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Audience Engagement Strategies

What we're going to dive into today is about proving your brilliance but a big piece of that is the engagement factor and we did a bit of this and segment to where we talked about social media mastery and networking and I want to give you some engagement strategies this morning some simple ways that you'll be able to interact effectively and powerful e on facebook on twitter on lincoln and any other networks that are we relevant where your ideal clients air hanging out remember the whole point of this is to use your time productively and profitably turning your business into your playground for profit instead of just play time so we don't waste your time we want to use it wisely and the engagement strategies I'm going to show you will do it exactly that so with that we're going to dive and do audience engagement your audience by the way is your market your ideal client large gatherings of them wherever they are gathering because they are your ideal clients and I haven't had the luxury ...

of talking with you one on one and less you're in the facebook group in which case I may have that has been a lot of fun I jumped in there late last night and early this morning both and I'll be getting in there again probably late late tonight all right so this is about getting the like and the like by the way is not limited to facebook you want to build your know like and trust factor you're k l t factor so one of the fastest ways to do this is to create a call to action tell them what you want them to do be specific make it a singular called action you get forty eight percent higher interaction with a call to action so it's easy like caption ists share yes or no true or false we as human beings are driven to complete sentences and to answer questions and we will follow actions when you make them really clear people like to be a part of things so they want to contribute make it easy for them ask them to choose give them a choice uh red for blue on the pop ships this works really well for victoria's secret also when they have glamorous model showing lingerie in red and blue lots of people time in on this so give them a choice ask them to choose don't just put the picture up there and forget to comment on it say hey what's your favorite which one do you like the best you might want to put the word red or blue you choose in the comments be really specific don't make people guess at what they have to d'oh all right this is one of my favorites light up your fan and follower fun factor I'm a huge cat fans I think this is hilarious okay, these examples have all been snipped tooled off of the web, so these are all real live examples. What I'm sharing with you and little friends is amazing they have also dogs underwater as a facebook page I'm not a dog person I think these air hilarious okay, I would gladly share these with my entire community because I know that pet pictures get people going people think they're funny they'll share them even if they don't have that pet or that's not their favorite pet they still light us up, so bring your fun factor forward in this um if you've got funny pictures you can share that's great if you could just share from these pages with your community, go for that your curating funny content it works. This is one of those great examples where a picture really is worth a thousand words, and by taking words and putting them on an image, they become much more powerful as a share tool. You could do it on twitter, you can do it on linkedin, you could do it on facebook. One of the easiest tools right now is can va you can have somebody do this for you on fiverr, but I am pleased to say that I used canberra recently and redid my facebook timeline photo um that's on my prospering by design page it took me less than five minutes I was blown out of the water and how easy it was and the beautiful part of about what canvas doing is it's designed specifically for social media engagement, they have templates off all the correct size is best suited for sharing, which in facebook's case is critical. Facebook is such a pain in the behind to do this on your own because none of the images you'll ever come up with ever fit properly and you have to go back and re size and photo shop. I don't know photo shop I have no photo shop ability, so canada is my resource for that five or is certainly an easy when we've talked about five or before and pick monkey dot com is another fun, easy way free also there's a free version and a paid version that will let you do things with photos that are easy and simple when you're not a skilled photo shopped talent on. Do you want to do these things on the quick and dirty police? Don't spend a ton of time on this, it doesn't make any sense, but you can build a library, and the neat part about that is if you share something now, three months or six months from now, you can share the same thing. And nobody's going to remember what you shared three to six months ago, they're not gonna remember what you shared on monday, but let's give it a little bit more room just because we're being generous. Ok, so the other thing I love is featuring your fans know sharpie does an amazing job of this sharp be in general. You want to see an example of some extraordinary marketing because what they do is they actually empower their fans with the sharpie product. And I have seen ferraris, tattoos, two in ferrari markers I mean in sharpie markers it's just extraordinary what they could dio I've seen clothing completely sharp ead and they pull their fans in and they feature them