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Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Lesson 14 of 18

Your Sales Relationship

Billy Gene

Creating Effective Paid Ads on Facebook

Billy Gene

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Lesson Info

14. Your Sales Relationship

Lesson Info

Your Sales Relationship

First things first is you guys have to understand where you're at in the relationship with how you sell. So for example, if I had to come on stage today and the very first thing I had to do was sell, I have to do that completely different than right now after ya'll just kicked it with me for five hours. Like right now I'm just like yo, you don't need to buy my stuff, here's my number. Call it, some of you guys like yeah he's right. I'll get it. 'Cause we know each other. We already built up the relationship. So this bar that you see on the left hand side here is a relationship temperature guide. So as you can see here on the left hand side that's stranger. On the right hand side that's current customer. And then everything in between is a color that's represented down here by social followers, website visitors, warm list and previous customers. The people that are further away from here, usually you have to spend more time with them. So you may need to send them a couple of emails, you...

may need to hop on the phone, you may need to do a webinar, you may need to do all kinds of stuff to get them interested. But people who have already had your experience, 'cause remember the value is created after the experience, your current customers, the sell cycle needs to be different. So what you have to do is you need to identify your opportunities. So for those of you that looking at increased sales right now, understand the number one way and fastest way to generate money right now for anybody watching this is by calling your previous customers and offering them something else that we made up in the last lesson. (audience laughs) Does that make sense? Something else that you just like, right now this second you do not have to be in your financial situation. You can make a change by picking up the phone and making an offer, the end. Okay? Let's see. Let me shift gears here just a tad bit. Okay here. This is an honesty tracking sheet. So by show of hands, who in this room is doing 100% of your own sales? A lot of people. I'm guessing a lot of people out there too. That's what you guys are doing is your own sales. Now how many of you have a couple of people who are also selling with you? Couple of people also selling with you. And you guys piping in the chat at home, if you're also selling with you. So couple things. Number one, most of you almost all of you are only selling your own sale. Now let me ask you a question, if you had to rate yourself on a scale of one to five, five being the greatest, one being sales is just not your thing right now. Go ahead and yell at the same time, that way ya'll don't have to look at each other and look around. I'll let you guys say it at the same time, where you rate yourself? Here we go, ya'll ready? You guys can type it in the chat at the same time, go ahead put your number in right now, then I want everybody to press enter at the same time so nobody's embarrassed. Ready? One, two, three. (audience says various numbers) What'd you say? (audience laughs) Sounds like some middle of the road. Raise your hands if you're ones. It's okay. So raise your hands for twos. Twos are probably one too, same thing. Three? So in the middle. Four? And five. No one. Ready for the irony? What's the number one thing you need in your business right now? Sales. That's why we're here today. Reason why I do that exercise is because before you can change anything, you gotta be honest with yourself. Sometimes we just out here lying to ourselves so we don't change behavior 'cause we haven't actually got to the core of the issue. So let's talk about this rating system. Reason why I do that is 'cause I want you to rate yourself and I also want you to rate your team if you have anybody else who's doing sales calls for you. Because most of the time when a campaign is successful on Facebook, it's happening because the sale is actually happening offline. It starts on, how many you been there? Started on Facebook, they met you on Facebook but it was like a person-to-person or a phone call or something that got them to buy, raise your hands if that's you? Right, it happens offline. And when it's happening offline, that means the phone's involved. And when the phone's involved, if you do not fix this expertise, nothing can work on Facebook. No ad you run will ever work. Doesn't matter how cheap the lead is because it's broken, the sales process is broken. So you have to own this. And so what I am about to do, go to three ways to sell, alright? I don't even know what this is. This is just a sales video. So one is using video. Video is my favorite way to sell online because it allows you to sell to the masses, right? So none of us wanna get into the trap where you feel like you gotta sell to everybody 'cause you're not being smart with your time, da da da, but let me ask you a question. If you can't sell people one-on-one on the phone, how do you think your sales videos are going to be? So before you just jump to video, then ask yourself why is nobody buying my stuff? You knew damn well nobody was gonna buy it. They weren't buying it the other way. If they're not doing it when they have you one-on-one, it's off. So you can't start here. This is actually the last step. Which I'm showing you first right now, probably shouldn't have done that. So continuing on, next is selling with writing. Some of you are excellent copywriters. Some