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Packaging For Irresistable Appeal

So we're going to dive into the packaging piece this is about making it irresistible because you don't want somebody come to you and say, well, how do you work? And you give them a list of, well, um, I talked to you twice a month or I deliver my service this way and it's just a big yawn that's not what they're looking for, they're looking for something juicy. This is like a gift to them, and they're investing in themselves when they invest in your services in your product. This is investing enjoy for themselves, so you've got to make it like a gift and that's what we're going to dive into right now. So this is about making more with less effort and mastering the art of leverage. Now leverage doesn't necessarily mean that you have to serve more than one at a time, but when you do serve one two time it's got to be the best one possible for that opportunity. Leverage is about working smarter, not harder, and it really is about more money for better clients in less time. Less time doesn't ...

necessarily mean faster, although it often happens that way, as much as it means you have more time for the rest of your life because remember that successful business? Has got to serve and support fuel and feed the whole of your life and not swallow you whole and that's a really important consideration so let's look at some delivery options here you got one the one you got one too many live delivery virtual live delivery which is kind of what I'm doing right now because I'm virtual and I'm live and virtual tape delivery which is what this will turn into now there are probably some other delivery options but these are the main ones that I want you to consider and focus on how are you delivering your services if you are delivering a product you are also a a key piece of that product do not negate the importance of your personal brand and personality brand in that product and whether there is installation involved in that katherine in your case will be installations you're doing all your own installs correct well yeah probably yeah until you conform that piece out but then you'll be fine interface yeah I would at least be overseeing it yeah that makes a big difference okay so then we got a look at something called benefits versus features benefits or what the client buys features are simply how you're delivering it so here comes the tricky part because often this gets confused so I want you to look at this what's more important the photo or the memory right the memory is the benefit the photos the feature so you're not selling a photo you're selling a memory doesn't memory sound an awful lot more valuable than a photo so you can sell it for a whole lot more money? Okay, we got another couple of these this one my favorite ones what's the feature and what's the benefit features the sofa so it's not about the price of the sofa it's about how valuable that sleep is that they're gonna have on the sofa in another photo if this had a family on it, it would be about the family connection you'll feel when you buy this sofa so it doesn't become about the sofa at all that's just a feature of the design plan and that's what the differences between selling a sofa for five hundred dollars versus five thousand dollars versus fifteen thousand twenty thousand really important to understand the gap their strategies success what's the benefit right? Because there's a million and one people they're selling strategies it's feature but the person that educates them about their success they're going to sell the success for a lot more money that's the big gap and it's incredibly important and it's often misunderstood and overlook thiss was when my favorite ones when I came up with this I was like whoa that's a winner wedding her marriage yeah, what is just the feature there people who have marriages that never had weddings but too often people put all the focus on the wedding and none on the marriage which is why we have such a high divorce rate today so it's kind of sad but it's true just like exercise or the olympics now I'm not suggesting that all exercise at least of the olympics don't miss understand me on this however what's the emphasis on you want to make it the goal of the olympics the exercise is just one of the features to get you there there's a million and one other features included but if for example there was a trainer or a coach who was up for consideration and he was focusing on the exercise and this was an olympic quality athlete they be like yahn everybody is gonna have exercise is part of the competitor e you know you're not focusing on my end goal here you're not see my bigger picture that's not what I'm buying my olympic opportunity from you okay that's what you gotta look at so looking at features and benefits you want to be benefit based not feature focused really, really important we are on page eighteen but you have to read the funny on page seventeen I love this funny because it's so true helen's clothing stores become helen's boutique we're not changing anything we just wanted to charge more I love that all about packaging all about packaging so we can actually yeah, we're about to go to nineteen to but on eighteen I want you to look at the risk and reward we're going to dive into that one in the module here opportunity is all around you it's up to you to open the door in fact, I'm betting that many of you are probably coming into contact with potential clients on a daily basis and you're just not realizing it so all clients want high reward low risk all they want no matter what level of the market there at now understand that when it gets into cost and value the same as low proceed costs and hyper cvs because of perception in this there's some words you want to avoid never used the word expensive it is completely meaningless it is subjective hey, I had a framer um an art framer that I used to work with and I would bring my clients in and we would pick up beautiful custom frames and inevitably there'd be one or two frames that we're always over the top because that's just the way I do things and he would stand there in front of my client would say, well, that's going to be really expensive and I would literally kick him under the table and he would look at may and I would be because expensive doesn't mean anything but what it was suggesting was that they shouldn't buy it it's gonna be very careful the terminology used when you're speaking with potential clients and clients terminology preferred his investment always sometimes you can say spending plan that's my second best favorite but words like expensive are very, very dangerous I don't even say the word cost this is going to cost you who is the sound good the investment in this isthe you can go the path of my fee is but there's no investment there so you want to be really careful a perception is everything and here we have helen's clothing store turned into a boutique I love it boutique versus store custom versus standard mall versus a town center we have a lot of these in atlanta town centers sounds way better than a mall and I'll go all day long strategy session versus a breakthrough bonus what would you rather have? You know, most people have a breakthrough I don't care about a strategy session besides strategy session of most people know is code for sales pitch we're all savvy to that now and abstract versus creative um creative is a much warmer, friendly or term than the word abstract abstract confuses people sounds chaotic but creative sends warm and friendly they could mean exactly the same thing, so part of this comes down to being the right kind of cookie baker this answers the call for a cookie, doesn't it we won't name the