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Now here, you're probably going to feel like this at some point. I know this feeling, here's what? We're gonna dio here sometimes saving tools. Okay, now, I've got screen shots of these buffer app hoot suite tweet deck tweet added up common viral tag dot com now, buffer app is my number one go to I've been using buffer app for forever it is nice. Oh, I have no idea where the red box moved over there. That's. Interesting. The red box should actually be slightly higher, but you can visualize it having shifted up slightly where it says at the buffer. Okay, this is the inside of my buffer account. As you can see, it has all of my social may actually not all that many of my social media. My primary social media profiles. Um, normally all my pictures of the same across they are now by what? Apparently, this is an old picture. And check on that group's I do believe in using the same avatar across awful all four minutes so you don't confuse people don't make it hard on. But if you notice you s...

ee tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday. This is an older screenshot and these are the times they went out. Now I have bumped this up some so that I have as many as four going out today because I listen, the guy kawasaki and guy has eight pieces going out every day. Well, I'm not guy. So what I'm going to do, simon too full or but what this does is anywhere I am on the web at any given moment in time with that ad, the buffer peace at the top in my tool bar all and it's totally free by the way. There's no cost to me on this. This is the free version. All I have to dio is click add a buffer, a pox pops a box that allows me to put a little comment and with the full link and the title of the article and hit either share now or schedule. My schedule is already set. I go in at the front end, I have not changed my buffer schedule and forever I go in the front end and set my buffer schedule super super helpful to me. So what I'll do is all spend maybe an hour, maximum hour, fifteen minutes once a week going in and scheduling out different content into my but perhaps so that my lincoln has taken care of, I don't have to be there for those ready discussions. But it helps my visibility. I also send it out to facebook into twitter now do a lot of other things with facebook and twitter and lengthen, but this is kind of a nice baseline and its content that some cases I've written it many cases, I have it, so I'm using a combination of original and curated content. You don't have to write anything if you can cure eight other people's content, you do need to put a little comment with each article that you share don't just shoot it out by itself, because then your voices and part of that you don't have a lot of characters, especially since you're working with twitter one hundred forty and it's, by the way, not one hundred forty it's actually a hundred twenty because you've got to leave twenty characters for somebody's handle or for them to be able to re tweet you that is very, very important leave that extra twenty characters, otherwise you're going to get post cut off or they'll get too many characters and they won't send out and that sort of thing. I learned that one a bit the hard way. But this is an awesomely easy tool now, the way to use this is I have a couple of pieces of content to come into my inbox on a daily basis. I don't look at them, I put them straight into buffer ap content, which is a folder I have, then I'll sit down and spend that hour, and I keep going into that folder and pulling out that content. One of them for me happens to be ceo dot com, which has some really great articles on leadership on staying motivated azan entrepreneur on, you know, the ten things that truly happy people do in business and things like that, and then there's another couple of sources that have already pre curated the content for me and I go in and I you selected pieces, I don't read the whole article a skim it if I don't like it, I don't share it. You never want to share something you haven't least glanced at because, goodness forbid, has got some sort of opinion in it that you're not a fan of, and people think, it's your opinion that you're sharing and then the whole thing blows up in your face, so please at least skin what you're going to share, you don't have to read it, it could be fast, I can dio an hour, seven days of this actually, six I don't share on saturdays six days of this in an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes every week super fast that's kind of my baseline this is part of my routine of impact ok, but for makes it super easy it's a free app and you said this all I never even go into this never go into it I can anytime I want but I don't go into it because I just used the ad to buffer button says super super easy they have a pro version I've never used it don't have any reason to this is hoot suite now I used to use it sweet many many moons ago I don't love hoot suite I find hoot suite visually um visually confusing and I just don't love the way it works I have to schedule everything out one piece at a time no buffer app I have my schedule as I start throwing content in there it pulls it into my schedule and it makes a huge difference to me it's so much easier than hoot suite sorry that sweet just don't love you um it's just very labor intensive I know a lot of people using whose sweet our managers, social media managers I'm not a social media manager except for myself I'm not using its weak and that's my take on it you may have a different one are we getting a lot of comments and we have a lot of people that do use a variety of things hoot suite has been used by people in the chat, and they seem to like it so everyone can hear anybody saying about buffer app not too many people had used buffer out so it's good to know that people are learning because I started with with hoot suite, I started a social, luther and I went to hoot suite, and now it moved a buffer happened. You'd be