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Creative Insights: Behind The Scenes of Street Dreams Radio

Lesson 3 of 4

Episode 2: Martina McFlyy aka Hello McFlyy

Maachew Bentley

Creative Insights: Behind The Scenes of Street Dreams Radio

Maachew Bentley

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3. Episode 2: Martina McFlyy aka Hello McFlyy
Going behind the scenes of Hello McFlyy with Martina McFlyy. Through her creative and entrepreneurial endeavors she constructs the stories of our time through music, fashion, and lifestyle under Hello McFlyy.

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Episode 2: Martina McFlyy aka Hello McFlyy

Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mm. Hi. All. Welcome to creative insights. Our sophomore episode with Martina Mcf fly, uh, creative inside the collaboration between street dreams, radio and creative lives. And what we do and what we will continue to do in this series is to get a bit granular dip in and out with the ebbs and flows of our hosts Creative processes, inspirations and execution have today again, Martina mcf lie. Hi. Uh, angry. And Martina, thank you for joining me Here. Thanks for having me. Yes, yes, yes. So, hello, Mc Fly. What I wanted to do is start almost, if you can as far back as as we can to get into the inception of the show. It's it's inspiration. And, uh, you know how it became the radio show it is today. Yeah, basically. Hello, MC Fly actually was birth. Um, was an idea, um, for a purpose driven brand. And it's, um, an ethical and sustainable approach to wellness and lifestyle. And when the street Dreams team approached me about, um, doing radio show and a mix show, um, an...

d I was coming up with names like what? Can I call this? Um, I honestly was like, Well, hello, McFly. I encompasses lifestyle, Right? And music is the soundtrack for everything. So, um, I basically, you know Hello, MC fly on street dreams Radio is the music component to the Hello, MC Fly Brand, Are you okay? Okay, Okay. Why? Why? By Mike Fly. Why make fly? I like that. I've always wanted to know. I always wanted to know. Yeah. So, um, my name is Martina. I have multiple nicknames and one of those nicknames that my my nearest and dearest, My closest family grandparents, cousins, My father. They call me Marty. And, um, when I started dancing in, it kind of started in high school. The way I dressed was a little different. But when I started dancing in college and dancing professionally, people would be like, You're such a fly girl. And so when I started DJ, you know, naturally coming up with a DJ name, I didn't want to, you know, I wanted to use my name. And I thought Marty McFly, I was kind of too on the nose, you know, um, with the whole back to the future series. So I opted for Martina McFaul. I and I added an extra y for the extra flair because I'm extra. Okay. Extra is good. Extra right. Like, can't be too much in the creative space. Um, where are you from? From at least from the States. Is your family. Yes, I am. You know what's crazy is that living in New York and moving to New York in 2015 and being there from 2015 to 2020. Um, I met so many black people that didn't share my story. You know, they're they hail from the islands, from Jamaica, from Africa. And for me, I have a different story. I am African American, you know, um, my roots of you know pretty much are African and American, and, um, I was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Atlanta. Right? Right. I am a true you know what I mean? H town. Hold it down. I am a true, you know, Southern girl. Um, you know, with my own story to tell. Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. So, um, spawned from an emotion and idea or concept and audiovisual emotional experience. Yeah. So here at ST James radio, obviously working together for the last on paper year in a year now since the inception of the first episode. Uh, you obviously know audiovisual is something we've been back and forth about and just kind of It's in the veins of the magazine, right? So definitely you adding emotional is important, right? Um, granted, the first episode did drop at a very emotional time. Yes, it did. But I imagine that that's not something that was the inception or the reason you use the word emotional. So, uh, to go a little further, you do mention exposing in yourself whether it's hidden, repressed, dark or dormant, confronting them and releasing them. And we'll go over some of these themes as we dive into your show. But with some of these some of these descriptions exclusively to describe your show or were they, uh, more, more so to describe you or what you may have been going through when you started this show, we're starting a lot more importantly. Oh, Oh, yeah, yeah. That's a really, really deep good question, you know? You know, how about tweaking? Um, yeah, honestly, it was I was in a space. I was in a space where I was healing, um, evolving, transforming, growing. Um and becoming becoming. And with all of that, you know, I felt like I felt the most vulnerable. I think I've ever felt as a woman and as an artist and as a creative, and I'm going through this personally and then at the same time the entire world is going through and a people in a reckoning of sorts, you know? So I felt that it was important because I'm not the type of individual that I'm very private. Um, and I I like it that way, you know? But I am human. No one's a robot. And music is definitely, um, a way that I communicate emotion and feeling. And I felt like it was time to get