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Relevant & Meaningful Testimonials

What I love to do is have each of you craft quickly a short statement that someone would say about you and your services to introduce you to refer you and they'd like to have you each read them aloud and I'd like to encourage our online audience if you'll do the same thing we like to read out two to three of yours also so if you'll pop them in the chat box this is what somebody would say about you and your services keep it short six eight we're not looking for somebody who's goingto I spent a lot of time rambling on about you and relevant and meaningful so the fact that you're wonderful and awesome is nice but is that relevant and meaningful? So um I worked with catherine the mosaic I have is extraordinary and she turned it in in a guaranteed thirty days so what catherine would then say is when I work with you or what an introduction to her would say is when you work with catherine you'll not only get a one of a kind work of art for your home but true to get it with less than thirty da...

ys and I haven't had experience with many other artists that worked that way I think you'll really enjoy connecting with her okay, so something of that ilk we want that third party in there but we want you to write what they're going to say about you because I get asked to do this and the first thing I do is I turn it right back to the person asking for the referral is that I'm happy to do this for you please send me what you want me to say so you want this in your back pocket? This is in your arsenal of tools you're gonna have three or four of these statements, you can send them out by email, you could send him out by a text more importantly, you can say them aloud in a phone caller in person, but I want to see how we do this and I really want to here from our folks live online there what would somebody say about you to introduce you to somebody else now if you're there or not there, so you're going to be referred to as third party or by name, but I'd really love to hear that what's sets you apart is it some sort of cost savings? You're a lower cost? Is it how fast you are? Is it that you're doing it in a way that nobody else is in michelle's case it would be you've got to meet michelle she is the most incredible joy, but more importantly than that she has a guarantee that when I passed this down to my daughter she'll customize it for her because she knows her style is going to a little different different generation is not cool, that's the way to do it, he see, it points out your difference maker and your awesomeness, but it makes it really relevant and meaningful, and I'm able to do that because I've had the privilege of knowing these people for the last three days, and if I knew you would be able to do the very same thing for you, so if you're stuck, give me a little bit to go on, and we'll see if we can create one for you. I'm happy to do that here. Also getting isn't coming in there. We have some clarification from graphic design guru on how they were getting the video capture, and apparently they have a great setup here. Clients are sending them in, so they're capturing them be a smart phone and their computer webcam, and they're sending them the video clips via email, and then they're unloading them to the site that's also, that works well, I guess you just ask your cut that works really well and depends on the sophistication level of your client. Yeah, that's, and you know what it is? They're working with business owners and business people that makes a big difference. If you're working with consumers, you're not always going to have that opportunity, because they may not have the savviness depending on the generation and the wisdom certainly, and the interest in technology but yeah that's a great, great way to do it also it live events, you have an act so you can definitely capture comments of people who are even being introduced you for the first time. And if they're wowed by what you do, they can give you an on the spot testimonial and they may not have even experienced feli your services so there's all sorts of cool ways you can do this we making any headway in this so you think so? You readyto read it out loud. Let me read it through one more time. Okay? Alright, beautiful part of spelling doesn't count because you know about that. I think I could read it. Okay. Okay. Go, go for judy brings an authentic approach to marketing. Since I've worked with her, I've gotten more done. I'm getting ready to launch my new e book project and pilot program in the local schools. Very cool, very cool. Okay, I don't know if it's really juicy enough further, I'd like it to be juice here, here's what we're going to we're going to go around the room. Okay, rewrite. Ok, I had to get down the thoughts for juicier yeah, and, um here's the thing when you said something about schools is somebody to do with schools? Is somebody involved in schools and book stall? Is that your ideal client? Um, the school part isn't necessarily the thing that I'm it's about getting her e book published. Okay, then let the school part go, okay? Because anything that you say can be used for or against you, I got to make sense. Yes, it does. Okay. Anybody else ready to share theirs? Rich? Awesome, I think, um, I worked with rich to completed an end and organizational assessment for us that helped this implement programs that reduced our employee attrition by twenty eight percent this year. Wow! Yeah, that rocks these metrics in their metrics are incredibly powerful, really awesome. Reduced employee attrition by twenty eight percent that's. So I'm bennett did. I don't doubt that for a second, you should all be pulling this from from your memory banks and from your experience. That's. Awesome! You see how simple this khun b and fun? Because it makes