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Assembling the Garland

So I have several bundles that air about this team on size and so I'm gonna lay those out, get them nice and easily accessible so like assemble the garland cool okay way really are making a mess here. Oh yeah okay, so we got all of our pieces and then, um once you have everything together all of your bundles in place, then you need to get your string ready and you needed a side. Well, how long do you want the garland? S o I just cut this to a couple of feet for today's demonstration um, but I'm going to start by just literally I'm just going to be placing one of these bundles on the string and then I'm going to be using my paddle wire so this is floral paddle, paddle wire and then I'm going to wrap each bundle around the string a couple of times when we try to show you this again before I have all the materials making a mess, so I laid down a bundle and then take the floral paddle wire and I'm going to wrap it around the bundle three times really secure to keep it in place, so if you w...

rap it too loose thes they're going to come out of your garland and you're not going to have a very stable garland so it's really important to wrap it tight and then it's really important don't cut this wire because in your garland will unravel that way so this is going to go the whole length of the string each time you're gonna lay a bundle down wrapping around three times lay another bundle on top of it wrap it around three times and keep going until you philip the garland so we some people make sure they have a full uh what a paddle a paddle yeah don't started at the very end yeah yeah so very important so yeah let me take one of these guys get started so another thing I'll show you another trick let's say you were planning to hang your garland and somewhere start then by making a little loop at the end so that its you'll have a little hanging loop for your garland so I'm just going to make that like this so if I wanted to put this garland on the nail or something it's really easy to stick on there okay? So if lane a bundle down and then I'm gonna end with the same hand holding my paddle where with the opposite hand I'm going to wrap this around nice and strong so you're the very first time you go around you might need to wrap it a few extra times just to get it nice and secure because it doesn't have anything else to hold on to, so wrapping that down men once it's secure on that strength, I'm going to take another bundle. Lay it on top now I come about halfway down so the closer you put the bundles together on, then I want to make sure the camera sees that. So the closer you put the bundles together, the thicker your garland is going to be the further away you had the bundles together, the thinner your garlands going to be so it's just a matter of personal preference for this one. I'm going about halfway down, so there's nice and full, but not too crazy thick and then grabbing that paddle where again, pulling it nice and taught. So you consume really pulling here, wrapping around three times, and then each time, my pool, I come a little bit lower and then making sure that you're still on that string. If you lose the string, then you kind of lose your garland, so make sure you're wrapping the paddle wear around the, uh, bundle in the string if you don't overlap it enough to, you'll create holes in the garland so you don't want to see thie wire from the previous bundle, so make sure you're at least covering that you have a very good point, and I'm going to come down again with another one. This is really something you can do it it's a great thing to do with multiple people so it goes faster yeah make a group activity do you have a question not at the back is being covered, so for a centerpiece I'll be fine but if you were doing this where you're going to see three sixty like if it was strung between two beyonce definitely you want to kind of come underneath bit yeah definitely and you'll see that it will kind of cover each other enough but yes, you can definitely cover like some wire yet and then just come around and kind of rotate the string you can definitely do that yeah when we've done thinner ones that were hanging, which will show you picture of later, I'll be won over one under one over one under like that but this is definitely best for a table centerpiece because it'll a flush after the table good point you gonna work out doing this especially a big frankie that's ever done? What was the one that we're defeat? No we did why? What was that event where we had like ten of us working on it? Oh yeah there's a lot more yeah, that might have been fifty feet, but yeah, I've seen some long, long ones for sure we had like ten of us and it was over like three big long tables it was it was an undertaking. Yeah, so as it's getting longer on just what you know kind of moving in client spill so I'll talk a little about calculating how long you need what she's doing this so the most common size tables for events are six and eight feet tables but as you see when we make bundles like this there's going to be joints I call it in the garland so it doesn't flow like uh linen wood or something over the table so you want to try to calculate it so that when you have a couple of feet pain over each side unless somebody sitting at the end so if it's a table where it's like king's table where there's people sitting in each end as well you'll want to look like it intentionally stopped which it is intentional where it's about two feet from each end so if you're doing a ten foot king table but there's people sitting in each end you really only need what is that? Six b yeah six feet of garland to go down the center of it but if there's nobody at the end during an eight foot table you're gonna want say you want to feed on each end you know it's going to twelve feet that you want to dio um and it's gonna have to it'll bend at the natural joint like I said where it was one was attached