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Pick Your Ideal Client

We're going to dive into this and you're going to be able to find who your ideal client is. Now you'll get to have three, not twenty three, fifty three or one hundred three that's the sticky part, this is very scary for a lot of business owners and they resistant now. It took me five years to get the big wake up call. I probably would have made a lot more money and had a lot more time available to me if I got in a lesson sooner, but I'm pleased that I got it at five years. I have colleagues who still aren't getting it, and colleagues in the coaching industry colleagues and design it's across the board that this is a challenge. The more precise you are, the more profitable you are. When your efforts are scattered, you're not as profitable. So who do you most enjoy working with? Write down your thoughts on this, can you think back to people you've done business with that you really just loved? I mean, the people that I do business, what is so easy for me because these are the ones that I...

spend thanksgiving with, um, these are the ones that wish me happy birthday, the's, air, the ones that invite me for holidays. The's air the ones that when I was living up in the mountains of highlands, north carolina and had something occur where I'd be back down atlanta for a while they said, hey, come stay with us wow it's kind of no brainer, so I had an easy time figuring that out, but it's not usually that easy, so tips to stay focused you only want to select three ideal target markets you want to define their top of mind problem. This is the problem that wakes them up in the morning or is the one they're thinking of? You know that place when you're just about to fall asleep and all of a sudden you you kind of have that moment where like I forgot about that that's the problem you want to fix for them and we're going to talk about how you find out what that problem is and you want to keep their age ranges within five years because five years is generational. Most of my clients, both in design and in coaching are forty five to sixty that's forty five to fifty fifty to fifty five fifty five to sixty. The other reason for that is we think, in terms of life cycles, somebody who is twenty five to thirty is it a very different place in their life than somebody who's forty to forty five aren't they and you want to become very aware of life cycles now if you think you conserve somebody who's twenty five to thirty and somebody who's forty five to fifty more power to you, I'm not able to do it. I work in a much narrower lifecycle range my maximum range is fifteen years and in many cases the majority of my clients fall between forty five and fifty five now does that mean that if somebody comes to me and they're forty years old, I won't work with him now? Of course not if for every other reason they fit my ideal client profile yeah, I'll work with him gladly, but it's a good guideline because it helps me also know where they're going to hang out because I don't need to be hanging out with the twenty five to thirty year olds I need to be hanging out with the forty five to fifty five year olds, so you want to have that age range in there for that reason now your ideal client maybe a stressed out business owner tired of working long hours? Does that look like somebody you work with? If so, jot that down? It may be a female scylla partner hungry to grow their business there's a term called sink anybody here know what sink is? Single income no kids kids are an enormous investment time, energy and money many of my best clients, like I said, their kids were already grown out of the nest or they didn't have them. Danks dual income no kids rock as clients because they have a lot more disposable income. Are they up incoming corporate executives? The young ones today it's a whole new world because of the generational gap. So you want to be aware of that? Is it a young family? Young growing family means that they're going to be focused on their children, so whatever you're providing, probably better have some family relevancy busy mom with young kids, holy cow, she's juggling like mad. She probably needs help, has a number of challenges you might be able to solve. Her kids are going to be her number one priority. Are you working with holistic healers? Light workers is another term for that. I have a lot of colleagues who focus on light healers, holistic healers, energy workers, it's a very, very large market, and they typically undervalue themselves tremendously. So that's one of the reasons that such a large market because they want to make more money doing what they love to d'oh. And they have that war going on, that making money is not heart centered and that's not accurate, ok, so again, this is an example of dinks, dual income, no kids ready to invest in your services? These people will often spend a lot more money on travel and fixing up their home and fixing up their home every three years because they're going to keep up with the joneses or they're going to be the jones is even better they obviously have the cash in many is this is to do a lot of cool things that people have kids don't have a cash for not saying kids or bad I'm just saying to take a lot of money, so and then the other one is empty nesters ready to write the next chapter in your life ready to finally say hey it's about me now because it's been about their kids for the last twenty twenty five years, this is getting be tricky these days because a lot of empty nesters the kids were coming home again and they're staying home on and they can't get about so sometimes that it's been thirty years since they've got to make it about themselves and now they're ready to do that. But if any of these resonated, write them down. Um so tweet description of your ideal client three just three from what I just share with you and if if yours does not fit knows, give me a short description yes uh so for those of us who are starting at him haven't had clients is it do you have any tips on how to yeah based on the fact that I know what you do okay so you are a mosaic artist we're artisan whichever term you like to pick but um yes you want high end clients but that's way too broad right you're right okay and one of your idea clients is going to be the interior design trade but the top end interior design trade so that's one and you gonna need to flush out that profile okay then another one is going to be on dis is up to you I'm not this is just a suggestion but another one maybe the country club set so how would you reach the country club set and we could go down that path um and then the third one um ah have you work with builders at all? I haven't but that's one of the things I was thinking about was working with might architects might be another one for an architect of building one of your pieces and then have it right I picked up that would be that would be tremendous so in that case would the architect be the client or would the person whose house it is in the end the architect because you sell the architect in the architect is the one who sells for you okay, okay um they may put you directly in touch but unlikely the other avenue you would have would be or galleries if you get any of your work into an art gallery in the art gallery sells for you but the client would be the galleria. Okay, okay that's, another avenue for you? Great. Yeah. Does that help? Oh, I guess I'm not thank you. Anybody else having a struggle with that one? Yeah, we're getting pretty clear picture in terms of how to define I think my my client's arm or defined by their perspective, you know their passion. What drives them as opposed to by demographics? Well, there's three, three kinds of graphics you got demo psycho graphics and geographic. Okay, I would bet that your clients definitely fall into psychographic just together, which is lifestyle because it has to. And there is some demo in that because it has to have to do with, um, their values what's important to them and how they'll spend their money and it may or may not be tied to how they make their money. In a lot of cases, it isthe um but yes. So there is some demographic in there and and are they coming strictly from within a ten mile radius one hundred mile radius? Are they national? Are they global? Yeah, I worked with people all over okay, so all over the world are all over your local conceivably all over the world, yeah, by skype okay, so years is a global market so that's good to know, so that means they're going to be avenues that you would pursue that somebody on a local level would not in terms of ultimate promotion but the clearer you can get on the cycle graphics and you've had I think enough clients roof that you could probably use the shortcut of identifying your five favorite clients yeah, great working on the writing down everything you know about them and seeing those commonalities because there's going to things what it will sound crazy and I won't name which political party because it's not relevant but my ideal clients all of the same politics in common they tend to have the same religious beliefs in common really weird I never would have guessed this and it's not something that I I go after