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Here we go with portfolio of talents and gifts ts and the way this is going to look is I want each of you to be brain storming in the workbook we're on page eight don't miss the cartoons by the way in the workbook they are priceless I took a lot of time finding these cartoons and getting very special permission from the cartoonist to include them because I think he rocks I truly dio um for those of you who can't see the cartoon it's a man sitting at a hiring office with a draft in front of him and he's saying, listen, I'm sorry you feel typecast but honestly giraffe is your forte because what else could a draft you but be a draft now the reality here is that you each have multiple forte's you have multiple potentialities and we want to uncover them in this all right? So we're now on page nine and we're gonna be diving in to what are your talents and gifts now? I discovered some of mine rather accidentally and often are brilliance is in our blind spot because I have the ability to like ...

write books in the space of a week it's pretty unusual I thought this was normal I did not realize one was not supposed to be able to do this I've done this more than once I find that I think a lot about it for three to six months or in the case of one book I'd lived through it for ten or fifteen years and then all of a sudden there was a catalytic experience in boom came out on paper and it was easy to right now the weird part about it is once I wrote it and I went back and read it, I was like I wrote this I have no recollection of writing it it was really that zone space where you're not really of this earth it's like when people say I channeled it, it was like that channeling experience thing so that's one of my gifts and abilities and so I know writing has to be a key piece for me going forward it may not be the writing I'm doing now um I actually do two forms of writing right now one is my marketing blawg and that's prospered by design and the other piece of that interestingly something that I actually get a lot more juice out of which is five days a week I do something called move it forward moments and they are a little story either about me about a client, about a friend and there's three action steps and then there's an affirmation and it's a completely separate subscriber list separate community you have to opt in for I'll actually get the opt in link for that I think it's melissa galt dot com forward slash move it forward and that's all hyphenated so move hyphen it hyphen forward should be the opt in for that one if you're interested you can unsubscribe it any time I won't take it personally I don't even check my aunt's describes that's a decision you make but I the people that have been in that community I get notes from them weekly about the differences made they're like wow what you said just really hit the right time and it's not that I'm timing this is just that what I'm saying makes so much sense and I'm sharing them in story format so they're quick they're short reid's they're usually probably no more than three minute reads but if you do the action steps it's about fifteen minutes out of your morning but I really encourage you to do the action steps every single day and I'm a big believer index cards so it's kind of like an index card method for personal development because if I ask you to journal write anything really long you'll tune out you won't do it so my that's my favorite format of writing um and the same thing with my ability to redesign a room I can walk into any given room and within five minutes flat it's completely redesigned in my head I could go through everything now those air my abilities may or may not relate to your abilities at all and the key is to really unlock not just your imagination but your memory banks on this one from when you were way high what did you like to do and it could be phishing you like to go fishing um it could be playing in the dirt it could be writing it could be you wanted to be the center of attention you like to play dress up you like fashion okay what are those things that you are doing now but more importantly maybe haven't done in a really long time in misdoing that you want to get back to so this is uncovering the brilliance in your blind spot and it's about finding your difference makers these air the pieces of you that will set you apart because their innate and inherent to you interestingly thank you interestingly it's it's probably a lot like my god matter having that latent ability with training to become the world's most famous costume designer essentially I mean but she didn't know that growing up she just knew she liked being creative so that was her path there's going to be things here that you really good at you're really not good at I can't paint my way or draw my way out of a paper bag we've established that I have no ability to do that I took rendering when I was in design school and I bombed it I bombed it I drafted brilliantly but rendering with watercolors I couldn't control it a bit of a control person and so it didn't work well for may, so I stand in awe of anyone who can paint anyone who could draw and I love to connect those people to collectors that's my gift on that front so maybe you're a painter you may be a photographer um