vulnerable to get in touch with the deep with the dark, because that's what truly transforms you. Um, and that's truly what transforms perspective and what forms perspective. And then your perception and perception is reality. So here we are, like, creating a reality. You know, um, and I think through emotion a lot through confronting different emotions, a lot of transformation can happen, and music is Is the vehicle for all of that for me? So So yeah, if that answers the question. No, it does. It does. Because to our benefit, your first episode was titled Rise. Yeah, you know, as you just described, Here is a time for rebirth or or driving out, um, confronting, You know, some things that, you know, Maybe you didn't before. Or maybe this was the best time for you to know that your victory was within sight. Right. So, uh, I got to say, this was my favorite mix out of the out of the pool of the season one. Really? Uh, I'll say this. I'll say this as a reason. Or one of the reasons. One. I've never heard a mix of yours outside of the element right outside of the club or be playing straight up live. Um, so, you know, I'm sure you already know this, but like when you go to clubs and you hear mixes, there's always some, most times with a different energy, right? Because there's some something about being programmed And like already, like expecting to exhibit certain songs versus in the gulf, right? Like in the mode and in your flow. Right. So here you are, um, releasing rise. And one of the nation's and turmoil. Uh, two. We weren't that far off from beginning. Uh huh. Uh, I'll say for America, like the shutdown, right? Shutdown of nightlife. So it gave me this. It gave me this nostalgic, like, Damn. Like I was just partying, like, two months ago. Five. Right? Like and, um, it wasn't like on paper on paper. You, thankfully, brought a bunch of eclectic music together in a way that I didn't expect, you know? So, you know, you have obviously have electronic too. You know, he went from there to me. Goes to pot smoke too much. It would. And in most cases, right. If you're in the club and you hear all that, you know, you think about loud. It's like, Doesn't sound like a good a good set. But you successfully blended those genres together. And I want to know where you were, right? Like where you were when you created it. Was it a mix that you did live? Maybe in your home? Or was it something you had made some time ago? And you, you know, this was the best time to execute it or share it? Yeah. Yeah. No, I created that in the moment. Um, that's all of my mixes are very much like that. Um, I don't pre record. I don't even use a Bolton even though I'm I'm a producer, so I use it to make music. But I do not use it to make my mixes and shout out to everyone who does because it's efficient. It's dope. Um, and there are times for me to do that. But when I'm creating, I like to have my hands on something. Um, I'm just a hands on individual. And, um, man rise was like George Floyd had just happened. I had escaped from New York to Atlanta. I escaped the sirens that were happening in New York. It was so scary. New York was Oh, man, just shout out to NYC shoutout to NYC. Um, but, um, I escaped. New York, went back to my condo in Atlanta. My store in Atlanta had gotten looted and, you know, because of the nature of what was going on, and I I I always look at life through a dual lens, but I really was struggling with the duality there a being black, be being a business owner and thinking that being a black woman would protect me from the sheer emotion and the upheaval of the people. And I had I remember talking to Morgan, actually, and here and being like, Listen, the story just got looted. We're cleaning up here, you know, and let's put push the mix back. And at that time, I didn't even know what I was going to create. I had no idea I didn't have a name I didn't know. And I just felt this feeling of, of ascension, of rising above all of that and really taking a second to look at everything from a bird's eye view. And, um, you know, I come from the South, but I'm I am a dancer. Um, I have a classical music background in an ear, so blending genres to me is like second nature. Um, you know, I can go from Beethoven to Uzi. You know what I mean? From city girl to like, You know, it's it's that's just that's what I do. So I'm so happy that, like you appreciate that I've been dating for a while now, and I started off with, like, creative mixes back to back to back and then you know, Soundcloud had the whole thing and took everything down, but anyway, so, um so, yeah, rise was about tapping in to the people and tapping into the movement that was going on and creating a feeling of shit is messed up. Things are I don't know if I can curse here, but excuse my language. Sorry, Mom. Um, things are messed up and And what does this mean? You know what I mean? How does this feel? What does it mean? And I really wanted to take the listener through those emotions, and it's really, really hard. It's like, you know, that's very like Cynthy and bass driven. And, um, you know, there are dark moments, but then there are moments. There's a Judean attract that is, like still gives me chills to this day. That's so uplifting. Um, and it talks about the African and American connection, and I was just thinking globally at that time, you know, like as a people. What are we going to do? We're gonna rise up. So that's where that's how I created that. I mean, no Bravo. I mean, it was It was it was exactly as you described it. um So I want to ask you