necessarily, but I think it's fascinating that that comes up now there are certainly exceptions and every pool of ten ideal clients they'll be two or three exceptions to that, but generally speaking they all flow along those lines and that makes it much easier because I know well, I know where they congregate and where they hang out, I know where they're going to do on the weekends makes a big difference, so yeah, when you start looking for commonalities, you'll start finding them if you're looking for differences, you'll find differences so now I put myself in this one just just for a lark to use a photo but this is what we want you to create is a most wanted poster. Ok, now you each have three of these forms um and you also have a really pretty one that got done in the book but I did not hear huck's out that I did not create. This is not my strong suit just we have established thiss joints that belongs to the a that I have um so she doesn't amazing job with things like that for me but this this was a strong as I could get but anybody online just get a blank piece of paper to stick the word's most one of the top of it and start creating your poster. Now if you look at the poster that's here you can see that I put a lot of details on here female business on our service base business forty seven years old okay allied I'm off by five years they might be a coach health and wellness life relationship business sink singling him no kids that describes me lives in suburban local with nearby city for selling networking income a hundred plus um k per year wants more watches, oprah's life class all these things this is the lifestyle piece of it you want to know this you want to understand this because it gives you something to talk about with him and be it helps you know where they're going to be hanging out, because guess what each one of these shows, each one of these pieces right here has a facebook group say it just spells out where they're hanging now, not everybody in that group is going to fall into your ideal client, but there's a fair amount hanging out there works forty to sixty hours per week in our business and wants to reduce the hours okay wants to go to multiple six figures and seven loves to travel appreciate the finer things in life. Ok, that's a hot button you want to push with this person? She appreciates the finer things. How can your services? How can your product fall under finer things? How can that facilitate her quest for finer things that makes sense? That's her hot button? Um, focus on creating impact, so when you're speaking with her, you want to say, I know you want to create a bigger impact that's a hot button you want to leverage those terms circle of support of friends are willing to create one fired up about her business, seeking clarity, focus profitability in a revenue plan, willing to do whatever it takes you knew that was going to be in there. Now I have worked with potential clients that I was not willing to offer the opportunity to work with me because they weren't willing to do whatever it took they were willing to just I'll just do my best uh not good enough for me and not everybody's a fit and I'm totally cool with that but those that are know it because they can self identify and takes rapid action that's hugely important may somebody who's goingto putts around is not going to be a good fit for me because I'm going to demand more of them than their comfortable giving at jimmer yoga five days a week so guess what you might find her it jim or the yoga class you know it gives you some incentive to get out of your box of just going to yoga and thinking I'm just going to my yoga instead look around and say oh maybe one day I might have to three clients sit in this room with may okay so this is a big piece of what you'll build your business on you can change these the time and like I said if that ideal client shows up in their five years younger or ten years off or something else that's okay you can still take him but I can tell you this also if you've never fired a client it's a very painful experience I've done it three times all three of them want to be back all three of them basically begged me and I said no, because my peace of mind is not for sale. Neither should yours b and that's when I fire somebody is when they start robbing me of my peace of mind. So it's somebody that I had misgivings about in the beginning, but I thought, oh, no, I could do a great job for them and boy, did that come back and bite me in the you know what? So you really want to be careful? Don't let the fact that you could do a great job for them lead the way. And also you have to be careful that you're not too hungry. We can do some really stupid things when we're super hungry. We're at that place of desperation. I need money in the door. You will get burned when you behave that way. You really well, it's it's very dangerous. The neat thing about one of those three I ran into her seven years later, we were on a committee for partnership against domestic violence. By this time she'd gotten divorced. It turns out, while she was the chief breadwinner, she built a huge technology companies. She went through the bubble and burst with the bubble. She'd been abused all those years, I didn't know it. I had no idea and I had walked away from a job left a huge amount of money on the table because it had become an intolerable situation for may she spent three hours apologizing to me I had no idea, she said I'm so sorry I did not know how good I had it with you. I started checking in with my friends and all of their projects were running into two and three years and you were there in ninety days and I was like and she goes, I'm gonna put you back in when I get back on my feet so you don't know the rest of the story all the time, but count on it when your gut instinct is telling you there's something wrong with this, I don't think I want work with this person pay attention, pay attention, it could be really valuable and save you from having to fire them later, which is really, really uncomfortable. So start working on your most wanted posters if you'll create even one while you're here, that would be awesome if you want to do some sort of a sketchy but a smiley face up there that would be about as much as I could get down without having an actual photo but put some demographics and psychographic and some geographic on it the demographic is things like race, religion, income um there's there's other demographics and their demographic is also tied to geographic neighborhoods they live in are they gated community folks do they live out in the middle of no where do they live in the city? Um when it comes to interior design, there was a whole piece that I did on five separate types of clients and different types would pull you back into projects again and again because of the way they were they were people who were urban sophisticates in the urban sophisticates tended to have all new all bright shiny all the time and they never used it but they showed it off to their friends, which meant that it had to be the newest latest greatest hottest and they would be flipping it regularly so they were fabulous clients to have because they kept pulling you back in all ways to get the newest life's greatest and then there were the traditionalists who would hire you once and you wouldn't hear from him till something war out ten years later so a lot can be said once you start to slot these folks, you know, oh well, I see now the characteristics that they have, I see what they're like toe work with I understand them better now typically you'd be doing this with your laptop in front of you and google at your fingertips and you'd be able to do though some of this information because you can google demographics by the census bureau and that makes it really, really simple, but a lot of it is just thinking to yourself, okay, who I worked with that I really enjoyed. How much do we know about them? Because you may not be learn earning enough about your clients that makes a big difference for coaching. I have about a four page for five page intake. I learned a lot for design, I had a seven page questionnaire, whatever business you're in and we're going to get to this in another segment, you really wantto have some form of intake or questionnaire that allows you to climb deeply inside your client's life and really know who they are and what their priorities are. Even beyond what you find out in a conversation, they will reveal things on paper that they be uncomfortable revealing in a conversation. So you really want to focus on that? I have a question about last night. How do you create a really good in depth questionnaire? Is there is there someplace you can go online or is there some? Is there some you can look at your competitors for starters too? See if any of them have one eyes a little sneaking but you can definitely do it? Um, you know the rule of thumb online it's not called research and development are andy means robin deploy um I'm not suggesting you robert plagiarized doing those things, but I am suggesting you go and get inspired by somebody else's questionnaire I also think it's not a bad idea and I used to advocate this years ago when I was training designers and their