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Create A Package Matrix

Everybody looks like you got something pretty good down there we have any any questions coming at us? Yeah well we have some people who are sharing their example some other people who were having some trouble what I want to read a couple that have come in kathleen police says for my process capture and documentation service my features are consultation research observation copy in the form of a reference manual than three rounds of revisions that's out there on the right throws their features okay and then comedy gumball machine says with writing children's books the benefits are invoking the imaginative process eliciting happiness being entertained and laughter I would give those benefits ok yes she does list those benefits yeah there's your benefits not features yeah so I don't know I'm curious to know what our futures are good question yeah hopefully they can share it well um yeah because you you need to have have both but the really important thing here is when you create your pack...

age matrix and I've got for the folks online this is what we have in the workbook here so I want you to translate what you wrote up here into here and for every feature there should be a benefit. Okay, now you could number him if it makes it easier to fit him in the blanks and what I want you to do is create a way for them to have a basic level a deluxe level in the top of the line level the top of the line gets everything that's right but stars all the way down okay, but there's a basic service and or you may have three tiers of opportunity for example, you might at some point have some stock designs that you d'oh then you'd have, um semi custom and then a full blown custom that would be an easy way to do it. Okay, ruth, in your case you can offer three different tiers of services and you know, the basic might be they get to come to a group once a month and or they get to classes a month but it's all group format then the second one to get the group and then they get one hour with you for months and the third might be they get group all the classes that you offer for the duration of their time with you and one on one with you for the next six months or a year. Okay, so they get the full enchilada and this is even easier in terms of product you know you to sell a one off is the basic then you're going to sell a goodie package and then you're going to sell like a membership because you had a bunch of really cool stuff listed down there about a membership and a quarterly this and easing and all of that they get all of that at the deluxe level, we're at the top of the line level, so write this down and put it into the matrix format, because it makes it much easier to really understand all the pieces that you have, and then you can put the check marks in the basic, the deluxe in the top of the line, because if you only have one tear, your knocking out people who won an entry level opportunity, a lot of people don't want to buy at the top, and until they've had a taste, and you can't always give away your taste for free, I mean, you can give away a taste, but you're not going to give it away jars you get a taste of coaching via a breakthrough bonus or a discovery session of some sort, but there may be people who are, like, well, ok, I'm still on offense here, I think I want to work with you, let me have a little taste of a commitment sort of thing. There's not ready to go full born yet, um, so that's, kind of what you want to think about? Yes, yes, ma'am feature, and with the benefit, are we putting the different benefits in issues of each of the packages, rather that I'm not sure how this okay, I'm sorry you're finding your apology okay? So for every for every youngster there should be a coordinated benefit no, that party got but what I was trying to understand is when I'm doing this I'm putting you actually have these already and I've been to your website e I e o okay, so if you know that you do with the challenge coming it's gonna be my communication skill or lack thereof? Well, I'm I'm tryingto look at it this way so if I'd put the bet if I'm putting my feature here than I would have put their list everything here first yes everything in your first column was everything in that features with benefits call him first then as you go along, you'll check off which options they get in each plan. Okay, does it make sense? Yeah, you're mr gapping I'm having I'm having a little bit of trouble but list everything here and then the basic package should probably get like five things the deluxe will get like seven things and the top line gets everything but what I was asking us like if I'm putting down a monthly call or friend putting down calls what I just put calls here is the feature and then there's the basic I would say maybe they got two calls and something and under the deluxe they would get something else is that how you you could do that and they want to but what I was thinking of this you're just putting features with benefits here and the basic yeah and the deluxe will get him they can be different numbers that's fine. Okay, but there should be a long list here. Yeah, the basic should cut off about here. Yeah, that election cut off about here on the top line gets everything. Okay, I didn't look closely it which yeah, what? You're differentiating factors right? I did notice that all of yours look to be feature feature feature feature I didn't see enough benefits in there. Okay that you see here we went yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, because that makes a really big difference. That's why I say feature with benefit for every