front and center that's a really honor and that's something that these fans will strive for created contest around it. So it's really very cool. I mean, this is ahh gorgeous ah, feline image and that's the fan that created it. So I think that's really cool? Invite your fans to caption a photo you can do that on twitter. You could do that on facebook. You can even do it on linked in um, if you've got a kind of quirky or curious or intriguing or funny photo. Get your fans captioning that your followers captioning that whatever the language is for the network you're on you know the networks you know the language is if you don't you're going to learn it okay, so I think this is kind of fun a real bird's eye view was what one person wrote on this one and I think that's very clever and three little pugs go with with with all the way home it's cute to, you know again, animal pictures attract everybody's attention and they make a smile so if you've got some of those, if you've got a pet at home and your pet does funny stuff pop a picture of your pet up there and say caption this and then leave a blank space make it really obvious that you want them tio caption it um let your fans fill in the blank you do have to leave the blanks for this if you don't, they won't fill it in you have to be really obvious make this stupid easy hey um it's like that kiss keep it simple, sweetheart, but it's actually keep it simple stupid okay, so make it stupid easy make it super obvious don't think everybody will understand that they're supposed to fill in the blanks I don't put the blanks there yes if you do, people won't get it otherwise you could do this with a favorite quote you could do this with a neck sprechen that you find yourself using a lot with clients and have your audience fill in the blanks. You'll get more material than you ever imagined that you can write blogged posts about that you can repurpose into future posts on dh that's going to inspire you so it's a really cool way to go. I would love to see some of our online audience doing some of these things now as you're learning them because some of these air quick and easy a fill in the blank you can do that, you've got a funny picture that you can pull up invite us to caption it want to know that you're doing this live time now, there's no time like the present to implement what you're learning don't save the knowledge today that doesn't make any sense question here. Yes, lisa, I started a discussion on my facebook group who's geological in nature and that's how it started out and someone got involved in the conversation and we went off the deep end and got really very heated and very offensive and I finally got to point us it look enough is enough and I deleted the whole thing was that the right thing to do? Or I mean I mean, that can happen usually usually when you see it going south you have the ability as the group manager to block that person. You can certainly engage in a conversation with them offline and let them know you're going to block thumb, but it's your responsibility to your tribe members to your group to manage it in a way that it does remain friendly and doesn't get out of hand. Now there are some I've got a couple of colleagues larry wing, that comes to mind immediately, who has five new york times bestsellers, one of his called shut up stop whining! Get a life! Okay, so you can imagine larry is pretty in your face. He and he loves controversy less stirring the pot, and he loves getting really heated on age. But that's, larry that's, not you. So unless that's your style, you have every right to manage it, manage it fast and delete post invite someone not to keep going down that path and if they do block thumb, okay, really? And truly, I've definitely shut people off of my page, josh, people off of my personal pages well, at times, so you're in charge. It's your baby case another one is making findable with hashtags. Hashtags can be incredibly helpful if you want to get found fast, these are both used by much larger brands. And they created their own hash tags and you could do the very same thing know that if you create your own hashtag doesn't necessarily mean very many people going to find it, so sometimes you want a piggyback off of another hashtag you see a lot of piggybacking going on on twitter, sometimes it's healthy, piggybacking sometimes it's not sometimes somebody is like, oh, well, I want to rob the credibility over here, so I'm going to use that hashtag that's not really cool uh, it only works if your hashtag is really going to be relevant or your use of it is relevant to that same community of people that would be looking at it, so keep that in mind, but hash tags are still used there's still relevant and they still make things easy to search. And then we've got dish the how to so here's the reality. Remember what I said in a previous segment about the key to social media? It is not about what she had for breakfast unless you're going to share the recipe about the what's to go deep in the what who you had it with, where you had it make it relevant, meaningful and valuable, so just the fact that you're having a nice drink isn't very relevant, meaningful or valuable, what makes the valuables you're sharing the recipe for the drink okay or in my case they might be sharing a where I had it or who I had it with with that's what adds the value so there's a way to take the ordinary and make it meaningful, relevant and valuable instead of just making it really she tweeted he had oatmeal for breakfast you ok? So what kind of how to are you going to tweet? Are you going to tweet recipes? Are you