businesses and still do that occasionally I would say, you know, do yourself a favor call several of the big box retailers around you see if they'll send a design professional out to your home for free because if they will take advantage of it, see how they work, see what kind of questions they're going to ask you see how engaging they are that's your competition, so if you're in a situation ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here, not saying you want to be a personal chef but also don't misunderstand me, but we're shell you've talked about chef thing and food and all that sort of thing, right? So let's say you wanted to pursue the path of being a perv little chef, I would suggest that you contact through for personal chefs and interview them and say I'm interested in hiring a personal chef I'd like to understand how you work on what your fees are starting a jam company and there's only one company in the bay area that would be my competition you but your competition goes beyond the bay area right so I would find it I would start doing searches on because these days everybody has a group, I would start finding a group of, um, jam fans, marmalade fans, people who love jams and marmalade there's got to be a group out there like that today, there's gotta because there's some there's, some very unique there, um, and dive into that group and see what they're talking about. See what makes their hearts saying, when it comes to james and marmalade tze you know, what's, the first thing you think of when you think of a jamming marmalade, what makes you want to buy one brand over another brand is that the name is that the brand is that the essence is that the ingredients is it that you want it for a special type of bread? Is it that you want it for a lunch versus a dinner versus a breakfast? See there's a lot of different kinds of questionnaires you can hang and come up with, and the other kid this is as you come up with the questions, write them down because you're never going to come up with them in one block, that would be rare. I get those blocks occasionally where I can just download a questionnaire, but normally it's, as I'm thinking about it, they're coming to me and I'm and I'm writing them down and then I'll compile them all together in one glorious document and I'll go back and finesse it does that help people fiercely writing away nobody's sketching cheese you guys come in well people are sketching here now we have a user in the chat room says my ideal clients have low incomes they lack basic job skills and their millennials but they want more than one they currently have how is it possible to make money with this demographic way well that's a very good boy ok here's the question who is the real client there? Is it the millennial or is it their parents that's true? Good question ok, so you've really got to understand who is your client if for example you have a product for children the children are going to buy your product the parents or the schools the teachers will. So you've got to understand who your idol client really is that maybe the client they work with that's not the client who buys from them and if it is it's not going to be a happy proposition they may want to find another way to go about this would be sponsorship they could find a company that wants that audience and is willing to pay them to bring them that audience so in other words let's and and this is off the top of my head so um let's say that was an audience that office depot now officemax I don't know how they've emerged this whole thing but um let's say that was an audience they wanted they would be willing to pay this person to put on some sort of a training event that would bring all these people in the door that then office depot would be right there with all their products to say oh here's what we've got for you here's how we're supporting your search for a job and that sort of thing because that makes sense yeah, absolutely right answer any other questions we have some other similar ones where people are asking about their ideal clients now this one says my ideal clients come from marketing companies, web development agencies and print shops but is that too broad and how do I know them? They're age demographics that said when when is it so broad? What other titles their titles yeah, their title in other words, from the print shop is it that I don't know print market is easier for me? Is it a director of marketing I c c at the print shop? Is it to head printer that's not a title but I'm winging out a little bit here you need another titles and then you need to look at the size of the companies you're going after really really important because a company that has less than a million in sales is very different than a company that's five to twenty million that is very different than a company that's twenty million plus. Okay so is this a one person shop there working with or is this somebody that has ten employees? You can also look at numbers of employees instead of sales dollars but sales dot that's all information you can find online is true it's all available now all the salaries of all the top executives are now published online so you can find everything you really can there's very little that you can't find so I'm going to keep going through this is you guys work on those and keep interrupting me with questions um so we want to look at what are their top three financial priorities everybody has financial priorities in these air general the top three health what's their health like do they have health insurance? Um is anything went on with their health it's costing them a bunch of money guy education especially the kids are still at home it kids are in college you know our mom and dad paying for college elder care is becoming a big big harry deal these days uh home home expense mortgage expense maintenance on a home expense need new furniture expense travel do they love to travel and what level of the market is traveling with the greatest questions? You can ask any potential client he was asked this for fun in general is what's your favorite travel destination when were you last there and then get them to tell you about the trip and you can find out a lot about the level of which they travel are they travelling at the uh caribbean and princess cruise level of the traveling at the celebrity cruise level of the traveling at the seven seas in viking level that tells you a lot about where they are financially and what they're willing to invest in retirement and savings? Is that a priority for them now what's really interesting is I've been hearing a lot of stories about the millennials right now the millennials air carrying something insane like fifty percent less debt than the rest of the country because the millennials came up with parents who carried a lot of debt and they don't want to do it thank you that's really, really interesting to see and business growth or promotion promotion would be if they're working in a corporate environment business growth is if they have their own business is that a priority for them? You need to find out their top three and probably their top two because you need to make sure that whatever it is you're trying to sell them services or product speaks to that so like katherine in your case they need have a priority of their home clearly or you'd be doing something in their corporate environment I make a lot of sense right if they don't have that priority don't even bother um too hard a sell um rich I think going the direction you're going in that's probably going to be a priority for you also uh judy you maybe business growth or promotion I realized too I have several clients who were very good clients but they're approaching retirement they've they've done well enough that they can actually I have a few that could actually retire not too many people but they're a couple okay and so that's a consideration too because how they if that's their focus then they're probably going to be shifting how they do business they are yeah yeah that's going to give you some more opportunities for some new clients to come in oh well yeah it all makes a difference yeah all right we got a tweet about up here what is your ideal clients top three financial priorities you need to know what those are what problem will they pay you to to solve because that's that's what this is all about now when I say problem it can also be a status thing okay if they're trying to keep up with the joneses your service or your product may answer a status need for them so that could be wealth that could be a wealth problem you need to know what their ideal lifestyle is so let's look look a bit closer at lifestyle and we're gonna look att their pillow talk so you've got to understand what their income is is under fifty k fifty k two one hundred k a hundred hated to fifty or two fifty cane up very different levels very different levels then no you can't come right out and ask them you can try to go for it you know and I tell you what the fastest way to learn is if they're single and their mail will just disclosed by day three it blows my mind I don't ask I don't want to know and they're disclosing to me my day three and I'm horrified like I didn't need to know