to it because otherwise it'll loop really big over the table which is not what you want to be maybe it'll be on trend sometime but it's not raining so um and when you're prepping all the material lecture said to make sure you have it all prepped I always add about twenty five percent of what I think I need because it worse is when you are doing you know putting them all together and then you're like you know I'm four feet short you know that so yeah have it ready in advance and measured at the end don't just think because you calculated right there's been so many times that we get it there and we're like no we're like a foot and a half two short thing christine if I don't have you helped me break that down the other way go see what I mean about the joint yeah very started yeah pretty sturdy so it's going down right at one of the joints right there and not just the not just the garland itself but the greenery is really is really she seems really certainly already yeah parties I mean it's a great she's going to show you later so different things you can do but if your bride trying to do your own flower decorations for your wedding like garland is great because you can do it the week before and not have to think about your flowers like I do not encourage any bride to try to make their own bridal bouquets the same day of their wedding way get a lot awful will say oh it's gonna be fun for all the bridesmaids the night before and it never is and then we have a lot of tears of people like you know yeah so this is something you can actually do a week before and then the fun part is putting the flowers and which will show you and that doesn't take a whole lot of time so it's very hard you know like I said I think that this is just one of the best ideas to use for so many different things and it's really cost efficient too so if you're looking at doing you know long farm tables and you know for three hundred people we know centerpieces for that cost a lot of money so I'm always trying toe suggest to people on a budget to use garlands instead because buying flowers to plug into it is a lot cheaper than doing you know eighty centerpieces yes paddle wires to come in like different links so I think they're all about the same length but they definitely come in different gauges so there's some thicker paddle wire on dh I have that here but this one I believe is ah this is twenty four gauge so there's definitely different thicknesses you can use and you can buy it individually or in like three packs and so I always just by a lot because I usually always started you want when I'm doing a big long darling, but I just want to chance it, you know, and there's definitely so you know, you don't want to cut this paddle wire if possible, but let's say you did run out or you did accidentally cut it you could definitely save it you just have to get a new paddle and then wrap it around several more times to really get it nice and secure and then you can start from there again to so don't worry, you don't have to, like, totally start over if you'll probably scary new that's not that bad if you run out, it just takes time and we're all about efficiency so it takes a lot more time yeah, yeah so I think I'm almost done here I'm just going to finish this so what I do and I finish this as I try it like I like this piece because it has this nice big floppy lee if that's gonna hide my wire a little bit but you have a little bit of wire that and it's it's not that big a deal you could if you really wanted to, you could take more smaller materials to try to hide the wire and the other way yeah, I could do it the other way and then you would have to tuck the stems of that one underneath so that would be a good way to hide the sames if you need to um I mean, most people aren't going to notice if you just finish this this way wait time I do it that way is if you're doing it a smaller just if you have people sitting peons and so you know, unless you don't care what that person the end thinks, you know I'll just put that end, I'll do the opposite direction I'll just put it this way on it and hide the stems cut him shorter on but makes a little bit nicer for that no, we'll do go ahead and do that for the audience at home just so you can see how that works so I'm tucking the stems into the garland to try to hide them and then wrapping that around you're still gonna have a whole here. So then when I show you when we plug in flowers I would spend a lot of emphasis right there. Putting in some of the foliage is well and then for the very end of my garland I'm just going to make sure those nice and secure and rapid a few extra times than they have been for the other ones just making sure that nothing comes loose from, like, wrapping it six times and stuff three, and then that's it where those wire cutters and all have moved everything. Sorry. Well, that's, probably smart. Yeah, I would be on the floor. It wasn't that's what I figured and with this one little loose piece of wire, so that nobody, like pokes themselves, I just kind of took it back into the garland, so that nobody's going to stab themselves. We don't want that.

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Floral garlands are not only beautiful, they are incredibly versatile. Learn basic garland-making techniques in Decorative Floral Garlands with Farmgirl Flowers.

Garlands are can be draped across arbors, laid on tables, or fashioned into wreaths. Once you know how to make one, you’ll find yourself doing it again and again. In this beginner-friendly class you’ll learn every step in the process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Select and handle your tools
  • Prepare and choose the flowers and foliage
  • Assemble the base and add flowers to the garland
  • Adjust the garlands for a variety of uses

The Farmgirl Flowers team will share time-saving techniques and inspiring design ideas in this essential floral design class.

This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.