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Prove Your Brilliance - Part 2

Tell us seminars I loved tele seminars because there's no visual component because I don't have to worry about powerpoint slides ok don't misunderstand me I love power point but it is a ton of work and this means that I can just walk through for my high visuals and today I don't do it nearly as many tell a seminar says I used to do because everybody needs the visual stimulation or I'll lose him an email I lose them to facebook I'll lose him to twitter so but tell us seven are still work they still work really well I just took a training on tele seminars it was a six week what he used was not power point he just has some downloadable documents that he used as his outline and that's what we went through every week and he's pulling in multiple six figures a year teaching this to consultants and coach is pretty impressive stuff, so don't get hung up aw no I can't do a tele seminar won't work yes, it will I have to use power point no you don't there's no half dues anymore. You can choose th...

e method and format that works for your skill level until you have time to master a new skill set okay, so on outfront webinars extremely popular and what you mostly see our words on a screen and you hear the voice reading him I think this is kind of odd I don't tune into those but apparently that's enough to keep people engaged I like to have really zippy images and the words are coming out of my mouth so my power points can't stand without me because of my power points can stand without me you don't need me what do you need me for? So to me that's just the way I designed it but webinars today are often somebody reading slides and it's so funny because as a speaker that's death by power point but in webinars it works the big guy's air doing this the ryan dices of the world of doing this and they're making a lot of money doing it so if you're going to do a webinar keep your slides really simple and if you've got a lot of content short bits of content that you literally read off the slide in big print I know it sounds strange but it's working it truly is uh e books I love this image I thought this was just the coolest image imaginable I really did they are really just a way to compile several blogged posts a k exactly what you're doing together into a single theme now if you're really smart like judy you are going to have an editorial calendar that you work from and you'll have themes laid out in advance okay? I started teaching this after I hadn't done it okay, now I do it, but I have a lot of posts that I didn't have a theme on. They were just what came to me that week, there were what came up in my tribe that week that's great, everybody loves them, but it makes it really hard to put a book together because the book has to have a theme okay can't be just random stuff you throw together so well, it could be, but it's probably going to a very good book, so I really want to encourage you to think in terms of editorial calendar and theme as you're creating your baseline content because your e book is just a repurposed sing of what you've already created don't make this hard, it doesn't have to be hard, and the beautiful part is the people that loved your posts, they're going to love your e book because it's a new format of the same material but it's all in one chunk so they don't have to look through your blogged to find those articles because they're not necessarily all sequential or they might be. That really is a great way to reform at your blogger your articles, so if you have in a book that you've written, share the link with us. Share the link with us in the facebook or share it in the chat group we have any questions so far over there? Well, we have a comment that came in from indigo and I'd like to get your take on it, they say when I see articles with no date, I don't take it as seriously because I assume it's outdated info and I could be that could be applied to podcast or youtube videos as well. How do you justify taking fresh you know what indio? That is the first time I've ever heard that comment before that truly is you are the first person who's raised that issue I don't know how prevalent that thinking is I don't think that way I actually look for post with how to date because that's somebody who's doing the same thing I'm doing and it means that their content is evergreen some cool with that that doesn't bother me in the least I don't assume that it's gone out of date a doll now that's me, we may be coming from different perspectives different history may we may be different generations to that could have something to do with it, so I appreciate the content that's not how I see it uh that's going to come about in your headline you're titling and your headline is what will keep it fresh so if you have some old burbage and you want to refresh that post I would go ahead and refresh the title on it which is super easy to do inside your blawg because our titles will fall out of date faster than anything else I spend mohr time creating my title then I do creating the post because the title is everything as is my subject line in my email that has that post in it which could be completely different than the subject line or than the headline that's on the post they're not necessarily the same thing because if they don't open it doesn't matter how great it wass if I don't have a title that grabs a headline that grabs doesn't matter how great the content inside is and titles will fall out of date and out of fashion but the content itself will remain fresh so you do want to be aware of that does that help? Yeah that's good in this that just sparks a great discussion in the chat room gm corey says I was looking for info this past weekend I skipped everything