really hard pressed to get me off, but for out, and he has been threat posed to twitter as well. Oh yeah, oh, it does all your social profiles. Oh, this one is probably posting. I don't know if it's posting to pinterest and instagram yet, but you can check and see it picks up all of it. Okay, tweetdeck is one of my favorite interface is this makes twitter viable for may now? Unfortunately, twitter ultimately bought tweetdeck. It wasn't originally owned by them and boy, it was so much more robust when they didn't own it, they stripped out a ton of the functionality extremely frustrating. However, it's still is my go to app and if you notice the ad mentions is something I'm I'm going to look at all the time but the designer chat see I have a whole bunch of these lists and I can pop up any list I wanted any time so I can see the interaction of people that I know like and trust people who were influencers people I care about and people I might want to retweet or have a conversation with makes it really, really easy there's also ah feed I can use to feed a column for linked in aiken feed a column for my facebook also so tweet that to me makes twitter incredibly robust I love it it was better before twitter bought it but you know you don't do what you can dio awful question about twitter what what if I have more than one twitter account it's ok I have to I don't I don't use the second one at one point had about eight I wasn't using them all but but I got a little crazy kind like with my go daddy having two hundred thirty five domain names sitting there parked oh yeah well I love words I'm a wordsmith and so every time I come up with a clever one of like a ridiculous amount of money to have traps sitting somewhere specials you keep renewing your after use yeah yeah yeah it's cracker doodle so you got to be really smart about this I am curious I the original twitter handle that I created I don't really love anymore and I'm thinking of creating a new one any tips on creating something that's meaningful or is there already what's wrong with your name? He's got an underscore in it number one and it's more related to my former business name so what about your name? Oh my name is too common judy baker is too okay grey to comment let me let me noodles ok yeah there's a tricky way you need to do that that I didn't use that was really not so smart I'm the woman who shut down an account on twitter with fifty five thousand followers as as a marketing tess it was very strict test by the way, a very ancient test this is tweet at her okay now tweet at are also used to be way more wrote best until they started having to play by twitter's rules, which was incredibly annoying I do use tweet at her and this is a this is ah reveal on my part a lot of people don't know that I do schedule out tweets there I said it, I'm still standing there going to be people who are going to be really upset with me about that get over yourself, okay um this makes my social media manageable I still jump in I still always retweet hug everybody he retweets me I am the queen every tweet hugging and I have a hug a thon ds and hug fests and I do hug mania and hyuga rama's and v I p hugs and that is just my signature I love doing that I'm so honored when I get retweeted it just makes my whole world around and I make sure that I'm sharing my content I'm sharing links I'm sharing quotes I'm sharing calls to action um occasionally I'll share photos I should do a lot more photo sharing I'm not so strong on that and I need to improve that because twitter is got to be a lot like facebook they love images they love images it's really interesting how the different networks are getting so influenced by each other now ah and when you start looking at that so you can do similar interaction but again different styles different feeds actual experiment with twitter a few years ago I wanted to see what would happen if I really quit cranked up my tweet rations I just like one hundred tweets a day I have people coming via facebook going, don't you? The whole area is because twitter takes a much more frequent interaction so I can do twenty thirty tweets a day without a problem that's that's not a concern at all and you know other days I'll do for five so but you twenty to thirty on facebook is a lot to and you never want to time together because that at one point I did time together and I did that a blue, a facebook so it's another reason to want time together, different styles of interaction, they're different networks, yes, question no, I knows different questions what's the difference between tweet deck and tweet at her. Ok, in terms of the way, you know, tweedy outer is a paid service, okay, I don't remember what I paid for because I've had it for so long. I think it was like one, ninety seven for the rest of my life. Okay, um, tweet deck is completely free now. I don't have the rose. I don't have the columns to do interaction here. I have that on tweetdeck tweet adder is where you see this is import tweet list. I have tweet lists, a lot of them, in fact, on by creating new ones on a regular basis. I have a lot of them already in, um tweet deck no, they're not in tweet deck there, there in my system as text only, right? They're not html, right, and I pull him in, dump him in there and cnn post every twenty to sixty minutes maximum number tweets per day thirty if I want to tweet now I got to space down here, I can do it, I can randomize the order I never do because I have them in a specific order that I want them to show up in if I have leftovers from the day before and I need to, like, jump into a follow friday because follow friday is where you put hashtag s f and you say thank you to a lot of people for following you again. If you're mark it's, not on there, lisa, don't go there. I'm not sure your markets there, I agree that I don't know, but I'm just curious about the distinction between the two. So if I decide that maybe some of them were there all have it has to be a lot a lot a lot to make it viable. Ok? From from