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Performing with Ease & Grace

We are performing your services with ease and grace, and what we don't want to have happen is what's happened to this man in the er cartoon here celebrating forty five years of doing the same damn thing over and over, day after day, okay, that's hard, you're creatives you don't want to get stuck in that kind of a rut, so we're going to move into page forty of your workbooks and we're going to dive into how to make business fun and perform it with easing grace of it. You're enjoying it as much as your clients and customers are enjoying you. That is truly what it's all about, because sometimes we can truly feel stepped on by our clients. I love this image, you know, and you've got to go into that yoga meditative I'm at peace no matter what's happening in your business, because otherwise the business controls you and you're not controlling it. We've all seen that happen and remember at the very onset of his training together, your business success is having a business that serves and supp...

ort fuels and feeds the whole of your life and doesn't swallow you whole. Now you may have some incarnations along that path you may reinvent yourself, you make repurpose yourself beyond just your content. You could readily do that within your industry or switch industries or switch ideal clients. You can do that, too, but no matter what you d'oh, you've got to do it with ease and grace, which can be hard. When things were coming at you fast and often in the business world, they d'oh so it's not about everything's going to be roses and flowers and sunshine, because that's, just not the way it works, but it is about being prepared knowing how to handle it. This is one of my favorite images of success, because it really is about riding out the waves of risk and reward and knowing that it's always darkest before the light and it's really not an oncoming train, even though it feels like it. And I know that feeling really well, you just going to a place of overwhelmed, like what else can go wrong and instead you have to go. What else can go right and start reframing? So they're going to be days you will not want to get out of bed. They're going to be days we're gonna want to go back to bed because I want to start all over again I don't want to do this anymore or days you just want to pull the covers up over your head and stamps could stay here it will all be better when I eventually wake up but if I do wake up now it won't be better yet eso nothing gets better without you making it better doesn't happen by accident so I want to share some some tools with you that will make that work it's going to feel like it's not hill climb it is some of you have probably already experienced a lot of that you may be having an uphill week and this is the pinnacle of your week the uphill climb brought you here were awesome okay um and it's about keeping calm and staying cool got to do it ah managing your emotions in business is critical to the success of any endeavor and to your relationships now I got a confession to make here that may surprise you a little bit I can be a bit edgy I think what the great of lives know that but I've battled long term depression my entire life and the battle used to be so severe because I didn't know I had it and no I'm not on meds I exercise I watch what I eat especially watch my sugar intake and things like that but when I was really at it at a tough place in my twenties, my temper was so bad that I would have to leave my place of work fortunately I was in management and go drive for twenty minutes come backto work focused myself and if it got that again I believe again so I know a lot about not behaving well under pressure and I've learned a lot about how to tackle that so I want to suggest that if you don't handle pressure well and it makes you wig out and freak out and be unpleasant to everybody around you let's take some steps to curb that because it's talking to serve you in the big picture at all and it's really going to hurt your relationship to deal with clients because they're allowed to explode unfortunately and you have to sometimes take it and sometimes you can say you know what? I don't like the way you're treating me I don't want to work with you anymore so there's that option too but when it doesn't feel easy, here are some things you khun d'oh return to your portfolio of talent we discovered that in our second module take a look at what you love to do and examine is the reason I'm feeling this way because I'm not really doing what I love because if that's it then it's time to make a change you know the hardest thing to d'oh is if you're good at something that you don't love and you're making good money I see this happen a lot you'll trap yourself you said yourself that little message saying oh, but I'm making too many oh but I'm making good money oh but I'm making good money it's not enough that the end of the day you're not feeling fulfilled your feeling wiped out stressed out exhausted and frustrated and that's not working so I don't care how much money you're making if you don't love a piece of what you're doing, you can't restructure it so that you can do that on the side or license other people to do it and then do what you love it's not gonna work for you so look closely that portfolio talent keep that list of talents that you created at your fingertips acted that list because as you grow and shift and change you're going to pick up new talents you're going to become even more of a multi potentiality which is so incredibly cool so I really want you to be able to do that and keep that at the ready and pull that out and go ok wait wait I am talented I am a creative I do know how to do all these cool things and I am an awesome person because that's usually what happens a big piece ah falling apart and not doing a good job and not using easing grace is because your self esteem is dropping down too fast. We visit your vision of what you want most