that much so kind of an unusual phenomenon today but you really do have to have a pretty good idea of where they're at on that income scale and you can gauge it by other factors by checking out other factors you want to know their home value good news is their home value you go to zillo you can look anybody up I've looked up relatives on zillow you know it looked up friends it's not a guarantee but it's a pretty darn good idea so if you know somebody's address beyond a p o box look it up on zillow all of this information is frida us today it's amazing the time we're living and it really is there's no excuse for you not to know a lot of this do they have an apartment, a condo or a house or multiple residences? Multiple residences, by the way, do not be fooled into thinking that means somebody has three or four mansions, not necessarily at all. All okay? And my second property is an income property for may I get to go when it's empty otherwise I keep it, rent it out. So you want to find things out like that as well? Are these folks who are hanging on to their car forever? Or are they flipping it every three years now all admit I'm a flipper. I get bored with my vehicle. Teo I also always let a cargo just under one hundred thousand miles because that's when most of the maintenance starts to kick in hard and I never want to have to deal with that, are they luxury versus economy, you know, status versus practical iko friendly? Or do they have more than one? I have clients who got three and four vehicles, there are only two of them. I don't know how they drive all of them, but you know they like cars, so you want to be aware of that? Does your ideal client buy a new car every three years and or brag about how long they've had it love to have that answer tweeted in now in a lot of cases, your ideal client at least one of them will be a lot like you are that's very common but sometimes they're not all like you were the complete opposite because opposites also attract what generation are they minor boomers, boomers and top and xer's my clients are not typically millennials it's boomers and top and extras trying to understand millenials and there's plenty of people out there in my industry who are working exclusively with millennials trying to understand the members of the answers because these are probably the biggest generation gaps we've had in a number of years they truly are so if you know a generation there you go study that generation and it will tell you their value system boom right there so easy so simple just a google search away what generation is your idol client and tweet it let us know are we sitting in this room are we standing in this room your ideal client or is it the team that's bringing this to you who's a different generation we're multigenerational in this room it's really kind of cool where are they shopping ok are these people going to farmers market are they going to kroger? I don't know if you guys have kroger out here okay public's save what? Hey thank you I should have known that from growing up in l a darn it all um yeah where they're buying their food and are they you know super health food highway folks, are they really into organic and all that or they junk food junkies? The majority of yours are probably not going to be junk food junkies necessarily they're going to be gore moans and they're going to foodies my big time okay? And junk food junkies normally aren't foodies the healthy ones can often be foodies because the junk leaders will eat anything put in front of anything that's orange screaming pink or bad for you are reclogging fluffy or did oh fluffy or dead I love it okay where do they shop? Where do they shop now? Mall for me is a four letter word I don't do most I am hormel's boutiques love him women bond over boutiques men bond over sports now you may not be one of those shops you may have the shopping jean all my sisters have it I don't have it I got in a shoving me but that's because of the interior design that I don't love to shop as muchas I love the active purchasing e I like that part but I'm a big I'm a been shopper and then I don't really, really like I resemble that yeah, I get that yeah because you want it all in one fell swoop and then I'd have doing it for a really long time yeah, that makes a big difference but you need to know where their shopping got toys they into toys where I live in atlanta we have lake lanier and a lot of people to go down the coast a lot of people have boats. What kind of boat is this cigarette boat that you know cruise along the water at high speeds is a ski boat isn't a pontoon boat for partying? What kind of boat is the bass boat for fishing? You want to find out? He'll find out their taste in music. My favorite thank you. Teoh got the blueprints, isn't it? You really want understand their taste in music? Because guess what? If you ever want tio surprise him with a set of tickets to something as a goody if you ever want to get him, I say an album, but I'd be really dating myself if you ever wanted to send a playlist, what a neat idea you to play list that maybe there's a jazz and you get my knowledge as playlist something like that? Yeah, cool idea. Okay, so this is where we get into that pillow talk, they've got to be pillow talk problems he's have to be top of mind challenges that they're wrestling with can't pay the mortgage or oh my gosh, I'm so tired of this dump pillow talk problems what's their primary pillow talk problem is it wealth and status related questions from online yeah, we do have some more people that are asking about their demographics now this is similar to what we're talking about with millennials before because comes from cows are in the chat room and they want to know because of my background, I'm under thirty I feel like millennials are the ones who will hire me largely due to some ageism, but I'm being realistic here, but they don't usually have the income to do so. I also don't think that their parents will pay for my career coaching services. Do you have any suggest there are plenty of millennials who are very gainfully employed in corporate america and are making very good salaries, so this person is simply not looking in the right places and making some really vast assumptions about all millennials? They're they're inaccurate for example, millennials in silicon valley doing just fine just fine lots of corporations are pulling millenials straight from college, especially if they went through an mba program. They're still millennials, they're still very young, but they're making great money because most of the times when they come out of an mba program to making six figures it up now, do they need career advice? At that point, I don't have any idea, I don't know exactly what this person does, but I would suggest they start looking at more corporate environments and not self employed because unless it's a self employed that's doing something techie that's going to revolutionize something, there was an incredible story recently about a company called feed p h e d they went from zero and start up completely self funded, no venture capital to forty million and sold in eighteen months. Unbelievable. So there are those rare exceptions, and there are certainly more and more millennials coming out with amazing, you know, aps and things like that that make him a lot of money overnight, but they're not looking for career advice. Career advice is going to the corporate ones, okay, any other ones? Yeah, here's another one and this comes from one of the users in chat rooms. And they say since I sell publications, I am more likely to need one thousand clients wanting to spend ten dollars each rather than kent ten clients wanting to spend one thousand dollars each. How relevant is this type of research to someone like me? Wait a minute, you just it's something really, really important there? Why wouldn't they want the one client buying a thousand dollars let's, let's investigate that part of it? Yeah, I would really love to explore that because it's so much easier to sell a thousand dollars to one client, then tow have tohave a hundred clients at ten dollars a piece that's a really important why why wouldn't they want to go after the locations the company's whomever it is that's going to buy one hundred of that book instead of one one one one one you know ok so there's some inherit you know these air kind of the things that are going through potentially their head these air ones that I created but they sound like they're real people as their head hits the pillow this is what's coming to mind I'm ready to start how stunning I'm over this don't okay so this is somebody who has got some money in the bank or they would be ready start house hunting where they're going to go they're going to looking for a real estate agent and probably a lot of other services so the other thing to keep in mind during all this is who are your gate openers what are the other services that people buy when they buy your service or when they buy your product what of the other products that they buy or when they buy you then how does that trickle down who else are they going to buy that's something really designers are your gate opener architects builders yeah thanks. Okay um also potentially