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Creating YouTube Success

Jessica Kobeissi, Kenna Klosterman

Creating YouTube Success

Jessica Kobeissi, Kenna Klosterman

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Our weekly audio podcast We Are Photographers brings you true stories from behind the lens and behind the lives of your favorite photographers, filmmakers, and creative industry game-changers. From their struggles to their wins, host Kenna Klosterman discovers the real human stories about why they do what they do.

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Fear of the unknown can be so overwhelming that it keeps us in a place where we don’t want to be. In this episode, Jessica talks about overcoming her fears and finding the courage to pursue her dream of being a full-time photographer. She also talks about her work as a Youtuber, how she deals with criticism, why she loves test shoots and the difference between agency and freelance models. While facing many challenges and risks on her journey, Jessica is still a firm believer in collaboration over competition and is working hard to create a welcoming environment for other photographers. 


Jessica Kobeissi is an Arab-American portrait and fashion photographer from Detroit, Michigan. With over 140+ million views, she is the #1 female photographer on YouTube and has created several popular viral photography series such as “4 Photographers Shoot The Same Model” and “Taking Pictures of Strangers”. Her photography has appeared in NBC News, BBC, CNN, Cosmopolitan, The Sun, Buzzfeed, DailyMail, and The Mirror.