something also, because you mentioned it. Uh, in answer to your discretion regarding the meeting of worlds right now, we have what you were going through personally and in your entrepreneur, entrepreneur, entrepreneur, real world shop and, uh, as part of your your mood board and obviously beyond, uh, you know, we have people make the world go around, right? Like so. So I mean you. This is like, the perfect segue because you mentioned what we all were feeling collectively. Right, Um, sometimes the story isn't always told the way it should be told from a third party. Right. So I would love to know if at any point you go with that happening on the personal side yet also feeling the angst and the kind of ash being the ashes of said burning Phoenix. Right. Uh, did you find that kind of, like, cyclical right? That you find that kind of, uh, healing and destructive at the same time, like you failed, betray, not portrayed as a harsher word. But you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah, I did. I felt like, as you said, that there was like, a heat in my in my butt in my solar plexus chakra. Like, honestly, Yes. You know, um, yeah, I felt I felt all of that. You know, I and I let it feed into into everything. Um, I let I let that feed into what I was doing musically, creatively. But I let it feed into, like, how I was going to approach my life moving forward because it was like it was like, what the f you know, like I you know, you know, it was like, what the f like, What are we? What can we say? What can we do? You know, there was a sense of hopelessness, but then a sense of, like, again rising above a sense of this engine. There's a sense of, like, you know, just like death and and darkness and turmoil. But then there's also the light at the end of the tunnel and the hope, um, for a better day. But then how do we get there? You know, um, so it all brings it brings this tension. Um, and you know, it's like it's like crying and fighting, you know? It's like crying and fighting. It's that release. But then Yeah, it's all about that release, I think. Um, man, yeah, I don't even remember what, What, what my point was, But but yeah, it definitely, um, that particular time and that mix, um fed into the feelings of despair and hope and darkness and like, you know, um, like I said, life is about that. I always like to look at things from two sides, you know, Um, but in this sense, there was only one way to go. You know what I mean? There was only one way to go, and that was up. We couldn't you know, there was no looking back. There was no retreating. It was like, Okay, people, what are we going to do? And how are we going to do it? And then how am I going to express what I felt like if I was feeling away, you know, and I have three brothers, You know what I mean? You know, I have sister, but like, I grew up with my three brothers. So for me, the senseless violence and the systemic and deep and cruel acts of racism that were that have been plaguing not only America, but like, you know, Let's you know, let's state facts. You know, this happens all over the world, you know? And then being a woman, I just felt like I had to come hard to get that message across. Awesome. Um, So on that note, let's jump to the last show of your season create which visually was, you know, the yang to the yin yang, right? It was the opposite where your mood boating experience as I scrolled was hyper colorful, right? Super colorful. Every every color on the spectrum that I'm a little was was used, right? And and, uh, the music push coming off of the first mix. And we'll get to that. We'll get to Episode two and three. But coming off of the first mix, the music wasn't exactly as you put like, programmed, right? It seems like the mix was more of a playlist. Want to play this in terms of conversation between songs? You know, um, which I just really didn't. I was, like, rating it, like, turn up and, you know, and not that I didn't get that I got you know, I got the jazz, and then I got, um you know, there was some some older songs that I thought I'd never hear again in the mix meeting. You know, you were you like, I could tell that some of these songs we're almost like have always been a part of your creative process. Right? And title this mix create because now here we are, rising from the ashes and using it to create. Right? So, uh, so, yeah, you brought some old and you added some, some current, um, and the artwork gotta say that's my favorite jacket that I don't own. Listen, you next time I come to New York, you can I'm bringing the jacket like you can. You can wear it. You can You can shoot in it. You know? Who knows? I might be feeling generous and be like, Yo, I love I love that jacket. Yeah, appreciate it. Plato and Legos. And come on, now. Come on, now. Uh oh. You feel me? Oh, my God. This is so you. You get it. Yeah. So create. Uh, you went with a more conversational approach. Conversations as in playlists and playlists as in these songs, seemingly talking to each other or allowing for that dialogue that we didn't get to have when rise was made. Uh, and I'm wondering the the significance of the correlation there with the strong you chose and even that even some of the the monologues used. Yeah, yeah, would create, um I wanted to tap into people at home, you know, going through the motions of the whole work from home vibe, the zoom fatigue. Um, it was kind of like don't give up on yourself. You know what happened to the inner child, And, um, you know, I use this time to innovate. That was what I wanted to