two thousand thirteen and prior yeah as well as anything that didn't have a date so I know sometimes when you're searching you search for the results only things that happened in the past month year it depends on the content I suppose yeah, it does depend on the content and there are occasionally things that I blogged about that are time sensitive but it's pretty rare because the things that I know have come from the last twenty years of being in business and main street marketing the things I learned back twenty years ago still work people you know aren't thinking about them they're thinking oh I have to go new school I have to do all the social media yeah you can and we're discussing that now and we discussed it yesterday but remember what I said we had that whole segment on old school networking practices ten way still works works really well in fact so yeah um special report is just another format you're basically an article post on steroids you're taking a short article on you're fleshing it out into anywhere from five to ten to twenty pages you're going deep ok one my favorite formats checklists obviously I am a checklist maven love these things I will download anyone's checklist on any topic because checklist make it easy they're short their little bites there just the nuggets that I need it's not all the detail it's the bird's eye view that gives you exactly what you need to move into rapid action and that's why I love checklists their rapid action documents and they're also putting you in that place of you're in control follow this checklist you've got it covered and I love that feeling okay so fast ways to consume content way better than making your opt in your e book way better than making your often your e book e books are too long for an opt in you want to check list something short and consumable so I want to hear from our online folks and I want to hear from each one of you here what is a top ten checklist that you could create to tempt your prospects already did that you did and I did it it's ten tips of things you could do in ten minutes or less to do marketing awesome yeah it's downloadable my website brilliant. Brilliant. Is that the exact title? Um I think that is the title of it is ten minutes it's ten minute martine tips cool. I like that I love the fact that you used a time limit er in their ten minute only take you ten minutes to do this that's great that's great lisa um I haven't been doing much marketing as you know I've been spending my wheels, but every day I'm getting twenty or thirty more people adding to my mail list and I'm not doing anything that the guest so I actually wrote a lady just a couple weeks ago said why? I mean, how did you found me? And she says, oh, I went to this genealogy meeting they handed out your your checklist to top top golden runs for genealogy which I wrote years ago yeah, it didn't fall out of date did in the first one is spelling doesn't count and I miss bill spelling I miss bill I misspelled count to get the product that it's what you hear now what you and it goes from there like you can't do it all online day sir approximate whatever and it's one page with the graphic for each number and it's up to twelve now and it just blows me away that this has got so much life to it so you know on your website is an opt in yet not us an updated that in fact you can dig for it uh okay we're going to fix legal within the next week today because you got I mean you got people there they're using it and you're picking him up every single day that's like that's like no brainer this is like hitting you over the head going here's your office here's your what takes me a while wow ok anybody in the chat room sharing with their often is their top ten checklist yeah, we got one from j m and they say that they have a top ten trending do it yourself crafts list awesome that sounds really really juicy too I love the way that sounds and I'm betting they're getting a lot of people opting in for that absolutely yeah makes a really, really big difference to come up with your top ten um tweet your top ten if you're on twitter right now your top ten checklists and then write it if you tweet it will get to hold you accountable in fact did the same thing in that chat room and we'll look forward to seeing your list a little bit later they're fast to compile they really are andi if you're not sure how to start, just start writing down things that your clients and customers are always asking you that's where your top ten's come from easiest place to do it keep him sure they could be top ten top twelve top fifteen top twenty five sometimes I get colleagues who wanted to top one hundred one top one hundred ten and that can get a little heavy um the top ten is an easy one white paper it's a lot like a special report it's used most often in corporate arenas ah and there's formatting particularly that same thing on special reports uh I have not ever written a white paper michael stills never who created um what is it? Social media oh, I'm gapping on the name of a right this second is enormous following he started out training consultants, coaches and business owners and writing white papers that's how he launched social media examiner and then he created social media examiner which is a phenomenal site for up to did they current social media information, but he created that it took off and that's all he does now is social media examiner. And he started out writing white papers, started teaching. You had a right white papers. So kind of interesting how that happened. Zain shii, I'm sorry. It's an amazingly soars. Yeah, it is an amazing resource. Really is slide share genuinely popular format for sharing its power point. Okay, the thing of it is you want to keep them short best if your slide shares are no more