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Garland Variations

So this is actually at a party that we did it was our three year anniversary party and we didn't want to do a lot of work for our own party you know? We went actually a fund so we made a garland because it was easy and then we just put flowers and there you'll see the dolly is here in the valleys are a flower that would have to be water to weigh actually didn't because we're a little lazy that day but we put him on like right before the party began and it was only you know, a couple of our party that was okay um but ones like that would typically have to be water tube you'll also see the persimmon they're some of the show you with these guys really quick um these air really hardy any kind of pro dea or edible pomegranates like that you can even just place around it just fill in little like over here they're still it looks like from here anyway that it's a little bit less you know? And then this one just to kind of balance it out you could just place them around it so we do that with a ...

lot of fruit that we use uh say that's, another shot of it so here's a mantle garlands that remade actually for a wedding I think tio omg wedding and so it has some flowers in it but mainly greens but then again put it how you want and then plug in the flowers where you want them um so here's a great sample of the one I'm talking about just olive it's much thinner than this um I wouldn't put flowers in this one this is hung if you can't really tell that we you know, strung it up from polls the section off the whole party area um so I've never seen flowers and one like that it would be really difficult you could probably do it sometimes to go well dio like right here at the pole they'll do like big speech sprays of flowers there that they'll build on to it and wire onto it, but then again, you have to make it there. I would not make it ahead and do it there we actually tried we just in a party where I tried to make we had a really limited amount time that we could be there to set up and we were doing something like this where we had a garland going over a teepee and at the top we needed this big floral cascade at the top and I knew I didn't have you know our and have to make it there so I tried to make some hands tied bouquets and do it and it just did not work it also I'm sure it can be done I haven't figured out how yet to so you have to build it there on site I think that is it on the pictures that we have other ideas though sir sounds like in that picture flowers obviously don't want king but if it was on a table can you get farmers into it still definitely now because it's been there used to be really careful like this garland is ideal for never seen any the water tubes when it's then and especially when you're only using one type like olive is a very thin it's this trailer here this I believe so it's really hard to hide stones in it so you probably want to cut them really short the flowers really short they're putting it on and definitely place the flowers there just so it's going underneath tucked underneath it but you can definitely do that. Um yeah and just when you're hanging it, keep in mind that heavy garlands I won't hang very well wave had lots of issues over the years of being like, oh no, we've said it with a wreath which is very similar on how we're gonna get this stick I don't stand a wall when you know we had to use like twenty three m hooks on it, it was really hard, so you want when you're hanging it it to be really light unless you're rigging points are extremely you know well builds other ideas though for uses were usually we've done a lot of different uses but we're usually in such a hurry to set up that we don't take very good pictures of it but weddings there's a ton of different uses you could line the the isle with garland which is a great way I've seen so many people that want flowers the whole way and actually helped with an install where it was flowers the whole way down in little tiny bases will lay down I'm thinking like garland would be so much easier than that and cheaper probably for the bride to you can also you know people will use ribbon or tape to tape off like the first two rows of seats for reserve seating it looks so much cuter if you just do a little olive garden got garland like that on the back of a bride and groom seats at the reception and just any party instead of using velvet rope it's supposed to be so high class I think it's classy or to use garland and just you know partition often area that way instead so there's just so many uses for it like I said it's really slept on you know yeah it's really beautiful super easier and it's we actually didn't expect to make this much of one that's why we brought one already made but ways so easy you know the one thing I will caution we did it for a greenhouse dinner once and maybe that was the one we did fifty feet for probably watch and know how wide the table is when you're making a garland because when we went there was like no room for any of the plates because they used it wasn't a king size it was a very narrow table and there were you know, people sitting on both sides of it so it was really difficult so really ask if you're doing it for a client or you know a friend or something ask how wide the tables are make sure you do something more this size if it's a very narrow table so there's still room for all the glassware in front stuff yes along that line how much space would you generally say like nature you have this much base of table if someone sitting there this one is especially big you could do a foot minimum is what I say but this one I would say you need like fifteen inches for if you're doing a really giant one of spacing them the middle of it just allotted to that and also make sure that it's not family style that was the other issue that one so yeah so it's asked what style of catering it is a swell ah a lot of questions you should ask before doing it for that so, yeah, I think you guys are gonna go home and start making great. I did last christmas, I took, we had, we didn't event right before the holidays, and I took the garland home. I'm not what you can do, this huge violin in my little tiny apart, you know, townhouse. And so I just put two nails over my door on either side, and I outlined the whole tour with garland. It looked gorgeous and so much better if you're having a party than balloons out front, you know, having that instead, yeah, you could see it comes together really fast, so I encourage you guys, yeah, try to make one. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Yeah, I don't think he could mess it up, really, so thank you, thank you.

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Floral garlands are not only beautiful, they are incredibly versatile. Learn basic garland-making techniques in Decorative Floral Garlands with Farmgirl Flowers.

Garlands are can be draped across arbors, laid on tables, or fashioned into wreaths. Once you know how to make one, you’ll find yourself doing it again and again. In this beginner-friendly class you’ll learn every step in the process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Select and handle your tools
  • Prepare and choose the flowers and foliage
  • Assemble the base and add flowers to the garland
  • Adjust the garlands for a variety of uses

The Farmgirl Flowers team will share time-saving techniques and inspiring design ideas in this essential floral design class.

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