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Assemble An Embroidery Frame

So with this project I wanted to give you sort of an added a little extra skill that you can use to do other things with or a way to add another way of finishing her embroidery so when you're finished we're gonna pretend that I'm finished like julia child taking the chicken I think I'm in so you're going to remove your fabric from your hoop and you'll see you'll get these little marks here like I have if you want to you can turn him over gently iron little steam it's not gonna much matter for us because we're going to be stretching over something and then I'm going to show you like I said a little frumpy artist tricks to make it look really great so once you have your fabric out of hoops was kind of put it aside make some space for myself you're gonna grab your stretchers so you have four canvas stretchers and the side that's sort of has the slip on it that's the top so you will see it comes out and the reason is so that you create a perfectly flat raise surface to go around you'll see...

when we stretch it but to put them together there's more you can see there's slots so you're just putting one in the other to create the best angle that you can and I'm one sits together you'll see it'll be like a little bit wonky and then I'm going to show you howto manhandle it get it to get perfect corners this is one of the favorite my favorite tricks that I learned when I was in our school the's air these actually are great structures because they're not too tight sometimes you get stretchers and if they've been like hanging around in the store for a while or whatever they're a little bit worked and they're tight so you can see he pretty much always have a side that's a little bit offer weird so what you can dio using a door frame is how I learned is you jam this up into the corner of a door frame and it's a straight angle so you're you get a straining on your side you can also use a table on a table leg so I'm gonna very glamorously get got it over to show you what I mean so here we kind of have a right angle here you're just gonna hit up and sideways on all sides then you should get it looking pretty good so once you have your angles looking nice and right like that kind of set it aside I'm gonna walk around and see does anybody have any issues with the bars? You might need a little love ok yeah so what you want to do is you want to like sharon's here has there not even so you want to make sure that you haven't, even sometimes you have to pull them apart and just start over. Well, I'm a little bit so that's a little bit better there. That's pretty good, wonky corner. Yeah, okay, there we go. Okay, try starting over. Yeah, sometimes if you're having trouble getting it straight, don't put the same ends together, try to use different ends you can always use a mallet to. I'll show you what a mallet looks like. It's it's not necessary. The doorframe works really well. You have a door frame, but this is kind of a mallet. You can use a blocking a breakthrough. Would you can also use this, like, for the eight by eight, and she shouldn't need a mallet. But if you decide you want to go crazy and like, do you know a three foot by three foot one? When you're putting that up into the doorframe, you're going to want to have a mallet to hit up against it.

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