kitchen bath designer specifically yeah, I think there's something a spa designer something like that yeah could work designing a really good fit yeah that that whole area yeah, because generally people are already thinking I want to redesign my kitchen or my bathroom, not just they don't just see my work and say, oh, why don't I republic the kitchen? Is that the new hey, they gotta be predisposed that yeah, it's a very important consideration, very important consideration. So you get a whole gamut here of things they want in need and then things that are not working, we've got to cut expenses. Okay, so how can you help them cut expenses if you got a low cost product or if you got something that helps him save money? That's you want to interrupt the conversation going on in their head? If you're selling something at the premier level and they're thinking we've got to cut expenses that is not gonna work that's going to mismatch there now, the same thing applies if you go into a health, physical or mental or emotional for that matter issue, this could be a lot stickier, but there's still conversations going on, I've got to lose some weight. Ok, that's pretty common one I need to get back in the gym so maybe you're not a gym, but maybe you sell a an exercise program that works really well for reshaping a body like, quite honestly, I raised so much about the yoga and the pallotti's and, um, the bar that I do and it's totally reshape me now she'd come to me and said I want you my program I would never looked at it it happened to be a drive by that was the local business that made a big difference she's now looking at branching in other cities so it's kind of cool my doc warned me that eating out all the time is going to kill me I hate to cook this sounds like really conversation things really people would say get out of the marketing speak it out of the clever and that's hard for me to do because I do a lot of marketing but these are real people saying these things okay that's what you want what what's really what's what's their real conversation like it's not fancy it's it's not fancy at all relationship issues and impressing it took each other so with julie's wedding coming up we need to freshen the house they need a designer in there um really haven't had time for my wife lately wow been short changing her I need to do something special for her birthday so maybe that's something special becomes a fabulous music maybe that's something special becomes a case of amazing marmalade maybe she's a normal girl omg I've got to get the guest room redone before the in laws arrived the's air things real people would say and I want you to get in that space of thinking of riel real time conversation and then I want you to look at where does your ideal client hang out? You got to know where to find him and that's going to be a lot easier once you have that fully fleshed out profile. So in real time you got sporting events and the gym charity events these are things that you should be going to or considering going to if it's a part of your life. Now, if it's not a part of your life, don't do it unless you really want to meet your ideal client volunteer opportunities aa lot of you sure that you do a lot of volunteer work? Have you ever looked around where you're volunteering to really talk to the people that are there and find out their stories and find out if maybe you've got clients sitting right around you that you didn't even know you had? You could make a really big difference mom's day out if you're looking for moms um meetup dot com is anybody here in the room used meetup dot com? Yeah, yeah, and I've actually had a couple of my colleagues use meet up to one one of my friends created a group large enough that oprah called her put her on the show she created the largest media group unbelievable success with that really, really phenomenal so meet up has a lot of opportunities if you use it and it does have to be live now you can create offline components to it, but if you try to set up a group and then create an offline, they'll shut you down been there did that I tried just ahead everything, so and I'll tell you about the fails evening education courses. My best clients came out of my classes at emory because they'd had me for six weeks they knew like entrusted may they knew my style, they knew how I delivered and that made a huge difference any time you can teach your market anything don't be afraid to do it jump in there and teach them because chances are good thirty for that we're going to come away with that I couldn't do that I need to hire thirty percent of going to give it a shot and thirty percent off half totally got this I could do it myself, but that thirty percent they're going to hire you that's priceless that truly is do you get more offline church at least in the south that works I don't attend church so it's not working for may be an ion power core events being I am power core our business networking international the's air too networking groups that meet every single week and you are only allowed to have one specialty from any given industry as a member of the group at any time they work well if you work them and you have to come and bring a certain number of referrals each time you show up so it can be a little tricky association memberships incredibly valuable country clubs, business clubs, country closed by the way, you don't have to be a member you could go and speak share your wares to a presentation rich you've got a lot of presentations killed any country clubs would love you um and restaurants and country clubs often have a women's group specifically and then they have the golfers and the other groups beyond that when was the last time any of you attended a face to face networking event? Actually, I'm doing when I'm gonna be gone tomorrow morning on killing us well, it's a it's a consulting group that I'm on the board so all right, so you do them regularly. What about you? Rich? Um, no, not so much. Not so much. Okay, catherine, I thought, well, I went to two events last week that I thought were networking events and they ended up being while it like business see coursey things but I was trying todo uh I went to one today oh, ok, all right, I don't I don't I don't do them because of where you live also prime makes a little bit challenging to get to him yeah, and I'm not sure that a networking group is really right for what I'm doing although it's possible I'm wrong about that I actually think if you find the right network in europe it's right for everybody but it's finding the right one about your show I used to be really, really active and kind of had to take a break because I needed to do some other focus on some of the same but you understand the value absolutely say face to face is still the biggest place where the most business happens it's not just online by a margin and you can have a very successful business and not be online and that's coming from somebody who would not have said this four years ago I said if you weren't online you didn't exist, but I've since revised that statement because I know a number of people who are extremely successful and they're not online and they're gonna continue to be successful because of the way they're doing business so online you obviously have facebook, facebook groups linked in lincoln groups twitter twitter chats the most important pieces of this the groups, the groups and the chats those are the more most important pieces if you're going to climb on those networks, you're going to want to get active in a group or a chat that's where you'll make the biggest difference and that's where you have the biggest impact you want to die of deeply to engage and connect. This is not about going surface, so there's a lot more pinterest, instagram, vine, youtube, g plus forums and chat rooms hey, more is not necessarily better. We're going to get to that when we get to this segment on social media mastery, so I don't want you all to panic now I'm not suggesting you run out and joined a bunch of networks, not at all, I promise, but I have to make everyone aware of the opportunities that are out there, and in fact, if you're on more than when I'm on like six, I also trained it and taught it for a number of years ago lucidly, I have stepped back from that because it does get a little exhausting, and I would much rather be designing businesses, then teaching social media so that's kind of long and short of that, but I'd love to know what your favorite network is, so hopefully we'll get some answers in and are your ideal clients there, too? Because if you're hanging out on a network either online or offline and your favorite clients aren't there, your ideal clients aren't there you're really spinning your wheels, you're doing it just for the sake of doing it. If you're if you're loving it having fun that's great but just understand it is not a revenue generating activity it is not a lead generating activity and you don't get to counter to something you're doing for your business okay clients are ahead lots of opportunity I want to take just a minute and take a peek at how are we doing who look atyou knocked out three of only one of them is really, really really sketchy. Okay, I got very, very