going to share on facebook ah tip for crafting are you gonna share scrapbooking techniques? Are you going to share interior design? Are you gonna share photography tips? Some of you probably want to teach me photo shop what kind of how to advice are you going to share? You get a lot of options business life photography, interior design painting graphic recipes whole range to choose from whatever works for you bring that forward because that's your expertise and we want to tap into your expertise so this is also about grabbing attention I love the shot I collect shares I have a vast number of shares it was easier when I kept them small like his little is my baby finger and didn't collect the actual life size models but then I branched out into life size models I also have two dimensional chairs I have some very cool pieces this is one of my favorites the vice chair they actually grew this from ice crystals I think that is just beyond wild so weird works wild works crazy works the challenge with this is I actually looked at it and read the text you all I can see the text but you're not that and trade yet because you don't collect here's the way I do if they had bold it or put the texan some other format that made it jump out, I think a lot more people would have seen it now as it was it did garner forty plus thousand people did like it so anything different unique unusual off the wall I'll never presumed that everybody's seen it your tribe may not have seen it at all and it's worth sharing now this is going to surprise you because there's a lot of heated argument about emoticons lease it appears that you're not an emoticon fan ok, what I have noticed is a lot of men using emoticons which I think is really interesting, but I'm going to show you in just a half a second here why they're using emoticons post that contain emoticons received fifty two percent higher interaction rates that is mind bending really little smiley faces the little colon with the pea under it so you're sticking your tongue out of people really people want the emotion they want to feel you they don't want to just read you or see you that makes a big difference post that employ them have a fifty seven percent higher like great, and I'm not a big a motive can use or I'm an exclamation point er I really am, which I had to tame myself on because when you put exclamation points on everything, it means nothing so I usually have to scale back from three to five to one it's hard because I live in exclamation point life I dio I'm kind of an exaggerated life, so the best emoticons to use are that day in that p and you know, those aren't ones I use very often. I usually use the wink and the smile that's just kind of the one I choose, I make it easy, I don't want to have to think about it so all the ones that they have and facebook message service now has all the emoticons in there and you can use it really easily. I don't love all of that, but science this is research that's been done has has proven the effectiveness of it so your tribe may or may not be emoticon friendly kind of depends on your audience so online promotion and engagement you want to meet your prospect online, you want a date, your prospect online? By building your know like and trust factor this is a lot like having a relationship any kind of love relationship it's about giving love to your prospect at the right time you engage your prospect with a taste of your services try me out see if you'll like me if you want to get engaged, marry your prospect by making them your client okay deliver a lifetime of value and benefit to avoid an ugly and unprofitable divorce okay and garner referrals for business growth those air the babies of your bit of your relationship and business referrals or the baby's referrals are the children of a successful relationship so it's a it's a really simple formula if you really look at it like dating be careful you're not trying to propose too soon that happens a lot in business actually these days I think it's probably happen a lot in dating too but really make sure that they're ready to engage that you've built that k lt factor to a place where they're ready to make that next step because if you do it too fast it's kind of hard to back off of that all right? So here's the special bonus a cache of checklist for effective social media management facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and rules of engagement and the rules of engagement the beautiful part about that one is you can actually post that in your office on your monitor to remind you of how to engage all right at a bonus for being you dot com, you can download all of these. The checklists are on average three pages. They are quick bites. Tip format bite size format really easy to implement. Keep top of mind. Keep these on hand in your office. Don't bury them in a file and don't leave them in an electronic file. I would encourage you to download these, print them out, read them through and pull the ones out that are going to be most relevant for your business. Very, very impactful. So at this point, do we have any pack your bag moments is anybody had an ah ha moment about there on the right network. They're not on the right network how to engage more effectively. Discussion just has everybody in the chat room using emoticons. I'm seeing a sort of smiling faces, glasses, tongue, it's out, winking eyes so of it. I think they're going to wait. That's. Hilarious. Okay, what a trip. So there you go, you tell people use about a cause and they will. The nose of the habit will stick or not.

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