feature, there is an inherent benefit and the reason you want to turn your features into benefits is to make it easy. When somebody says, how do you work? You don't start listing your features even though it sounds like that's exactly what they want. The moment you do that you have disconnected them from the experience of buying whatever transformation your product or service ofthe worse and they're back into nuts and bolts again, keep him out of nuts and bolts nuts and bolts are way too easy to compare you really really don't want to do that anything from our online crew, I think people are starting to get it seems like they're just sharing different examples of what they're doing, sharing some benefits and features of the room. But I think it's awesome, awesome glad to hear that, yeah, it can be a little confusing. Um, the key is really to understand that it's the benefits that are what your client buys it's, not the features all of your competition has the same features you d'oh. And if one of your benefits you think is extreme customer service, no that's a feature because everybody in their brother khun say that now nords from could say their benefit is they take that goods that aren't even theirs, or at least they used to be able to say that I don't think they say that anymore, but they have a wonderful historical story. Somebody brought back a tire at one point north and has even sell tires, and they took it back and gave the person their money that's extreme customer service zappos is a brilliant example of extreme customer service and how they do things and you buy from his apples not because they sell shoes, not because they're online selling shoes, because tons of people are online selling shoes, but zappa's you buy because of the experience they've created. And the way they've packaged that experience is exclusive to zappos the benefit is they guarantee your satisfaction or they stand behind it I had a zappos experience it was extraordinary absolutely extraordinary I would buy from them again in a heartbeat I also get to talk about them from platform now because of a firsthand experience otherwise it was just hearsay but that makes the biggest difference you want to create package is that have people talking about them that sound different because they don't sound like oh yeah well I get I get the standard consultation and then we're gonna have a strategy session and then you know I get the you know, a couple hours a month and wow that's not very interesting and why do you want to pay for that that it's you're paying for transformation what you do has a transformative value and the sooner you can get clear on that transformative value the better and we're going to be pursuing this more in the next segment on pricing but the key to all of this history is the transformative value yes ruth you know, I think in the work that I do it's this is a little bit challenging even though I totally see the importance of it because on the one hand it doesn't feel like it's an integrity to promise dramatic transformations for people and I think what actually makes people want to work with me is me you know that it is, you know, something when they talk to me, they feel something in my presence or they feel something when they see me teach and so it's it's something that they want, I don't think that they could name it even for themselves, but you have to get them to that place where they'll get in front of you experience you, right? Right? I mean, I want I want to do is make a lot of videos, so free videos on youtube stuff, what we're doing right now, the copy is what you use online and offline in conversation and what you have on your website, because until they get to experience you first and I completely concur with you completely, you line up ten coaches it's not what they're coaching on its their personality, that's connecting with the person right on and it's, not the promises. I mean, it feels more an integrity to use testimonials, which I have plenty of gray area, and we're going, we're going to get to that place also were used for me to say, you will have a strong connection to the divine sort of like, you will get your clothes cleaner and whiter, you know, it's it's like that's, not within my power to promise, although that is what happens, okay? And there's another way for you to frame it nothing is ever a promise because that implies there's going to be a guarantee guarantees air where these days they do happen I actually do promise the experience with may I don't promise results the results are up to the individual but I do promise the experience but the thing about this is you're not saying I guarantee it you're saying my clients have experienced okay is that language you khun yeah oh yeah that's what I was that's what use that language is like that you still you still want to use benefit language because if somebody says hey how do you work what's your typical response um well I think if somebody said how do you work I'd say what's going on with you what's going on in your life and then I'd get them to tell me more about what they needed and then I could tell them how I might work okay let's say somebody you've been in conversation with for thirty minutes and they say ok well with how do you work uh well I think if they've been telling me what they want in their life to be that they want to be different I would say well from what you're telling me it sounds like you know you need to be more strongly connected with your own inner guidance that's benefits that's fine if it's language ok most people don't do that ok most people immediately going to oh well we're going to meet a couple times a month