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Using Social Media Effectively

How can you effectively use social media without wasting your time and there's something very tricky here, it's very tempting to use a lot of those services that lets you push a button and push the same update out to all the networks, so may give you some of the pitfalls of that pitfall. Number one. Facebook penalizes any post they're not made physically while you're on facebook, you're already penalized because they've reduced your visibility as a business page so significantly the place where you're barely getting seen. Unless you're boosting your posts, you're you're paying money for it. Um, but the reality is, see, I still do some of this outside posting not a lot of it, and we'll get into some of the tools that I'm using to do this. But you, really each of these networks is different. Facebook really requires that you hang out a bit more once you posted update on facebook, you really kind of need to hang for fifteen, twenty minutes, let people make their comments in iraq so you ca...

n create dialogue and conversation if you don't it's kind of tantamount to picking up a phone, having a party line, calling on your friends, and then here's what I'm doing, and then just as they start to reply, you've hung up the phone that's just kind of rude. Okay, now, twitter's different. You can dip in and out. But you still want to be around long enough that if you post something, you could have a conversation around it. Or you can jump back and later on and look for that threat and it's not that hard to find. Ok, there are ways you can schedule pieces of this, but it still different. Linked in different still lincoln you might need only put one or two posts up per day in the mainstream so you can be regularly visible to your marketplace. Ok, very different than facebook and a different style of interaction. Um, so there are really six keys to social success. Create one profile at a time and master it it just one. I have multiples I started out with, I think, too. And I grew from there. If you are weak in your current profiles, please pick one to strengthen to focus on when you feel like you've got a good, solid routine of impact going on there, then you could move to the next one. But until you create a routine of impact on it it's not gonna work on lee go where your clients are. Unless you consider playtime totally cool play time, just one, make sure you understand the difference. I want you thinking you're gonna profit from your fun from your from your play from your not being where your clients are ok scheduled that routine of impact that means there's got to be some structure around your activities you can create a daily you can create a three times a week but there's got to be some structure because if you're just randomly getting up there you will have random results I want you having regular rewards instead of random results a routine of impact is our ally on your social media investment this is time your time is very valuable it's the most valuable asset you could possibly have so don't take it lightly when you spend fifteen to twenty minutes on facebook first thing in the morning if you're interrupting your day multiple times not time effective create a schedule of when you're going to be up there and who you're going to connect with and you may want to create a hot list of potential clients and clients that you check in on their feeds and you see what's going on and you comment on it so they see you there it's one more chance to be visible and creates that touch point this isn't random this is strategic a campaign of confidence is about when you've got something specific you want to promote, you go to that space where you create tweets or facebook post or linked in posts that then you are scheduling out and creating conversation and dialogue around those pieces and you're doing this with confidence and on a specific time frame with a specific goal in mind for how long? A period of time it depends on what it is you're promoting it really does I mean, it used to be that we'd all start our campaigns three months out then we moved to six weeks allow a lot of times campaigns there only two weeks long because our attention span has gotten shorter and shorter and shorter and we're inundated with information and we only do the things that strike us at the last minute. I can't plan six weeks at it's too hard now so you want to be aware of people's planning and the shifts that are happening and they are rapid and massive and it could be very, very confusing it truly can. So this is also about leveraging your network connections know who you're influential partners are and give him a lot of love because when you need the love you want to go ask him for it that makes a huge huge difference who has the really big networks and who's really in tune and in touch with their networks really big and not in tune and in touch done matter but really big and in tune and in touch that matters also if there's smaller and in tune and in touch wow matters a lot hot beats how many every day of the week truly does somebody who has two thousand barely knows who they are barely in touch with um really kind of tepid interaction versus somebody who has two hundred that's totally engaged as every single name holy cow I want the one with the two hundred not the two thousand in viral yes it is a key in helping things go viral but again there's no guarantees on moreau there isn't no guarantees of morality and it's about paying it forward if you want love at some