of you struggle. You gotta pick your strengths. So one technique I'm gonna give you, I don't need to read all this, but I wanna read this beginning to you here in second. And I want everyone to focus on that selling is storytelling. And when you can tell a good story, your chances of getting someone to buy increase a lot. And every single one of us has a story or something that's happened in our lives that we can share. That's gonna make you vulnerable, and let somebody know they're inside of you, and make them want to do business with you even if your quote unquote pitch is off. Because being a human comes first. So I'm gonna read you an email that I wrote a while ago. And just to show you what I mean by selling with email. You guys ready? So do you mind if I take a few minutes and just be embarrassingly honest with you? A few years ago I was so broke I had to borrow 40 bucks from a friend so that I could afford to take my mom to dinner for Mother's Day. Looking back I'm not sure which made me feel more ashamed, asking my friend for money or putting restrictions on my mom's order so we didn't go over our $40 budget. I can't be the only who knows what that feels like, right? You literally telling mom that nah, you don't want that steak, just get that salad ma, you good. Nah you don't need chicken, just get the, we'll add chicken, you know you don't have to do that. That was the first segment. So as I kind of dissect this as I go along, first part this is a sales email. Am I talking about sales yet? Just selling my truth. Okay, I continue on. Needless to say, I felt like poop that Mother's Day. And if I'm keeping it extremely real, I had the same feelings almost every other holiday, birthday, or special occasion, because I always was financially stressed. And I'm writing this email to you right now because I know as an entrepreneur, you can relate to that feeling of not being able to give the people who love what they want, it sucks. So now what I'm doing here is I'm broadening the message so that it applies to more than just that. What you seeing today is people have a hard time relating one thing to their business, right? It's always like well how does it work for me? So the strategy behind this second part is saying look, maybe for you, maybe you don't have a close relationship with your mother. Maybe it wasn't a Mother's Day thing for you, but I know there was something that you wanted to do that you weren't able to do because of money. Continuing on. Well last year, I'm proud to say I spent a little too much money on Mother's Day, and it felt effing great. I got my mom some unnecessary bracelet she wanted and I got to take the mother of my daughter to game three of the NBA playoffs and we sat court side. I don't say this to brag because personally, I think expensive jewelry is a waste of money and I'd rather watch the game at my house. However, the feeling of seeing the people you love happy and financially secure is truly priceless. So a couple of things strategically happened here. Number one I'm overwhelmingly myself, right? I'm fricking cursing in the email, I'm unforgiving, I'm just like whatever, I'm talking about money. But also too, unfortunately we live in a day and age where people shame you for speaking your truth if it's positive. Factually, I'm saying what happened. We went to, you know, game three of the NBA playoffs and sat court side. If I said I took her to the NBA playoffs and we sat in the bleachers, people would be like man that's cool for sharing that. But I said court side is like wow look at your bragging. The facts are facts, people. How we think though. So because of that and understanding how people think I now need to address that objection and so the first thing I say is I think expensive jewelry is a waste of money. So I'm circling back on that because I'm anticipating, and part of sales as you'll see me progress today is about anticipating what's gonna stop someone from moving forward, and it's also true. These earrings right here? Claire's, 12 bucks. What ya'll know about Claire's, anybody? (audience laughs) Yeah, Macy's. This watch? I don't know my assistant picked it up. I think it was only like 100 bucks. Jewelry's not my thing. I like the look of it, you know what I mean? Shoes, those are, anyway. But the rest is this, (coughs) K. (clears throat) So continuing on. For you, maybe your challenge isn't being able to buy dinner for your mother, but it's being able to pay your employees a higher salary so they can have what they want. Maybe for you it's having enough money for a down payment on a home, sending your children to college, traveling and not staying in hostels, or just buying your friends a round of drinks at the bar. That was it for me. My friends covered me so many times, I just wanted to be the guy like yeah it's on me. This one right here is on me. And literally probably for like the last three years anyone who's ever went out with me, I don't think they paid. Paul you can attest to that. Never, it doesn't happen. Right so whatever your financial struggle is I'd like to help you solve it the same way I did mine. So now only after I've shared my truth, a vulnerable moment, a story, and actually built a relationship, I've now built up enough relationship equity to start transitioning into a sale. So that it's not just coming off as buy me now, you understand the context, and where this whole thing is coming from, and you'll see me make the transition. So I say whatever your financial struggle is I'd like to help you solve it the same way I did mine. Every month businesses deposit money into my account to help them find more customers using paid Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads. Sometimes