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The Ad Copy Process

Lesson 6 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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6. The Ad Copy Process

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The Ad Copy Process

A lot of you have multiple products or services or multiple ways that you can help people, so you always group them, you know what I mean? Cause your brain goes into kind of a worried panic mode and you start saying, by the way, my name is Billy Jean, I'm a marketer and if you need a website, I can do your website, but also too, if you already have a website that you really like, then I can just fix up your logo, and if you have a good website and you have a good logo then I can also do your customers. If you already have good customers and you don't have videos, I can also do videos, and if you don't do videos, I can also do writing, I can do your emails. If you don't do emails, I can do your emails. If you don't, oh my god, right? Jack of all trades means your a master of none. Who do you want to hire? A master. So you're showing your cards early. So it's really important that you choose the one product your selling, and again, it doesn't mean you can't sell the other stuff. It just ...

means you gotta do one ad for one product for one mission for one message, K? Next thing is you gotta carry over that audience you're selling to. The other thing you have to do, especially on Facebook, nobody goes on Facebook to shop. That's the biggest difference between Google and Facebook. Google, people have intent. They say, best price on mattress. It's a different psychology. That's why a lot of people come to Google and they suck at Facebook, cause they don't understand it's a different massage. These people, we know their ideal from our targeting, we're smart marketers, but we also have to light a fire for them to actually do anything about it. And so that's why we give incentive. So, what are some cool incentives, and write them down right now, that you can give that doesn't cost you a ton. Maybe it's free, that other people would find valuable. What are they? Go ahead. What's up? Text service. Text service, yeah, text up some cool quotes for free. That's good. What else? Who else has got some stuff? Free consultation. So, I like how you said that, cause you just reminded me of a whole other lesson I can go into right now. And everybody can benefit from. This is important. You really have to identify the section there of incentive into what's incentive and what's resistance. So, I will do a fun exercise. We'll use the word consultation. Ready, when you guys hear the word consultation, what do you think of? What is it? Gonna be sold to. You're gonna be sold to, sales. What else? Advice. You think advice? Okay, what else? What was that? Pressure. Pressure, got it. Education. Education. Now, don't forget, also, consultation, which type of professions usually use consultations? Doctors. How many of you are excited to go to the doctor or the dentist? (audience laughter) Right. And if you said you're excited to go to the dentist, that means you're one of the few that doesn't have cavities. Imagine if they checked us all out, half of us got cavities and we're just playing it off right now. Some of you've got cavities, you just haven't done it yet, it's too expensive. Contemplating going to Mexico to get it done. Why do I know so much about this? I don't know. (audience laughter) We're talking consultation. You guys have to be obsessed with the words that you're using. Are they really creating resistance, are they really an opportunity or an incentive? When you tell someone, hey I wanna have a consultation with you, it immediately puts them on the defense cause they'll have a consultation, that means there's something wrong with me. And you know how good we are at taking accountability. Nope. Not at all, right? So these are the things that you're putting in when you're giving away a consultation. Same with education. Same with your ebooks. Come on now. How many of you have ever downloaded an ebook before? And then you didn't read the ebook. Keep your hand up. That's my boy, Nicholas Kugemitch, he always talks about that. But ebook, it's not an incentive anymore. It used to be, it's a hassle now. I gotta educate myself, that's a hassle, it sounds like work. Shout out to the people that are here today, you're willing to work. But there's a lot of people who aren't. So, let's rephrase this when it comes to incentive. Let's think about stuff that people actually want, or there's a way to frame these things to actually make them excited about it. So, if I tell you we're gonna have a marketing consultation, you're gonna be like, ugh I have to talk about my business, you're gonna get stressed out, anxiety. But what's a different way to foot that. How can I get you excited about having a marketing consultation? Let's give it to my man in the back there, the two in the back, you have microphones here. I would call it a discovery session. A discovery session, okay, discovery session, cool. Anybody else got something else, what else? A discovery session. Right in front of you. What about hints and tricks and hacks? Tips, tricks, hacks, see, I love this conversation because also to you, remember I talked about quality of customer earlier today? When you say, tips, tricks, hacks, shortcuts, who are you attracting? You're attracting Billie Jean in high school. You don't want that guy. (audience laughing) I started every assignment at 7:43am that was due at 8:00. (audience laughing) that's a shortcut. What kind of customer would I have been then? Different person now. But I'll be your own mind okay? So all these things matter. So, one way that you can do, instead of a consultation, don't focus on the title, focus on what they're going to get. What's the benefit of the consultation? So, watch this. Instead of a consultation, what if I said, hey, you guys can go ahead and submit three of your Facebook ads to me, and I'll personally hop on a call with you and review them in real time. Now who wants that? Raise your hand. It was the same stuff. That's a consultation. See, and I just framed it of how it is. So these are the things you want to think of. When you have your incentive, you really need to ask yourself, is this