and you'll have a call in number and I'll record all of our sessions they go into the features no, I mean on your standing benefits on to what I hear is the needs your your rare ok and that's awesome, huh? And that's a great example for the folks listening into this not many people remember to do that they immediately jump into features and it cuts that connective court and it suddenly puts him on the plane with twenty other competitors because in that person goes, oh well that's how everybody else works if you just stay in benefit language and then they you know you get into a conversation over the investment not the price, not the fee, not the cost that they experience the investment and they're on board and it can happen that quickly the moment you go into the features I was looking for proposals recently for, um kind of a brand makeover and a website radio and it was really fascinating to me what I got back and I got back one proposal particular was lovely but it felt very canned it felt like these were kind of all sitting on a shelf and she pulled him off and she barely tweaked and for me and I thought, wow, this just doesn't feel like what I'm looking for and she's as a fabulous reputation amazing testimonials incredible client roster we met in person warm and personable but it just that experience was enough to disconnect me it felt feature driven not benefit based and because of what I know about marketing and I was like this is I understand even more now why I teach this because it really disconnected me from the process and I didn't want a climbing on board and you know she may have been the best person for it but it that level of disconnect seeing all of a sudden my money my investment was going to go towards a bunch of features I need to know about transformation in this I need to know that my brand is going to be some juicy irresistible something something at the end of this I don't really care how you get me there okay um you're a vehicle and it's about becoming the kind of vehicle that your client wants to ride in so they might be looking for mercedes and you're trying to sell a monday it's not gonna work very well you need to know what they're looking for in terms of the vehicle is this making some sense sort of kinda getting questions online? Well, I know you may be getting to this, but right now we got a question coming in melissa could you give an example of packaging in tears for services that appear straightforward say the production of a product like jewelry selling that jeweller in different tiers and different packages oh yeah well let's think about ok I don't know necessarily what they have here in san francisco but this is online so should apply um let me think of one of the major jewelries um is an online jeweler shea c I know that the name is another was I see on tv a lot shane company um tiffany is obviously the top end but you know if you took it a piece of jewelry and you put it in a shame company box versus a piece it's in a tiffany box just the box alone the color of the box the logo on the box the interior of the box um it evokes a completely different experience completely different experience it's rather like if I were to go after state one of the market selling jewelry that really liked organic and wholesome in all of that I wouldn't use a box at all I'd use a paper bag with a really original sticker logo and maybe ah a dried flower on it because I know my markets going to respond to that that makes it juicy they're not going to respond to tiffany or shane company they want something that speaks organic to them that's why you want to know your client market that well so that you packaged in a way that screams I'm for you I'm for you I'm for you whether it's tangible or intangible an intangible makes a big difference as well any other questions well this one we could touch onto this is this user wants is no they say they're having trouble coming up for benefits for d I y do it yourself craft business I want to allow women to make the latest craft trends in the comfort of their homes but I need to market my business is better they're having trouble coming up with benefits we'll think of a lot of benefits on that one the first one is the women are going to get to earn money that's something that they love and that money can be used for whatever they want give them freedom income freedom flexibility working it's something that they love that also fits their busy schedule is a mom wow that's a biggie right there um I would also say that they are creating um handcrafts or handy crafts as the case may be that our original one of a kind works of art you know even on a small level that's a really cool benefit depending on what they're making them out of depending on the individual person what they're teaching them maybe they're doing it from recycled things and so they're actually helping the ico friendly environment and all those good sorts of things there's a million and one benefits out of that what they want to do is have they taught this to anyone yet because if they have it's even easier they can go back to that person and say ok, tell me what was the result of you doing this not what was the experience like but what was the result? What did you do with the stuff that you made? Did you make money off it? Would you do with the money would you buy with the money? Um was it flexible for you? Did you really get to save time while doing this time and money or to your two biggies, right? They're huge everybody wants to save those and have more of both so that you can tap time and money you're golden you know it's like boosting productivity it's all corporations want to do it