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The Sales Bridge

Lesson 17 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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17. The Sales Bridge

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The Sales Bridge

There's something else I wanna teach you guys about, is a bridge. And I'll get to this follow up stuff here in a second. Okay, now, this is for more or your higher tickets. Most of the higher ticket stuff is gonna be sold on the phone. But this concept is huge and even the bridge on a micro level, can really help your business. Chris am I good over there? Or does anybody got a burning question I need to answer? There aren't any questions right now. How are you guys feeling? Any questions before we move onto the next subject? Everybody good? Good? Okay, so, bridge clause, looks like this. This is for your higher ticket. And I hope as you guys are watching, you find ways to make this about your business, that is your duty. Got it? So, check this out. All sales are actually like this. Your customer is here. Your customer wants to be here. Your customer has never been here. So they only are imagining what it's like, but they have no idea how to overcome all these objections. So, what h...

appens is, you need to understand, number one, their reasons for wanting to cross the bridge. Because the bridge is hard. Right? If it's workin' out, it's like, "Oh shit, I gotta go to the gym," Right? "I gotta do this, I gotta eat healthy." It's a road, right? For all of us. Here though, you gotta ask them, "Why?" "Why is it that you want"-- what were some of the other industries, a lot of coaches, I know there's a lot of coaches on here, I should just use coaches. So this one's for the coaches. Okay, so you have some questions, and let's say it's people who want to help other people earn more income, because a lot of people have that business. So you ask them questions like, the same why sequence that we went through earlier, "Why is it, that you want to make money? Why?" And then usually they tell you the same things. Family. Time. And that's the core, and then a couple other objections, now don't put it here. But it's usually, family, time, and the big one, happiness. Period. And they feel like something's in their way from stopping them to get there. So, what your job to do here is once they identify why they want to cross the bridge, is you need to simply ask them, "Well, you've been in business now for four years, "what's stopping you from accomplishing that? "What's stopping you?" It's one of my favorite questions, I would actually note that one. "What's stopping you from accomplishing that? "Cool, you say you want to be at "20 thousand dollars a month. "Great. "You've also told me you've been doing this for five years. "You've also told me that you're the best in the industry, "So why haven't you hit 20 grand before? "Why haven't you hit 20 grand before?" It makes them have a moment of honesty. And then they tell you, "Well, to be honest with you, "I just haven't been able to get enough customers." And right now they start throwing out to you every single obstacle that's stopping them from coming across this bridge. "To be honest, I'm all alone. "I don't have anybody backing me up. "Every time I try and do this, I'm by myself. "All my friends are freaking losers. "All my friends are drinkin', they're partyin', "and I want more out of life." This is real conversation, right? And then they'll tell you, "Huh." So, two things are happening as they're telling you their objections. There's what they say, and then there's what they mean. Okay? So, when I hear that, "Look, to be honest with you, "I got a family, I got two jobs, "I just don't have the time for this stuff, man." They tell me time has been their challenge. What are they really saying though? They haven't made it a priority. Okay? When they're telling you, "Well shit, man, I just don't have a team. "I don't have resources." What are they really saying? "I'm afraid. "I'm all alone. "I got no support system, it's just me out here." Right? So, once you start to understand where they think their problems are, and what's really going on, you can start to deliver them solutions. So as you're having each call, I'm not kidding, draw a freaking bridge on a blank piece of paper. Find out why they want to get across from it. Find out why they think they've never been able to do, and then introduce your product, your service as a solution. Right? So, for my physical products, you know who does this best? NordicTrack. Anybody remember that? It's like the ultimate treadmill, or Peloton is the new thing now, right? So they play right into your stuff. They're like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, "you don't have time to work out, that's right, "you do got three kids, "that's right, you've never gonna drive there, "you're never gonna make it across town. "That's why we created a solution "that could be right in your living room." That's how they start to get you. Then they say, "Yes, it does suck to do this alone. "It is hard with no accountability, "that's why we include in each bike, to WiFi, "so you actually have a real instructor, "and you can see the performance "of the other classmates with you." So you literally can use this formula for anything. 