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Upsell Script

Lesson 16 from: Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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16. Upsell Script

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Upsell Script

We're gonna do a quick little game here. If we can take a microphone, we're gonna start down here. K, and just say your product and how much it costs and just pass it, like it's a fast exercise. So just product, how much it costs and then pass it down. Boudoir album, 2,000. Cool. Boat tour, $350. Cool. Holistic medical coaching, $1,000. Wait hold on one second. I'm gonna actually write these out real quick. So we can actually play with this. Yours was a what? [Woman In Audience] Boudoir album. Yeah can't spell that. (audience laughs) How much, two Gs? K. Boat tour for 350. Yup. [Woman In Audience] Holistic medical coaching, 1,000. Coaching. Live authority course, 997. Wedding day package, 2,100. Four page website, 500. Consistency program, 497. Four blog posts a month, 550. Directory membership, 500. Okay, alright that's cool. Directory membership 500. Alright so this a strategy that we're using right now. So our sales process is pretty straight fo...

rward. We have an online ad, and we bring somebody to a sales video. In that video I just sell for like 36 minutes. I think it's 36 minutes to 45 minutes, similar to this. I teach and then I make a pitch at the end. At the end of that, I ask people to become a member to our training site which is I think it's 109 bucks a month, right? And then they get one of my courses for free. So it's a cool offer, okay. And it works really well. We'll get sometimes up to 100 members a day on auto-pilot and like no sales guys needed. Who was I talking to? I was talking to Louis House, shout out to Louis House. I know he's been here. Has he been here, he's been here. Yeah. Yeah see I didn't make that up. And we're talking, he's like Billy why aren't you giving them a welcome call? I was like because there's so many Louis! How can I ever make it profitable, like it just sounds crazy. Like how am I gonna give them a welcome call? He's like but don't you think a percentage of those people would actually buy your next tier up? And I'm like sure they would. And we're talking about it, we go back and forth and he's at my house and we're arguing and yelling, and I throw a pot at him, he ducks. I jump, I karate kick him that was it. And we go through this whole scuffle that never happened, and I was like you know what, screw it. Let me just hit my guys and let's just try it. K, so we have this upsell. And the upsell was alright if you came in for 109 bucks a month, well why don't we just ask them if they want lifetime access for 597 bucks? Where every single Tuesday you can be in training with me forever. He's like are you kidding me Billy? Let's do it. It was like yeah because once they're in our community there's all kinds of stuff that they can buy later, but I want people's commitment. I want their attention. So I said, let's try it. So what we did is we put a video on the back end, like a three minute video, of me saying hey, you're already paying 109 a month, you might as well just upgrade and save for life. And about 22% of the people right away said yes to that. I'm like holy cow, that was easy. Great. But what about those other 75? And that's where this script came about, and I realized a lot of people can use elements of it. So it was this. It's like hey what's up, or hey John, it's Billy from Billy Geneious Marketing, how you doing? I'm calling to officially welcome you to the Gene Pool Family, what's up! Lots of energy, they're super excited. They just made this purchase, it's super tight. They're like holy cow, you're actually calling me. That's almost always the first reaction. Wait I just bought a product and you're calling? That's great. So you win 'em there. And then you ask them this question and this is a good one. What inspired you to make this investment? And all of the sudden the stories come pouring out. Well actually I was following you guys for nine months. I never did da da da da da, so forth, so forth. And immediately we're able to identify their hot button, remember we talked about those earlier? 'Cause they just tell you! So then continuing on, we say so that we can ensure you get the most out of this investment, what's the number one problem that we can help you with? Some people will say customer acquisition. Some other people say I don't know how to write ads. Some people will say Billy I don't understand this YouTube stuff. Whatever it is. So my team has trained them at that point to dive into their biggest problems and then to identify the exact courses they need to start with. 'Cause they got like over 24 courses in there. So they just tell 'em, I don't want you to waste time, so here, start here on these problems. So genuinely when people fall off of a membership site, it's 'cause they usually never get engaged. So this is our way to make sure they're on the right track. They're welcoming, they're talking to a real person. We also make sure they're part of our private Facebook group. So even if we didn't upsell them, it's still a smart call. But we do. So then the next line is this. If we can help you solve that problem and any other challenges that you might come up with, is it likely that you keep your membership month after month? Valid question, right? Is it likely you do? And then we hit 'em with this. Well granted usually they're all on board, they're just like yes of course I would. Why would I ever leave? Da da da. They're selling themselves, selling themselves. And remember these are the people who already said no to the