than five to fifteen slides and can stand without you. So you do need some text in there, you've got to be careful. You can't make them super text heavy or people won't be able to get through him. Um and they need to be image rich and they work really well when he shared them on lincoln. Really, really well, when you share them on lincoln rated slides on slight here. Yes, you can do that. You definitely can do that. I haven't done that yet, but I'm moving towards those pieces because I now have so much power point on file that it just makes sense to do that and to put them up and again, you want to keep track of the date, you put it up. And refresh occasionally because things will fall out of date and on linked in profiles, particularly people forget and they have all this dated information up there, and it doesn't look good. Yeah, so but it's a it's a good medium to to use twitter is a way to share your thought leadership it truly is. I'm short, succinct bites include links pictures worth a thousand words. I'm a huge fan of twitter, especially if you are a writer or a speaker because it hones your sound bites, it forces you to be succinct and to edit yourself effectively, and when I say edit yourself, I don't mean eliminate all of the vowels, ok, that is not editing that is called abbreviations hey, which a lot of people like to dio that's not what I'm talking about. And remember we said earlier, stick to one hundred twenty characters, not one hundred forty so people can retweet you and share your thought leadership that makes a big difference. Updating your status update on facebook is sharing your thought leadership so every time you share I want you to think is this worthy of my brilliance? Is this worthy of my brilliance? Because if it isn't, why are you sharing it? Really, ask yourself that question first, and it is not worry, and your brilliance could be fun. I don't want you to be stodgy. I don't want to be all professional buttoned up all the time, but I want you to think about what you're sharing a lot of us, particularly his extroverts of my extroverted side does this it makes me open my mouth without thinking sometimes and that's. What happens with the status updates? You are opening your fingertips without having your brain engaged and gives your brain first before you hit send or post okay really does matter. Pinterest pinning of images no better place than a picture's worth a thousand words. You can pin images, you can pin block posts, you can pin videos, pinterest is an incredible place when you use visuals. Now marketing is a visual field, but the thing is, I actually make sure that all of my block post have two images, and I make sure those images are sized for pinterest because occasionally the pinterest button won't pop up on one of my images and I'll go back to my web master will say, hey, what's going on with this and he'll say it's, not big enough, pinterest has size restrictions also can va has those and can do images for pinterest as well, and viral tag is the tool I showed you in a previous segment that is the short cut to pinterest in terms of being able to schedule out your pins, so definitely option, you know, I love pinterest, but I have learned that it's very hard for me to schedule pinterest because of the rabbit hole factor, I have to kind of allow, like, a two hour block from interest and that's kind of a lot, um, but you also want to comment to create engagement on pinterest, and you want to ensure that you are changing the text of the items that you're pinning, so it includes your key words so you can be searched and found if you are not doing that, you're not getting any traffic, you're not getting any search juice out of it, and anybody on pinterest can't find you and the images you got because you're not keyword reaching them. Ok, a lot of people don't know about that you do now, so no excuses, okay? It really will make a difference. There's key words you need to apply you know what your key words are? I could help you with those if I was sitting down with you wonder one I can help you with them if you're in the facebook group happy to do so, um but without having that benefit, I can't help you with him, but you've got a keyword rich your pins if you want to get found by clients as well as by gate openers and gatekeepers to your market really important and being a lincoln influence or know what this is about is you have to apply toe linked in for this so that you can publish your blawg through the lincoln platform. This isn't about sharing your blawg link in an update anybody can do that. This is about being an approved publisher on linked in, and you get a lot more eyeballs and a lot more juice and the magic is in your headline again. You want to include a really big image, a big clear image at the front end of every post to attract people into it, and the actual platform is a little sticky. When I've posted in the past. What I've had to do is I have tio click the publish button and then go back and add the image in if I try to publish with the image, it will not pull the image in and I have to go back and later on at the image it's it's, tricky it's, glitchy but you get a lot more eyeballs if you can create this in a routine, it makes a lot of sense for that, so are you using it um I'm starting to use it because I don't know yeah yeah I'm just I'm just starting to really ramp that up starting continue and you also want to publish and be aware of the times of day that you're gonna publish yes what are the requirements to become an approved publisher arlington gino almost none you're breathing you're a business owner you could apply go for it it'll take like two two days for them to say yes it's very funny at this start it was going to take like two months or something now it takes like