what little I know about your market, okay, I think your marc it's going to be facebook and linkedin? Yeah, I really do. Okay, so try not to get distracted by the bright shiny of twitter it's, easy to dio ok, now, um, viral tag is something I just got permission a couple of weeks ago. I have not jumped into it yet, but it is designed to be an easy share tool for pinterest, so I want to explore this you have to request access you cannot just jump into it and you request will take about a week or so to come through but violet tag if you're using pinterest it could be incredibly valuable I've heard really good things about it um I have not jumped into it yet so I don't want to pretend to know about something I don't but I didn't want to forget to mention it because when I discovered it and it used to be called something else with pinterest is part of the name but they changed it to viral tag so it's definitely worth exploring if you're a heavy pinterest user this could be a really good tool for you to use check it out let me know about it in the facebook group love to hear some reviews anybody on the chat talking about viral tag no nobody's talking about viral tag we have had a couple of questions come up please this one comes from suzy illustrates and you talked a lot about tacky earlier and this kind of goes along those lines she says is it tacky to solicit your business facebook page to your friends that are already on facebook so you're starting a new business is it okay to solicit your friends to maybe like that new venture you're doing are your friends gonna be your potential clients? It doesn't sound like it but I can't just to build numbers um you know that's but you know it's everybody you need to know that it would make sense that you'd want invites yeah, but there's still there's still people that I know in business versus people I know in my personal life and I don't solicit my friends for business I just don't get out, okay? Um yeah, my clients usually become my friends but that's different than having a friend who is a friend and not yet a client and wouldn't ever qualify as a baby they wouldn't, but they may know someone who does and if you've told the world you're a deal client is it's a fine line? I tell you why? Because if I had to like all of my friends pages on top of all the other pages, I like all my cash my feet would be so insanely overrun it wouldn't make sense that's fine for you, but for us I would be afraid of assume they are that they wouldn't leave that what your specialty is makes more sandia than most of us. Okay, okay, okay, I need to divvy my friends up into those who are service based business owners and creatives and everybody else I did exclude exactly. Now a lot of people will follow your fear business fan page your facebook page because they like you but be careful because they're not if they're not your ideal client you're going to be talking them and you're going to have the illusion that oh, I've got all these people here and they're not responding to you will because they're not your client but don't some people look at the numbers of lights and that means in their mind that they've accomplished a certain something and I don't know how valid that is or not, but by having your personal friends like you I don't see that it's a bad thing it's not a bad thing we're not saying it's a bad okay what we were asking is was a tacky to ask your friends to do though and the thing is that you your friends are getting a lot of requests seed it just spends in a friend's she's gotta know who our friends are that's really you know who your friends are you concern lee invite them and yeah, it can bolster your numbers but how far is gonna both your numbers? It is going to bust your numbers by two three, four hundred go force in both two numbers by twenty eight to fifty it's not really worth that any questions for our own way had a question that came in that's kind of along the same line but I want to get your take on it this this goes back to promoting yourself through email signatures they say, what do you think how much is too much in an email signature a phone number? You are l a tagline a book promo how much is too much if I find with all of this if you're e mailing all types of people you think that's okay? I'm fine with and you know what? If you're worried about the different types of people that you're e mailing than what you may want to do is create multiple email signatures and segment it out and say ok for this type of people I'm going to use this signature for this type of people I'm going to use this signature for this type of person I'm going to use this signature and just be very cognizant every time you send an email which signature you click on it super easy to do to set up those multiple signatures I have definitely done it it has been a major lifesaver whenever I switch systems and at one point I was switching servers. It was something crazy like I moved three servers in I don't know four months and I would lose my email signature each time and have to reset it all up that was a hassle and without that email signature when I had to create it by hand that was just stupid so you really can cater directly to the groups of your ideal clients through that or your ideal potential clients through that but create multiple signatures and just keep track of which person gets which picture yeah all right, thank you sure absolutely ok, so what does everybody have is a favorite time saving tool? Are they all in love with who tweet is that the predominant? It seemed like a lot of people do like you hoot suite I think they haven't tried before and we have a lot of people who are going to try that ok, so on the go you can update manually now I'm not a huge fan of the things I do very little on my manual updates I'll be very honest I have a smartphone is probably the way smarter than I am that's part of the problem with the phone right now, but I really prefer to have either an ipad or ah notebook or laptop handy for my update because