacture fame by staying in front of your audience.
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Naik Media

I've been looking for that boost, that little step up to actually say I know how to market my products. Yes, you'll learn Facebook ads, but there is so much more brilliant info that will increase your sales, upsells etc. One of those CL courses that deliver way beyond what's promised in the title. Thank you Billy Gene - this has been SO helpful!

Joshua Proto

Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

Cat in the Moon Photo

Are you afraid of sales and marketing? I know I was!! Notice that is past tense? Billy will be your new best friend, but a friend that will kick you in the a** while holding your hand. Do you see that little blue button that says "buy" - just do it! You will not regret it. There is so much information in this course that you will not be able to digest it all the first time you see it, and the work sheets are invaluable. By the end of the class, I knew exactly where I needed to start to cut through the noise on social media so that I would be noticed, and I had clear method to do it. PS - I need a videographer to shoot the 5 rockin ideas I came up with during the class, lol.