communicate, And, um, and creating this it was more like a playlist by by Let the songs play, like, all the way through. Pretty much, um, there wasn't a lot of, like, technical aspects of deejaying as far as the scratching. And the turntable is, um or, like, the quick cuts, um, and the transitions that I typically do. And that was all on purpose. I wanted this to be something that an artist and entrepreneur and stay at home mother, stay at home, father. You know, anyone could put on and feel inspired to create, and, um, I called a couple of my and text a couple of my close friends and peers that were artists. Um, Greg Mike, it was a huge world without muralist and, um, an artist And, um, and my homegirl, Deanna, um, who is another amazing artist and graphic designer and, um, a couple of other people photographers, um, and just all around creatives and freelancers. And I asked them like, Hey, like, what? Tracks make you put you in the mood to, like, work and create. And they they basically helped me formulate this mix. And I just wanted to do something that was fun and collaborative because I felt like the other mixes with, you know, it's me. I was very much in my zone in my head, and for this I guess I was yearning to reach out, um, to to other people. And that's how that's how create kind of came about. Yeah, Now you speak about I mean, it ends up being a mixed poor and by the people, right, because of what he described. Uh, but I want to get into Yeah, and I and I and I and, uh, it's what it sounded like. It sounded like quite the equipment mix of generations. Really? Yeah. And with that said, um, I want to get into the operative words use, right, And you're in your season. You have you started with rise and we went to hell. Ignite and create. Now all those evoke different emotions at different times, right? And trail back to our conversation about emotions and, you know, having this emotional experience during your season. Uh, these words are action words, right? Like they're not like, Yeah, sure. We can have the kind of kinds of what's the word thought bubbles or virtual virtue signaling that these words kind of, you know, hover over. But, uh, talk to me about, like, just my for instance, Ignite right. Ignite was the shortest mix. Yeah, you know, some for some people, it takes the shortest amount of time to ignite the fire. Right? And what, What the marathon really is keeping the fire burning right, which is, you know, which is create, right? So that came right before, or, um rising, rising to then he'll yourself, right. You actually created this kind of scoreboard, if you will, or storyboard or scoring right to this influx or this kind of ebb and flow to these These actions was that intentional like that? That part was intentional that it wasn't like at the beginning. I didn't know what hello McFly on ST Things radio would be. I was just like I didn't have fries. He'll like night create. I had no idea. It was more like meditating. My process was like getting still being aware, self aware, But then, aware of what was going on in the world and what was happening, and and, um and then wanting to honestly communicate that at at at each time. So, you know, for me, it was about rising up, killing yourself, igniting your passions and creating your life. And, um, I wrote down this quote, um, that I read over the summer last summer, and it was, you know, don't like, design your life, don't live a light by life by default, and that really, really hit home with me. Um, but it definitely I like that you used, you know, boom. Like the word scoring. Because that was what it for me. It's like these mixes I, I think, are becoming a soundtrack to like my life. Um, but also, what I hope is is. You know, this to be some sort, some sort of like time capsule where people can kind of go back and be like, Wow, like what? The f like what happened from 2020 to 2022. You know what I mean? Um and and honestly, um, I think they all have to do with self empowerment, you know? Um agreed. Agreed, you know, and that's that's the theme. That is the same you for sure. There's an Easter egg for those for the for the uninitiated, I suppose, uh, in episode three and this ties in because you mentioned stillness, right? And Episode three was Episode two. Sorry was healed. And you I believe this is about midsummer. I believe this is this episode dropped. Yeah. Yeah, this is like July. I was heavy into just kind of earth resonance and, you know, several different frequencies and hurts. And he used 432 hertz or he'll, uh, you know, So there's like, there's, like, you know, obviously for for some, it means, you know, some people just listen for the sake of, like, you said, sitting still and kind of gathering one's self or in herself and for others, they use that in more from an exercise standpoint. Where you are you using any of these frequencies in and around music? Or was I mean, are you active in that way? Like, I know you have a background in dance and part of my ignorance. I don't know if those are correlated at all. Uh, but but yeah, it's on your cover. So I know there is, You know? I mean, there are so many words on the cover, and, uh, yeah, and a few people was really cool because people really tapped in and like, messaged me about it, deemed me. You know, um, I had friends and family who listened to, you know, texted me. Um, some had no idea what that even meant there. Like, what is this? Um, but yes, I actually meditate. I don't do I used to do guided meditation where you know, someone's voice and their guiding me into a deeper