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Fabulous Testimonial Formula

Going to dive into testimonials and a fabulous testimonial formula. Now, if you still have an index card, I don't know how many were given you could actually leverage that for this exercise. How did you hear about melissa? Where you could say, how did you hear about creative live? Ok, what was the big challenge that you wanted to work on with melissa? Or what was the solution you were seeking? Now I am using me, it's easy. I'm standing right here and I'd really like to have some testimonials. Uh, that isn't a cheap trick. Same applies to you on liners. I haven't had a chance to read the reviews yet. I'm a little scared, but please, if you are willing to write down a testimonial papa review up there I am creative life. Both would be truly indebted and truly appreciate that it means a lot to us and it means a lot to people coming behind. You have not had the experience with me today will remain out of experienced creative lives. That's great for them to see those. So the one big challeng...

e. Okay, um the one big issue it could be I've got a whole over my kitchen stove I don't know what to do with it it's staring me in the face every morning okay for you kath it could be I've got that reunion coming up I promise my brothers and sisters that I was going to have the family history all organized and I was going to have the trade done and I really botched that and I need some help I got to get it done quickly so I need some shortcuts um in michelle's case it could be about jewelry judy but marketing branding so what's the big challenge your client's always have a big challenge but ok I guess I thought you want us to answer this do not you for me okay but then use the same model for ourselves yes I'm an ex model yourself to the model you the model is in your workbook so it if you don't want to write one for me I'm totally ok with that I don't want I kind of feel like I've won once and put you on the spot on the other hand I feel like if I haven't done a good job it's going to show right now and I'll get to know about it excellent awesome okay what was your greatest takeaway with melissa? Okay what's been your greatest takeaway since you've been here I know there's been several takeaways but what's the biggest one what's the biggest and baddest one like enriches case the fact that they um curved attrition by twenty eight percent holy cow that's a massive takeaway okay in judy's case it would be I finally got that book that I've been working on for ten years out and it's selling wow huge takeaway so you get to pick the biggest and baddest takeaway and then you go into that space of what did you enjoy most about working with melissa or what would you say to somebody considering hiring melissa? It is kind of weird talking about myself in third person yeah, but this is the formula that I use this is the formula I give to clients to use with their clients and customers it's the formula advocate online it's the formula I blogged about and it's the formula that I find incredibly effective and easy to remember it's an easy to remember formula if anybody has other questions that they want to put into the testimonial formula let me know what those are I'd love to hear it we don't want to make a too long you want to make it easy and quick for clients generally speaking, but if you feel that I've missed any element of this, please let me know in the in the chat room and I'll get word from chris on that one oh, but how did you hear about makes a difference to because that lets them know what they found you online whether you were referral, whether they google to find you um whether they met you at an event whether they had experienced with you in a workshop how did they find you that makes a difference to you want to keep track of those details way actually we have a testimonial question that just came in now this user wants to know how do you get measurable results from clients to using these testimonials? You know they used example I get that it was successful or wow, that was amazing. But I'm never getting you increase our profit by thirty five percent for example is there a way to make sure that you will get those metric anonymously? What is this person do what I mean I needed I needed for example it's it's hard for an artist to say you know I fix your productivity by thirty percent of that one artist to say but it's inspired you fifty percent see that yes so there aren't metrics in all of it but there are metrics can even be included when it's like met or exceeded deadline see that's a metric okay, obviously riches was an easy metric um anything to do with time or money means metrics so you came in under budget um that's a metric it's not a solid is came in twenty percent under budget and any time you can get percentages incredibly valuable now for example, catherine in your case you're not gonna get percentages that just doesn't make any sense but you will get met deadline and we're thrilled that's really all you need you know absolutely worth the investment in creativity in a customized peace for my home the values ten times what I paid for it that's a metric so we got a follow up there actually a graphic designer yeah yeah ok so graphic designer actually you can get metrics for their designed to help maybe increase profit by yeah and judy you could speak to that because you've had you've had clients who have measurable results based on the effectiveness of the website you've designed correct exactly yeah so they they need to ask that question if they need it literally come right out and ask their client and say okay based on our work together and the new website that you've got what impact do you think that's had on your bottom line specifically and they go well since we've had the new website our sales have increased thirty percent that's traced back not every client will allow you to take that attribution even though it's riel but there are enough that will that you could make that happen but you do need to ask for that level of specific