two days and they approve everybody if you don't get approved I want to know because I know that the friends would meet up problem there's some things ever requirements something like that yeah ok thumb drive thumb drive your expertise just put a boat load of your expertise and a thumb drive and you can also put a dollar amount on that because people value thumb drives it's kind of crazy but it's true because there's a pile of information it could be on a thumb drive, right traditional books people still read and by traditional books amazon does extremely well barnes and noble is still in business I think I think ok it's dodgy but people do still by traditional books all right there's still book signings, tips and tricks tip booklets it's a compilation of your checklists few multiple checklist you have a tip booklet waiting to happen now there is a woman named paulette in sign e n s I g n who does nothing but tip booklets and she can publish years for you and promote you there is a significant feet attached to that if you don't want to do it yourself work with paul it it is an investment in getting your expertise into the market and she's very good at what she does and she has a whole directory of typically authors so it's something you may want investigate if not you can create your own and you can put a cover on it and you can put it on your website you can use it as an opt in or you can use it as a bonus or you can sell it you can also run it through kindle if you like so it's an easy thing to do newsletter blogged posts articles all go into an easing elektronik magazine or electronic newsletter ah ali brown was the queen of these scenes I took her very first blueprint workshop and I already had an easing out there for several years but a newsletter and easing is generally formatted with a very pretty header in a lot of color a personal note from you an article where have you been lately? Testimonials are often included it could get to be a big production I've done the big production ones and I made a decision that I'm doing no more big production ones because frankly, I don't read them, I don't have time, I don't know how many people dio maybe everybody does well, more power to you, but I don't think so, so I'm actually doing a lot more with plain text these days. I'm getting away from easing format. Um, biggest plain text people are reading it more than they read all the fancy stuff they get distracted by all the fancy html and plain text is boring as it sounds, especially for us creatives it does get red and it gets acted on so you can do a gorgeous easy, but if you load it with too much information, people won't read it when you send it, they will save it to read later and guess what happens later doesn't later doesn't the world's moving so fast if we don't see it and read it and consume it when we get it, there is no later, so just keep that in mind if you go fancy and big and colorful and add lots of great content to it, smaller bites of content more frequently do a better job today, interviews if you can either be interviewed or if you can interview others as in a tele summit, as in when you attend an event you may want interview some of the event attendees or some of the experts at the event on your phone. Quick, easy, whatever I am asked to do an interview, I asked them to send me the questions, or I asked if they want me to give them questions. I do not like free form interviews, I have had them go off course a couple of times that go down a path that I didn't expect and it's not what I wanted to share, and it could make me very uncomfortable, it's not that I have anything to hide it's just that I think there's, relevancy and non relevancy and it's easy to go down on a relevant path. If you don't have a guideline of what you want to cover questions, make it easy for your interview e if you're going to doing interviewing, it really does, and it keeps you on course, and you can create one set of questions and the other thing. If you're a speaker at all, you really want to have a master list of questions you can even write out your answers if you like that you provide when somebody says I'd loved interview, okay, great here the questions okay, so you're prepared and you're not going to get thrown off course and you cover the pieces you want to cover so that's, very important but super easy to do and g plus hangouts are the rage. Now they are absolutely the rage. Now I'm starting to dip my toe in that water as well. It's a deep a deep water, um cds and dvds it's just another way it's kind like that thumb drive it's another way and cds air still popular for this. Especially if you're going to do a ten tip and put it on a cd and mail it and it's a killer way to collect mailing addresses. We had this come up a couple days ago did know how to collect the mailing address if you can put content onto a cd and say, hey, I'm going to ship you this cd, maybe you charge him for the cost of shipping. Maybe you just absorb that great way to collect hard mailing addresses, which then gives you the opportunity to direct response marketing, which we don't have time to get into, unfortunately, but it's still very effective today, working really, really well. So what are your favorite formats? Can you pick three from what I just shared? Did you have any that jumped out at you? We had a lot of people who were not familiar with the linked in publishing, so we had some questions come up on that. How often would you use the lincoln publishing format? Is that a once a week, every day, maurine frequently you going to either one? I would do at least once a week, and before anybody faults me on it, I have to post up there, and I have not committed to the once a week practice. Yet up there, I do need tio because it would be very powerful and very