state of whatever. Um, but that's just so distracting for me because my mind is constantly racing, and I got really into, um, those, like singing bowls. Um, the past, like, five years. That has been the way that I meditate and that frequency After my surgery, I had a major surgery at the end of 2019. And which is why this is titled hell as well. Um, there's so many different layers to that. But after my surgery after, you know, they wheeled me into the room and I'm off of the well, I was still pretty heavily medicated. But I I had my mom, you know, put on Insight timer, which is the meditation app that I use because they have these different sound frequencies. And that was the frequency in which, um, you know, evokes the most, you know, put you in like a positive state of being in a higher state of consciousness. And I I definitely want to. And that's what hello make flies all about. It's about these Easter eggs and you know, this, um, creating a lifestyle that is just for you that makes you feel good. That's not, you know, for anyone else, um, but really empowering people to I'm going to use the words happen. But to go deeper into into themselves, you know, spiritually even and and and I I you know, that's that's That's the mission It's not just about Oh, these are some hot songs. And, you know, this is what I like, and that's all great. Um, but I really want to help people, even if they don't even know what's going on to ask questions, to ask themselves questions to ask me questions. Um, and again, it ties back into, um, self empowerment. Um, awesome. Awesome. Yeah. Good. Awesome. Um, so elevating, uh, self confidence. Uh, self empowerment. Probably the overarching word that you repeatedly used. Um, I don't know, but I've I've heard rumblings of of your dense history or career or or uh, perhaps what? You currently practice? Yeah. You mentioned formally trained, classically trained. Sorry for music. What type of dance? Yeah. Did you do you practice? Yeah, I I do. I dance. Like if I cannot. If a mix is not moving me. Like, if I'm not dancing through it and I can't play it over and over and over, then you know, it's I cut it. I started from scratch, You know, um and also, it's just part of my process. Um, it's part of my process. I must move. And, um, in my apartment here, I have like huge mirrors. Um, where I'm constantly dancing, you know? And I was a professional dancer before I was a DJ, and that's what I did. That's that was my B. That was the beginning of, um, that was my introduction into the entertainment and into the music industry was being a professional dancer. And I wouldn't even be here speaking to you, talking to you about deejaying and mixed, you know, um, and and production if it wasn't for my dance background, because I had no idea that it was something that I could do. I always love to do it, but I didn't grow up. Um, you know, in dance classes, I wasn't, like, classically trained in ballet. I was more so had this natural ability that through through being a student in college, through being a student at Georgia State University, um, and meeting other dancers, I auditioned and I was like, Oh, I can actually dance and do choreography. And then that that became, you know, And then and then an agent saw me and I got an agent. You know, it wasn't something that I just I'm methodically planned out. It kind of fell into my lap, you know, which which brings me back into really, you know, a self empowerment and self awareness, Like being able to, um, you know, you might not know what your gifts are until you know, you do something. You know, I think as a creative individual and all of us, every human being I feel is creative, you know? You learn by doing for sure. And that was me with dance. I learned by doing so you mentioned some methodical forms of, uh, burning things. And and And something's coming naturally, uh, intuitively sometimes and going through almost all of you at mood boards, Uh, with your collaborations with Mike, Uh, let me. What I did notice was there were a lot of kind of three D renderings or right images that were in balance in so many words, like Iraq image. Uh, I'm wondering if if some of those kind of ethereal slash otherworldly images were a subconscious correlation to what you just described. Yeah. What are you willing to admit that it was subconscious, right? Right. Wow. Um, you're great. You're fantastic. You you know it. I have always been obsessed with surrealism. Um, in art and, um even I think back to, like my very first photo shoot as a DJ. I had one of my good friends who is a whiz who was at a great artist and designer. I was like, I want to be in a different world. However you can create, like, I'm going to give you this photo and like, do your thing. And, um so, yeah, I think that's subconsciously that is part of like the D. N A. Of of, of who I am as an artist is is tapping into other worlds. And, um, I do have a wild imagination, I must say, and and images. And, you know, creating a mood board is is something I mean I've been doing since I was a child, Whether it was making collages, you know, I've always dreamed of. I've always dreamed I've always been a dreamer. Always, always, always, and so creating these mood boards with Mike, who is, I mean, really a godsend because we have never we've never met face to face. I have no idea. You know, we didn't even we didn't know each other from you know, the streets in New York. We never really caught up because, you know, he was I think he's in Vancouver, I believe. Yeah, I believe. And, um, we had never