an incentive, or is this resistance? And the name you call it absolutely will create the difference. Next is urgency. Gotta have urgency. Everybody will wait if they can. Everyone is Billie Jean at 7:40 in adult life, like waiting til the last minute. Because we've got lives. So if you don't give someone an incentive to buy right now this second, to give you their name, email, and phone number right now this second, here's what they'll do. Oh my god, I love this ad! I'm gonna save it and come back to it later. You know, cause that's what you all do. I do it. That was a great video. Let me email this to Ashley, I'll get to it later. You know what I mean? So you guys gotta figure out a way to do it. And do it in an honest way. So, sticking with the theme of consultation, or reviewing your Facebook ads, now obviously everyone understands that that takes time to do, so when I say I'm only gonna limit this to five people, it's cause I don't want to sit there and review more than 15 ads. And you get it. So now I have urgency to take action right now, but it's real, and that's where you have to find that balance. It's gonna be different for every industry. So that's where you gotta do a little bit more work. Continue on here on this screen, is grabbing attention. So the first one kind of goes out there, k? Grabbing attention, this is about the first sentence you're gonna write in your ad. And I'm gonna give you a couple different tactics to do, but please write these down and actually implement them. Number one is calling them out and saying, hey, well let me actually update this. Note, please check in with Facebook's privacy terms, and what you can say and what you don't. You can google and put Facebook rules and a page will pop up, cause they have changed a lot in regards to how you can do this, and I always say, don't ever try and sneak something around Facebook, don't try to submit something that you know they're not gonna be happy about that just got approved, because then if a human ever does look at it, they will reject your account, even if it's something you did six months ago, and then you're gone. So I always say, when you're advertising these platforms, play by the rules, because it has so much potential to change your life, so just respect it. Now, having said that, one of the great ways that we used to do it, still like to do it if we're able to is calling people out. And so for example, and I know I'm running an ad to paramedics, and that's what they do. Literally in the beginning of the ad saying, hey, paramedic, it's like somebody calling your name, how do you not scroll down and stop? They flag it because sometimes you can say, hey, pregnant woman that's 45. (audience laughing) Hey black person. There's no actual black targeting on that like that, that'd be funny though, right? Racist jokes aren't funny? (audience laughing) Okay, that's cool. So, on the second part of it, outside of calling them out is using a relevant quote. Quotes are a great way to start ads, and actually put the quote signs and read it. And if you suck at doing quotes, I'm gonna give you a really cool free tip. Put in Google and then go to images, and put in quotes for marketers, quotes for blank, quotes for moms, quotes for this, and you will get 230,000 quotes that you can scroll through in two seconds. So you don't gotta be a genius for a lot of this stuff. Get it? Genius, Billie Jean. (audience laughing) True genius says, copy genius. So there you go. So, that's one example. The other is using a crazy fact or stat, which is really easy to do by going to Fox or CNN, they all have all kinds of crazy stuff. Oh, people got political? (audience laughing) You took us to a different place, I'm just talking about advertising, you guys are going to votes and all that. So, using crazy facts, it's a good one. The other one is to ask a question that they care about. Asking a question that the audience genuinely cares about. And then lastly, use word formatting. Don't sleep on this opportunity. When I say word formatting, almost every single ad that you see on Facebook looks the same way. Just like text, and the picture, or whatever. So start it off by holding down space bar six times, then writing, and then in the middle of a sentence, put a new paragraph. And then tell them, hey, I just did a paragraph way too early to see if you're still reading this. See what I'm saying? Use pattern and erupt, pattern and erupt. You want to say how can I be different in this? So this is like easy stuff that everybody can use on all of your ads. They're gonna increase that click through rate that we talked about earlier, so you can pay a lot less. It's just good ways to get people engaged in the click. The next. You want to exaggerate their problems. This is where a lot of people miss. And the simplest exercise is to go through a why series. So, let's try this in person, I don't know how this will go, but I think it will be fun to do. Anybody want to come on up? Y'all don't know what I'm gonna do, so you're afraid. You're afraid of what's about to happen. Come on up. come on up. So, can we all, let's join hands, everybody in the audience, for a second, let's join hands. No, no, no, join hands, like hold hands in person. (audience laughing) Okay? And here you go. Let's just say a prayer for her, cause we don't know what's about to go. (audience laughing) We don't know how this could end right now, so we're looking out for you. I get really red when I'm embarrassed. You look great. Forewarning you all. That's fine. Matter of fact, here, now we're on the same page now. (audience laughing) Thank you. I get it on, k, so exaggerating your problems. Most of the time, this is the difference from saying is your house dirty? That's what you would see in most ads. But exaggerating a problem, an example of that would be like, is your house dirty and your anniversary is coming up, and your husband thinks you're a slob, and you're having friends over and you know he's gonna surprise you cause you read through his text messages, so you know people are coming over, and they're about to be here, but your house is messed up, so they're gonna come in, your sister's gonna be there, she's gonna start judging the hell out of you, your mom's gonna tell you you, me, or nothing, and blah blah blah. You really go into why people