specific wow this talk that let's check us out red haired if it is true that most of them already because a healthy lifestyle is to earn more money and have maury's enjoys fine wine and food healthy eating relaxed lifestyle okay spiritually aware great gardening and fashion celebrity okay values education limited resource is but appreciates good design and wants to expand their visibility and broaden their base approaching retirement ok, very cute. Why did they have to have limited resources? Well, I was taking it modeling this off of people that I'm actually working with now ok, so they do what if we what if we up level them to having more resource is can we do then? Wonderful. I would like that that's what I'm trying to dio because because I I want up level your rates okay, okay, okay that work yeah, all right, you got leverage the most wanted yeah yeah except I came up with a new client because I had had like three of them circled here but I thought like real estate agents and brokers and being great you know that's funny if you could make that work more power to you I and a bunch of my colleagues have wrestled with that one because we found that real estate agents for whatever reason don't work for business from the stage in perspective villains saving you think it would be awesome now especially with your presentation skills and I think it could really rocket and I actually do have a colleague who has one of the best online courses on staging possible if you'd like I'm happy to connect your point yeah because that would tell you where to go with that but yeah, it does make a lot of sense yeah it definitely does so I'm excited to hear that I really am and I fully expect a sketch I'm waiting for that I want to see this artistic ability all right what do you got s o I did one grouping into your design is an architect together which you know my e o e way okay we'll start with interior design I just I think that the I was thinking forty to forty five female and either the bay area threw down to car caramel monterrey where I live now okay um they read the interior design trade magazines ok uh your way our video research about what was up there like european mediterranean style are perhaps some sort of combination of traditional modern thing but not a super super only contemporary probably um high end clients like they have high end clients uh they're open to near new materials are being creative with with new materials because you know for for what I do it's not one of the standards right? So we're unified the demographics on this we're gonna find this like a graphics on this uh I don't know. Okay super easy all right, first of all you're gonna look in whatever your local design publications are like we have a land homes and lifestyles atlanta you probably have something comparable to that san francisco you probably if something like that in napa you know napa lifestyles whatever you want the designers names, they're doing those projects you want to check out their web sites and you want to find out where they are online as in twitter, facebook and all those places and you want to start making meaningful connections with them do not sell them at first at all just compliment them on their work um loved such a such a after a little while of that check out their pinterest follow them on pinterest for sure yeah designers are heavily using pinterest are you losing control? I am using pins just on instagram well I'm thinking that instagram is probably not my target market. I just think it's fun? Uh, not necessarily because there should be a lot of designers up there. Oh, yeah. Okay. Okay. There's also some other, do you? A lot of finished shots of your work. Okay, you may be able to go up on house eighteen years easy, although I don't have it, as I have a lot fewer actually installed in homes. That's sort of my issue regarding going on. I actually, I go. I feel like I want to get more and, you know, finish finished presentations because it's a lot easier than just imagining a what would that look like? Potentially in my kitchen when you see it in someone's kitchen? Also aside, american side, even tear designers? S I d and they're probably two or three other local interior design associations. Now, what I'm doing with catherine, by the way, each one of you, khun d'oh in your own niche, I just happen to know this niche that well, um, I would look a real estate associations, they're meeting where they meeting. When are they meeting? Each of the major real estate companies has, I think monthly and also weekly meetings, and that could be incredibly valuable that's when you present, and you and that's where that staging program that I told you about will really help um but yeah that's where you can present and be in touch with them the key with any of this is the follow up and you want to build the follow up and we're going to get into that later module but you build a follow up before you ever drive in with us okay? You never sell it at the beginning you just go for building relationship you go from being complimentary greatest thing you can do I can tell you the number of e mails I've gotten over the years that air like here's what I can do for you and I'm thinking you know what if you had led with wow I just got off your website was blown away by such and such a room that you did or I just got off your website love that clip of you speaking at that event okay then you've got my attention I'm like wow thank you I feel really good now and now I'm open because I'm feeling good now you could hit me with something now you khun said like ten minutes of your time by phone now you could say I'd like to meet for coffee um I loved tio don't ever say pick my brain because that requires money but if you say I would love to get your insight I'd love to get your professional thoughts on how I can um, be a really great resource to a designer of your caliber. Wow. Now in feeling like, oh, this is somebody who thinks I'm really hot tea tazi, and they want my advice that makes us all feel good. I mean, if somebody came to you and said that to you about music's, wouldn't you feel pretty hot? Ok, exactly. So look at it that way, what would make you feel so good that you're you're like, oh, I'll find fifteen minutes in a schedule that has no extra time in it? Sure, okay, so you really want to be willing to step out there into that space of what can you do for them? And how can you frame this in a way that you're not just zapping their time? But they're going in? And then when you're with him, say, you know what? You've been so kind, please let me know, is there a resource I can provide you with? Is there anything you're looking for right now for current projects? Something like that whenever you can cite a project they've worked on really goes a long way, I get so many requests still coming through, and people are not saying anything about the website and like, well, you just don't even know me. You can't comment on my work. You don't know me, it's too easy these days because you could just send up, but one hundred of the exact same iam exactly, and I ignore anything that isn't completely personal. It has to be personal to me, it can't just a deer designer on it or anything like that it's got to be personal thing that you want to add there I know for you and a lot of people out there who are watching online who are trying to doom or online with your social media presence and, for instance, for instagram, we actually did a course on creative life to help sell your businesses on instagram with soon be zimmerman, so that could be saying I'd like to see and there's a lot of information out there about how to build your brand through using the social media. Yeah, yeah, there's a lot there's a lot out there, and instagram is not something I have a huge level similarity with biggest I'm one of these suckers that really likes her full laptop and you can't do a lot with instagram on the full laptop, you've got to do it on the mobile device, and I have fat fingers on a very small thing, so it's just a problem and it's just a problem all right what about your you looking to you you got a couple of these fielding yeah loss um what I realized is that when I was thinking about my favorite client ok they they sort of fall into two different age groups like I've got the thirty two, thirty five sometimes even late twenties who are really kind of at this start of their work life and in some sense of the start of creating their life and they've got all of this creativity and they've got all this sense of mission but they haven't gotten it very focused yet it's not channel yeah yeah yeah and so they're really I mean I think they're there top of the mind problem is self actualization in a sense I mean they're really wanting to find okay but what they say that um is that a word choice they would use probably not that the self actualization no but they'd probably say they're trying to find their best creative expression or their work life that really fits them okay yeah use their language when you're communicating with them okay how different are they from the older group? Well the older group has often had a successful work life but it wasn't necessarily fully creatively or spiritually aligned and