again not a gift I have interestingly until we hit the digital age I used to cut people's heads off no idea how I did that I was fairly consistent at it I'm very consistent in my strengths and my weaknesses and now even still until I got my recent phone, which is not an iphone, not a mac user so sue me, but um until I get my recent phone most my pictures were blurry. I couldn't hear what the problem was pretty sad, but you may be a photographer a couple of you I know here in the audience are photographers love to take photos on a regular basis and digital's made it easier there's no doubt about that you may be a coach now I don't mean a coach necessarily in the sports sense, but I have been coaching people probably from the time I was in college unwittingly so I also am very consul tayyib in my coaching approach because I am not one of these it's going to hold your hand and ask you leading questions and let you sort it out I'm instead going to plant a very gentle foot behind you, push you forward with it and give you answers when I have them, and resource is that I know work, I don't want you to struggle needlessly, it doesn't make any sense to me, so I'm a bit of a hybrid between a coach and a consultant, but you may not be a hybrid. You may be strictly a code. She maybe l strictly a consultant, you may be a graphic artist or graphic designer that's a whole separate set of skills. I have no ability graphically, I hire that out, I've gotten very smart, and knowing my limitations are and delegating them. I highly recommend that, by the way, is the way to go when you can know what your strengths are. I understand your weaknesses don't cater to your weaknesses don't try to make them better, but instead, just delegate them makes a lot more sense. All right, I find that cooking and being a chef is incredibly creative. I do like to cook, I just don't love to cook for less than twenty, because I do like to have the freedom of a picture, a rough idea of the ingredients, and then winning it wonderfulness, my mom used to follow recipes, but the kitchen would be destroyed at the end of any culinary episode the funniest is when she'd bake her like once a year apple pie. My mother was covered in flour from head to toe. I don't know what she did, but it was quite hilarious and she was a little bitty thing, she's only five, three and three quarters and she never let you forget the three quarters, but she'd have flower in her hair and on her nose. You're just like what you're doing, but her crust. I've never been able to duplicate it it's just mind doesn't come anywhere close. So when you have fun doing this, it's your zone of brilliance, you really want to have fun doing these things. If they're not fun, don't do him. You may be an interior designer, you may have decorating tendencies qualities you may love to do home design, but not all pieces of it. Find out the pieces that you love the most to start writing down what's coming up for you as I'm asking these questions, you could write it down on a piece of paper. Better yet, you can write it down in the workbook. When you get it, print out the segment that we're on and start recording your results were building on things, this is a buildable process, okay, you may also be that craftsman or builder. That is a very specific talent and skill set that you love to create things with your hands and in this case it's building a guitar which I thought was an incredibly cool image for this I love that um that's a gift to have and that's actually something I would love to sort of take up I don't know if I'd be any good at it I'd probably wind up wounding myself in the process with all those nifty tools on and I'm sure that my guitar would not look like a guitar and I was like a flute because that'd be a lot simpler but that's just may um an architect different skill set than a designer intends to work more from the outside in where's, designers work from the inside out and often they don't work well together, which is a bit of a challenge but different skill set if you have I don't have engineering ability that's one big hole in my skill set so I could never been architect and interestingly great grandfather while he was a gifted architect often had to tell his engineers how to construct his buildings because he was so far ahead of his time, so as an architect, you definitely have to have that engineering background you maybe a potter, somebody who loves to work with clay and ceramics even porcelains um to create your art as a creative I would be hopeless at this because it requires a lot of balance and I know that my pot would be a leaning tower of pisa it would be pretty and you may also be into filmmaking um video today so many people are taking what they love to do and they're leaping to youtube and that's just a really cool way to do it I have actually an idea for my own video siri's that I wanted to every time I walk into bed bath beyond and I see the stuff that no one needs to buy the stuff is on late night tv but you didn't even know you needed your like the lesson I was in there they had a camera zoll hangar like a chemical hook that you helping your cameras als on this specific cook and I thought my camisoles are in my closet why do they need to be on a special hook I didn't know I needed this is just the most amazing