look at your vision board if you put it in a book totally cool look at your possibilities book if you created an attraction box, pull that out and look at it you should be looking at at least once a day anyway, but often we get busy, we forget my gosh, it's been a month I haven't looked at that pull that out because remember that's, why you're doing what you're doing? So when the going gets hard, you want to go to that place where you're reminded of why you're doing it and then it's worth it hey and list the strategic partners in your network. You need to have a support team around, you need to have strategic partners, alliances, not necessarily people you can commiserating with. We all want to do that, but doing that only keeps it alive. It keeps the negative story going, so find people who will pull you up instead of get down there. The muck with you. We all loved to be miserable with company, but company doesn't love misery and reach inside you and then reach out to them reach inside of yourself first before you reach out, because if you reach out first, you're bringing nothing with you. And you don't want to be from that tapped out place so it's also about just taking a deep breath understanding how to manage business it really is it could be a magical place when you approach it with ease and grace center yourself and there are daily success practices that I use that I'm going to share with you and then we can determine together what years they're going to pay because I want you to leave this specific module that we're in right now when we wrap this up I want you to have this written down now preferably you've got an index card because that's the easiest way to write this down and we don't want anything a long winded we want something you can keep it the ready and look at it every morning and go ok check check check that's what makes the difference so these are the daily success practices that I use I write morning pages you can call it journaling I don't call it journaling for a reason because journaling intimidates people typically and I don't want to intimidate anybody and I don't like feeling intimidated so I call him morning pages and any of you that have done the artist's way will recognize that that's straight from julia cameron I didn't make that up I love the idea of morning page is the key to these is that you? I literally do this I roll out of bed put the robe on go to the kitchen feed the kitty cats grab something to eat sit down and write I haven't made my bed I haven't brushed my teeth now some of you might not do that for several hours I however in one of these retentive types who makes her bed and precious or t that gets close on a dozen starter dana pjs but for the morning pages I do because I don't want my ego awake yet you have about a forty five minute window before your ego wakes up you want to leverage that window isn't that hilarious it sounds crazy yeah it is you know your morning pages can be you can be whining and complaining and moaning and groaning about this and that it could be about a dream you had I write a lot about the dreams I had because they are so bizarre and I've no idea what any of the mean but I'm sure that if I can find a person you can interpret them I could take my entire morning pages into them and having a field day with us so writing and this is hand writing this isn't keyboarding ok hand writing no more than three sometimes I dropped it to one small a drop up to four drop up to four gonna drop up to fourth thing about that um I also read a devotional or something inspirational and I actually have three things I read and I'm gonna walk through this a little slower, but I want to review them all first you want to eat something, you're looking at the queen of not having breakfast. You're looking at the person who would love to eat it. Two o'clock in the afternoon when she's hungry, but I have forced myself to eat breakfast. It has made an enormous difference in my metabolism. You will lose weight if you eat breakfast, I guarantee it. I can't actually put money behind that, but in my own experience, listen to a guided meditation smell the morning outside or something aromatherapy or stretched? Wake up your body so let me walk through these a little bit sore and give you some more detail. We talked about the morning pages. You got that part down. Is anybody currently doing morning pages? Has anybody read the artist way? I don't see anybody. You're you're doing morning. Yeah. Yeah, well, yeah, you read the artist way I did, and I actually did it. And just what you were saying? I did that when I was in a really depressed place and my mother said, get over it. I went to the bookstore, there was the book, and I did it, and I started doing all the things that you've listed I didn't finish it I have to confess I didn't either stalled out along the way all do that because it's pretty intensive remember you know that's that's an interesting question lisa and that's a really good question I I have so far kept mine I don't go back to them um so the ones that I failed completely I really I'm perfectly fine to let go of unless I'm going to keep them for future writing purposes that be the only reason I keep them okay if there's enough content in there or juicy enough content that I want to keep them for a future writing inspiration but they're really not diaries for me these were just sort of random thoughts and feelings that I'm having at that moment in time things I'm thinking about um I have a separate one by the way for gratitude I have a separate little notebook that I use for gratitude and I will focus on ten things I'm grateful for every single day now usually I'll do the morning pages or gratitude um and sometimes I put gratitude into the morning pages but to start out from a place of gratitude is incredibly important and writing that or physically allowed saying it is infinitely more impactful than not doing that um so that that's another way to go about it but this is about involving all of your