point you better be given love at the front end it is very much of a pay it forward environment you will get what you give out if you do not give it the front end and you start asking for favors people are going to look at you like you're crazy now I did ask for one big favor last week from somebody on google plus but I prefaced it with you know what? You don't know me that well I know I'm going to be on your google hangout on this date I'm super excited about that if you're willing to promote this warming it happened to be this event right here if you're willing to send this out here's some text to sanat if you're not I totally get it and had offended in the least you know just thought it was worth the ask okay, sometimes you take a risk like that nothing ventured, nothing gained trite but true so it is a little bit like the lottery of marketing it really is I hate to say that, but it can kind of be like that so here's the k pick your top three, not twenty three because believe you, me there's twenty three of mount their you know pick your top three networks pick your top two networks to focus on more than one, because your ideal clients you have three maximum profiles are going to be hanging out potentially more than one place just about everybody does jump in and out of facebook at some point um, so you really do want to pick your top three maximum top two is even better and I love twitter, facebook or might talk to but lincoln is in there for me top three big time because I think that's that's where I get top and clients because that's where you made them they're not on twitter, they're on facebook maybe on a weekend here and there are their spouse or their their for their kids, but the majority of what they're doing is linked in because they're all about is this so beta be business to business is going to be linked in business to consumer is going to be all the other networks there is a large mom preneurs population on twitter along with very small base and a lot of local biz brick and mortars are heavily on twitter anybody here see the movie chef yeah ok anybody online seemingly chef we'll see a love that may be and what an advertisement for twitter holy smokes the food trucks an alarm over the food trucks in college and you always had to cut you kind of knew where they were gonna hang out thank goodness because we didn't have twitter back and we had carrier pigeon but it really to have leverage in the way they did they had to partner with twitter for that because twitter does not allow their logo to be used and I was like wow somebody paid some bucks for this one yeah it was a great movie it was a great great movie so on dh the key is so you're right al qaeda's are in large numbers even though I'm b to c I found that the linked in groups I find um it might arena are quite fascinating and it's helped me to make connections with other geologists of whatever and we end up doors from sharing lisa is the magic word okay groups okay is the magic word okay okay linked in groups rock you could do a search on again they're like forty nine thousand groups that's insane so there's a group for everybody now here's the key when you're looking at groups only joined the ones that are active check to see the latest activity and discussion in the group if it's been more than three months, they're on active group the same thing applies to facebook twitter chats there is a directory of him online you might want to check to make sure they're actually still meeting because sometimes those directories don't get updated um for a twitter chat you're going to want to be on a keyboard on a full keyboard of some sort because it is tough to to keep up with that off your phone really is they moved super super fast the facebook groups not so much you could do that off your phone and and linked in I prefer full keyboard in general just because I like having my hands spread out um routine of impact you've got to get this scheduled you can do this in less than an hour a day easily and in under five days a week, so please don't think oh, I got a twenty day, twenty hours to my routine. No, you don't no, you don't when you are strategic, not random keep ah hot list of potential clients and keep a hot list of your active clients next to you and go one better than that keep a list of your in active that you like to reactivate, you're inactive that you'd like to reactivate I got a ah facebook mail just today from a client I have not spoken with in boom a gosh five years and she actually said if you remember may and I wrote her back and eyes that I remember all of my clients of course I remember you and it was about something she's working on and she said, are you interested? I said I absolutely am interested so you want to stay in touch I obviously fallen out of touch I just gave an example of what not to dio it happens I'm not perfect contrary to popular belief active are you going to start emailing them less often just so they don't get bothered and an unsubscribe or do you scale down for different groups? Yeah he's a little bit careful you also want to send a personal note to them every so often you know, maybe once a month ok? The challenge with once a quarter becomes a quarter today is kind of like what a year was a year ago I mean the timeframes air all kind of strange now if we don't see something every so often and every so often is that once a week we think the person died you know, because it's moving so darn fast if you told me twenty years ago life was going to be like this I would have liked if you're from mars so it's a brave new