they pay as much as 500 bucks and at times it's been as much as 30 grand depending on the industry. So this strategy was really explaining the product, but doing it in a fifth grade way. I could've say whatever your financial struggle is I'd like to help you solve it by creating a digital marketing agency, where you build media for teams and do paid advertising and blah, blah blah, blah blah. Woulda lost him completely. So this is my simplified version of hey I help businesses get customers. And yeah some of 'em only pay 500 bucks, some of 'em pay 30 racks. Cool business, K? Continue on. When I started I had nothing but a barely functional laptop, a cell phone my parents were paying for, and a couple other services that in total cost me 49 bucks a month. The direct costs to run the business are insanely cheap, but figuring out how to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads effectively to bring my clients results took an insane amount of time, effort, and money I really didn't have. So again because this is a sales training, I'm stopping because I wanna dissect the message for you guys. And here it is. Let me ask you guys, why did I start this with when I started I had nothing but barely functional laptop, a cell phone my parents are paying for, and a couple other services? Why? (audience member speaks off mic) One more time? [Woman In Audience] Make yourself relatable. Make myself relatable, what else? (audience member speaks off mic) Common objection, right? It's putting yourself, maybe you guys have (mumbles), put yourself in the shoes of the customer. A lot of times we try and sell from where we're at. You gotta remember where they're at. So this is me saying I get it. You don't have a laptop, whatever. You don't have a phone, you don't have money, and that's why I even put the price, 49 bucks a month, being fully transparent about the pitch I'm gonna make at the end. And they know the deal is an additional cost. But I'm letting 'em know exactly what it takes. I'm being transparent. And also too, ultimately when they read this, I want them to say damn, maybe I can do that too. Even selling physical products, people mention physical products, when they see the commercial of kids playing with the Skip-It, they go damn maybe even I can Skip-It too. Right it's always the same thing. So I continue I say long story short, slowly but surely my team and I figured out how to make digital advertising extremely profitable for a countless number of industries and it turns out they pay a lot of money if you can find the people who are interested in their services. Let me paint this picture for you. Now remember I said exaggerating the problem before, now I'm stroking, I'm painting, I'm really letting them see how real this is. Let me paint this picture for you. If you can help a real estate agent sell just one more house a month, and his average commission is 6,000 bucks, do you really think they'd mind paying you two grand a month? Pretty good logic, right? Continue on now let's say you helped five real estate agents sell one more house a month, and charged 'em two grand each. All of the sudden you have $10,000 a month business. Then if you helped 50 real estate agents, that'd be 100 grand a month. Simple. So again, be careful though. Because the point of this email is to show the simplicity. Doesn't mean it's easy, right? Doesn't mean it's easy, but it is simple. So now I want you to imagine there was an ad agency that taught entrepreneurs how to create the profitable advertising campaigns. Imagine if they gave you a step-by-step process of how to build, strategize and monetize online ads for just about any business you can think of. Well my friends, obviously you don't have to imagine this because that's exactly what my team and I have been doing for a couple years now and on May 16th I'm launching a brand new course called YouTube Advertising for Geniuses. Insert link. And then the rest goes on to talk a little bit more about that, but I think you guys get the point. And then I even end it with a picture of my mom and I from that Mother's Day. So they can see it. Makes it real, right? As opposed to a hypothetical. By the way, PS, and your subject line and the opening line, are the most read parts about your email. Every single email that you send out, you have to include a PS. Note that. Use it. 'Cause ask yourself, when's the last time you've not read a PS? You can skip the whole email, PS, wait a second. Find out what you have to say. Alright so you always say your good things. So hey, YouTube generates over 100 grand of additional recurring revenue a month. If you're not using YouTube you're probably ridiculous amount of money on the table. Picture, cool, and that's it. So that's the email. So I show you guys that before I kind of jump pages here and go to the scripts. And maybe we can have a quick discussion about it. But that was a story of my life, a vulnerability that had a happy ending, right? That allowed me to share my story. But also kinda create a path and show people a different way. So for you guys, what's a story that you can share? You don't have to go into the details of it, but just generally speaking, what's a story that you can share with your audience to relate back to your product? Anybody? Anybody. What's wrong, you gotta be real now? You gotta talk about your feelings and stuff? You got it? [Woman In Audience] I did this-- First your business, first your business. Oh I'm a portrait photographer in Boston. And I did this last year, got really personal about my own struggles with infertility and then being able to get pregnant and I sent out an email, and the responses I got were really surprising to me. And like really positive. And