senses because writing create something for you. Look at but it's also a touch sense. So reading a devotional or something inspirational. And it doesn't have to be religious by a margin. Ok, it could be poetry. If you happen to have a favorite poet, it could be music lyrics. If you have music lyrics that really rock your world, um, it could be graffiti. You know, it could be a book of tattoos if you wanted to pay. When you say graffiti, we have some people charming. And now and shelley says, my morning pages air, actually. Morning drawings. Every morning I wandered down to the cafe and I work on drawings for a few hours before I start the work in my office. Okay? Yeah, awesome. And she's got a few hours to do. Usually I knock all of this out within the space of less than an hour, sometimes less than thirty minutes. So this isn't taking have that much of my day. I have on occasion I have sketched things in there. Those air for no one's eyes, but mind, but yeah. That's. Great. Depending on your form of artistry. You mean you could collage these if you wanted tio? I just don't want it to be something that consumes your day I want this to be something that kick starts your day and something that you can return to like if you're in the middle of your day and things feel like they're imploding on you I want you to be able to turn to these practices and go ok wait I did these this morning I'm going to do him again right now oh I'm going to go back to that place where I felt centered calm in charge and confident because that's what these practices will bring you now the book that I read in the mornings is called a deep breath of life by alan cohen and I'm working on creating my own smaller ones of this version it with my writing him and I also read daily word so that's what my practices but your practice could be anything you re bible verse if that's gonna work for you um it doesn't it's not up to anybody else it's up to you so the other key to this is good nutrition ok I know it's tempting to start with chocolate cake I've done it of starting today with chocolate cake and ice cream despite what bill cosby says it does have eggs and flour and all that it's not very good for you so start with something with some protein in it if you can I'm not a nutritionist consult one if you need tio but I found it when I can start my day with oatmeal, which by the way, I don't love it I'm doing this this is deliberate on my part this is to keep me healthy, active and energized seriously, if I had my way, I would wake up and eat it too o'clock in the afternoon that just not does not work um, because I need to kick start my brain, drink two eight ounce glasses of water in the morning you are dehydrated from sleeping eight hours and if you're not sleeping eight, you're sleeping at least six if you're not sleeping six and you're not einstein there's something wrong? Okay, um, the's air practices that will keep you going breakfast is called breakfast for a reason you're breaking the fast that occurred while you were sleeping. So think about it that way it's break fast for a reason you want to eat something in the morning and not the sugary cereals either does not really good for you. Um I used to love lucky charms they were magically delicious. I actually my favorite part was just the charms I don't care about the lucky bit, so it's made a big difference and it's taken me a lot of years to get to this place I could tell you if I'd learned a sooner wow I can only imagine what I would have accomplished meditation or centering yourself in some practice doesn't have to be meditation trust me when I tell you that I have the most intense mind chatter my mind wanders rome strolls runs hikes does everything it's supposed to not d'oh okay so don't beat yourself up I use guided meditation I use that wonderful application I mentioned in an earlier segment about insight timer and insight timers on my phone so I carry it with me and if I need to re center myself during the middle of day I can do it quickly and easily has tons of guided meditations on there on but also has a little timer and you know I could do twenty minutes I can do two minutes I can do three minutes doesn't matter how long this matters that you do it take time for yourself okay your business will go nowhere if you are not strong and energized in it because your business is just an external format of you it's not an outside pieces an external format of you your repurpose ing your authentic self into your business when you look at the word authentic authority and author they all stem from the same beginning and that beginning is about power authority is about power and author is writing their power when you're authentic you're bringing your power to the forefront of what you're doing so these practices are all geared to make you more powerful in that place many top ceos including steve jobs meditate oprah meditate case so if you're thinking it's only for new agers or people in holistic practice is your dead wrong and it's really used both traditionally classically as well as new age it's not a new practice at all it's been around for thousands of years um aromatherapy we don't often think about that some people do some people have candles burning all over their houses and I struggle with that because I'm extremely sensitive I can't go into a wicks and sticks in the whole just I don't do balls anyway, but that would just really decimate me so you do have to be sensitive to your own and if you're allergic to certain sense and things like that but I love the smell of citrus like cutting open and orange cutting open a great fruit I actually like the smell of coffee even though I don't drink it I think if they put it into an after shave it could have really wonderful impact I love the smell of different tease you know I will buy a t just because of the way it smells I love being outdoors first thing in the morning because there's a smell that kind of comes from the earth and nature overnight I love that, but if you're