actually care about having a clean house. Nobody actually wants a clean house, nobody just wants other people talking crap to you about your dirty house. (audience laughing) You know what I mean? Some people are laughing, and the OCD people are like, nope, not true. (audience laughing) I keep myself clean. So that's an example of what I'm doing. So, what do you do? How do you help people? I'm a wedding photographer in Colorado. Gotcha, so why do you do that? I want to work for myself. Okay, here we go, you can stop there. She's a wedding photographer. Okay, and then I'm gonna go a level deeper. Now she says she's a wedding photographer because she wants to work for herself. Now, why do you want to work for yourself? I like to explore, and travel, and go outside, and I want my own schedule. Okay, so she likes to travel. Why do you like to travel? I like to see different places and meet new people. K, and you like to meet new people and see different places. Why do like to meet new people? I find it interesting. Why do you find it interesting? Because there's always a surprise, it's always something new. Why is being surprised important to you, and having something new important to you? I don't want my life to be boring. You don't want to be boring. I said I don't want my life to be boring. (audience laughing) You don't want your life to be boring. Why don't you want your life to be boring? Cause I don't want to be on my death bed and looking back and saying, what did I do with my life? And why does regret scare you so much? Um, it's just not a fun thing to have. So, why is fun so important to you? (audience laughing) I'm a human being. Gotcha, so why is happiness so important to you? Because I just want to be happy. You're challenging me. (audience laughing) Well, this is a funny thing about this exercise. If you go to everybody, guess where it always leads to? Happiness. Every single person I ask this to, it doesn't matter where you started, we would've came to the same conclusion of happiness. So, we started here, is I want to do wedding photography, and then it was, well I just want to work for myself, cause I want to freakin' travel, well why do you want to travel? I want to meet new people, I want to meet interesting new people. Well why is that important to you? Cause I don't want to be bored. And I don't want to regret not doing everything. I want to have fun, I want to be happy. So, now we understand her true motivation, so when it comes to exaggerating her problems, it's not about taking pictures at weddings that makes her excited, but the reason why she has to learn how to own Facebook ads is to monetize, and so she can freaking travel as much as she wants to, and not stress about it, and have the skill set to get gigs in whatever country you're in, so you can always provide those moments and yet still make yourself happy at the same time. See how now we're talking about something real? By just going levels deeper into what actually motivates her. See, that's the magic. That wasn't so bad, was it? No, that was awesome. You did great, you did great. Thank you. Round of applause. (audience applauding) And I have red marker on me because of you. I hope you're happy. (audience laughing) So, that's what exaggerating their problems mean. So, again, for those of you, maybe you're just tuning in, you may kind of come into this exercise and say what does this have to do with Facebook advertising? The answer is, everything. This is it. This is it. So if you ever meet somebody and they're like, your Facebook ads aren't working because of this tech button and this push button, no. It just means your message is off. You're just talking to the wrong person. And when you own that, it's way easier to fix. And less stressful. It's like oh, okay, well just figure out who I'm talking to. And then talk to them about what makes them happy. And it gets really easy. So, continuing on. Once their problems are stated, now you need to offer to solve that problem. And you need to do it in a low resistance way. Meaning in the beginning, if they don't know, you're probably not trying to make sense, so what's a problem that you can solve for them for free to earn their business? So if she just told us her greatest thing is she wants to travel because that's when she's happiest. Whatever we're offering her in this advertisement needs to give her a way to do that. It needs to give her a way. So, for example, Billie Jean has this great Facebook course that she can purchase, just like all of you can right now on the side of this window right here. And as a result of that, you're not gonna learn about Facebook stuff, you're gonna learn how you can travel, you're gonna learn how you can get gigs anywhere, you're gonna learn how you can charge higher prices cause you're such a demand, and now you don't have to take crappy jobs that make you miserable. That's why you should click that button right to the window. The whole field changes, right? The whole motion changes. So, that's the game that we're playing here. And then, the last part is the light a fire. Light a fire, right. Oh, and this case, remember if I'm not, oh there's a cuss word in that, I can slide back up. So as we're offering a way to solve that, going off the example I gave earlier. Maybe it's this. It's hey, you're a wedding photographer, you need more clients, and you don't know how to use Facebook ads, and as a result of that it's costing you your travel, your happiness, all those other things. So what I'd like to do is if you like, give me your name, email, and phone number and I'll give you a call, and I'll personally review whatever ads you're running on Facebook to get more wedding photography for your clients. Billy Jean. By the way, I can only do this for so many people, because I'm a real human, and I'm actually gonna look at it, and you and I are gonna talk on Skype, and we're gonna do this together. So, I'm gonna limit it to the first five people. Click here. See how it all flowed. Just following the formula. All I did was just go through from A to Z. I grabbed the attention, I called her out by wedding photographer, I talked about her problems, I offered to solve the problem for free, I gave her a reason to do it, now with lighting the fire. Formula, not luck. Process.

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