then people came to me who had their own IVF issues and their own infertility issues, and had finally gotten pregnant and they wanted to book me. So it worked. Thank you for sharing that, especially live. But imagine this 'cause especially you said you photography? [Woman In Audience] Yeah. So imagine if your business, and just kinda playing hypothetical here, was taking pictures of newborn babies. And you share your story about this whole struggle that you have to go through, and then you end it with a picture of a baby, and watch this, here's the thing, your stories don't always have to be about you. Sometimes you share the story of your customers, and sometimes you share the stories of your vendors. Right, people you have relationships with. Matter of fact, the most powerful stories come from the people who used your product or services and are having the end result that you want. So testimonials when people send them in, if you don't feel strong about your writing right now, 'cause obviously that does take practice. Go to, Fiverr. And just put in a I need a copywriter. Show them the testimonial video of someone sharing in their video, and ask 'em to write an email from it. It may cost ya 50 to 75 bucks. And here's the powerful thing when you have sales in writing, is you can redo it and reuse it again and again and again. I wrote that email years ago, we still use it today as a part of the secrets to sell. 'Cause when it works, it works, right? Any questions before I kinda switch? Yup. How do you know when it's too much? Great question. You know some people are just whiners, but sometimes you have a story that's gonna resonate with somebody. How do you know? 100%. Well one thing to take into consideration going with that relationship gauge that I gave earlier from stranger to new customer, that's a good way to tell, right? So if someone's following you on Facebook or Instagram, or they're on your email list. Meaning if I can email you in the first place, you gave me your information for something, so they're probably at a point in the relationship where you can share a story. If this is just the ad copy for the very first time, you can share the same story, and it will resonate with people, and they'll like you even more. But you will also get those people, those haters that we talked about in the beginning of today, that say wow cry me a river. At your most vulnerable moment, this is real. At your most vulnerable moment, and you expose, and it may be the first comment you see. It may be the first comment that's out of that. Here's the best advice I can give you, ignore it. Because there is no sugar coating it. There is no easy way. It will happen, I can promise you. Here's the benefit, you can delete it. You can ban them, you can block them, goes away in a second. But here's the magic, and this is kinda the challenge with this is the chicken and the egg thing. Is you will get a negative comment, but you also get a phone call and an email or a Facebook message from somebody who's nearly in tears that you completely changed their life. That thank you for sharing. And when you feel that emotion, all of a sudden all of the negative shit, you can't even hear it. And over time if you're consistently doing it you become deaf. You don't see or hear a hater. Because you see how many lives you're impacting so it's laughable. So now my team and I are at a point where we see so much we just literally share them in the office, oh look at this funny joke. And we think the trolls are funny, they're engaging. For me that was a high line. That's it. I've even done videos where I do troll of the week. Man that shit was funny. And here's what also helps me deal with haters. There is somebody who's in the position to hate, to make fun of, to belittle people, to doubt, to condescend, to be skeptical. I'll tell you something, the skeptics are always broke, number one. But haters are always unhappy. So you start to grow and mature and you really just start to feel bad for these people. You're like man, this. You just wanna hug 'em, like I see 'em (mumbles). We love you. Let me love on you a little bit. Happens like that, so I digress. Power of writing, practice. Just practice, start telling your story. And I got templates and formulas and all of this stuff so you guys can stay inside of a guide, but I kinda just wanted to give you an idea to just start documenting what happens.

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Not only does Facebook have more users than any other social media site, it earns the lion’s share of online advertising dollars. So if you want to be where the paid advertising action is, it’s a good idea to focus on Facebook.

But keep in mind, advertising on Facebook can be complicated. With so many types of ads available and so many different ways of targeting audiences, novice social media marketers can feel overwhelmed.

Billy Gene, CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing and one of the top online marketing influencers, educators and practitioners in the world, will show you his tips and tricks for ensuring your Facebook ads help you reach your business goals.

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Billy powerfully challenges us to redefine what we think of as the purpose of sales and our role as business owners. Getting to hear from him how sales is a process of having a product so beneficial that your customer is better off with it than without it is a tremendously powerful sales mindset. Also, I never knew how important it was to stack additional offers/upsells for my services. I'm feeling confident that I won't be going out of business anytime soon!

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