in a city and you need to you know, do candles do candles but do something that will awaken you you can get those essences and do a lavender essence or eucalyptus essence or something of that nature these are going to be important practices that will keep you grounded and centered and moving through with ease and grace and it's about stretching every morning that I have come in here I have first done some form of either bar or yoga and rough because I don't have my instructor with me and I'm not in my class but it is woken up my body is woken up my spine it is woken up my limbs we sit so much now it's a huge challenge, it's one of the reasons that our culture is battling obese see now because we're sitting all the time we didn't used to have this happen before computers we ran around a lot we definitely been around a lot more, so be aware of that get up, give your body a break get your blood circulating on dh you'll avoid a lot of issues down the road stretching your body even without an exercise commitment is truly important um when you get out of bed stretch first don't just go and sit in the next chair it's really easy to do to I've been tempted and had it happened a few times, so there's another piece to my daily commitment practice and that's about appreciate, intend and delegate so I do say what I'm grateful for or I write it down, and then I said intention for my day sometimes my intention is a simple as I want to have a really effective day and I want to get everything done that I have on my to conquer list because that's the kind of list I create, I don't have to do list, I have to conquer lists, and if I step off of that I due to complete because I think that completion and conquering are way more where I'm at than just doing I'm a being you are a being get out of all the doing and get to conquering and get two completions because completions lead to achievement that's really what it's all about and then the delegation the delegation is about relinquishing the idea that you are completely in control. You are part of the equation, there's a lot of other people and tools or resource is that you've got to rely on, you've got to be willing to let them do their part. You've got to delegate that out and you want to make that part of your intention statement your attention could be one sentence, six words we're not looking for paragraphs, I'm not looking for you to spend hours doing this practice, but it's so important when you do this, if you will enact this tomorrow even though it's an off day potentially for you or maybe it's a weekday for you, so when you're when you're watching this and tuning in do this every day I do this every day doesn't matter me whether it's a monday through friday whether to saturday or sunday, I do this practice every single day because even on days that airplay days for me that I'm not working, my intention is to have fun. My intention is to connect with my friends my intention let me to go see the latest movie that's out, I still have an intention and I can't go see the movie if they're not playing at the theater if that there's not going to cooperate if that film was never made there's a lot of other people involved in our lives, so you really want to step into that place? So what I loved to hear is, what is your quick trick to calm down when you get stressed out? And do you have any daily practices that I didn't share already that you'd like to share with us? That would be a benefit to all of us? I'd love to hear that from our online audience um I definitely like to hear that from my live on liners and I'd love to hear that from my life in the rumors and, um, I'm going to actually write these down if I hear anything which I hope I do that I don't currently d'oh great for shell every day before. Well, since my for those of you who don't know, in two thousand ten, I was a walking across the street and was struck by an suv, so every day I count as a gift from the god in the universe is as as a gift of life, and before he opened my eyes every day, I give thanks to the universe for another day and before I have my eyes, I think thank you for another day and for a chance to do better than I did yesterday, and I give it, I'd lis several things that I'm grateful for before even over my eyes, and then I look at my cats and I say boys it's a new day and let's go forth and live in joy, and then I go into my kitchen, and as you've said, melissa, I delight in those things that are the small things in the smell of coffee and go through a meditation and I write, and every day I take twenty minutes for myself just for joy I create for twenty minutes, and I I I give myself a time limit of twenty minutes because that could take up my whole entire day if I let it so I said the timer for twenty minutes and I create for twenty minutes every day because for me that's my heart's song awesome awesome noticing the little things and declaring the joy makes a big big difference it really does we got anybody contributing we do we have people in the chat rooms we have a lot of pet owners and photographers and this this comment kind of encompasses both jade says I take the dog for a walk and my mind tends to quiet a little while I'm trying to see photo opportunities so she walks the dog and she has a mobile phone with her to take pictures while walking very cool I don't walk my cats walk well anybody else going practices that we haven't shared yes I do the daily clean your house flow I gave you a postcard yesterday yeah yeah yeah yeah okay it's something you can find it at health at your fingertips dot coms and yet connects with all the energy points in your body and I've been doing this for fifteen years so it's the first thing I d'oh in the morning it's called the daily clean your house flow and you can find it at health at your fingertips dot com but it's not not about cleaning your house your physical health is leaning you're you're you're well it is sending a physical house that is your physical house, not your home environment