you feel good to write the's. I'd encourage you to write at least three of them. Police say he got one. Yeah, we'll see. Before I discovered god genealogy, I thought I'd never be able to find my mother's family. Lisa lee showed me how to break through brick walls and finance sisters I didn't know I had she totally got what I needed and make researching my family a dream since finishing of course I have the skills and confidence to take my family history research to a whole new level. Okay, can you edit it a little bit? Yes, too long it's a little bit longer ok, especially if you hand that off to somebody else to share yeah that's a little bit long so headed that down a little bit we'll come back on that one. Catherine um so this's an idea are probably not as good as the one you made for our new music has transformed our home into a place of art um and we now have a one of a kind of heirloom that all our neighbors are jealous off something along the way. So many confirmation your name you never mentioned your name because I ten tonto unical part of his process integral part of surprises if you online or having any trouble including you in your own referral police go back and make sure your name is in there. Yeah, rewrite that with your name in there, okay, michelle, you go, I'd love it this is my friend julie jones and his my patron I love you to meet my personal jeweler shell she's she creates pieces for me within my deadline that I never take off I love so much she creates also creates heirlooms that she guarantees for life and will customize for the next generation you passed down to awesome awesome help that I kind of gave you the oh yeah that's great that's straight all right how are you coming on that re rain just I'm not getting that in there were you know, no worries. Well, come if you want we'll come back tio a little bit later that went for you. Yes. Peace. Yeah, no worries. No worries at all. Okay. Catherine, can you just add your name in there? Uh, yeah. Can ah, I'm not sure where the best places, but um yeah, wait to me and I'll put the name in there, okay? Our new music has transformed our new music by by katherine has transformed our home in to place of our huh? Ah, and we now have a one of a kind of heirloom that all our neighbors are jealous of the trouble with that is there that's great, but they're not talking anymore about your name and your mosaic a cz much as they're talking about the experience, so what we want to do is say what you would like to work with, okay, okay, okay, so maybe I'll keep the airline prior and then and then go on what I was like just say one sentence about she was so easy to work with she was so accessible she um was so spot on timing she didn't miss her deadline we had a tight schedule she was willing to work with the contractors on the job site something that makes you stand out okay okay I think that you designed because your designs are so incredibly amazing and so unusual she's she's kind of got that part in the first place that how are you doing on that ad it lisa lee is a computer genius I was totally confused about how and where to research my family online and lisa's course show me clearly which web sites were best for my family's ancestry save me time and money I basted otherwise oh wow yeah yeah yeah yeah you nailed that one you nailed that one do you still just coming back later um well let me think I'll put this out there case judy brings method like approach to marketing she's helped me leverage my existing client base with beautifully designed and edited content online and off her expect her expertise his risk rescued me from marketing hell great great yes like that a lot well done thank you were three right thank you way doing pretty well with this issue we have a couple examples share here. Melinda says this is an actual testimonial she says don't know how to make it into a third person but she'll read it verbatim here okay quite frankly we don't know how anyone could build a house without melinda my advice to anyone building a custom home is to make sure you have her on board from day one that's a beautiful testimonial and that's a really cool way too introduced to other people I mean that just is that's that's gorgeous we have another one here from gwen and they says we've had computers for years yet all of our high school reunion info has been manual what were we thinking gwen's association with a site provider the time she gave us and her talent far exceeds anything we would have expected you will all enjoy working with gwen yeah that's terrific ok same vein that you guys have done here unique to you speaks highly of you and is relevant and meaningful the relevant and meaningful is so darned important and so much of the time testimony is kind of manned or rome and all that sort of thing you don't want to have the meandering roaming so here's what I want to invite you to d'oh I want to invite three of you up in a time and we'll have two groups to this okay, we'll do these separately and two of you will be talking and you will introduce the third person and refer them to that other person to try a log instead of a dialogue okay because I want that person to be there and then I want them to say great to meet you and you can start a small dialogue about their work okay, yeah, you get a chance to step into another personality for a little while which should be easier but I want you to get in the habit of doing this because the other thing about this is when you go to networking events and when you see a colleague of yours that you know something about and you can actually refer them in the moment you can actually say you know sue bath I know you're looking for an opportunity and once you connect you with john over here and then you go up to jointly john I'd love you to meet a friend of mine sue beth that she's very gifted at ah