so saving a mom time it's boosting of productivity and it's flexible great other ones I think that's good for now. Okay. All right, all right. So if you guys got something down on the matrix is you're still stuck waiting time. Yes, I think it's just I'm ok no worries. What I'm doing for you guys is a thirty minute option. You can sign up for ten minute sessions with me following the end of each day yeah, ok if you could sign up for that that's that's cool it's my gift to you because I want to solve any of these sticky points I think you're getting hung up on some of that you don't need to be hung up on because I happen to your websites and don't stress over well dressed well, he used what I already have and tweak that I feel I feel like I kind of got a it went sideways I want you to kind of also redesigned some of the things you've got to up level yes, I think you've been doing him way long enough that you're undervaluing okay, thank you. Cool, cool, cool. All right, how are you doing matrix times? Just still thinking about the benefits stuff those coming through al qaeda in clear it's really? We're going to touch base on this at some point tomorrow, maybe tomorrow lunch I'll dive through. Yeah, because I don't want anybody being stuck I truly well and yours again. You got the right idea. The check marks we just want to create that master list coming down this side and then move forward from there so that you have a beginner and intermediate and advanced level sort of thing. So people who are, like stepping the toe in and maybe there's a size limitation on that right? Okay, right. Yeah, a lot of different variables you can play with could be size could be color could be the complexity of the design um could be whether or not it's a it's a custom design or whether it's a stock design and you already have them ready made and they can buy him that way right right so a lot of cool ways to do it all right um any movement on this one um well I think what what you laid out in terms of the package matrix this is kind of obvious for me I think I still I'm just really trying to howto had a name benefits that feel um that it's not kind of crassly I mean this is day one this is the language that we use in this culture for products but spiritually and emotional growth or not quite a product is sense well it is a product um it's a benefit it's a transformation go back to your testimonials pull your language straight out your testimonials you can pull your benefit language straightened out ofyou testimonials that's in your client's words it's, authentic language and it's much more comfortable for you and I think that will work better yeah but I think that what you've got here I like the testimonials I don't have to be the one saying it because it doesn't feel authentic for me to say it but there are going to be places where you may wanna have it written down is that if you're in conversation by phone and you need some language ing you have it at the ready well, I think what happens more is that when I'm and I think maybe this goes back to the story you were telling about the woman who initially said fifteen thousand and then ended up going two hundred fifty, that when I'm talking to somebody and I hear what their needs are, then I can articulate how what I offer can meet those needs, but in the abstract, it sounds way too big and grandiose to say, well, I can help you do this so that, you know, for goods I got you, I got you yeah, I just putting the language around it, having those testimonials at the ready that are highlighted, and so you have at your fingertips if you're on the phone with somebody, um, the idea is that this becomes second nature, so it's, this isn't to contrive anything I would never, ever I want to suggest that this is simply putting language ing that is comfortable for you as well as language ng that's going to make that client go? Oh, wow, I get it, that sounds really good. I like that I'm willing to pay for that, okay, so nothing contrived about this, this isn't being sneaky, you're manipulative, I don't go down those tracks remember, I'm going to say that she doesn't sell, and I mean that so it has to be authentic and genuine but authentic and genuine for your market and your market is a little different than a lot of other more it's. So pull the language is going to work for your market, but keeping it, they're ready because sometimes we get caught on those phone calls and in other instances where we don't quite have the articulated you've been at this longer than most people have is even more experience with it. And you've refined your skills more so that's. All good. Okay, that's. All good? Absolutely. Yes, ma'am. Ok, it's. Gotta wow. Cool. Holy co. Ok, what's, your recipe stickers. All right, three. Yeah. I probably need to understand a little clearer what this is all doing, but I let this country get into there. But these are basic. This is basic. Okay? It could also be deluxe. It could. Well, the deluxe should get everything that the basic gets. Yeah. So? So you just need a bigger matrix is what you need. You need to be able to take the matrix blown up on a screen and fill it out properly. Probably check. Mars is gonna make a big difference for you. Yeah, so so that's pretty yeah, this has been pretty well thought out, good. Good, awesome, yeah, you've been contemplating on this for a while. Yeah, yeah, you really have that's. Great. And you know, judy, you're already doing it. So don't stress over this it's. Just the way the way that that I framed it is apparently creating a disconnect, and I apologize for that. So not not a big deal.

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