yeah, it usually takes me around five minutes and you can do it throughout the day, teo and is just the best thing in the world because it helps me get grounded and I'm giving myself starts with a hug. I mean, how could you not start a good day with a hug? Yeah, so it self love it's wonderful let's have todo lo and self realization. Yeah, I'll give you all a card before we leave today that's valuable thank you for sharing that that any any other practices, more people coming in, we have more meditation, indigo says nature gazing on the deck. Oh, getting in touch with nature also, we have some musicians in here day, abby says music is a great way to start the day I have a particular song that I like to listen to in the mornings to stay positive, tim says. I go outside, no matter where I am, I take in nature, I also write or I pick up one of my guitars or instruments. The music and nature seemed to be a recurring theme in the room, and I've been doing music, but coming here, which is natural is letting time I'm playing it while I'm getting into the facebook group and things like that, things that I would normally not do by the way at that hour I am a big advocate of not checking your email, not checking your smartphone or your device any electronic device at all until you've done your centering practices really and truly now I know that's really close to impossible for some people because they're music's on their phone and I get that and my insight timers on my phone and it is hard to sometimes not check other things, but I really make a point of ok block it all out go to incite timer first that's what I'm here for that's where my meditation source lies and that makes it much easier so the's air awesome practices the music especially well because I know if I'm having a tough day all search on the on the sirius x m and find something that I love to listen to and it lift my spirits that bop down the road it's a big big difference thank you all for sharing really matters to us and it's helpful for us to add to our practices I love the nature gazing I definitely want to do more of that I think that could work even if you have a deck you could be gazing at some planters that you've created um something maybe this and outdoor art love outdoor art okay, this is also about measuring your influence, keeping your numbers in front of you if you will keep your numbers in front of you and if you will continue to measure your progress you will feel better now in the beginning it feels icky because you have a lot of zeros which kind of sucks zeros air definitely not fun but you've got to start someplace so these are the things you want to be tracking daily weekly monthly networking events obviously if you're strictly online you might want to be tracking some social media that you're doing all right but if you're doing online and offline, how many networking events are you getting to weekly hopefully it's one if it's not one an needs to be ok how many connections are you making weekly now I care less about how many than I do the quality of them, but if you're not even making two to five connections weekly ouch you're not really growing your business very far you need to be connecting with at least two to five new people a week whether their potential clients or whether these air suppliers or whether they're gate openers to clients really think hard about that. When was the last time you connected with a potential new client? I'd love to hear that answer in that chat room come on on liners talked to me here tell me when the last time wasn't be honest about it because what's happening is you're probably really busy in your business but you're not necessarily busy in lead generation and potential client attraction activities and that can be a little dangerous we all get to that place where we've done a bunch of marketing it's paying off we're getting those leads in the door we're getting super busy and we stop marketing you can't stop marketing, then the marketing has to be continual it has to be a habit because if you do that you're going to create that roller coaster a feast and famine feast and famine feast and famine very uncomfortable been there tried that didn't like it decided to keep the marketing engine going, which is why I can tell you about how to design yours. So do we have anyone commenting about? Well, they're connecting with potential new clients today in the chat room yesterday in the chat room so it's it's happening simultaneously right now? Nice nice is a little slow me give it, I'll go with that, okay um, phone or face to face weekly how many of the connections that you're making online especially? Are you moving to phone voice to voice and face to face? Because if you're not moving on, they're just another number. All right, lisa, you got twenty to thirty new people coming on board every week what are you doing for every day, every day? What do you do with them? Nothing oh do you have and auto responders sequence do you have anything? Because actual nothing, they get nothing from you, it's. Why I'm here. Ok, so it was the things I've done in the past haven't worked, so I'm afraid to do something wrong. I'd rather not do anything. Okay, so based on what you know now, what are you going toe have automatically go out to them the minute they jump on your community. One of the things that I've got done here to an auto responder for a tip sheet download and impossibly selling them a small twenty seven, forty seven. Whatever. Okay, um, probably pick a couple of them two or three a week and just call them if I can do the number, but it any rate, I'd like to reach out to each one of them. I don't know how that's gonna work, it's a lot to just personally thank them. Maybe just a smattering. Okay, but I've got in my mind just the whole redesign of the website and whole experience and how it's going to go because you said it was really appeared that needs to be done here and that's, really? That feels a lot more authentic, a lot more comfortable for