world and some days I'm brave in some days I'm not, but you've got to know what to share. So rochelle, do your question earlier. How do you make the blend news and views that's pretty easy please be careful on this. I got raked over the coals recently by a friend that was very special. If you do not go in depth into a new story to find out all of the facts and you have friends who are little reporters and they dio, they will come back and bite you for it. So be careful about this, ok? You don't want to be bitten by clients, either experience and expertise way the easiest thing to share in the best way to educate your ideal client into working with you. Tips and tools be valuable, be generous rave reviews, post your testimonials don't be shy about that and if you're in a conversation with a client and they say something fantastic, write it down and say, you know what? I just wrote down what he said. Would you mind if I shared that on facebook with your name? Ask them first because there are those instances I have a number of clients that are highly confidential and I can't share their name, I can share their comments, I cannot share their name. Ok and that's the agreement that's that's totally cool with me but I still control the comment it still carries weight on my website I've always has put their initials with those particular comments I usually share them in a separate format because the ones that I have up on the website I like to have a first and last name and usually a web address or something because I don't ever because I have such height such exclusive clients that I can't put anyone's names so I just put for which business for my caring business can you put initials and then can you put something else about them? I can't put where they live well that's helpful I mean obviously being a city and a state but can you put put their business? I can't there so private I can't put anything about I'm not asking for their business but for example could you say banking executive no with a set of initials? I came I not what bank just banking executive financial executive they're uncomfortable with putting anything about their life out there. It's okay if I put just their initials in the town they live in you're in a very rare circumstance that's usually not a problem the reason you want to put that type of information up there is because then when other people peruse your site they're looking for points of connection and that's an immediate point a connection oh look she's worked with the financial executive well, I'm a financial executive therefore I can work with her so when I see just initials I figure they're made of I don't I don't know how many could iowa back in contact with those clients and said I'm redoing this would it be all right if I used your profession rather than your initial you don't even have to use their title right? You still want to use initials you want to eliminate the initials now you know what you can do if you're going to use initials you didn't keep I have I have a friend of mine who does this ok? He has very high end clients to okay what he does is he keeps a separate list of their real names and then he makes up their names and they doesn't even tell where they're from. I mean, he makes something up about that peace too, because the confidentially it is that intense yeah, but you're better off having a full name that's made up then just a set of initials. Lisa has a point because there is a place of work well, I was only initials unless you put on that testimonial page the identity of my clients is protected because of their high profile status okay, solve it that way too daddy, yes, you excite I had another client who also had confidentiality issues, but what she what I recommended that she d'oh is to say she was she was reinventing her business and relaunching a segment of it, and I think all but to the clients not only allowed their names and their businesses to be used, they gave her such glowing testimonials it was I mean, it was just knock your socks off stuff, so I understand if there's somebody who can't do that, but I'd ask to be absolutely sure if they're if they're current client, I could understand that, but if there are past plant, they may be willing to let you use that information in retrospect, they may be willing to say, ok, well, we did that years ago. Yeah, we can you can use it now it doesn't hurt to ask you the worst thing they can say is say no, and it sounds like you get some really heavy hitting credential builders, credibility builders that would really be awesome, kanye the testimonials are phenomenal, and the other thing with testimonials is, and we're going to get this. The testimonial segment is you're going to want to highlight the peace of the testimonials, the line, the words that you want people to absolutely not miss because nobody's going to read through your entire testimonial you know they're the sights and seeing test males that run paragraph after paragraph after paragraph no one is going to read that know these have got to highlight call out in bold the pieces you want me to read yeah they really inside really important but still call out pieces that you want me to read okay events and openings talk about events and openings you've got going on or events and openings that you're attending and you can say, hey, anybody else going to be at this event anybody else gonna beat this opening that's really a key piece of it right there and hobbies and interests be human it's so important that you bring your humanity your human side into this and