nous when you're getting the testimonial so you put them in that place of we did this project and what's happened in the last three months what's happened in the last one hundred eighty days and that so well you know my my businesses climbed thirty percent. Do you think that this had a significant yes? Absolutely. I think it had a really significant role because before that, we definitely weren't increasing does that? Yeah, absolutely. That covered it. Awesome. Awesome. That works for businesses to oh, yes, what? Which just did? And I did that with another consultant and boy, the language that the testimonials. It was just amazing. Not only did it boost up her self esteem, but they all included metrics in the results. So she has its all over her website. Yeah, yeah, I think that's awesome. That's awesome. So time and money for the two big things on that one too big things on that one. Ok, before I ask for the testimonials, I'm going to go through and complete this. So got a tip for you on this. You can write it for them. I mentioned that earlier. You've got to know their voice really well, so that means it's probably a longer relationship in a shorter relationship. I've been able to do this for inter design clients, and what this means is, when I write it for them, I'm taking comments they've made that I can recall, I put them together, I send it to them for approval. I never, ever published anything without their complete approval. You can do this on a lincoln recommendation a lot of people are funny about lincoln recommendations they're uncomfortable with that and I'm not sure why to me it's a really simple, easy format so with linked in, you can create the recommendation once you've gotten someone's permission that they're willing to write, you want it and they say, oh, I'm so busy what you want me to say? Say you know, why don't you take a look at what I've written here? Feel free to edit it and then when it's right, pop it up for me? That'd be great, okay? Often you'll get better testimonials that way because you know what you want them to say you given that option at it and you can put it on just because it goes on linked in doesn't mean it doesn't also go on facebook. It also goes on twitter from them if they're on those networks, if they're not on those networks, then that's not gonna happen, you will have to share it on those networks it's always more impactful when they can share it instead of you. Now there is a nifty little tool out there called fan reviews. I have it on my facebook page and what happens is I can send somebody a link to fan reviews or they could just go into that page and labor of you. And when you d'oh, I have it set up so that any review over three stars automatically shows up on my page and automatically shows up on their page on their wall so everybody that they're associated with sees it and there's also a box that I can put on my web site that I haven't that will show those same testimonial so there's a way to collect him on facebook at facebook also has its own review process that you can use that, but this has a starred thing and it goes on their wall and your wall and also on your website so that's kind of an added bonus, but it's called fan reviews if you need a link, I can get that for you and I'll pop that up in the facebook group. I don't have a top of mind right now, but you're welcome to go check it out on facebook dot com forward slash prospering by design is where I have that and there's a monthly fee associated with that. But if you're heavy on facebook and that's where a lot of your clients were hanging out, you may want to consider leveraging a tool like that to collect testimonials easily and then share them across other networks, put them on your website and have that starring now I've certainly never gotten anything I don't know that I've ever got anything less than five stars but there are those occasions somebody will do a four star or three star and you don't have to let those be seen those remain private and that setting is all up to you, which is pretty sweet it truly is so let's tweet tweet on this one what's the greatest thing a client said about working with you melinda you've already chimed in on that one very impressive get anybody else he wants to share anything that a client has said that makes them extraordinary awesome, amazing and outrageous which you are no matter what your client say but we kind of love to hear that third party so if we've gotten third parties kicking in, that would be awesome and getting great referrals stay in touch stay in touch you can have an active clients but you still got to stay in touch with him lifetime value pay it forward give a referral first ask ask ask be specific follow up on referrals provided reward the referral source if you forget to ask for for all can you go back later? You totally can do that, but you'll never forget to ask again because you've got a system better late than never I've actually gone back years later I really have and by the way that's easier to do with a third party asking for you but you can do it in fact, I had happened twice in the last um a week or so where people that it kind of falling off my radar came back on my radar no michael gonna be asking for those referrals I didn't get him at the time not very smart on my part ok? Ah actually have one who gave me one seven years later after I had fired her as a client um because she realized what she'd missed big time by us parting ways and she wanted to come back and I'd said no because it was too difficult so do you have to work with a referral if they aren't a good fit you know how I feel about that no, of course you don't you get to pick your clients ever have to work with crazy clients lunatic lookout okay, you never have to what behavior drives you crazy and a client we already know we heard one somebody who send in thirty messages for everyone draft sent that's really frightening are there any others? Any other crazy behavior is you want to dish to us no excuses, no excuses on this and when you need to get out of something with a