me, you know that the other the easiest way to get something to give you their snail mail address is to send them something in the mail now we talked about several formats but not necessarily a format that would work well for you and if you were to design something where he can license um a large genealogy map that has lots of blanks from people to fill in their own information and they can get that from you and it's cheap and it's easy to mail okay, we don't want anything that cost you a bunch of money. Um that would be something that would enable you to get their mailing address and you can get their front over at the same time saying we need to make sure that we have a fender more case the male kicks back in case there's a problem? We will never abused it we will never use an auto phone caller marriage I hate and they are being used um I got through for those phone calls a day drives me crazy. Well, I've been missing out the whole interaction I've just been given giving and I haven't that has has been one sided, okay? And so I need to start bringing them back in and engaging them. Yeah, because there's just so much it's going to be easier than you think because as we've established I mean yesterday the chat room lit up with your story and can step out of your own way on this one and start just being real and sharing who you are the fact that you have all these really fascinating interesting people living at your house share that conversions from prospects to clients weekly new clients on board weakly instead of randomly or sporadically okay really want to think about creating this in a way that gets you regular results not random results when your marketing engine is in place and you are running it as a habit whether you got it semi automated you can't ever do full automation unless you remove yourself from the process and you are a key piece of your marketing because of your points of connection you can't outsource your personality you can't outsource your history you can't outsource your education you can't outsource your expertise so get over that piece a lot, people say oh I'm going to outsource social media how social is that it's not you can use tools to help you do it, but if you're not a core piece of your social media you're being antisocial or you're helping some of the person be social masquerading as you which doesn't work the charades up hey it works for large corporations because they empower that person to represent them you're not large corporation bring it back to reality the more riel time connection you can have, the better off you'll be and dollars added to your bottom line and do you track your dollars anybody tracking their dollars tracking their money yeah I know you do rich goes with your name it really does this is really about marking your milestones with celebrations and never forget to celebrate your arrivals and completions too many people just keep shooting for the next goal once they've hit a goal you're forgetting the celebration piece of it you've got to celebrate the arrivals very very important call that brief time out every time you hit one of your milestones one of your markers because if you don't celebrate it the joys gone you've lost the whole point and it's about finding original creative unique solutions refer to the books I mentioned and the one I gave each of you here that we talked about before by paul arden it's not how good you are it's how good you want to be and also whatever you think I think the opposite incredibly short reads with amazing content that is truly life changing you'll see the ordinary in a new light you really will he makes it that that simple and it's about wiping the fog away from your business and where you're at and being able to see clearly the path in front of you which is on your vision board keep those vision boards out and ready reference if you're not using your vision board you're missing out so how are you celebrating her what I miss part really ever how do you sell right now I don't think it's been caught on camera yet. I'm not looking to be caught on keira, but in between breaks here they figured out what music I like. What will make me dance and I do dance here. Well, the cameras are off if they're not off, don't tell me. I want to know the mortified have to burn off possible film, but what is your happy dance? Okay, what lights you up in? What form of celebration you have? We all have our weak. Some people go for chocolate. Some people are going to go for that extra frappuccino at starbucks. Some people turn on a specific, happy tune. What is that? Share it with us and shared in the facebook group. In fact, if you're really bold and brave, I challenge you to share a video of you doing your happy death in the facebook group. I would love to see that one of the challenges I want to throw down is I wanted everybody in my tribe to do a happy dance to pharrell williams. Yeah, yeah, because what farrell did was so extraordinary he's a brilliant marketing mind, brilliant, he took ordinary people and made them superstars because that's, who he looked to for his video, and if you're not familiar, he did a twenty four hour every three minutes, he has a new, unknown, ordinary person transformed by happiness, it's, the most glorious video you'll ever watch the entire life. No, I've not watched all twenty four hours, but I have my favorites. I think it's, about twelve fifty seven in the afternoon, is one of my favorites. You might want to check that one out, but pharrell williams, p h a r r e l l he has an amazing gift for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. You may be tired of the song, doesn't matter, look at what he created. He is a gifted, creative, just a cz you are, and he thought completely out of the box on that one.

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  • Know exactly where to find your ideal client online and offline.
  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

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