'Cause everyone has the same challenges. So, once you bring in the solutions, and you're just literally addressing every single obstacle of what they said, they come to the point, and if you did your sales jobs right, they will ask you, "How do I get started?" That's the trick. When you really have a strong sales call, and you guys have all experienced it before, you don't need to ask them to buy right now. They will ask you, "What are the next steps?" 'Cause they're so ready, and they have clarity. People don't buy when they're lacking clarity on how their product or service can help them. They want to keep it simple. Understand why they want to get over, understand why they may stop, and understand how your product is a solution, period. That's it, and literally do this every single time, whether it's on the phone-- And then what happens, as you start to master this on the phone, now you start to put it in your videos, right? Now, in your videos, you can start reading their mind, and they're watching your video like, "Oh my God. "How does this person know so much about me?" Because humans are humans. And we're not unique. I'm not a Miss Cleo. I don't have a crystal ball, we're just not unique, and that's the biggest thing, especially with startups that I've found, is everybody thinks your problems are your own. And when you grow in business, you realize every business is exactly the same, you got marketing, sales, fulfillment, operations, technology, automation, legal, customer support, the end. Nothing else new happens. Anybody got any questions about sales obstacles or any challenges that you guys are facing. Chris, anybody in the audience wanna ask anything? Sales? I think we're good on that. Oh, question over there, go ahead. Sure. I was just wondering, this is mostly phone based, but do you have any recommendations for face to face in person? Same thing. Same thing. Literally, whether it's this same bridge, whether it's a freaking webinar online, whether it's Facebook. But I will tell you about in person, okay? In person is all about, what? Anybody know the difference? Body language. Body language. Body language, just like video is too. So when you're on video, how you stand, your energy, how you're approaching is all the same thing. On the phone, what you'll get is a lot of tone. Your inflections, your demeanor, how you're asking, the speed of which you talk, or how you see me sometimes, I'll come to you guys and I'll get real quiet, and then I'll get really loud, right? Now it's all the psychology, that's the game, right? That's the balance. But live is the same thing. Eye contact is huge in live. There's nothing worse when you're trying to sell someone, and they're like this. "Uh-huh, uh-huh." I sat in-- I won't even get into this story because I can't say the person who it was, but it's happened before. Couple other things I want to talk to you guys about. Text message follow up. So, we got into a point in our cell strategy where text messaging was the thing. So I was really evaluating my sales guys, and I was looking at the average call time, and how long were we staying on the phone, and then I realized, I'm like, "Man, 30 seconds. "Like, dude you didn't talk to anybody. "Why are you spending so long on this?" "Yo man what are you talking about? "I gotta leave a voicemail." And I was like, "How many people have called you back from a voicemail?" They're like, "Almost never." "Like how much time are we spending a day "between all you guys on leaving voicemails? "That's horrible." I said, "How many people are replying back to your texts?" They're like, "Everybody." So we made a rule, no more voicemails. We don't even leave them, period. Now that's when we have like a high influx of leads where we need to keep up. Now if I'm telling you you have a small amount of leads and everything counts, and you need to go all in, leave a voicemail. But for the sake of time, when it comes to scale, take it out of the process, and just go with text messages. So there's a service, it's called Twilio, T-W-I-L-I-O. Write it down. Twilio, Twilio, okay? And there's another one, called EZ Texting. These are both cool services that will let you text message. Twilio's dope, because it will send an automated text message. So once somebody comes into your funnel, and gives you their name, E-mail, and phone number, set a timer within 15 minutes and say, "Hey, I saw you watch my video, but you didn't buy. "What's up?" "Hey, I saw you, you won my free X, but you didn't use it. "What's going on?" "Hey, you didn't answer my call, "are you free in five minutes, this is Billy." Some people just want you to identify themselves, 'cause they screen their calls, so text messaging is great for that. So, part of these works that I'll give you today are just text message follow ups. Cause does anybody want that? Raise your hands. This is exactly what we say, cool, just copy 'em. Sound fair? Copy 'em. And if you guys want 'em at home, do you guys want 'em? Just type in the chat. If you guys just want our text message scripts, put "yes", alright cool, just buy 'em. Real simple.

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Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

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