effective. You do wanna watch the content you're putting up there because lincoln is a profile professional network, so make sure that your content is a fit for that network and that your ideal clients are on it. Don't just use it as oh, gee, it's, another place to put my content, okay? Oh, any other questions on that front? Well, we had a question come in from tanya, and she says that there are so many posted, I'm seeing that in the best fourteen of this, the worst ten of the top ten, the best fifteen and it's really starting to bug me, and for instance, she says on pinterest daily, I probably see two hundred of these lists on my pinterest feed and by the only one getting so overexposed for this any advice for people who are seeing lots of these list how do you stand out? Is there any advice? Yeah actually, um pick they do the opposite of what everybody's doing so if it's ten best ways to a ten worst ways because well read that way faster than the ten best ways go negative any time you go negative and pain howto avoid these ten mistakes well, I got to avoid the mistakes before I learned the tips definitely going negative will make you stand way way out any time you could do that something you're familiar with the publicity hound yeah, yeah stewart jon stewart I saw what she did is she did her fifty best p r tips and she has been consistently the top pr name that comes up in search engines everywhere because she did it on pinterest yeah, she took them and you know that makes a big difference penny since aviary who does other book marketing? She has, I think three hundred sixty five tips or something close to it because I get a tip every day an email and I know she's got them spread across the web so we're going create your tips if you can create him in a three hundred sixty five day manner where you've got one single tip every single day you have to create them all at once you could create those over time, but that makes it super easy for you to share content on a daily basis on all of the networks that you're on that are relevant to your ideal client. Yeah, makes it really easy. So how do you know which ones are the right formats for you? And this is about strategically selecting the right ones, so we're going to take a peek again at where do you feel the strongest in your delivery? We've established I like my voice, so I'm going to use more voice content ones. And at this stage in my life, I'm proud to say I actually like my face it's taken me a lot of years to get there. Oh, joe, you know, um so where are you most confident if you want to be behind the scenes and not show your face, you need to have faceless opportunities if you don't like your voice than don't use one that requires your voice. Okay, if you love to write he's one that requires writing, so we're going to walk through the formats you've seen these before. Speaking, do you like to speak to you like to use your voice, do you prefer to write it? I'm a big fan of writing. And if you can, if you can speak it, you can write it. But you can have it transcribed. So I want to make sure you understand there's. A shortcut in there. Do you want to make it an online training? Ok, you can turn anything you're teaching and your expertise into a training. Other people want to learn it. There are people out there who want to learn everything. Do you want to turn it into a teaching? In a live sense in a workshop like this is and do you want to create something by hand? You know, michelle, this is your domain. Your view, that by hand creator absolutely. And so are you, katherine. So what's the format of the format's kind of kind of what we're talking about. Your the format of the formats, you know which way do you want to go? What strikes you as the best method? Because you could divvy up those twenty one methods into speaking, writing, create by hand, and so on. We get any responses from our gallery? Well, we have a lot of people who are curious about some of these formats. Maybe you could clarify sure a bit more like, for instance, when you talked about sending out cds to people. What is the benefit of sending the actual physical cd rather than three download or something or email address? You get their stammel address? Okay, the biggest benefit and how do you follow up on that? Once you have their million, you start doing direct response americans mill, which is either big postcards, is one way to do it. The letters that we all see occasionally is another way to get it to do it with marketing copy on it and the other thing you can do that's really powerful, ineffective lump email lumbee male you know, my little measuring tape that measuring tape when you put that into a pattern envelope and you send that out that's, lumpy mail like nobody's business people don't get enough interesting mail anymore, so you put something like that in the mail and you set it out to a large number of people they're ripping that open. Is that what it is? It it's a gift it's a toy it's a funding that has your name all over and then there's a called action attached to it? You're not just sending goodies for random goodness you're sending it with a call to action attached to it, so the reason you want they're snail mail address is so you can engage in marketing that is a lot less crowded right now, then on linus and it's hard to get their snail mail address any other way unless they purchased from you, in which case you should have it because it's tied to their credit card so that's, another way you can get it, so you do not have to repurpose it yourself. As I said at the very start of this, you can outsource that what I would encourage you to do is check different providers and make sure that what they're doing on a consistent basis is exactly what you want. If there's some little thing that you