loony client here's what you can say it's not excuse it's reality not taking on new clients right now don't have to give me a reason that you're not you have a colleague who may be a better fit usually that's not somebody or to fund of ok because you know want a hand off the really loony ones to somebody that you like? They don't qualify, you have an application process, my application process, your prosperity, acceleration, dot com, your prosperity, acceleration of comets, an assessment it's a gate. If you get past the gate, you get my time, you'd get past the gate, you don't get my time, you've just raised your rates and you understand they don't want to invest it that level. I have used that line, that actual line the client who was extremely difficulty. I did not want to work with her again, and it worked brilliantly. It really did, and I knew it would. So as always, we get to our overstuff luggage ok, back to back moments and then connect with me online. Please don't send me request toe like your page. Ok, if you engage, may I'm going to go do it anyway? That's the biggest reward for engaging with me and I will go like your page. I'll go, I'll go follow you on twitter, I'll even find you on linked in okay, this is really about building your business success and referrals are the fastest the easiest way to do it each of you here today could go out this week, practice this habit that your newly creating and get business in the door and that's what I'd love to see because this is all about building your business is about generating revenue it's not about getting mired in steps and preparation, and you have to make your website perfect. No, you don't. If you don't have a website, you don't need a website, you can make money without one until you have the money to create one that's not a good use of your time or your creativity. So this has been an extraordinary experience, chris, I'm sure you've got some comments there I do, I do, I just want to thank everyone out there for viewing, you know, I'm gonna come up here and share a few final comments, but I hope you guys have enjoyed this, you know, before we do this let's give a big round of applause to bliss a goal? How yeah, amazing, yeah, I couldn't do it if you all didn't chime in there's, there's, it's such an honor toe have this opportunity in this format with the incredible creative supporting me in this endeavor to bring you education that will drive your business forward and fuel your passion, your purpose, your plan for that lifestyle that you want and power that vision and get that board into reality fast absolutely, thank you so much for everybody who's been watching this course everyone in the chat room we appreciate all of you back, totally dio and our students here have been a huge part of what we've been doing. Thank you so much and obviously the crew than helping us out, they call this part is extraordinary. Thank you so much. And now we had so many comments come in in this final segment about people giving their thanks and how much they have been enjoying this. This is I want to read this verbatim. This was a line in the chat room. Debbie said, I have many pages of notes from these three days. Thank you, melissa and charming and carl j says me to day abby jay says me three day of all through their graphic design group who says I finally bought this class. I couldn't keep up with the notes and I knew I would have questions later that's a smart move, james says, I would like to thank melisse and everyone doing this course with her. And here in the chat, I've had a great time in my head is exploding with all the possibilities of this knowledge. We love to hear that, and a final one that came in through twitter from the luisa fernanda on twitter says thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Melissa. You are truly changing lives for the better, like they asked, quote their way do hope that you've enjoyed this, that this has changed your life for the better, but wow three days it does fly by and and it's been a total honor in a trait. And if you think I've changed your life, I want to empower you to change your own life and the lives of those clients and customers that are waiting for your creative talents and gifts. You deserve to be successful in your passion with purpose and this plan leverage it, invest in yourself, invest in design your business blueprint. Exactly. It was a good words to end on thank you so much for joining us. My name is chris jennings. This has been designing your business blueprint with melissa goal, but that's all for us. Thank you for watching that way are done.

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Earn money by expressing your unique creative vision. Melissa Galt will help you zero in on the talents you already have to successfully build a thriving base of enthusiastic customers for your work.

Building a business around your strongest creative talents brings ease and abundance to your life as you spend more and more of your time on your work instead of on a day job. In Design Your Business Blueprint, you'll identify your strongest and most monetizable creative skills and develop a plan for turning those skills into a profitable business. Melissa will help you identify potential clients and coach you through the the process of packaging and presenting your products and services to them. You’ll learn tips for communicating the value of your work and pricing strategies that will help you escape the grind of an hourly rate. Melissa will also help you develop a consistent system for generating essential referrals so your business continues to grow and thrive for the rest of your life.

Take Aways You’ll Get:

  • Clarity on your creative business purpose and life passion.
  • How to make more money with better clients.
  • Know exactly where to find your ideal client online and offline.
  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

If you want to take your creative career to the next level and earn more money doing what you love, join Melissa and learn how to Design Your Business Blueprint.