you're not just this kind of robot of professionalism nobody wants to do business with a rope what they want to know that you got heart beating in there, okay? And if they don't then you're not they're not your kind of client so that campaign of confidence this is about being confident in your credibility being confident that you're being seen frequently my linked in is so interesting to track because I will get so many more invites if I'm active than when I'm super quiet because people see me a lot more half of this is about showing up and being seen and then it's having that credibility which comes from educating them with your expertise and your experience and your portfolio. Okay, so developing that campaign of confidence when you have something specific to promote, you've got product, you've got services all the time, so on some level, you always want to be educating and promoting the opportunity to connect with you and find out more about what you have to offer. Now, this one is really important. Everyone you know knows everyone you need to know. So on a level each of you here and each of you out there could actually never connect with another person if you simply got really specific on who you wanted to meet and you dove into the networks of the people you already know on lincoln on twitter on facebook, through instagram and pinterest. You would be amazed to find you're hot list is right there. Nobody's doing that everybody's so busy growing their networks, collecting new connections there, not looking in their own backyard. Your own backyard is the richest place you could possibly mind littered with diamonds. Look, there first takes a lot less time and you already know the gate. Keep for that's the beautiful part. You already know the gatekeeper, katie, this paying it forward. How can you be a resource or referral lincoln has gotten very spammy lately, I keep getting a lot of these. Either network marketing requests or veiled let's have a strategy session. I've got something that I think you're going to love. Oh, yeah, I can read code in that all day long. Okay, it's tacky don't do it. I don't recommend it. Um be a value first. Provide a check this provide a special report, provide a taste of your services completely free. No obligation, no promotion jets here thought you'd enjoy this. Or better yet, if you know them at all and you know their styling, their taste, send him a link to an article that's completely and uniquely relevant to them. How much better? But wow, that was really thoughtful. Thank you. Ok, if you have access and a lot of cases, if you start looking at people's profiles and you go into their web sites, you've got their mailing address. This isn't rocket science was somebody says to me, what's your email address. I'm like, are you serious? It's in my linked in profile, publicly based and it's on my website, you gonna ask me you're not looking and that bugs me because that's extra work for me and like really, you're just coming across the stupid now, please don't be stupid, it makes me sad because I know you're not okay, so you really do want to find these pieces out and start moving these people into your database? It's the only safe place for him. So six keys to social success. We're gonna walk through this one more time. You hopefully already have these down. And if I had to bet yeah, I I wrote him all down in here for you. They're all in the booth. It create one profile at a time, master it. If you have multiples out there in their week, prune it back, top three, maximum top to even better and get really good at him. Brutally wasn't deleted account. Yeah, yes. Shocking whores. You can't do that. I'm thinking, why do it? Yeah, if I'm not using it. It's doing damn dormant, a dormant account to me. Looks worse than no account. Okay, ok, kind of like doing twitter really poorly is worse than doing it. Not at all. Okay, only go where your clients are. Know that whether you like it or not, facebook is the ten thousand pound gorilla in the room. Actually it's probably twenty ton gorilla in the room schedule a routine of impact. You've got to create that it's got to be about update you know what, if you create an editorial calendar in your business and you create that at least ninety days out, you know what you're going to say? You don't have to sit there scratching and go oh my gosh, I gotta do it update what we owe you have to wait for something exciting to happen in your life you'll create excitement on a moment to moment basis maybe maybe, um graft that campaign of confidence people want to work with people who are confident who they can trust and know and like that k lt factor kicks in, you really want to do that and leverage your network connections? Look at who you already know don't make this so hard they know everybody you need to know you probably don't need to connect, you don't need to connect to another living person, you know, may you're connected to me, you know, everybody, any day now you look at linked in and it shows you the numbers on the side. I'm connected to something insane, like forty million people. How could I possibly need to know another person? Okay, if I just took the time to dive in each one of those and I do a lot more diving of that, I don't invite people very often to connect with the arlington once in a blue moon because I've got so many people coming at me all the time I'm like, wow and if I look at their networks, I'm like, holy cow. I got everybody I need. Pay it forward. Don't forget to pay it forward.

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