so minority right and so they have kind of you know, done that piece but now they're looking for what can they do not so much focused on their work life but what can they do to really grow themselves grow more fully into themselves and into their sense of purpose okay, so they're similar but they're different stages of life where you meeting both of these um different places some sometimes I've met them when I've been teaching writing classes sometimes they've just found me online sometimes they've been referred by people I know from meet up groups is in a whole range the media groups the people you know that referred them are they made it proves you've been to meet up groups that I lead you let yeah yeah I don't know I've done a lot of workshops threw me enough and tasked okay yeah that's great. Yeah. So it's me and it's interesting actually because this older group they tend to come toe workshops mohr probably because they have more money and but they also are private clients where is the younger group tend to be more private clients. Oh, interesting. Have you ever tried to move them into group? Um, create a circle of trust or anything you could? Well, I've just kind of identified this right now so it's just helpful to think about hawaii market and workshops and retreats to who might be most likely to come to those I mean it's fascinating because one on one work as you know is the most expensive and yet it's also what people at least my client seemed to gravitate most too like there's something people really love about working one on one I think there's people and that things that the people who want the group experience I mean, I've got some colleagues who run nothing but groups I do a lot of one on one also because I like the one on one but yeah, but has this been eye opening it's helpful yeah yeah it's helpful to break it down and some of these ways sketches smiley faces all right all right, you're you're frantically writing here oh well ok I'm kind of I'm kind of trying to break down and it kind of keeps churning out the same I love this this's great that's my sad drawing um no I think that's fun for the camera I think this is this is no I love this this is great that's my mark head yeah that's the new my company because people who love my mama lee I've sold my marmalade on the street for years and people who love my marmalade they're called marm heads so that's the name of the company is marm heads um dio jam heads too no, they're just mom heads okay so I said food savvy thirty five to fifty five year old fifty five year years old in corporation or the arts world living alternative lives globally because they do go all over the world mostly in urban urban areas with sophisticated palates and an appreciation for sustainable organic local farming and recycling because there's a recycling program okay, here's where I'm gapping had a couple of gaps coming up one gap is thirty five to fifty five is a huge range, ok? The other gap that came up was when you said their corporate and the arts I'm like, wait a minute, those are two separate camps, okay? You consort both of them, but I need him to be separated because what's going to appeal to the corporate ce is different than what appeals to the arts and the same thing goes for alternative lifestyle a corporate person with an alternative lifestyle that's a little unusual tell me what alternative lifestyle means well, here in the city it's kind of you have these people who are in the like the computer world, but they live like this wild lifestyle they they're not really corporate there burning man yeah he's ok, but yeah, exactly saying direct employees are these consultants no there they work for like google or oh are things like that? They're they're let's let's not say go over let's say technology technology thing technology there we have against corporate has a different meaning than technology at your right thank you, I and I would still split up your age ranges some ok, because somebody who's at that fifty to fifty five stage of life, is it a very different life cycle than somebody? Who's at thirty five to forty? They have different priorities, different problems and different things they're looking for, and you've got to go in the door of they're looking for something, and it has to do with your product, and my experience is that they all by the same thing at the same price point. Oh, I'm not saying that s o, but they're buying it for different reasons. S o the way that I appear to them exactly, exactly that's exactly, I think core reasons. So this needs we split because I appear yes, ok, yes, ok, see, for example, this might even be somebody who has a nostalgic appeal. They're like, ah, marmalade, I remember when this person is not doing it for that reason, the thirty five year olds doing it just because marmalade school or because marmalade chunky, organic fruit or, you know for different reasons, so you're going to appeal to them very differently. They'll buy the same product, same price, but you'll appeal been differently, my morally there, like, totally non traditional, they're totally crazy, okay, so but the person he here could still be going oh, I remember you know now this is this is like an updated version of you know, mom's famous marmalade and this is so much better and it's so funky and different and cool and the person here didn't have an experience moms aren't marmalade it all just is like wow this marble and stuffs really cool I've never been heard of this before yeah say ok different histories yeah, look at the histories so it's kind of a dual marketing yes, yes, yes, because the messaging that goes to the young ones is not the same messaging that goes to the older ones. Okay, okay, what does that mean? Different marketing materials as well? Generally you need different messaging. Yeah. Ok. Yeah, ok makes sense. Any questions from online? We have a lot of people who are climbing in and out about social networking whether online or in person. Now this question comes from one of our users in the chats and melissa, do you have any suggestions for shy introverts to push through to the end of the networking of that? I find about three quarters of the way through an event I just have to get out. I've reached my limit of mingling yeah, I feel that the sales would happen more towards the end of a conference and help okay we're going to be diving this diving into this in the future module specifically to networking so I want them to hold that comment and stay on board for the rest of this because we will go specifically into that I do understand clearly how challenging that isthe I truly dio and there was a solution for it okay part of it's not making it about you and you may just be yourself and you connect with people and you focus on them when you focus on them it's very hard to get drained and want to run away that's when you start focusing on yourself the moment you start focusing on yourself you get tired and want to go within yeah there's a big piece of it there but we're going to address that later on anything else? Well, we had one question a little bit wanted to know more about the specific techniques that you've used for interior design does this we have some other interior designers out there on they were curious to know if you could share any of your examples and interior design I've niche ing a cz faras making these connections and networking um yeah you know I tried just about everything I've listed ok, I will say that you have to try a lot of different things that find what works for you I found that power corby and I were not good fits for me um I found that the best thing I could do was to actually be in places that I love to be doing things that I love to dio um and we'll get more into it when we get into points of connection which is coming up but just when you're lit up about what you do and you're an easy conversation flow with somebody about it and you're excited about them they're excited about learning about you you got some magnetism going on there you got some irresistible ity kicking in really hard and that's what the designers need to stay tuned for that points a connection is going to be super valuable that segment really valuable for them I mean valuable for everybody but that's the piece they're asking about is how did I do that and it's all in there is all I got to save it I gotta save save that one up so you know, um okay, are you feeling a bit more grounded in who your ideal client is now? Do you feel like you have the pieces that you could move forward and finesse it so that if I were to give you homework that said you need to come back with the most wanted poster tomorrow can you can do an outline of more specific points for that you've got him all actually right inside of here because everything we covered is in here so you got that the list to inspire you buy you got the short cut then you've got to know their three financial priorities so you need to know about their health the education of their kids elder care home travel retirement savings business growth of promotion all these pieces in here if you walk through this you're going to find for example this offline list maybe your clients aren't into sporting events or the gym but if they are