health care organization and I know that she just wrapped up a really big project where she saved them thirty percent off such and such and such and such because I'm not in the health care that's a little sketchy for me to dio but um that's the general idea is that you get good at this so that you can do these off the tough now you can certainly carry cheat cards with you I would encourage you to do that in the beginning phases or the advanced faces you know, memories get a little lighter a little full sometimes they definitely do but as you get used to doing this it will become much more natural well what's going to be on these keep those index cards with you because you can write on the next cars you can pop them in your purse and you can have three of these one written on each index card and keep him at the ready when you have somebody wants to make it a deduction for you and they won't know what to say or online you could because you can use the same stuff online and offline wonderful works both ways said it you know, I'll occasionally out of networking that with a friend of mine and to say I appreciate it just we just so it's over there and I'm like, ok, I'm happy to do it what do you tell him? I may not know, you know, if I've worked with them that's great, but I'm still willing to introduce a friend or colleague something that I respect and know and like and trust but I mean out of work with um so you want to be prepared for these opportunities and even the people you've worked with will go oh what to say? You know, we had a great time working with you but that's not enough to say, well, you remember when you share this with me and the thing that I be released to know is on melinda's comment particularly because I've all often had a third party collect my testimonials because my clients have said the most outrageous things to a third party and they wouldn't have sent him to me people are much less comfortable raving about you to you than they are to a third party so that's one of the reasons you want to do this I had ah whole batch of testimony is collected at one point and the gala collectives npr she didn't spend any of this she pulled the word straight out a client, but one client said we think melissa walks on water and I caught a big compared to a mutual just think you're kind of a lot of felt so you know, they they never were said that to my face it sounds weird if I look to you walk on water you see your you immediately yeah, we were uncomfortable with that level of um a effusiveness we really are but third party will rave way more than we would otherwise. So if you have a friend who can play director of marketing or if you want my contact, let me know she does this for a fee she's very good at it doesn't take her long she spends maybe ten minutes on the phone with him and if you let her know in advance it's where you want it to go or the kind of work you did in the results you achieved she will steer it towards that for you and she captures their words their language so very valuable service tohave in your back pocket if you're uncomfortable collecting testimonials and getting referrals for yourself okay, so we're ready. He's my first three. No, I'm always came. I was afraid I might have here. All right, lisa, come on up. Duty still writing. You go rich. All right, come on. Excellent. Okay, we're gonna do this a couple times. Oh, but what I want to do is hang on it here. Okay, I want you to refer ridge to rachelle. Okay, so you got a credible dialogue, you're first you just met in an event and you understand where shell does and what she's doing is a perfect fit for richard services. Okay. Hi, rachelle. Nice to meet you. Need you to lisa. So, what brings you here tonight? Oh, I just, um around I'm just looking to meet somebody who can help me with my space. It is a mess. Tell me more. Well, I live in a flat that has way too much stuff in it I'm looking to pare down to minimalize I have the same stuff I've had for thirty years and I needed a breath of fresh air. Said you could have a problem with that is based on what he said he's not talking about staging. Okay, he's talking about organizational development? Uh, ok, so what I would have remembered at? Okay, I I'm looking to reorganize my designs. Space. I have a word is on the organizational development. Just corporate hat. Okay, corporate hat really comes with your employees. Problems with my in place. Okay, um, I have a small organization, and I need a little help structuring. Okay? In what way? Well, given a lot of turnover, employees, come on. You know, I'm more of a friend than a boss. Oh, yeah. It's a big problem. Yeah. And I need someone to support me. And what have you tried so far? Well, I've done a lot of reading. That's good place to start. And I'm not so great implementing and I need someone to come in and kind of be the big guns. Oh, my god. Rich hey, how you doing, sweetie? In a while. Good. You know, this is this is wonderful. Rich. I worked with him before, and I worked with richard. He completed an into an organizational assessment that helped us implement pro problem, probie. Programs that reduce our employee attrition by twenty eight percent that's massive bridge wayne even talk it sounds like we dio I'd love to learn more about your challenges in your organization see how I could help I think there are a lot and I I think he might be just the man I need okay do you guys see that was kind of fun even though you're not really in those roles it's fun to introduce somebody qualified to somebody needs them okay all right so we've done that one which one of you wants to be introduced next oh I didn't write you didn't run away so he got here you here today if you can read it okay you can dream my lousy writing ok so here's can you read it ok yeah I can ok so here's what we're going to dio um you're going to introduce