don't love that they're doing, either fix it, change it or get a new provider, because that little thing is going to turn into a big harry deal very quickly and it's not going to make you happy. So outsourcing options on this, um, include obviously fiver, a lance guru, dot com o desk, dot com freelance dot com office angels dot us. But before you outsource, you've got to create a strategy around your content that explains what you wanted to do for you. Having content to just have a content sharing to just share is pointless. The idea is you are creating your thought leadership to build your credibility, your visibility and your profitability build, you know, like and trust. Get people into your community your subscription list into your database so then you are in that dating process you get to that engagement place where they're gonna get a taste of what you're doing and then they're gonna buy from you okay that's how this works so what I want to do now is a little younger for the mind and I want to look at how will you repurpose your brilliance so once you select just one of the formats shared it could be a tweet a facebook status update and I want you to share some thought leadership right now now if I said write a block post right now you guys can't do have because you don't have your lap times with you and goodness says it could take your really long time by the way if you're blogging and your block posts are taking you more than forty five to ninety minutes to push out you need to find some shortcuts if you're easing your e newsletter is taking you three days to put together you need some serious shortcuts you do not want these tasks taking you that long that's not a good use of your time they should be far shorter in there people who can facilitate all of that so at the same time what I want to do is I would love to hear from you here with me as well as from my online chat room live audience what are the biggest takeaways you getting from? Not just this moment of training, but from the trainings we've had so far? And I'm going to write them down, which is going to be very interesting because my handwriting can be very hard to read and I actually print everything so share it doesn't have to be from this session, it can be from anything we've discovered so far. What are some of the biggest takeaways? Well, I've just been sharing just for the purpose of sharing I haven't been giving a call to action exactly. Ok, because I'm a giver, I just keep giving it will come back eventually make sure giver who needs get your time? You've got okay, I guess you're getting strategy and understand called action. Ok. Anybody else? Oh, after we talked yesterday, I went back and redid my website. Wow. Well, the pages that listed what my services are and I it's still a draft in this. But I looked at the benefits rather than the features. So I think I think I did better. It's still needs some work but that's important benefit based, not feature focus. And I took the prices off too. Yea, ok what what judy just said it's super important I had asked her to take the prices off of her web site, she does marketing and branding, and the reason I asked you to do that is because when you are in a consultation tive or coaching style business, which she is, which I am and you lead with your pricing, it enables people to say no before they really know you and I, they're not hiring. She had her features listen not or benefits, says she's flipped that. Okay on dh, you may be faced with the same thing. Take a close look at your web site at your web pages that your marketing materials and see if you haven't got them feature focus instead of benefit based because your benefits or what will sell you. But what really sells you is you and that's. Why you've got to have a conversation or a face to face engagement you're an artist. You need that face to face engagement you need to be at that arts festival. You need to be at that gallery opening. You need to be engaging with your potential collectors. Okay, your designer it's the same thing you're going to have the phone call, then you're going to go to their home. We're going to go to their office, right your photographer. Very similar you may not make them first but they've got to have a level of engagement with your website and with you on the phone they've gotta have your personality so by putting your prices up there you delete that opportunity and it's based solely on price and not the value of the transformation they don't even understand the transformation of that place so we want to bring them into a conversation to create an opportunity to share transformative value okay really important if you got a lot of price and if you've got product that's cool you can put your prices on your product but if we're talking services please don't do that you're you're shoot yourself in the foot you really are ok anybody else? Yes eso after my failure the networking exercise yesterday after class I actually uh met someone and networked in a totally organically just randomly how? Because I was walking to my parking space and I went into an interesting furniture store and just started chatting with the people and they were saying yeah, you know it's pretty new but we're going to get some local artists foot art on the wall and I said, well I don't see you know when we just had a great conversation and exchange cards and you're gonna follow up well I was going to ask how many days I'm since way before following out wait don't wait that's the key right there immediately fire immediately. Yeah, yeah, definitely definitely doing email, but I would get a hand written note in the mail asap, which they won't be expecting. And by the way, you have a gift that you don't realize with your hand written notes, you can take images of your