I want to sit down and have fifteen, twenty minutes and the people in front of me face to face are always the most important and when I'm on the phone it can be hard to resist the temptation of doing email while I'm on the phone. But I really try not to because I want to dedicate my full attention to the person at the other end of the phone too, so I'm a little unusual in that regard um you can use scheduled updates I'm a big fan of scheduled updates as a mix of what you do not to the exclusion of manual updates and certainly not to the exclusion of actual engagement very important scheduled updates are a percentage a piece of what you do not the entirety by margin okay um and you've got to remember to go in and interact truly truly important now off hours and weekends rule when you are b two c why would that be because you've got a life I mean for me I I look at it if I want to reach my clients and their if they've got regular hours I don't need to be though I am b two b yeah, but I had some b to c to but you're pretty primarily for b two b it's going to be like eight to six but for me to see you got to catch him night early a ems and weekends those air prime time hours so you've got to know where are your clients online and when are they there? Because if you're out there on facebook updating at eleven a m they're not there they're not going to say it twitter is even worse because twitter moves so darn fast they're not going to see it okay linked and you got a better shot lincoln significantly slower, but even still you really want to be there when they're there if you're going to create any level of engagement and you gotta watch your time zones if you are at all like me and you have clients across the country and around the globe time zones can be tricky. I pretty much work off eastern standard right now I'm still in eastern standard, even though I'm on pacific that's proving a little challenging in the evenings. But you really want to pay attention to that because if you want to really get out there and spend some concentrated time fifteen, twenty minutes, by the way is concentrated time I'm not talking about losing hours to this you want to be there when they're there, because to be there when they're not, you're spinning your wheels, okay? So really, really important research done on that and there's continually new research that the best thing to dio once a year, you know, make sure you put two thousand fourteen or fifteen or whatever the year is in the box to discover the latest research because it does change periodically and it will change a lot going forward. Um well, because you do you do deal with solo preneurs too, so they have, like I would say at the being of the day and the end of the day would probably be a good time to teach them to it is usually, uh seven a m to about nine a m on facebook in eastern standard on battle flex if you got a lot of folks on west coast and sometimes people don't get a lunch and I have friends here in there all day long, I find it astounding I have no interest in doing that I've also gotten to a place where I'm much better at shutting down my email and literally closing the window out so I only check out a couple times a day because otherwise I was in and out of it constantly that was really a time suck big time. So what if you're not a good writer or can't create your own content? You can curate as we've discussed okay? Um curating is simple, effective catherine I think you've mentioned you don't love to write it's just not something you don't have to, but I'm betting you can do some amazing curating with pinterest and, um probably leverage instagram in an equally effective manner so that's an important radio, I love that you can discuss it and or create it and here's an often overlooked resource. Online forums you see how active the wonderful chat room is here and how cool that is and people connecting with one another when you will go and look for forums of your ideal clients listen in before you say anything and then offer free suggestions free tips don't be adamant don't be dictatorial be that coach guide and director for them always include a signature file that has a link back to a special report or a checklist or a goody of some sort you're not soliciting you're not pushing a product ever that's a major no no in an online forum but online forms air unbelievably valuable for you to get the language of your ideal client so you can actually jump into their pillow talk so content sources the's air just a few all top dot com holy cow that's all guy kawasaki pinterest stumble upon your favorite news resource dot com that's not actually a u r l it really does mean your favorite news resource up worthy one of my personal favorites you they're gonna love up worthy or you're going to be deeply offended by it. So take your pick um and then there's resource is to curate this means that you could pull multiple sources of content in together and curate and through a paper leah scoop it a list lee or a bundler okay, now I at one point was was doing paper leaves and then I was like wait this is just getting too complicated for may and I also write my own block post every week and then I have those five days a week move it forward moments that I do so I'm creating a lot of original content I don't need to be creating as much of other people's content okay, but these air really cool resource is, if you want to use that there's, so many different view viewpoints on how often you should post blog's. How did you said one blogging once a week? Because that's, a regular that way I can keep up with, and that be keeps me in front of my folks in relationship to my competitors out there, who are doing about the same. So there is, is something to be said for knowing what your competitors are going to do on that front. There truly is. All right, ok, so you can't just use one system. We've established that you gotta look at audience engagement and it's about how to get the like.

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