lisa too rich because rich is looking to have some uh ancestry charts done for his family's got a reunion coming up and he promised his brothers and sisters that he was gonna get this taken care of and he's a bit behind the old eight ball and he's a little shy on time and you need somebody who can help him with that ok but you know we were talking about the fact that your family and he was coming up that you were given this issue and we weren't looking forward to it I'm not well I think I might be able to help you out with that here's the health, this is lisa lisa is it genealogist and she has a way of just cutting through all the problems she's a system down that is remarkable and she's an expert at what she does, and I I think that it's the two of you got together within a few hours, even worse, she her system is really phenomenal. Within a few hours, she could get you on the right track and you'd be coming in looking like a star. Keep in mind, I'm not going to do the work, you're going to do the work, ok? I'm just going to show you how to do it. I need the going that's going to be take all the mystery away from it and make it actually a lot of ok, we need to chat. Absolutely. You have shown the shortcuts so sure time savers and short time say wasn't sure because because I okay, awesome well done. Well done. Great. Ok, ok, um because I've got two more I need one more of you to be willing to stay up here. I'm going way kind of come on, no one hits you're speaking, you're fine, okay, I think it's actually were shells and he introduced okay, okay, so you have bought jewelry from her shell you know her style and know the guarantees extremely well based on what we've talked about here, you probably don't even need that and judy has expressed an interest in she wants to just kind of uplift her image a little bit she's looking for some unique pieces and she's on a quest she doesn't want anything that she's not gonna pass down to her daughter and she knows her daughter style isn't exactly hers so that that guarantees going that's so interesting that you mentioned wanting to pass down jewelry to your daughter because I happen to know jewelry designer who actually custom designs droid for you and then we'll change it when you pass it down to your daughter. So it's created to be an heirloom that goes down through the generation but updated with the new styles this is russia and I wish ally duty I noticed what you're wearing and it's lovely are those who is your favorite pieces thes these house some real sentimental value for me and yeah, they are and I'm just looking at all of your wonderful pieces right there. So how do you work? Well, what I love to dio is meet with my clients first in their home and I left get a feel for your wardrobe and what you what your design process is like she's a natural at this y'all on watching learning things you really are naturally this you can do this with anybody. S o all right, let's, switch it up a minute and let's. Which one of you wants to be produced? Either way, she liked to introduce cathy. Okay. Okay, you can push. All right. Very cool. Okay. Um over. Shall I know you talked about buying any property and you wanted to really make it your own? I d'oh. I know you appreciate fine art. I think I've got someone who could do something amazing for you. Catherine has transformed homes into into beautiful places of art, and she was so easy for me to work with. I'd like her to be able to repeat that with you. And I think you would find that her work just is it's just so satisfying emotionally and visually. And I know that that's important to you. And what do you do? Tell me about your heart. Oh, gosh, I thought I was gonna head I so I am a fine artist who works with the medium of stone and I create uh, music's with marble from all over the world off with her, especially for kids, kitchens and bathrooms. But really, anyway, you should be great for you and I have a chef, so that warms my heart. I already I've got to see what you do yes. Well, I'm sure I can I have a way of carrying an ipad with you with your portfolio on a really key? Yeah, really? K it's a great takeaway. Okay, great don't know everything, pop. You know, it really is a great tool. Yeah. And did you design your hearings because they're fabulous? No, I did not design that hearings. Um well, did you know that was shallow? Sensual rita's yeah, I mean, the thing I love I love you. Did you just on all of this? I don't know what I'm wearing. Apparently your your bracelet with peace, my rings the's. Yes, but I'm dying to see what you do because the kitchen is the heart of my home. And I love mosaics always have. And to have music in my kitchen would be so it would give me joy every morning when I woke up. So I definitely want to see what you d'oh okay? See and here's the beautiful part michelle is giving katherine's an amazing language that catherine can repurpose into. Well, I I love to work on a specific piece just for your kitchen. We can work on something really delicious that wakes you up in the morning and makes you feel really special in the space that you love the most, seeing her kitchen, her cooking and breakfast and mourning there's all came into play there s so you really want to listen for the cues and reuse the language that's coming at you when you go into conversation with them because it shows you listen and be they just listed their hot buttons they listed the things that are important that now we're shells particularly easy about doing this you may not have people white is easy but when you can get them to talk about themselves and make it about them that's everything absolutely everything it takes all the focus off of you so it makes it much much more comfortable was this super hard yes ok tell me what tell me what the hard part was for me I am just barely I'm listening to what you're