mosaics and have them turn into notecards e I would definitely do that. I would also have them turn into postcards and and send them out periodically create a whole sequence of them remember, they don't have to be installed for that, so you don't have to wait for that insult install piece of it, but yeah, any time you got work that's visual if you can put it into a note card for mitt or a postcard format really super valuable because it re brands you every time somebody sees that piece and you follow, it needs to be immediate and frequent, so you'll touch him this week. If you don't have another conversation with him, touch him again within about fourteen days at the outside, and then to sort of stay in touch each month or so or more often, when you come into the area, you might stop in say, hey, how you doing? Get on their mailing list, make sure that if they're having any events or anything, you show up at the events together. Build that relationship awesome! I'm thrilled to hear that I only know what you know we're doing success. Yeah, and I think the idea for me the idea of the point of networking yesterday was it was important of doing it to make meaningful relationships instead of just collecting twenty business card. It is so much easier and fun when you're doing it that way, isn't it? Yeah, really makes a difference. Collecting business cards is just not fun, it's boring and none of us really want to do that. And so when you bring yourself to that table and you create those points of connection it's fun, you're making new friends that's really what it's all about its friends that turn into fortune that's the key we get anybody sharing with us in the chat room we do, yeah, indigo says my biggest takeaways from that I'm re energized about social media marketing now, and I also realized I maybe over complicating my free offer. Oh, right now I give a five day free audio course, but maybe I should simplify and just do a tip sheet. Yeah, you know, well, I do with the five day audio is I would make that like a twenty seven dollars or forty seven dollars after they've got in the tip sheet on dh put it is part of an auto responders sequence um, where once they get the tip sheet, then they start getting on her on her email list and they get an email that says, hey, got any questions about the tip sheet? Any extra tips you'd like to share? And by the way, I think you're really going to love my audio sequence, whatever whatever it's a small investment and if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, I always I'm going to refund you sort of thing you have a guarantee on it, and then there should be more touches and sequencing and communication in there auto responders and sequencing and all that is something that I love to dive deeply into, but it's not something we have time for in this class that's going to be another class, it will have to dio so anything else from yeah, we have a lot more that are coming in jm says that their biggest takeaway try new social media as long as it's relevant to your business, you got to try it. And then tim says the biggest takeaway don't limit yourself, explore other social media to find your ideal clients and don't undervalue your services because they oftentimes paid dividends to your client's far down the road yeah, they really do they really do that's awesome really, really good material, right? Anybody have anything to add from here I would say the budget versus investment by diversity is it is. It is my favorite. I love that. All right? It completely changes. The conversation really does. Budget versus investment is not even versus it's. No more budget. All about investment is my writing actually readable? Yeah, very impressive. I'm used to depict her markers is with but yeah, this is exciting for me to see, because this energizes me in terms of going forward. So we are wrapping this up in just a half a moment. Here. Here we have our homework, dawg. Okay, so, you know what's coming at you is I want you repurpose ing one piece of existing content. I know everybody here and online has content. Even if you it's not a block post, you have something you've written somewhere in your office, okay? Or you have a status update. You could do something new with it if you put it on facebook the first time. Put it on twitter today. Okay, I really we I want you to do this and create regular habits. Explore new media where your client lives don't explored if they don't live there.

Class Description

Earn money by expressing your unique creative vision. Melissa Galt will help you zero in on the talents you already have to successfully build a thriving base of enthusiastic customers for your work.

Building a business around your strongest creative talents brings ease and abundance to your life as you spend more and more of your time on your work instead of on a day job. In Design Your Business Blueprint, you'll identify your strongest and most monetizable creative skills and develop a plan for turning those skills into a profitable business. Melissa will help you identify potential clients and coach you through the the process of packaging and presenting your products and services to them. You’ll learn tips for communicating the value of your work and pricing strategies that will help you escape the grind of an hourly rate. Melissa will also help you develop a consistent system for generating essential referrals so your business continues to grow and thrive for the rest of your life.

Take Aways You’ll Get:

  • Clarity on your creative business purpose and life passion.
  • How to make more money with better clients.
  • Know exactly where to find your ideal client online and offline.
  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

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