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Retargeting Formula

Lesson 18 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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Lesson Info

18. Retargeting Formula

Lesson Info

Retargeting Formula

Without going techy, retargeting is just those annoying ads that follow you around the internet. You've all seen them. You go to Amazon, you go to a shopping cart, you leave and then they're like showing up everywhere. It's like, how do they know I want those clippers or whatever it is, or those embarrassing things you wanna buy and they follow you around everywhere. So, really quick, if you wanna learn more about the people that you love, take their phone for a day and just see the shit that pops up. You'll know everything that they're looking into, everything that they want, or if he's cheating, right? Like whatever you've gotta find, okay. So I'm gonna show you guys this retargeting diagram right now. Sorry, my dark sense of humor's not funny. (audience laughing) Okay so check this out. Retargeting, I'm just gonna go through and talk about kind of capabilities, as opposed to like the techy stuff because what you guys need to understand is when someone sees your Facebook ad, the cool...

thing about that is every single, and we talked about that a little bit earlier but every single person who watches that video, you have the ability to retarget. So as far as tactics for you guys, or my people in the audience who have physical products, you can make a two minute demonstration of your product and so the people who watch 95% of that, retarget them now that they've seen it and understand it, with a quick image ad that says, hey you forgot to buy this. Let me give you some incentive. So we have this really simple formula and worksheet. It's this. Hey, you forgot to buy your Squatty Potty, that's why I'm reminding you, if you buy your Squatty Potty now, then I'll also give you this miniature golf game you can play while you're on the toilet. (audience laughing) That's a real thing that we actually had at our, like what's the white elephant thing, your Christmas thing called? I got it, we still haven't opened it but it's like a little thing, so that when you're sitting on the toilet, you can just play golf. (audience laughing) It's a hit but what's this? If you didn't buy and you saw that bundle, do you think that might be a good incentive to get it? So what are some other ones? Give me a volunteer, give me a hot seat. So I'm gonna do a quick retargeting. What's something that you can add in to get somebody re-engaged? What is it, somebody? Give me something, who wants to read it for a hundred bucks? Wow, fear has got you. Come on up, come on up. Yeah, why not? So this card. How do I guarantee I get a hundred dollars? I'll tell you, I'll give you a hundred. (audience laughing) I'll give her a hundred bucks, guaranteed. There you go. Good. (laughing) And here's the thing, I guarantee you, if I don't, Chris will pay, okay? Great, got it. So, here you go. Retargeting formula for your business. So for me, I would say, like hey, you forgot to have me review your first three Facebook ads. I think that's the example that we were using earlier. So, if you schedule a time for me to do that right now, then I'll also throw in my YouTube course, free. Simple, easy, it doesn't have to be crazy. What could you use? Let's see. Hey, you forgot to... Choose a time to set up a call with me. Whoa, what's the service, again? Weddings. Okay, got you. If you set one up today or tomorrow, then I can also offer a complementary engagement session. There you go, done. That works, good job, you did it. (audience clapping) Hundred bucks, easiest money ever but my point is with this, is all of you could pick up your cell phone and say this line on video. It'd take you two seconds and it costs like two cents to show somebody a retarget. Literally, I'm not exaggerating. Two cents to show somebody a retargeting ad. Pretty powerful. So what ends up happening is, when you get a little more complicated, once somebody clicks your ad and they go to your landing page or your website, you can put what's called a Facebook and AdWords pixel on there, which is just non-techy, some text that you put on there that says, every person that lands on this page, I want the ability to advertise to them later. The end, that's all it means. So what we do is, we will then show up on Instagram, we will then show up on Facebook, we will do swipe up stories, we will do YouTube. So that's when customers start to feel like we're everywhere. So real estate agents, especially. I see so many real estate agents spend money on print, on billboards, or to get their faces on benches so that people can sit on them all day and they spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on this and I'm like, how much are you guys doing on Facebook? They're like, oh we don't do the whole social media thing. We're old school. Yes, you are. Yes, you are but what you really should be doing is setting up a five to ten mile radius, whatever your zip codes are, choosing by zip code and every single time that someone is looking for a house or they go on their Facebook or Instagram or YouTube, they should see your face and know that you're the person, period. You can so easily become a celebrity in your niche, right now because of the simple fact nobody knows how to do this and it would take you two seconds to make these videos. Like literally, just take your phone and just, period. Do the problem, solution thing. Talk about a different problem every single time. You'll win, retargeting. So between that, following up with text messages and just picking up the phone and calling. You guys will be better off. I think you'll increase your sales and, you know, the whole like first three lessons things. I feel like there's some things in there that you guys could use right now to implement right away. How many feel like we learned a lot of shit, today? (audience laughing) Right, so. Here's what I'm totally cool doing and we talked about this in the back, like we're gonna do right now. Learn more, I think Nicole will pull it up right there. and what I'll do is on Monday around 3:30 Pacific Standard Time, I'll do a training and what we'll do is, we'll just do an ad creation from A to Z. Meaning I'll hold your hand and we'll create an ad together and just get it up, so that way you guys can have your first ad running and if you're already running, you can have your first good ad running, like one that's gonna work and be profitable. Does that sound fair? Yeah. Because I know that this was a lot. It's like oh shit, okay, I get all this. So I think it would be helpful for everybody in the audience, everybody sitting here, today, is cool, let's just take Monday. I'll sit there with my team and my squad and we'll say, step one, do this. Step two, do this and we'll go through the steps so that by the end of it, you can actually turn around and know a little something, something, or at least be a couple steps away, you know what I mean? Is that fair, does that sound good? Was today helpful? Yes. Thank you for having me. What was that domain, we have it? Nicole, you wanna put it up there? What is it? I just feel like I'm messing this up and I'm gonna get yelled at from my team. (laughing) I'll just post it in the chat, here. There you go, thank you. There you go, yeah. So super simple, guys, and it's free, by the way. There's no, like, cost or anything else. So Holla. That's what the page looks like, see? Super easy, you just click a button, put your name. Cool. Do we have any final questions, here, for Billy before we wrap things up? So I set up Facebook ads for a couple of clients and I'm doing it like a manager page, I can do it from my, when I log in but I'd rather do it, so like, I'm paying for a couple of ads, whatever, right? And they've, you know, they pay back, obviously but is there a different way of doing it so that it's under them? Business Manager. So Facebook has an entire thing called the Business Manager, so we'll have like several hundreds, about a thousand accounts that we all manage and literally, you can assign their credit card to that file so you don't have to be billed, at all, but the beauty of it is, you can also put your own credit card on file if you want the points. As my travel guy will tell you about getting his points. So there's a lot of cool ways you can do that. So that's the kind of deeper level we can go into on Monday, again it's the free training exercise, my way of saying thank you to you guys and Creative Live for rocking with us and allowing us this opportunity, so. Yeah, if I say anything to get better at, it's just keep it simple and just make videos that really help people and ask them what they wanna buy. The end and then practice on the sell stuff. You'll be better off. Cool? Cool, we got our last chance. Some slides up there for you to plug anything else. How can people keep in touch with you? We go live on Facebook a lot, that's like our thing. So make sure you like our Facebook page if you want, there. YouTube, we post a ton of videos to YouTube and Instagram is something that my team finally kicked my butt to get on, so if you wanna just see me be stupid or like family videos or something, Instagram may be an option. For now, keep it simple and yeah, that's all I really got. So cheers, appreciate you guys. Thank you for having me. That's great, thanks a lot Billy.

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Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

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