saying okay I'm able to you know have a make sort of have a conversation but then change it into you know to kind of change the flow of the conversation toe where one two goes is like another level ok I'm sort of just can't help along helping all ready to go so I guess I wanted to go to this is some amazing thing I can do for you and I know you wanted to go teo where you get him to either a private call or you get into their house okay okay she's already young ho so the next thing would be you know I'm gonna you come out and actually see that kitchen uh, first hand, I've got an opening in my schedule next week. Does that time frame work or that feels to pushing you back it off? And you can say, I love to explore working with you? Can you tell me more about your kitchen, what you were thinking of doing? And do you have a time frame in mind? Asking for a time frame is incredibly important in any endeavor, whether you are an artist, whether you are a marketing and brand person, whether you're working in genealogy, what is their timeframe? Because if your schedules full and you can't work on their time frame it's not gonna happen if their timeframe is realistic and reasonable than you can and you can jump in more with let's schedule that time together now, in the case that you are carrying your ipad, which would be a good idea and you just got in such a glowing introduction, you do want to say, you know, would you like to take a look at some of my recent work? Um, here on my ipad? Um, that request could also just come from you because she obviously said, I want to see your work, okay, um, but be prepared for that kind of request rather than sending them after the fact to a website capture them in the moment hey, that's. A real gift to be able to do that and technology makes it super easy and ipads far better or a note book than just your phone. Your phone's not going to do your images? Justice? Does this been helpful? Yes. I mean, I have to practice it thiss it takes time, okay, but it does for sure. At least I understand. Okay, now you know enough about judy having been with her the last three days. I'd like you to make an introduction. Unscripted for judy tour shelf were shell for her business. Needs some branding and marketing help. Okay, michelle super easy to work with. She's never met duty. Never heard of judy and she's been looking for a while. Okay? You've gotten a couple proposals and you're not super excited about them. They just don't seem to really fit you and understand your essence. This is true. This israel and yeah, so based on it, talk for, you know, thirty seconds get warmed up and familiar and then discover her need and so I got judy's right here. Let me introduce you. Okay, someone to see you again. You too. So have you been doing or say anything? Well, does this just in a little sketchy, but I've been well about you, oh, pretty well pretty well what do you mean scott? She what's what's been going on? What issues have you been having in your business now? I'm branding is just I've done some stuff on my own which has been sclc, but I'm I've been really looking for the right person to work with and it's been exhausting? Yeah dio um so have you already looked like interview people and met with people? And well, I don't know how people find the right people, you know, the interview process, everybody promises so much and then you meet with them and it's like sandpaper or nails on a chalkboard and you just think really right? Some people are all all sales kind of rubs, you know, I'm a person who is an expert in marketing and branding, but he's actually really nice and easy going and you would never guess that that she was this this type of person, she just seems like, you know, more like you more like a creative type, you know? Yeah, I'd love to meet her she's actually running that judy how judy e want brand I am and and you have lovely jewelery. Well, I'm looking at yours and I wanna wear all of it oh my thank you so much you're uh so how how did that feel? Okay, if you ran it through again right now would you do differently? You know, I've got a great are you all right? But play with me and do it one more time I think if I did it in the real world it would be a lot better I mean, the guy the in general yeah, I totally get it and it's it's nice it's a nice feeling to do that, but I'm not so comfortable with the role playing anyway so about it I think that's going to get that much better no worries, no worries, okay, what I want you to take away from this is that it can be that easy and that when you start referring others when you start by paying it forward and you start gathering that experience, you're going to find people doing the very same thing to you because what you're creating is reciprocity and reciprocity is priceless. It truly is when you go into a cold expecting people to just refer you because you're wonderful and you're talented and you haven't made any referrals and just because you make a referral over here doesn't mean it refers them to come back to you from over there it may come out over here ok there's no telling where it's going necessarily come from but by getting in the practice by going to networking events that'll make you uncomfortable and by looking for ways to refer people actively, what are the resources you need? You know, um what's going on your business right now? I've gotto big network of people and I love to refer them okay and just going at it with that kind of gun host spirit in your own gun ho spirit way okay, all right make sense already but you and your no pro with this I know that I didn't for a team of nine hundred people so there you go for a team of nine hundred. Well, ok, any comments from sorry people are loving this we just had a great quote. Kathleen elise just says this role play is fantastic it's a great idea and it's been really