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Adding Flowers to the Garland

And I'm going to turn it over to christina to show you how to turn this into a beautiful centerpiece yeah now the fun part we're going toe put some flowers so she's also just cutting off the extra string the tale of this we can just talking here okay? Someone swapped places so you said you could make this ahead of time you can't put the flowers and ahead of time I have seen people do that and it looks really sad so don't do that ahead of time okay? You mean you can maybe the night before if you're using a hearty flowers but we're using some not so hardy were reason some come klutz which are very hardy so there's not a good I was trying to think of how to explain which ones you're going to need the water tube in which ones you don't and there's not a really good way to give you like one tip to use that's it the only thing I come up with is the woody stemmed one so once have what he stands are typically they tend to be more hardy flowers so you don't have to worry about water to be them ...

because they're gonna be fine they could mean the citrus could stay in their conquests could stay in there for a couple days and still be fine um but flowers that have softer stems like these enemies the's would not be ok is they would look really well didn't sad, so we're gonna water to ones like this so you probably all know water tubes looked like but here's some they come and clear and the green I usually go with greens that way kind of hide some even better. Um it's really easy filling with water and then the end in just like this some stems that are smaller, you could do a couple and each tube, I'm if we're doing some little buds of stuff I would put like three and or so, but I think everything even than paperwhites should have won per you have to be a little bit careful paperweights, a very delicate stem, so when you put it and just go slow, if you get in a rush like I am, sometimes you'll bend the stems and break them, which is not good, so first I'm going to show you not this this is the more complex we'll start with the beginner side, we're just going to plug in there's no pattern here just wherever you want it except the only thing I do do is if I see that it looks really full one area and the other doesn't look this full, then I'll definitely put in more foliage into those areas and less on the other side I'm cutting them about you know, three four inches below to stick in on all of this is so so big that you could do it even longer and still be able to hide it what you don't want is toe have stem sticking out on the other side ofthe everywhere that's not a very good look I'm going to use everything so even the ones without the comforts on him and many use for the area that I want to plug in more foliage but we don't see we're thinking those in like what are you picking him so oh yeah that's a great question so I'm just kind of weaving it into like so it's through the wired section doesn't have to go through the wire itself but so it's not just sitting on top so I'm not just taking one and putting it like this you know because then if it jostles around or moves at all this is going to be you know, for a table centerpiece but if you're going to use it like on a mantle then you're gonna want tighter so you want to actually put the flowers and the best way to do it is exactly where it's at unless you have a quick load in time of like fifteen minutes some places dio for weddings and then you're going to make it ahead to be very careful um this is a really big piece I'm gonna use this one here and if you have it exactly where you want it, you don't have to do that much see, that one is just sticking right there and it's gonna make it look a lot fuller we're gonna create, we're gonna patch that hole right there and I'm gonna do that first. I'm going to do all of the greens first to get it exactly how I want it, pieces of magnolia and we're using a lot of flowers today we're going to use a lot of farmers say, but you don't have tio we also have used just like fruits that will put like pomegranates are, um, what's the one I use up all the time in the farmers for simmons all the time and those you don't have to put in them. You just set it around as well. That's super easy. It's was in this picture here. A little orange person. Yeah, so something like this, you can actually get to cuts out of two. So if you're short on foliage gonna cut it right at the joint here on and then I can use this one and this one get more out of it. Weii do not like the waste anything, so you guys focus a little? Do you focus a little bit more on the greenery first before you have the flowers? Yes, so I tend to like you don't have to, but I tend to like to get it exactly I want at first and then I can kind of just see exactly where I want all the flowers to be, um, a couple more wave a question, right? You get the feeling of the whole? Is that something you want to d'oh once you're on site and it's on a table, or can that be done before you transport it? If you do it before, wire it because when you transport a lot will fall out. Probably so, especially if the long garland the best way to transport it is to roll it up and put it in a big trash bag and actually condensation will collect inside of it. But that's good, because it keeps it, um moist and gives it some water, which is good, so when you roll it up, a lot will come will fall out of it if it's not wired in, I'm not wearing any of this thing because I can kind of do place it in a long as it's got kind of a rigging point in there, it's fine, but if I were to move this, as you'll see when we probably move it afterward, someone fallout um so I don't recommend doing it ahead of time with that wire. And then when you're on site you're old you know stressed for time and trying to get everything done so it's just you know the worst thing is if you aren't prepared and you think you have it all set and then everything falls out in your car you know so again I'm gonna get to cuts out of this as well so we can use both of them happened in addition party like a rap what you're doing right now yes definitely definitely you can always add more anytime always for you how's it looking over there you guys looking fuller it looks like you really just kind of like you could focus on these areas that are that have a little bit more holes to just um to just make up a little bit more less than than yeah yeah yeah great like you can't mess up garland really