there it's part of the lifestyle, isn't it ok the charity events do they attend charity events? Maybe your folks do you were down I don't know so it says on page thirteen I'm not fourteen now, okay, but the ends on yeah yeah begins around ten oh yeah any of these any time you know I went down a list or images that portrayed all of these things like these offline lists that we had not everybody's going to go to a meet up group but people who are social who want to get out and network and a social fashion will go to meet up groups but yeah, their lifestyle are also pieces. You know, quite honestly if you have a couple of trust of clients that you've worked with for for a while or maybe somebody who's bought from you way back when you could give him a call if you're comfortable doing it say hey, you know what I got this crazy assignment that I've got to do it I need your help would you mind telling me a little bit about your less? I'm gonna walk you through five or six questions and I just really be helpful so long as you don't ask what their income is there that's their house this work you gotta zillow for that go to zillo for that one but really and truly if you're brave enough to do that and it doesn't take a lot of bravery to do it it just takes friendliness people go oh my god I should be happy to show that with you that would mean a lot to may and they'll tell you more than you ever asked for and then you'll have your profile and going wow bazinga does that help? That helps a lot okay yeah that makes it much much easier okay so what I want to get from you now is a pack your bag moment I want to know what take away you had another were couple in here I'm betting there had to be some online because you will make more money when you work with fewer clients who are better fits and you will work less and smarter not harder and that's super important because no matter what you do, you do not want to work harder I worked hard for the first five years of my business was a lot easier after that and the really gorgeous part about that is after that place at about that it's about that ten year mark kicked in and I was working with really perfect fits I was able to effectively take their regular investments I don't think I ever just doubled I think I usually tripled quadruple in quinn toppled investments and usually forty five to ninety days I didn't do it with any pushback I never pitched them I never sold them I simply educated them into the best decision for them because I knew them so well I knew where the hot buttons were and I knew what I could push on that would be the money choice so if you wanted in more literal terms I had one couple came to me and this was right in the middle of the crash like two two thousand well, it wasn't just barely prick out the two thousand seven he came to me this that we've got fifteen thousand dollars will you work with us? And I'm like I'll look at what you want to dio because I don't normally work with investments of that small and I went out to their home and I walked through everything and I said, you know, during the course of this walk through the scope of your project has grown appreciably and I said this is a fairly bold statement on my part but have you thought about getting a home equity line and she looked at me? She goes, oh, we've got money is the greatest statement I've ever had a client said I was like, oh stood ok now I say that not because I was going to obliterate any a framework, but I basically said to her I can't do what we've discussed for the amount we discussed it for it's going to be considerably more than that and at the end of forty five days we were one hundred fifty k, so I've done this time and again with clients and I don't get pushed back because of how I do this and this is what you learn going forward is how to do this there's no selling in this cell is a four letter word I don't use it I don't like that word it's uncomfortable instead it's about educating but it's about knowing them so well, seeing the light in her eyes as I was talking about certain things and knowing that he was on board because if she's happy he's happy and I also knew she was the primary breadwinner, so I knew who was ultimately writing the checks even if it was his signature that stuff's really important, you've got to find that out as early as possible you've got to understand who the real decision maker is, especially when you're dealing with couples and it's some of the trickiest stuff you'll ever dio I used to have couple split things with me I would do all the decorative stuff with her and any sort of constructive you know, renovation remodeling stuff with him it never made a lot of sense to me I have some couples split the house down the middle and she got these rooms and he got these rooms that's like really now fortunately in business coaching it doesn't come down to that although I have talked to a husband or two that was back in the business when they get uncomfortable because they're back into business and their wife has already invested a bunch of money and other coaching that didn't take then it gets tricky but there are definitely easy ways to do this but if you're having pack your bag moments of maybe online's having him I want to know about him we got anybody in there yeah we had one that just came in a pack your bag moment is when the client's life cycle and sorting them by five years it really makes sense to me was my customers awesome awesome yes it does that life cycle is a key piece it truly is it's a very, very key piece. All right, any other comments from the peanut gallery uh let's see thank you melissa for the people I'd be about bookkeeping fantastic on their lunch break things went called the bookkeeper rapid action taken by excellent excellent excellent. Okay, so the key to this is that you realize this is going to reduce your work load and increase the joy in your business at the end of the day it is work to get there these don't just spring forth out of nowhere it is work to get there so you are gonna have to work on defining and refining and if you go down one path and find you know I don't think this is who I really want to work with change it that's ok just please don't expand it see wind up with twenty three that's not going to serve you at all it truly isn't and catherine in your case and inter designers one market an architect is another market builders another market and that would probably where the harder markets oh yeah um but not impossible by any means and then you still got obviously the high end clients but that has to be really refined no more than a ten year age range on that one, right? Right? Yeah, I mean for me I'm thinking e think it makes more sense to start more with the interior designers and architects because at least know how to find them and they have association being a a is the architect american into a american is sort of our picture thanks just aren't you need a little help there s o, if I was those acronyms going to write me up, associations are incredibly valuable because what it is is it's an entire group of your ideal client, all in one place, and one of the best things is to go and ask, when do you have your regular meetings? And can I get on your speaker circuit? Yes, because, you know, as soon as europe, in front of the room, you're the expert, you really are, and then you get fired and, you know, what's even easier is a tale. What I will do, I'll do for everybody who's in the facebook group, and some people have to remind me to do this. What I will do is I will provide you with a copy of one of my one sheets as a template. As a speaker, so has the headline it has the bullet points format, it has a little bit of a bio and that's what you need to have at the ready already done with you're gonna have three topics, not fifty three. You people with your fifty threes, ok, you're allowed three topics, so three really juicy you could make one a pain point, and one I have one that's really popular that's three massive mistakes women business owners make that cost them cash clients and I can remember the third thing that costume, but there's three things that cost him I don't like that title because it feels icky to me, but I get a lot of demand for it. People will run from pain faster than they will run to pleasure. It's sucks, but it's true, I hope I was able to say that nobody told me I couldn't say that word, okay, so that will make a really big difference, but associations are awesome places, and you're absolutely right if if you'll jump in the facebook group, remind me that I made that promise and I'll shoot that out and everybody will be able to see it and it's, just a one sheet, but you haven't at the ready done in your file so that when you get a request boom out, it goes, has your current picture on it. So you show up looking like your image, which, by the way, you d'oh um, really, really important, you know, wanted there to be a disconnect when you show up, but that will make an enormous difference having that at the ready and ready to go. Yeah, very thank you for that suggestion that was excellent appreciate that, all right, that when I was a packing bag moment, I'm talking about the o

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