array of stuff that we didn't even know we needed it stuns may and I want to ask about this because people keep saying they have any money and I'm like yeah because you're buying stuff you don't even need it's crackers so you may be a writer I love too right now here's the key in my opinion this is a dangerous opinion to voice you are not technically a writer if you are not willing to publish in this day and age, you have got to be willing to deliver the work, not just create it. It would be like saying you're a painter, but nobody's ever seen your work before or saying you're a photographer, but you're not willing to share your photos online, no hiding allowed, we want to bring your talents and gifts to the surface, and we want to get them out there in the world where they belong and can make the big difference and have the big impact that you wanna have. That's what this is about, so write down if if I've said anything, any of these specialties and others that I haven't even mentioned yet, um, obviously big one for me would be fashion designer and seamstress. I wanted to pursue this path, uh, when I first I was planning to go to school, and I got into one of the best schools in the country for it, but I didn't have the guts to pursue it because I thought that the only reason they'd let me in was because of the letter of recommendation for my godmother, and that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted to make it on my own, and so I said no to that, and I took the path that my mother set forth for me, which was a great path. Wasn't the one that I intended to be on took me through cornell degree and hotel restaurant management, and I was really good in the field for five years, and then I was miserable and I had to pursue my own creative path. I had to return to a creative endeavor, and I chose interior design, so and then I chose designing people's businesses, so that kind of goes around full circle. But if you loved to design closing one of my favorite movies with sixteen candles, molly ringwald cutting up the dresses and putting together her very own creation, if you've never seen that movie it's a wonderful, inspirational tom about what you can do with two completely different styles to come up with your very own signature style and I think that you want to pursue these dreams and say, ah, well and I did that when I was sixteen and you know, I don't have time to do that anymore forget it, no let's bring those talents forward. We can make them work for you today, it's part of your portfolio that really makes a difference. Scrapbooking I think scrapbooking is an art form I truly dio I see the materials there in the marketplace for this, and it blows my mind and to think that it's only been around I want to say in the last decade before that scrap argument, photo albums that didn't mean anywhere near the complexities that it does today, so that alone is its own art form, and I would be remiss if I didn't say care giving caregiving is an art form. There are people who are uniquely gifted to be caregivers. I'm not one of them. I know my limitations. I met a guy in portland when I went in to buy some chocolate, so one of my favorite chocolate stores and he said that his other job was being a caregiver. He said that that's what? He was just in his own of brilliance, and and it was something he knew about it, and the chocolate was just something he did on the side. Now that that was kind of a beautiful way of expressing it. My younger sister is a very gifted caregiver. Um, so you've got to know where your talents lie. Are they in a physical sense, like caregiving? Is it in an artistic sense, as in painting or photography is, in a written sense, what sense are your talent showing up? You want to be writing those down? Because we want to be looking more closely at that? Are you musician? Do you love to play music? A lot of people have musical talent, I blue that because when I was growing up I had piano lessons and I hated practicing so I was very noisy and defiant about it and my mother said ok that's it you don't have to do this anymore next time you want to take lessons there on you I have regretted it ever since thanks mom there's very smart what I would like to play the saxophone but I haven't attempted lessons in that yet because I think I would probably scare people it's a tough instrument if you don't know how to play it so what's in your portfolio of gifts and talents and I want to ask each one of you here judy, cheer with us you know three or four of your gifts and talents I'm very good at motivating people like I do I do coach my clients I'm a singer and actress wow and uh I'm I'm good at getting people to move forward um I can think of one client in particular that that I've done that with that she kept talking about doing something and doing something said ok, you get one more time to talk about it and then take action well, that was about ten years ago and then it took her business about fifty percent bigger when she did it awesome yeah so I'm good I'm good at that I'm gonna tio what needs to get faced and fixing it ok, that's. Very cool. Anything from your childhood? Come up. Um, well, I've done that since I was a kid. I redid the carnival at my elementary school and it was more popular that raised more money. And I put on a fundraiser