because you can always fix it you can plug anything later um so one thing to that she's doing tio give it a good texture issue you're kind of inserting from both and yeah that's a great point so I don't want it to look like there's like a spread right here you know so I'm tryingto get it so it looks like it's completely organics the whole way it's looking full enough over there I would probably messed with it a little bit more but I'm not going to cause I wanna add some flowers now um someone adds more come quad first no help clean up a little bit so there is a little you can place him exactly where you want them to feel that little hole you know apartment and there's like I said, no pattern for this you just put it exactly where you want it just make sure you both sides so the side you're working on is always the easiest of course and then you go look at their son you're like low company completely naked he's your just put them right in are these the same where you're really just kind of leaving them into the into where the wired part sites not even a lot of martin even going all that like deep into it I'm just getting it enough that it's going to hold it in place so it's still pretty like if I move this it's not gonna go anywhere um so somebody actually you know, jostles that the more they drink during dinner something that's gonna come cost everywhere, you know? But it will it will fall out when you move them probably and do you s o right now I noticed you're just you're really focusing on the come caught first so do you kind of go through with one kind of flour and then and then you know, just sort of working our way through the ones you're going to use I'd like to say that I d'oh that's the way I always start but then it just kind of goes with what I you know over here needs a little bit more depth there's something so then I'll you something from one of the you know, ridiculous that has a darker color something so and I say yes you'll notice in a couple of minutes but I don't so that service find yeah, I probably with the hardier stuff I'll do the whole thing and then when I get to the more the delicate flowers I do it in sections so I'm going to focus on this section right now to show you um offers so again I'm gonna have to water to this to make sure it lasts on especially in the bright sunlight so like this and then with the water to these air the great ones because they have the little tip so it's easier to navigate there is another kind that's just as the round bottom those air a little bit harder to use and they're also green, which is wonderful because his great is there they're not that pretty, so I'm just gonna stick this like that and put that right in there and then we like it kind of wild and sticking out like that, but I am gonna put I like to cluster flowers I'm gonna do a little flower cluster here so I'm gonna put the rose underneath it to kind of anchor it some have to cut it shorter than the funicula but I want to keep the butt on it so that's why I cut it right below that so it'll still hit the water and then put this rose yeah like that's a bit a little you need help wondering I think yeah, you want to put sun ae a few flowers you could put in there way didn't bring a ton of water to space so we're just going to do a few writers to show us samples really like those so paperwhites again have a really strong smell so if you're worried about it being in it a small room I would not use these but um they smell so good that I would be running but so I'm gonna do a little cluster here definitely what the people wait lower because they tend tio troop a little and even though that's just the shape of the flower people sometimes thinks that that means they're dying and it doesn't it just means that's the ship with flour any other questions when you're clustering flowers? How again is it sort of by field you do tend to stay with odd numbers do you do you go with a specific number? I do not stay with any numbers, I just do whatever I'm feeling right that um some people probably what there are certain flowers that do look good parent like the calla lilies look good paired um and tulips look good parents a lot of times we'll do those I just kind of put things where it looks good to me um on dh try to make it look balance so I'm not gonna put all of them like these airmail flowers these are just kind of put it throughout the whole thing it also depends on your budget and how many hours you can have um you know, some people just love flowers will do really a dinner harland and a bit tons of flowers and it it's definitely more cost effective to do a larger garland with the greens and then plug the flowers and more sparingly but you can definitely pair this guy sees so this one the water to these air really delicate so it broke in the water too. So okay, we're re cut it again little shorter just go really slow when you're putting it in for the really delicate ones but you could like, you know, these would look like eyeballs if you just put two so you have to put, like, agree if you're gonna put that but I'm just gonna put it in a different place and you can always move things around later I'm doing this kind of backwards, you know without seeing it in front, so it looks good from here. Okay, when I come around the front of the, like, what e o, you know, um, and I tend to like heavier flowers, the bigger ones down lower, and then the lighter ones, a pyre. And you can always re position and say, you put something in, and it doesn't go where you wanted to like this. I'm gonna take it out, find another little hole in the garland that I can plug it in to make it go the direction I want like that.

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Floral garlands are not only beautiful, they are incredibly versatile. Learn basic garland-making techniques in Decorative Floral Garlands with Farmgirl Flowers.

Garlands are can be draped across arbors, laid on tables, or fashioned into wreaths. Once you know how to make one, you’ll find yourself doing it again and again. In this beginner-friendly class you’ll learn every step in the process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Select and handle your tools
  • Prepare and choose the flowers and foliage
  • Assemble the base and add flowers to the garland
  • Adjust the garlands for a variety of uses

The Farmgirl Flowers team will share time-saving techniques and inspiring design ideas in this essential floral design class.

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