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Design a Great Customer Experience


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Class Introduction

Today we're gonna talk about designing a great customer experience. And there's a lot of things that go into that. I have a lot of things to say about that 'cause I've been in the customer service world for about 30 years, mostly in restaurants and hotels. And last year I wrote a book called Hello! And Every Little Thing That Matters, and it's about how customer service can impact your brand of business. So that's we're gonna talk about today. Today we're gonna talk about how you can identify and create your unique steps of service. So the steps of service are really every moment of interaction with your guests. We're gonna enunciate that so that you can make it better each and every time you have a guest in your place and on your site. We will ensure that your space, collateral, and website represent your brand accurately. And make sure you learn how to sell your product with the client in mind. So there's a couple things here. This class is for you if you wanna build a solid business...

. Customer service is the backbone of any solid business. If you're curious how service and business go together, because they do work together, and if you're not so sure how they do go together, this is where you wanna be, so thanks for joining me. A couple of topics. The blueprint of service which is those steps of service, how you do it. The look and feel of your customer service. Making people wait. This is a topic that came up a couple of courses ago with a caller asking about waiting. Scripting service, how do we talk to people about service? And then into proper language, which words do you choose? And then lastly, selling your brand and your product.

Class Description

You are officially on the customer service bandwagon. You talk about it at company meetings. You’ve integrated it into your mission statement. You have a framed needlepoint with the phrase “The Customer Is Always Right” hanging on your wall! But now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

This course will help you build a superior customer service experience from the ground up so you can make your business stand out from the pack. Developing an optimal customer service program requires rigorous attention to detail, laser focus on your customers’ needs, and an unwavering commitment to consistency.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the key actions that contribute to great customer service as well as the elements that detract from it.
  • Plan out every step of your customer service interactions to ensure a positive, memorable experience at all times for all customers.
  • Make strategic and smart choices regarding the language your team members use with customers.
  • Ensure consistency with every customer interaction.
  • Build your confidence and overcome your fear when it comes to customer service.