for myself it within two weeks. And we raised angry raise eight thousand dollars. Wow. Just getting people people donated. People showed up. I had singing, you know, we had great food, so good at getting people, you know, treat other energy, creating community. Yeah, yeah. That's awesome. Right about you, um were not interior designer came up and it's funny because everybody was always walked into my house is go, how how do you make it look like this? And I just recently moved into a building in sausalito and they're selling the building, so they've been showing it. And the the real estate person came in and said, you've lived here three weeks. How the heck did you and she said, you know what you need to do because of you. I don't know what you do for a living, but you should stage houses because you have an amazing gift to make. You've just made this place so incredible in all the pictures they took. For the ads listing is my place are you getting paid for anything? Oh right change that I know but that's what she said you know it was interesting so I said you're not the first to say that and I said, why don't I listen to these things? Do you like doing it? I love doing it I so I totally get lost in it what woodstock you from pursuing that I thought you had to I have a degree and no absolutely not you do not need a degree you do not need a certification the most important thing is the passion, the purpose and the plan without question um and that's a big miss no more on a lot of things I mean if my guy mother had waited for her to get an art degree holy smokes well, not so much a degree I guess I just thought you because you know I'll watch some of those h g tv shows and things like that no go because they come in to go I'm going to take that well done and I think yeah, I could do that but sometimes I go god, I never would've thought of doing that, you know? So I just think they come with all this background and all this stuff and actually most of the folks on hdtv and this is little bit dangerous you say most of them are designers most of them are actors or actresses greater trained in design once they get the show interest yeah, it is very interesting how that works so there is a level of that needs to be in eight and it sounds like you definitely got that inmate nous because I have the same of same thing happened with me where when I move in it looks like I've been there for five years within two weeks and people are keeping her for how long? It's just really funny, but that that is a gift in and of itself and even extending tio clients that move and you facilitate their move and set up their new home that's an enormous gift I've done that for three or four my clients and they loved it. I think not only that is it's the selling aspect of it that every time I've sold a house that the real estate is going you know you're going to have to have somebody come in now they stop and go it's already done you do have who did this? I know this is how I live then they go are you kidding me? Yeah, and so I mean, it's it's just been repeated over and over again and it just drives me nuts that they don't listen which that's a big one, ok, what else graphic design is something I've always been able to do. I mean, I can look at a slider, I can look at something and say, but I would have done this, or I would have done that, and then people look at my presentations and things like that go, how they act do that because I could just see it. I mean, I can just see it's sort of like when I walk into a house, I could just see it before I would, even so you can translate that vision into presentations, things like easily, you're not going to do that, but I mean, I always thought they were gonna get we're going to have you on a new career path in the next forty eight hours way that would be a good thing. Um, coaching, I've always done that, you know, I'm great, you know, helping people figure things out, giving some advice I never listen to it myself. I don't, you know, it's really sad because I think people go that's the best advice I've ever, you know, heard or gotten, and I thought, yes, I would only follow that no way following their job, you know? And then I go like them, and facilitation is something I've always done, aiken what's what I do with the business now you know is that I'll be a you know, in front as much as I don't like to do that but I will on people you know, just say this was an amazing class and this is your in amazing teacher but it's the part of me that I just when I'm up there I should say this in front of tv and all this stuff but also tell my truth I'll speak my truth is that when I'm up there doing it is much scraped feedback that I get I'm in my head I'm thinking and saying to myself, I hate this so much I hate doing oh wow, I wish I wasn't here right now and people go oh, you're so passionate, so enthusiastic and I got a great actor that's really my doctor we're going to be able to leverage the things that you love and get rid of the pieces that you know ok, thank you so much for sharing that was really great appreciate you being open katherine okay, so one starting from childhood is drawing iook drawn for my whole life and that sort of the basis of after you do you draw your mosaics out? Yeah, generally I mean, if somebody wants a specific