lifetime access. So then my sales guys go, great well currently on your plan, I see that you're paying 109 a month. But wait a second, I also notice, dude you didn't take the lifetime membership? Are you crazy? Hold on a second. You just told me that this is the right program because of blah, blah blah, blah blah, so forth, so forth, so forth, but you didn't take the lifetime investment? Why not? And then they usually go, well shit honestly I just didn't know you guys. Well honestly I just wasn't sure. Honestly and they tell you whatever doubt it was. And they tell you the real objection. And then that's when the sale really starts. So this next line, I wonder if it's on here. Hold on. This is powerful, this one. So it's here. Hey, from what I've found is that most members who don't upgrade their membership, it was for one of three reasons. Number one you don't have the funds available right now, number two you don't know enough about us, or number three you're just not ready to commit. Which one is it for you? And they just tell you. And the beauty of what someone tells you their objection and the beauty of us being able to anticipate it because truth be told, why else wouldn't they do it? Now we can come prepared with ways to overcome that. So if someone tells me you don't have the funds available right now. Perfect, but what can you do today? I'd be more than happy to put you on a payment plan. Call's done right away. Second one, you don't know enough about us. Great, what is it exactly that you wanted to know? And then tell them. Right? Hey I just wanted to learn about more how the course works. Great, so what we do is we have a domain that's ready that they can pull up, that's really a screen share link. And when they go to that domain, they can see my sales guys' screens. And in a second they can say cool go to this website, can you see my screen? Cool, I wanna hold your hand right now and walk you through the platform and show you exactly how it works. They walk 'em through, and they just have a simple question, have you seen enough to make a decision yet? Some say yeah. Some say no, this doesn't get everybody. But it addresses it. And then the last one, you're not ready to commit. Right, oh well what's holding you back? I just don't really know enough about your company. Cool are you familiar with Billy's story? Here it is. Great have you seen any of the people that we associate with? Here's Daymond John, he was just in our office two weeks ago. See what I'm saying? The goal in sales is that the sale doesn't really start until you hit the objection. Most of you are giving up on the sell once you hear the no. But when you're really into sales, you know that that's when the game starts. That's when the fun part starts. Because the truth be told, even though this is for our industry, can you guys all agree that this is the same objections that your customers have too? For all of these? Right? Your boat tour, they just don't really know enough about the tour. Where's it go? What kind of boat am I on? Who am I gonna be sitting next to? Right? Is it too expensive? Well they didn't know that you had another one that's just a 15 minute tour that was half the price. K, who else? For your wedding packages. Same thing, you can customize everything about it. So if the funds were an issue, you can say cool, let's create a package that is for you. If they don't know enough about you, great can you see my computer? I wanna show you my albums from the last seven weddings I did. Which style is the best for you? See what I'm saying? Every single person in here, every single person at home, you can use this same formula right here. So the exercise that I'll give you guys, is actually take the time, and I want you to identify what is holding your people back? And then I want you to take out a flashcard, and I want you to write five rebuttals to overcome every single objection that they have. And you practice those so in your sleep when someone tells you I don't have the money, you got the exact line to say. In your sleep when someone says I'm not really to commit, you have the exact line to say. And you're never caught off guard. 'Cause where the sales are lost, is when they ask you a question that seems like it was out of nowhere and you freeze. And you fumble over your words, you start making shit up. And then you just lose trust and it's over. Is that helpful to kind of go through this? Like look, here's the exact way that we handle this right now.

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Naik Media

I've been looking for that boost, that little step up to actually say I know how to market my products. Yes, you'll learn Facebook ads, but there is so much more brilliant info that will increase your sales, upsells etc. One of those CL courses that deliver way beyond what's promised in the title. Thank you Billy Gene - this has been SO helpful!

Joshua Proto

Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

Cat in the Moon Photo

Are you afraid of sales and marketing? I know I was!! Notice that is past tense? Billy will be your new best friend, but a friend that will kick you in the a** while holding your hand. Do you see that little blue button that says "buy" - just do it! You will not regret it. There is so much information in this course that you will not be able to digest it all the first time you see it, and the work sheets are invaluable. By the end of the class, I knew exactly where I needed to start to cut through the noise on social media so that I would be noticed, and I had clear method to do it. PS - I need a videographer to shoot the 5 rockin ideas I came up with during the class, lol.

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