even had, like, a long conversation. But when I tell you, I would send him images and then he would just get it. And, you know, that's just divine alignment. That's something that I can't question. That's something that I'm very grateful for. Um, but he was able to after the first after a rise, I just kind of let him collaborate with me instead of sending him like, these are the images. And then I want this and this. I'm like, You know what? This is the vibe and you create around that, and and he's an artist as well. So I I love to collaborate that way, but yeah, um, Serialism imagination, um, balance symmetry. Wes Anderson is one of my favorite directors because of the symmetry that he uses in all of his films. If you pay attention, um, is part of the d n a of my my creative process for sure. Awesome. Awesome. Um, so in closing and not enclosing, uh, I have a question about about Yeah. We wanted to ask forever, don't we, Uh I, uh, have a question about the world we live in now, um, with to our to our benefit, a lot of kind of technological advances have allowed DJs creatives to work from home and exhibit some of the some of the things you just described visually online with each especially, especially live streaming. You know, I know you've been a big proponent, a big an active user of live streaming in your sets over the last year. Uh, what I do when I ask you, um, is for season two Or maybe season three. Do you have any intention with incorporating, uh, moving visuals as we talked about dance. Right. Uh, we're talking about how good does it feel to feel talked about, Like, setting yourself free and getting yourself out of the confinement of what we did? Understand what you know, All the things we did confront that we don't want to no longer have the boundaries for us, are there? You know, if you have an answer, you don't. It's still fine, but are there any visual components that you plan to share with us in the future or share on your platform? or share with. Yes, Yes, yes, all of that. You know, I actually wanted I'm an ambitious person. Um, I wanted to start season two off with moving visuals. Um, right now, that's kind of like, put on the whole just because of what's going on. You know, we're still in the building. The building phase As far as, um, yeah, me and my team out here in L. A, um, building a creative team that I can, you know, that I can count on and that I I vibe with because it's extremely important, you know, to have that rhythm. Um, but yes, yes, yes, yes. Moving visual is to me, this is why these mixes are so important is that it's more than the music. It's a full experience. And I really want to create the full experience, the full audiovisual experience. I mean, create movies, you know, little mini miniature. Um, yeah. Moving, moving motion pictures for for the future of polemic fly for sure. Even even with the brand. Hello, MC fly. Um, the products and the collaborations that I will be, um, designing and dropping all of those will have, um, a moving picture component you know, whether it's a short commercial or whatnot. Um, that is Yeah, that's that's good. Yeah. Everything moving everything. Visual. Um, you know, really, I'm a storyteller at heart. I'm a storyteller, and I'm a communicator, you know? And And I realized in creating these four mixes rise, he'll ignite and create. Um, I think I had emailed the team at the end of last year, and I was like, So what are the plans for 2021? Because I need a live streaming component and this and that and the other because I think that it's very important to connect, um, with people on all fronts. And, you know, music tells it, tells its own story, but I want to be able to put that together visually for the world. So that is coming very, very soon. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. I want to say thank you so much, Martina, For given us some of your creative insights on Hello, McFly, I where we were, where we're going. Um and I'm excited, and it's so excited. Um, any last words to share with the people do you have? Do you have a title for episode five Maybe I do have a title for Episode five The title. At first it was I went back and forth because it was all about movement. Um, for me, for this one, because there's a feeling of angst, like people are ready to be outside, like, outside is the word of Of of 2021. It's like we outside, you know, Um, so and I had this, like, this sense after after going through, you know, rising and healing and igniting and creating have all of this, like, pent up energy. And, um, I want to move. And now it's time to move. And I was just thinking about globally and like what the club is gonna feel like And, you know, like, how is it going to feel when I when I go, you know, to South Korea and play? And how is it going to feel when I'm in? You know, Cape Town? And how is it gonna feel when I'm, you know, in in, um, you know, in London and, you know, and Australia What what is the club? What is that energy going to bring, right. And, um, so I tapped into that for this mix. And it is an eclectic mix, um, of dance music. And I'm really excited. The title is called Play. Okay, So you know you can do that. How you want? Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Alright, we're looking forward to that, Uh, and thank you for taking us on a journey of this audiovisual emotional experience. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me sets out. I met you. Bentley Street teams radio, and we'll see you the next one.

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