helpful so people at home are enjoying this and they're getting a lot out of it the try a logging instead of just dialoguing makes a big difference and you want to do the same thing when you're online. You want to create that introduction and follow up on it say I'm going to follow up with the both of you next week so that there's some incentive for them. You know what? I don't want to be the one who dropped the ball here I want to take action on this if you can't be there in person vegan newt over breakfast over a coffee over lunch, way better so you know I think if you get yeah that's yeah yeah yeah it's a great idea this is also considered a colleague of mine actually has written a book on this he calls it net weaving I came up with a try a logging via via alex man does ian uses the term to dialoguing but the colleague of mine bob hotel also has a very cool thing that you you guys may want to start in your own neighborhoods called a don't read the book book club also you share everybody shares about different no no no a book is assigned he reads it he creates a synopsis of it and he sends that out to everybody and then when we get together we do the traditional go around the room and each you rush feel but then we break off into small groups and we discuss parts of the book based on the synopsis that he gave us he gives this questions I guess and then we'll come back and converge together so you've got to be willing to read a book and you've got to be willing to create a synopsis about it or if you know somebody is an avid reader but it's not good at facilitating groups get hold of that person get them to read the book get them to create that synopsis you create the group they show up with you he actually gets authors to come in I told me that it's it's really awesome because there's no possibility that I could read that number of books without have in this cliff notes essentially is what it is and the essence he still wants you to buy the book he still encourages you to buy the book, but they don't read the book book club if you want something new and different to start it's a really cool and clever idea and it's a fabulous way to connect to potential clients depending on your industry you could do it in any number of different modalities these could be business books, they could be fiction books, they could be hard books that could be women's lit. They could be historical just a lot of different cool ways you can go with it so it's just a fun idea thank you all so much for being willing to play with me. I know that's not easy. Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of jumping up out of my seat either. So I get that that's hard and I really appreciate that the view effort you put in and your willingness to be here with us and I know it's made a really big difference for online audience any any more comments from them on this one? No, I think everybody has really enjoyed this and and I think everybody is falling along so intently the chat room did go quiet people are saying, oh it's funny how everyone suddenly got distracted by focusing in and putting themselves in the shoes of our people here who are kind of examples for the online audience watch you really when you get good at this man, you will have more business and you ever imagined because people will know you as somebody who refers and does it well and graciously and completely there's a ton of incomplete referrals out there and I want you to avoid the incomplete referral syndrome okay um you've got to remember the person who referred you keep them in the loop, you don't have to be c, c, m r, c cm or any of those cc things an email please don't do that they don't need to be in the loop that deep, but they do need to be in the loop in terms of send him a nice note. Send him a little thank you goody give them a call on the phone and say, boy, that really meant a lot to me. I'm so enjoying working with this person or you know what, it wasn't good timing for them, we're going to revisit that in another six months, let him know the outcome, let them know the outcome and we got a tweet able here, how much business have you gotten from referrals so I want to know from you on liners how much of your business is coming in from referrals and word of mouth, and are you tracing it back, or are you letting it drop when somebody says, oh, I don't remember where I heard of you kind of try to pursue that in a gentle manner, because if there is another person at the other side of that, you really want to be able to say thank you to them, and often the people that are referring you are the people who have your points of connection. I got a referral to a speaking engagement via fellow cornell alumnus that I'd never ever met but he's on my email subscriber list, and until I got to the or actually a month or two before the event, I finally was able to find out who it wass and we were able to meet at the event and connect and understand it was such a gracious thing for him to do because I was another cornell alone, so it doesn't take a lot for something you want to help you that's why your points of connection are so darned important, and for you to be sitting on that gold mine and not bringing it forward really matters.

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  • Establish your unique value and overcome price objections with confidence.
  • You never have to sell, learn to educate your client into doing business with you.
  • Learn the nuances of each social network quickly, make the right one work for you
  • Create a client questionnaire that allows you to get the inside scoop on your clients.
  • The right tasks to delegate so you don’t risk burn out by doing it all yourself.
  • Never forget to ask for a referral again, it’s part of your foolproof follow up system.

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