kind of cookie it is it's a good cookie? I've had many of these cookies in my day, however, if I really want to go all out, I want to deliver a delicious experience cry same ingredients potentially entirely different experience, okay? They did add a few ingredients there's no chocolate chips in the fig newtons, but the reality is this is what you've got to be aware of is what is their perception and what are they really looking for? So what we're gonna do right now is I want you to go to page nineteen and I want you to list five features five features, not benefits you get to those in a minute five features of your service or product and I want you to do the same thing online list five features of your product or your service. So for example, if you were a coach, um your features might be two phone calls a month, fifty minute duration unlimited email support couple of s o s calls if you're a designer, it might be that you promised to deliver a full set of plans at the front end of the project and that then you are going to provide all the quote for all the material selections and a list of the contractors you'll be using et cetera, et cetera these are features, not benefits so these are the things that your competition provides two that's the other thing to look at this as features everybody has them they will not set you apart benefits set you apart and the way you phrase your benefits will set you parts I want your features only right now just five of them and I'm betting you can each come up with ten so five should be pretty simple it's about how you're delivering the service kind of like the format this death that really becomes completely unimportant when your potential client is ready to buy they don't care you could give them to give it to him in a shoebox and they would still buy it from you you could tell him it was going to be a thirty minute call once a month and they would still buy it from you because they're so hungry for the benefit it delivers not going benefits yet if you start thinking of benefits, go down to the next portion of this exercise which is build your business based on benefits list ten benefits your service provides if you're getting stuck asked me happy to help you got a whole list going excellent all right let's see how we're doing here I am trying to get one more year um I can be yeah if its product naming but now it's still that's still a future yeah you get psychotic name okay okay so now that you've done that I won't be jumping into this one yeah okay, wait stole yours that's kind of a drill is okay um let's see for staging it would be inventorying the existing furnishings um it would also be ah creating a clear profile of the desired buyer so you know clearly who you're staging for because you're not staging for the homeowner you're staging for the fire and often the real estate agent may or may not have that information you'll have to do a little bit of sussing out um from the neighborhood yeah, that would be helpful. Okay, so then go into what are the benefits and one of the clearest ones is going to be selling the house for more money and less time ding ding ding ok, how are you doing? Um I've got a few so hand crafted her hand cut this heroic another process right uh ge routed sand it is something that people really don't care about that that happens it's making about the end result okay. You know, uh marble the material so my role in the world okay. Um isa sealed in easy clean yeah, ok steal them easy to claim at the features does a feature yeah, because anybody can do that c o right um and I would say custom designed just for you so there's your features the benefits I want you going emotional what's the emotional benefit of the mounting us ok, ok it's a one of a kind original created exclusively for them um no one else we'll ever have anything like it becomes tap this button becomes a family heirloom architectural heirloom or something like that needs someone watching around that I can play with that um um what if what if clients said you uh people have said a lot of the others it's just a warm like there's an emotion when when they're looking at it kind of like if you're looking at our adult chick who are not necessarily miss the emotional connection yeah kind of like um it could be nostalgic but also just if you if you look at art and you see there's feelings right that you have because you're seeing something that was a joy been a collector kind of thing yeah, that somebody's gonna kind of pour their heart into making it as opposed to like a cold okay, so they're owning a tiny piece of your soul that's basically what it is as a collector you get to acquire a tiny piece of artist's souls every time you on one of their pieces that's an original like that? Yeah, because it's owning a tiny piece of your essence so that's somehow benefit okay, are you doing oh, you had about written down okay, well but I'm not quite sure if these air the right kinds of benefits so let's say you can you can tell may um based wholly focused on you know that sounds more like a feature okay spiritually intended it amplifies your connection to the right okay what's happening is you're you've turned your benefits into features um biggest benefits or what it does for them so so where these benefits them like healing from are developed being free access to creativity stuffing and billy okay, passion benefit would be um you are your trauma is healed and you're free of the destructive something something that trauma brings come well here here's the way to do this okay, ask yourself for each one of your statements um so what? So step into your deepest passions and true purpose so they can do what so they achieve what uh, what do we achieve by doing that joy? Okay, um a sense of this discover your does he discovered your union or uncover might be a better word uncover your unique you're you're, um original passion, enjoy or passion and purpose um to live in aligned life or something like that you see them saying just ask yourself when you get to the end of this so what does that do for them? So what does that do for them? Because it's about them make sense okay, yeah, you got these, but these air sounding, really, they're really maurine feature language, and they would have shifted to benefit language. Okay, all right, how you doing, rochelle? I'm I'm just getting my writing. It is ready to read, was criticized, gave its ok, it's a little, um okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, that works good works. Yeah, really. Okay, customization.

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Earn money by expressing your unique creative vision. Melissa Galt will help you zero in on the talents you already have to successfully build a thriving base of enthusiastic customers for your work.

Building a business around your strongest creative talents brings ease and abundance to your life as you spend more and more of your time on your work instead of on a day job. In Design Your Business Blueprint, you'll identify your strongest and most monetizable creative skills and develop a plan for turning those skills into a profitable business. Melissa will help you identify potential clients and coach you through the the process of packaging and presenting your products and services to them. You’ll learn tips for communicating the value of your work and pricing strategies that will help you escape the grind of an hourly rate. Melissa will also help you develop a consistent system for generating essential referrals so your business continues to grow and thrive for the rest of your life.

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  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
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