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Backstitch Hack

So this is another version of the project in a home setting, so you can kind of see really paying attention to the size of the letters and the colors can make a difference when you're seeing it combined with other things in a busier environment I want to introduce you to or reintroduce you to because most of you are probably somewhat familiar with these stitches by now, especially if you took the introductory course. I'm going to talk about some of the stitches that I used in the project and that we're going to be using today, so I mean, I grab this sample and show you along with my samplers what stitches I used for what? So I think I'm gonna switch it up a little bit today, I'm going to show you an interesting little cheats ditch that we didn't cover in the introductory course, so we'll do that in a couple of minutes, so I'm I'm not going to replicate this stitch day, I'm going to do something else, but this is a satin stitch and you can see from the sampler of there it's just the str...

aight stitch going in and out, and any time you're using it, it makes a big impact when you're using it with initials are monogram, but you do have to be careful and really take your time because you can see how easily if you get sort of off center something it's going to make the letters look a little bit what happens is the letters look fuzzy from far away they don't look super clear cut so the other stitch that I used is everyone's favorite a french not so you can see they're french knots here in here and I did very a little bit the size with how many times it's wrapped around the needle with getting, you know, the standard two times or I think some of these air probably five times so that's that the other stitches I really like for this project are the back stitch it would be really beautiful to do you could do a little border back such letters or great to I don't think I would do necessarily a just this like that l would be just the line depending upon if it's a really, really good contrast and how far you're viewing it from, it might not be enough of an impact on a project like this to see from far away. I'm going to show you a way to do it that isn't filled in like this kind of using a backstage or this little back stitch hack teach so then let's see okay, so before we get started on the project, I'm going to show you something that I call the back stick hack and that's going to involve using the amazing wonderful, surreal paper and I'm gonna use this hoop so that you guys can see here I did this little l and it looks a little bit you can see it's thicker quips then this one that's just the regular back stitch so what this is is an embroidery there's a way to do it it's mostly in lettering where you're re entering the stitch and you're creating this type of almost like a braid I have never been able to do this well, you can see it kind of here to it looks a little bit like a braid. I felt this every time I've never been able to do it while the right way where you're coming out of the fabric and you're going back in creating this type of stitch, so I created a cheat, a total cheat to do it where you get the same effect and the way you do that is by working a back stitch on the opposite side of the fabric. So if you look at the back of my back stitch from my sample from the introductory course, which I was doing this way for you all to see you turn it over, you get this beautiful braided effect on the back, which I find is really hard to do on purpose on the front of the fabric, so I'm going to show you real quickly how to get that effect by working sort of upside down and backwards and it's super uniform and it looks super pretty and everyone loves it so what you're going to do is you're going to take your wonderful amazing several paper put it down with the graphite facing up you're going to take your fabric put it down that way and then what you're going to be doing is you're going to be drawing directly on to your fabric so that you have a graphite mark underneath that's the opposite way you'll see when we get there I'm going to keep it simple I'm just going to do a print l here and of course you want to do this before you get it in the hoop flat surface people works best so you'll see here you have a mark of the graphite on the back and he'll be able to use this piece over again if you like so then what we're going to be doing is putting it on the tube which you want to put the full piece down on your surface first and you wanted to be backwards okay or the opposite way so what you should see on the underneath is the way you want your letter to go there because what we'll be doing is we'll be doing it on the hoop this way and then pulling it out and switching it around so you want to get your coupon tighten it and then to start the hack you want you're not on the surface right? Because this is going to be the final surface is going to be what's underneath so you're not it's going to be on top so you're gonna be pulling down and then you're going to start a back stitch so at the very beginning on the back on the actual front side, the beginning of your stitch there's going to be a little bit you can kind of see it here you're going to be a little bit of a starting to the pattern that looks a little different as you get going that's never bothered me if that bothers you, you can go in through the top and create you can sort of mock the stitch there if you want to so then you're just doing a basic back stitch you're going and sharing the same hole as you move across and then when you turn it over, you'll notice that you start to get a pattern there see that so it looks like you're having this very even splitting of the threads, which is what gets that beautiful paraded look but you're not working so hard. Does anyone have questions about that so let's see the part then you turn it over chris the right side is underneath then, right? Yeah so then when you finish it off show you an example here I'm gonna not it on the side that I'm working on, because this is gonna end up going underneath, and you're gonna pull it out of the loop on. Then, if you're continuing to work on this, and you're doing embellishment and, you know, let's, imagine the entire letter is finished. You would just turn it over, pop it back in your hoop and start going with whatever other embellishment you wanted to do or wanted to add at that point. But this gives you a little bit of a more textured stitch. You can see there to add just a little bit more interest than a basic back stitch. That's, a little bit more dimension. So that's, my big cheat for the day. One of them, I feel like this customization course, has a lot of neat little chiefs in it.

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