pattern that they already have in mind I won't necessarily hand drudge, but usually I'll do drawing for stuart scott's first and so music's um, painting is something that since I started doing music's about eight or ten years ago kind of stopped trying with painting I had never really found gina city can't you know, I I didn't think I must say that then last week I I realized that I had a wall in my house that didn't have anything on me I said, well why don't you just paint something you know I have I had an empty friends like what did I just paint something this size whatever and I sat down and it was like that I mean it's not like museum quality but it's you know, looks good it's colors I like butt out that was getting a lot of fun so that's something I'm rediscovering yeah great and then for something that's in a little bit of a different area I love cooking good again and, um well I also wrote down problem solving which I think I actually use and in mosaics or you know a way off just oh yeah like I used it also you know, my day job as well but but for sure and the craft is like so important, you know, so ok, so those are their mind then yeah, ok cool thank you very millage roof about you um I'm a writer I put things into words very easily I also am a teacher and a facilitator, workshop leader on I go into what you were talking about, that kind of channeling space. That's, what I really love about being in front of a group is that, you know, the time passes sort of effortlessly and all this great stuff comes out and, you know, I don't know where it comes from, where actually I do know where it comes from, but it doesn't come from me. Um, and I'm a coach and a mentor, and I, um, a lot of times when people are talking, I can here the possibilities inherent for them in what they're saying, and I can, you know, a lot like what you're doing, air I can say, well, you could do this, you could do this, you could do this, you could do this, but a lot of times there's a gap between what I can see as possible for them and what they can see as possible for themselves. So I'm also a a healer, you sort of transformational healer. I do chamonix work, which is really just about helping people connect to their own larger wisdom and helping them remove some of the blocks from the limiting beliefs, I do a practice called soul retrieval, which is about kind of going back to the parts of ourselves that we lost due to trauma earlier in our lives and reconnecting with them so that you know, like it's amazing to hear you rich like it it is so palpable all the things that you can dio and yet the way that you stop yourself you know? So if we were in a different setting I would say well, you know I let you guys you gonna break I have to hold myself back and make sure that that I only try to do that with the people that have come to me for that kind of assistance actually because otherwise there's there's no point in it oh, thank you appreciate that. Yeah, all right, we're shell. How about you, boy? Um just three or four I think he probably twenty three I'm silver both I need to be checked in all the time. I think my my biggest passion in life is food. Okay? That's where the happiest is in the kitchen on I started when I was really young so that's where my joy is okay um I have a really big talent putting people together um with their with their talents I really gifted that way. Okay um I'm also I have a gift and making a really cozy home people walk into my home and are always like this is so cozy it feels so much like home I'm feel so wonderful hair and it's not by any means a designer home it's not put together like house and garden's just invited feels comfortable and homey and people are instantly at ease there and it's always been that way um and I've been blessed with a gift of love wonderful wonderful hoping we've all got that one yeah open we've all got that one ok chris that we get anybody sharing online we have some talented people who are watching right now and there are lots of talents let's go through a couple of these kathleen alise says he's a teacher, writer, diplomat, psychologist mediator, naturalist coach, stylist, clothing designer and interior designer wow comedy gumball machine is a writer comedian, artist crafter musician caregiver and organizer shelly works with logo's wordpress cooking up cycling visual art tim is teaching graphic art design music a lot of overlap here we also have red scorpion was a teacher, a coach, a counselor, a creator and a cheerleader here's an interesting comment from carol who says I love driving and I spent the last ten years is a truck driver which is probably the least creative job one can have maybe that's why I was so unhappy oh that's fascinating I don't know that I actually consider truck driving lacking creativity I have a very broad definition of creativity and for me the fact that she could be in a truck beyond the right route, which I know we all have gps, is these days. Even with gps is I've been known to get lost a time or two, and you deliver the goods and things like that there's. A level of creativity that that requires and seems like, but probably not as much as she's looking for. Yeah, so that's need great to great to her. All the creative thanks, everyone.

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